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Education Inequality: How Income Inequality Blurs Education As The Great Equalizer

Education has always been touted as the last bastion of hope for equality, which, when accessed by the youth who are the leaders of the future, will truly serve as the great equalizer. But with income inequality on the rise globally and worsening in America, a so-called achievement gap between […]


The ancient Mayans were not the only ones who miscalculated their doomsday, or Gangnam the only thing grooving to a winning beat this year. In the world of consumer spending, our pockets have collectively decided who would laugh all the way to the bank and who would eat crumbs and […]

Any Time is a Good Time to Teach Kids about Money

How soon should we start teaching kids about money? How young is too young? When and where is the right time? This was the hot topic of the day in the playground, of all places, as I and two of my friends watched our pre-schoolers accumulate dirt and grime while […]

Ten Tight and Tricky Financial Challenges That Will Test African-American Resilience in 2013

With various financial challenges that have historically hounded the average African-American household, coupled with the result of the US fiscal cliff negotiations that set the stage for economic and social changes in 2013, some very important questions loom over the heads of many African-Americans. What does 2013 hold for them? […]

10 Great Personal Finance Apps For The Thrifty Techie

2012 may go down in history as the year of the tablets. Not only has tablet popularity skyrocketed—today more than 30% of internet users in the US occupy one for browsing—but more and more tech companies came out with their own version of tablets this year. Smartphones also saw great […]

7 Ways to Get Wise with Food – “No Free Lunch” Won’t Relaunch the Boomerang Kid

A tongue-in-cheek article by Rona Benjamin published in Huffington Post says you’ll need to starve your boomerang kids if you want them to move out of your house. This was said in jest, of course, but the outpouring of opinions clearly showed the gravity of the issue. An increasing number […]

Energy Tips for the Boomerang Household

So your kids have come back home to stay? Are they out of a job, or just trying to save up to pay off that student loan, buy their own homes, or prepare for a new career? No worries. You’re in the same boat as 5.1 million other American households. […]

Rediscovering the American Family – 10 Keys to Success for Baby Boomers and Boomerang Kids

More and more young adults are moving back in with their parents, earning the nickname Boomerang Generation in addition to “Generation Y” and “millenials.” The debate on whether this phenomenon is bad for society or a blessing in disguise for the American family is still a hot topic. Many families […]

9 DIY Gifts for the Frugal Friend

Are you short on money this year but still looking to get your friends and family great holiday gifts? Do it yourself (DIY) gifts are the best ideas if you’re on a short budget, and Pinterest is the best place to look for fun and creative ideas. I had never […]

Fiscal Cliff: Answers to Questions You're Embarrassed to Ask

The person on the street is suddenly bombarded with this huge term, “fiscal cliff”.  He throws a lot of simplistic, but valid, questions; so we throw back these simple answers and hope he gets a clearer picture and continues with his quiet life. Why is it a cliff? It’s called […]

Triple Your Money in 30 Days! … and Other Scams You Should Know

What is worse than an economic crunch? People scamming people during the hard times. It’s evil. But it is a scene that keeps repeating itself. Sadly, the victims are often the most financially vulnerable among us: the elderly, pensioners, and employees whose savings and retirement options are their only main […]

Dollar-Saver Thanksgiving Deals You Shouldn’t Miss!

We’re happy to announce that Thanksgiving is pushing through despite the budget deficit deadlock in Congress. But you need not throw away the hard-earned dollars; just enough will do for the family to enjoy a nice get-together feast. We scoured the Internet for some of the best budgeted preparations. So […]

5 Likely Effects of Obama’s 4 More Years on Your Pocket

Obama’s America is firing salvos to cut debt and your personal finance is right in the firing range As the election fever winds down, Americans buckle up for a mad rush to a finish line that is nowhere in sight to tame the trillion-dollar debt. The debate is reduced to […]

Best Financial Advice Yet: Prey on the Environment

The lion is king only as far as the zebra allows it. Before you fling a cleaver on us, we don’t mean juicing the life out of Mother Earth. Rather, let’s paint a general picture of how we behave around money as a group of sub-groups with each one having […]

The Color of Money

While financial statistics stack up against African-Americans in the big picture, they can change the money game at the personal level. You studied hard, worked your way up from inner school to the state university, started off a career from the ranks and got yourself a family along the way. […]

Avoiding Money Traps in Coupons and Daily Deals

The daily deals phenomenon has invaded the global economy, undeniably becoming a hit online sensation rivalling the likes of Justin Bieber and even Facebook in popularity. Discounted daily deal offers such as those from Groupon, Living Social and Yipit have mushroomed all over dynamic economies, providing a whole new business platform for […]

Income, Savings and Opportunities: A Look at Lingering African-American Money Issues

Exactly 49 years after the defining address of Martin Luther King, I Have a Dream, that movingly called for racial equality and freedom from discrimination for fellow African-Americans in the United States, and with the civil rights movements taking giant steps towards the achievements of these ideals, one wonders why the average African-American […]

How To Stretch Your $300 Budget To Last 30 Days

Most of us have experienced hitting rock bottom financially, even rich and successful people have been there at some point in their lives.  The secret to gracefully rebound from zero balance pit is sensible and skilful prioritizing.  The good news is it’s no rocket science – as you will find […]

Funny Money and Frugal Living Cartoons That Hit Home

So much has been said and done in the name of frugality.  Some with effective results, others with forgettable failures.  The term itself invites curiosity, awe and sometimes disbelief. What do we really think about when confronted by frugality, either as a lifestyle, a choice yet to be made, or […]

Most Detested Frugal Mistakes Revealed

Because of so many self-proclaimed frugality experts, there are also just as many frugality advices with exaggerated “results” that can be considered mere urban legends, created and promoted in the name of marketing hype and similar motives.  There are many who were led to practice frugality, even an extreme tightwad […]

Reply Tips for Parents on Tough Money Questions Children Ask

Kids ask not just the darndest or the funniest questions, but the toughest ones like “are we rich or are we poor?”  And then the really hard part, the “why?” Unless you are Warren Buffet, these are kid questions that require a lot of thought answering, as any wrong explanation […]

Saving Money by Extending Your Gas Miles: What Experts Recommend

While we cannot stop rising gas prices, we can surely beat it.  Two words: Fuel efficiency.   We know that no serious driver (and smart saver for that matter) can afford to miss fuel efficiency tips, so we rounded up a variety of them from the top voices in this subject. […]

Are Financial Markets & Global Economy Just Like Natural Ecosystems?

No one was left unscathed by the global economic crisis that started in 2008. Everyone felt the shockwaves echoing from the crash triggered by the excesses of Wall Street. Many didn’t just feel shockwaves. The situation crashed right on top of them and crushed their hopes and dreams. Some suffered […]

Payday Loans: Debt and Death

You don’t have to pay debts with dear life. If you’re having problems making ends meet, you don’t need to surrender control over your circumstances to payday lenders. Don’t plunge in head first with eyes closed. Learn how to spot the oppressive conditions in small dollar loans so you can […]

Buying a Car: In with the Old, Out with the New?

Of all the decisions one makes in a lifetime, few can match the emotion associated with the purchase of car. Functionality often has little to do with it. Any reasonably working car will get you from point A to point B. This is, after all, the real reason for buying a car. […]

Obama and Romney: Head to Head on Income Tax

The 2012 election on November 6 will be decided on Obama and Romney’s tax policy platform for many reasons. Primary, of course, is the fact that individual income taxes and payroll taxes account for more than 80% of all federal revenues. To the individual consumer, the outcome of this tax battle will […]

Student Loans: Grief and Relief

Financial analysts are worried that the level of student loan debt in the United States has reached crisis proportions, and will only need the slightest push to tip it over the edge. It’s hard to imagine undergraduates with six-figure student loan debts but that’s the reality made even more painful […]

So You Want to Save the Environment? Try a Recession

In the last 25 years, annual US carbon emissions have decreased on only three occasions. Was the cause new climate legislation, an increase in the gasoline tax, or more stringent international treaties? Nope. Each decrease had the same cause: the US economy entered recession. This suggests that the only way […]

How to get the third best phone Apple has ever made FOR FREE

Apple had the world on the edge of our seats last week before they made public the new iPhone 5, and only 24 hours after the announcement was made Apple had already sold 2 million phones. As always, the company is claiming that it is the best phone that they have […]

How moving to the Oregon/Washington border can save you money

I recently took my first trip to the northwest coast and was pleasantly surprised to find no sales tax in the state of Oregon—so of course I bought as many new clothes as I could carry back with me to Colorado. You too can take advantage of this if you […]