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Corporate Compliance Training Online: Examples, Tools & Courses

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What is compliance training?

Compliance training is the process of educating employees on relevant laws and internal policies that affect their jobs daily. These laws were made to protect both employees and employers. This special training is mandatory and must be completed.

As the entire world becomes more and more regulated, businesses must deal with increased scrutiny in how they operate. By law, employers are required to sustain a healthy and safe workplace for their employees while being subjected to laws that protect workers’ rights. And with the emerging demands that the coronavirus pandemic brings, corporate compliance training had become more crucial than before.

So in the continually transforming global compliance environment, businesses must also keep pace. As new regulations arise, companies must be ready with relevant training programs to help their workers better adapt and remain protected. So to put your organization up to speed, we’ve prepared this article on online corporate compliance training complete with examples, tools, and courses.

corporate compliance management online

The penalty for non-compliance is heavier than ever. A recent Ponemon Institute report says non-compliance can cost businesses around 2.7 times more than the total compliance spending. Since 2011, this figure has increased by 45%. Likewise, in the Thomson Reuters Cost of Compliance 2019 Report, 75% of businesses predict that the total cost of compliance would increase further next year.

To address this, corporate organizations are engaged in initiatives to significantly enhance their compliance efficiency. A 2018  compliance training benchmark report found that 72% of businesses consider the creation of a culture of ethics and respect as their top compliance training objective. Another increasing priority is averting any future misconduct or issues.

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Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Create a Culture of Ethics and Respect: 72

Create a Culture of Ethics and Respect

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Comply with Laws and Regulations: 64

Comply with Laws and Regulations

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Prevent Future Issues or Misconduct: 57

Prevent Future Issues or Misconduct

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Improve Training Effectiveness by Developing Better Courses: 27

Improve Training Effectiveness by Developing Better Courses

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Meet Audit or Certification Requirements: 27

Meet Audit or Certification Requirements

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Change Behavior: 25

Change Behavior

Top Organizational Ethics and Compliance Training Objectives
Establish Strong Legal Defenses: 8

Establish Strong Legal Defenses


Source: 2018 Ethics & Compliance Training Benchmark Report

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The focus on compliance training for employees is expected to further intensify in the years ahead. Aside from the growing efforts to improve training performance assessment, organizations are also searching for ways to leverage technology for compliance training.

With the growing use of compliance management software, companies are revisiting their online compliance training practices to fortify their compliance arsenal.

Why does your business need online corporate compliance training?

An effective corporate compliance program ensures proper governance and increases the likelihood of preventing poor conduct in your organization. Such a program helps maintain a company’s good reputation and reduce risks. Likewise, it helps create a more conducive workplace–an environment that encourages long-term productivity.

Why conduct corporate compliance training?

Conducting corporate compliance training should be more than recording the mandatory completion. A business undertakes compliance training to achieve the following objectives:

  • Preventing and exposing employee violations that may put the company in some legal liability
  • Building a more respectful and hospitable work environment
  • Creating the foundation for a total or partial protection should employee misconduct happens despite the compliance training initiatives
  • Adding a competitive edge and business value.

So why is compliance training important? When good compliance training is, in effect, employees understand and observe the principles and correct practices of the company. They likewise appreciate the necessary legal and ethical issues as they perform their day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

What are the benefits of corporate compliance training?

An increasing number of companies are shifting to online compliance training. The 2019 Training Industry Report says that 80% of businesses are already doing it partially, while 29% conduct them completely online. 

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Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US

Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US
No online: 5

No online

Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US
A few online programs: 16

A few online programs

Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US
Some online: 16

Some online

Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US
Mostly online: 34

Mostly online

Online Compliance Training Methods Usage in the US
All online: 29

All online


Training Magazine, Dun & Bradstreet, November 2019

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A 2019 PwC study found that 70% of dynamic compliance officers deploy technology to effectively track the compliance of employees. This is because online corporate compliance training offers numerous advantages over traditional classroom-based training seminars. The key benefits include:

  1. Flexible learning pace. It is very convenient because the training occurs at the employee’s own time.
  2. Cost savings. Conventional classroom-based courses are costly. By removing the classroom costs, online compliance training only needs a single installation, thus, providing considerable savings.
  3. Wide customization and reusability. You can easily adapt it for diverse audiences, share it with various learner groups, and prepare different course versions. It’s also easy to correct mistakes and remove or integrate new materials.
  4. Monitoring and reporting. It is really cumbersome to keep track of learner progress. But online training allows automated, real-time, and free progress monitoring, especially when you use a compliance management platform.

These benefits can be had with a higher rate of certainty when you factor in the use of technology in corporate compliance. Where before you need separate training tools, today, you can have them under a modern LMS software. A good example is Docebo, which can perform a personalized, multi-device learning experience aided by diagnostic tools.

Docebo dashboard

Docebo is widely used because it offers on-demand courses that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.


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You’ll have a better chance of implementing the following online corporate compliance training examples with a reliable LMS.

What are examples of online corporate compliance training?

Not all compliance training online modules are designed to provide the best possible results. Too many of them mainly function just to provide documentation that a company has trained its employees on compliance. This approach does more harm than good.

The compliance training platform that you must choose should go beyond the formality of completion. It should enable actual changes in employee behavior and help them make ethically-sound decisions when it is called for. These online compliance training examples are among the best nowadays:

Workplace Safety

In any type of business or industry, health and workplace safety are always the priority. This organizational norm is more pronounced in certain environments or jobs that present additional risks, e.g. physical safety. In this regard, your workplace standards should comply with what the law mandates.

For instance, employees should be given compliance training on situations unique to their jobs or workplace setup. Of course, they should also be trained on general aspects such as fire safety and emergency preparedness.

Data Protection & Privacy

For this example, your training program must first establish the differences between Personal Data and Personally Identifiable Information. And once established, your program should explain how and why this information is often exploited illegally.

This is why your employees must learn how to properly handle information outside the confines of their workplace. For instance, in case a mobile phone gets lost or stolen, they must know exactly what to do in compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

Business Ethics

Without order, respect, and ethics, the entire business world will never prosper. This is why it is mandatory for every business to frame a code of ethics that establishes clear guidelines for punitive action.

As such, this compliance training example should help describe what cheating and corrupt practices are as far as your organization is concerned. It should also include conflicts of interest and potential grey areas.

Essentially, an Ethics & Compliance training program must include courses like accountability structures, approaches to stimulate whistleblowing, and risk assessment training, etc.

Diversity Training

This example of compliance training shouldn’t be limited to being politically correct. On the other hand, diversity training must highlight the real-life advantages that workplace diversity truly brings.

It should also provide clear guidance on how diverse individuals can mutually work as a single unit despite differences in ethnic origins, religious views, gender, etc. In fact, employees must learn how to properly accept the tenets of what a diverse workplace can provide to any organization.

What’s more, your training program should also cover how diversity must be represented in your marketing content, documents, and overall brand.


The entire world continues to become more digital in almost every aspect. This is why compliance training programs for cybersecurity will remain among the most important for every individual and organization.

These training programs must cover strategies and best practices to effectively manage the increasing volume of confidential and sensitive information. It should likewise include programs for training staff on systems, tools, and methods necessary to safeguard an individual’s personal data and identities.


This example of compliance programs provides measures and guidance on how to properly respond to occurrences of workplace harassment like bullying and sexual harassment. These programs should provide a clear definition of what harassment and establish all possible related behaviors.

In addition, anti-harassment training must include efficient approaches on how to respond to various forms of harassment and bullying. Finally, it should also offer effective intervention methods.

These are just a few of the most common of courses of industry-specific and government-mandated compliance policies. In fact, the types of online compliance courses are extensive. The location, activities, and industry of a business organization all affect what its employees must be compliant to and what type of training the employer must provide.

Which tools do you need for online corporate compliance training?

The business world is an enormous, complex environment. So using a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t applicable to corporate compliance training. In most cases, the best outcomes are derived when you align compliance training with the individual’s job function and competency.

For sure you have plenty of advanced LMS solutions around. But you can use Docebo as your benchmark to ensure you get the following essential tools for online corporate compliance training:

Personalized learning portal

Online compliance training is proven to be effective when it is used with any top LMS software that provides robust tools like role profiling, skills assigning, diagnostic evaluations, etc. Such solutions can assign particular compliance training content to employees with skills gaps in certain job functions. This way, they are given a personalized learning program for them to complete.

By providing a personalized learning portal, compliance trainees are allowed to complete their specific programs easily.

Training platforms

Another important tool to consider is the device that the learner actively uses to access the compliance training platform. You must ensure that the training module is optimized with the preferred access device of your employees.

In case your company observes BYOD for training purposes, it is likely that most of your employees will be using a tablet or mobile phone. To ensure that the training experience is seamless, you must modify and adapt the training platform’s design to suit the mobile device.

Diagnostic assessment

This tool entails mapping the learning journey based on the competency level of the compliance trainee and evaluating their level of knowledge. Running a diagnostic evaluation allows the overall training period to be shortened as the trainee will only be given areas that must be studied.

At the moment, a popular compliance training being given is OSHA’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. It primarily offers guidance on reducing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses, employees, clients, and the general public.

Role profiling

Profiling an employee’s roles starts with asking direct, actual questions. Such questions may include:

  • Do you manage your own staff?
  • Does your work involve negotiating deals with prospective clients?
  • Do you trade stocks?
  • Do you help customers with technical issues?
  • Are you a director?
  • Based on the responses, recommendations are made on a list of learning topics that match back to those things.

For instance, if the learner is a stockbroker, the compliance training may need specialized Insider Trading knowledge.

Infographic cards

Sometimes, the simpler, more basic tools offer the best, fastest way to provide compliance training. For instance, infographic cards are very effective visual aids. Works best on mobile devices; these tools provide an effective visual checklist for the compliance trainee to look while working.

As compliance training programs become more intricate and larger in scope, knowing which tools to use will help in providing the right training to the right employee. Again, it is important that the tool suits the trainee, not the other way around.

Adding a role in Docebo

Docebo’s “Perform Module” allows Admin users to easily create and manage roles for compliance and general training purposes

What are the latest online corporate compliance training trends?

Many wouldn’t have thought that a powerful, life-changing pandemic would affect the entire world. Suddenly, most of the world’s workforce must shift to remote work to sustain business operations.

This is why it’s good practice to always be on top of the current corporate training trends. So here are some of the top trends in online corporate compliance training courses that you should know and consider:

Mobile-friendly online compliance training

Almost everything today–including business and compliance–is going mobile. Thus, it’s only normal that your online compliance training LMS does the same. It’s good to know that there are now responsive compliance training and design tools that enable you to design the source layout of your online training modules.

Mobile-friendly compliance training solutions can automatically adjust the orientation and layout of your content based on the mobile device used. But more than this, you must ensure that your online compliance modules are divided into bite-size programs for easier digestion and faster completion. This approach also boosts employee engagement and helps minimize mental overload.

And if you’re looking for a mobile compliance training app for business use, a go-to solution is Docebo’s Go.Learn mobile app. Its Branded Mobile App Publisher feature allows you to build your own branded version for both Android or iOS. This robust mobile app allows you to customize your content based on your design guidelines and compliance course coverage.

Docebo mobile app dashboard

Docebo’s mobile app, Go.Learn, allows corporate learners to access their platform directly from their mobile devices. This allows learners to easily enroll in courses, complete training materials, and manage their online compliance training anytime, anywhere.

Moment-of-need online compliance training

Busy employees can’t help but consider mandatory compliance as an inconvenience to their usually tight schedules. Taking an hour away from their heavy workloads to attend office-based compliance training is never a welcome option. Fortunately, you can make online compliance training practical and convenient for them.

So what do you need to do? Provide them with just-in-time online resources. This approach empowers employees to access online compliance training content anytime, from anywhere, even when they’re at home.

A good example is providing a list of microlearning materials for helping employees quickly fill any emergent knowledge gap. Other spontaneous compliance elearning tools include corporate training blogs, social groups, and online forums.

Shift to interactive and immersive online training content

The future of online compliance training lies in immersion and interactivity. Advanced technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive reality give elearning practitioners the opportunity to provide highly engaging content to learners.

These sophisticated solutions have an extensive array of applications in the business compliance sector. In fact, many are already using immersive technologies in providing online compliance training. These include serious games, gamification, simulations, and branching scenarios.

Such online compliance training programs enable employees to enhance their essential skills and analyze compliance issues in real-life scenarios. With these innovative tools, they can see the advantages that the compliance training offers and virtually test their newly-acquired know-hows in their workplace context.

Assessing real-world use of gained knowledge

Gone are the days when memorizing compliance rules and ethical guidelines are the norm. Yes, knowing still has its function, but being able to apply what you know correctly is the more important training outcome.

As the entire world grows in complication, online compliance training programs are increasingly using activities that evaluate the real-world applications of acquired knowledge. Rather than giving pop quizzes or formal exams, companies now see the efficiency of branching scenarios and simulations to evaluate the compliance performance of employees.

For instance, businesses are upgrading their employee learning and development process with activities that allow employees to apply their skills in a practical way.

Creating a Culture of Compliance

Your legal and compliance units can only do so much to ensure that your organization is compliant with existing laws and industry policies. Still, every employee must do his/her part to achieve total compliance.

This is why building a culture of compliance is crucial. And if you consider the above online corporate compliance training examples, tools, and trends, you and your organization can be safe, compliant, and successful.

To form the building blocks a culture of compliance, here are some key considerations:

  • Begin with leadership. Start by ensuring the total and active support of company executives in the initiative to create a compliance culture.
  • Organize compliance initiatives with business risk management. Align your compliance program with the objectives of every strategic business area.
  • Train and test. Compliance training must be a continuous cycle of implementation, assessment, and improvement.
  • Integrate ethical behavior into performance reviews. When you incentivize good behavior, employees are more motivated to learn and be more compliant daily.
  • Never neglect compliance errors. To help employees avoid making the same mistakes, you must identify and analyze recurring errors.
  • Deploy efficient technology. Deploying efficient compliance technology platforms simplifies creating or customizing a program that can be repeated and is consistent.

Finally, in case you’re in the market for the best LMS for compliance training, why not try one first before committing to a training platform? Based on expert advice and user experience, most of those who have availed of Docebo‘s free trial offer eventually chose the robust solution as their online compliance training software.

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