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20 Best Applicant Tracking Software Solutions of 2020

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When running a small business at the dawn of its development, posting jobs and managing applications is rarely a priority. Nonetheless, the more limited human capital you possess, the more imperative it becomes to accept qualified performers, and to save both time and finances entrusting this process to modern technology. In this article, we will revise the use of applicant tracking solutions, and suggest 20 market leaders that can help you become a better recruiter.

Stuck under piles of thousands worth-to-read resumes, recruiters used to have a terribly hard time ruling out unsuitable candidates, and considering those that match their criteria prior to actually reading their information. This is the problem many best applicant tracking software systems can solve – despite of some hiring professionals questioning its capability to keep qualified performers in the loop, applicant tracking software remains the only technology able to shortlist the ones that don’t match. This is because AT tools use an advanced keyword technology, and rely on custom recruitment metrics to decide who is a good candidate.

Cost-efficiency effects on quality hiring

Applicant tracking systems are connected to an array of indisputable benefits. Yet, it is wrong to assume that applicant tracking technology reached a state of making decisions on its own – rather than that, it triggers the first and simple cut of required attributes, and narrows the list down without hiring back recruiters. Plus, applicant tracking technology vendors often come with invaluable hiring expertise, and help novice recruiters develop a better onboarding strategy. These are only few of the reasons why the applicant tracking systems market in the USA is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.58% in the upcoming 3 years, the decisive criterion there being the coverage of security and privacy concerns.

Top Applicant Tracking Software

In an attempt to craft the perfect ATS solution that works in every environment, technology providers overwhelmed users with modern and ultra powerful tools. Regardless of such efforts, a one-size-fits AT product is almost impossible to find, which is why you should compare multiple reputed tools to depict the one that works for you.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is not simply an accurate hiring assistant, but more of a reliable workforce management partner for as many HR processes as you have in place. The compact HR unit stores some of world’s leading digitized workforce capabilities, and helps prospective employers offer more attractive positions to their candidates. The targeted audience are foremost small and medium businesses which would benefit from fast and cost-effective talent acquisition the way enterprises do. The vendor also offers a great free trial plan if you want to try out the software first. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.

Why choosing BambooHR over its competitors? The company offers a modern applicant tracking mechanism that helps gather the most competent employees on the job market, and specializes in building a great onboarding experience that will retain them by your side. Meanwhile, it stores and manages all employee data, including compliance, healthcare, and all other benefits. You can use it to create custom workflows for additional efficiency, manage performance and reward employees based on actual data, and report in real time and in all circumstances with unparalleled precision. BambooHR is also an excellent choice for tracking time and automating specific requests, and supports electronic signature to spare you the traditional hiring costs.

What is unique about BambooHR?

  1. Optional applicant tracking mechanism. BambooHR displays job openings in a separate tab, where the user gets to see all applications, applicant leads, and select/eliminate applications as they arrive. In a similar way, you can add new job openings with all relevant details such as salary, title, duration, contract type, etc.
  2. End-to-end onboarding assistance. With BambooHR, new hires receive a special email containing training information, and access to all system files and corporate documents that may be relevant to them.
  3. Role-based access to information. The main figures in the system are administrators and managers who are in charge of delegating competence to other users listed on their dashboard. It is exactly them who will be responsible for creating employee profiles, and inserting all related information in their portfolios.
  4. Accurate performance administration. BambooHR comes with a quadrant-style matrix plot that works with your information to compare employees to each other, and distinguish the top performers among them. In such way, the system helps reward talented individuals and grade new hires, and do so by comparing tasks day-to-day.
  5. Benefits management. BambooHR’s centralized database contains the benefits for each employee, and allows the manager to track them down no time. There is an overall number of 12 benefit types applicable to all groups of employees, and it is employees who can change them upon every update in their status.

2. Zoho Recruit

Unlike BambooHR, Zoho Recruit specializes exclusively in applicant tracking, and is devoted exclusively to HR teams and staffing agencies. Its main task is to streamline the hiring process and to source better talent, for the purpose of which it introduces effective resume management and interviewing features. If you are an HR manager looking to cast talent networks and acquire top performers, Zoho Recruit will also help attract performers on job boards, social media, and dedicated career pages, and provide the best onboarding experience once all the vacancies are filled. As it is common with Zoho products, Recruit is hassle-free and easy to use, and integrates with a wide range of in-house and third-party applications to update data regularly and to make your job easier. It is also available at a very affordable price, which is rarely the case of applications with the same analytic & reporting power. The vendor has a free trial as well. You can easily sign up for Zoho Recruit free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho Recruit?

  1. Facilitated and more organized hiring. Zoho Recruit is devoted to making hiring easier, as it automates all business-specific recruitment processes. It is customizable enough to match every single one of your organizational needs, assemble and categorize data quickly, and store it in a secure location where only allowed users will be able to access it.
  2. A list of active openings. With Zoho Recruit, all active job openings are listed and displayed in chronological order, with target dates and open fields for the applicant to submit it immediately. For each opening, you can read the data of the recruiter, status, dates, locations, company and position information
  3. Dedicated candidate pages. Zoho’s candidate pages look much alike regular job listings, and represent full applicants’ profiles where you can have all candidate data at a glance. It takes to click on the name of a candidate, and you will immediately see his name, profile pictures, contact data (email, phone, address), and social links.
  4. Automated preselection. Zoho Recruit invites you to insert the values and criteria each candidate should respond to. If an application doesn’t fulfill any of the given criteria, it will automatically be withdrawn unless the recruiter wants to look at it in detail.
  5. No lost information. Regardless of when a job opening was posted or a when the candidate applied, Zoho Recruit will store the application info in a centralized database. There, you can access it any time, and from any device.

3. ClearCompany

If hassle-free and on-point AT systems are what you’re after, you should also give a look to ClearCompany. The end-to-end talent management suite expands your reach against minimal effort, and makes it easy to attract, screen, evaluate and hire qualified people in less time. It also gives you access to 160 million talent profiles whose data you can share with requisition inboxes.

The main features ClearCompany is known for are intelligent screening & interviewing, automated collection of hire forms and onboarding, easily validated data, and all compulsory background checks (e-verify integration, I-9 management, and WOTC management). The system is also adjusted for performance vs. goals management, and comes with unique weighted sections, scoring tables, and free-form comparisons for employees, departments, and offices. The vendor has a free trial as well. You can easily sign up for ClearCompany free trial here.

What is unique about ClearCompany?

  1. Full applicant lifecycle control. ClearCompany’s HCM handles the entire employee lifecycle, creating an easier hiring experience, seamless onboarding processes, goal alignment across teams, and efficient performance management systems.
  2. Specialized in attracting talented performers. This platform makes it easy to attract, screen, evaluate and hire qualified people in less time. With an integrated sourcing tool, you can access about 160 million talent profiles, and share their information with requisition inboxes and internal teams with a single click.
  3. Seamless onboarding for your new hires. ClearCompany’s onboarding feature makes onboarding simple with automated, online delivery, tracking and collection of all of your new hire forms. Smart forms eliminate redundant data entry by pre-filling previously entered information, then validating data for formatting and accuracy.
  4. Automated checks and verification of candidates. Another distinctive advantage is that you can confide background checks, E-verify integration, I-9 management, and WOTC management entirely to ClearCompany HCM.
  5. Goal & Performance management. With ClearCompany’s Performance and Goal Management, you can easily set up as many custom scales, questions, and reviews as you need, including weighted sections, scoring tables, and free-form results.

4. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS is another popular software suite with a leading applicant tracking system that takes sourcing, screening, and hiring concerns out of the way. Its functionality is neatly arranged in three separate modules (RECRUIT, CONNECT, and ONBOARD), and is hence applicable in different stages of the talent acquisition process, and made equally attractive to employers and their prospective employees. We recommend it because of its modern recruiting approach – the smart iCIMS engine will not only assemble candidates that correspond to given indicators, but genuinely recognize those that can make a contribution to your team. What this means is that it collates a vast amount of data for each employee, and automates posting and referral on more than 300 locations. Once an application is in, iCIMS also takes charge of personalizing candidate communication, and equips you with branding tools to support the reputation of your company.

What is unique about iCIMS Talent Acquisition?

  1. Leading and global acquisition service. For more than 10 years, iCIMS has been synonymous with talent management and acquisition services, and it is currently being used by more than 3,000 international businesses and organizations.
  2. Applicant tracking & HR management on a single platform. iCIMS is loaded with tools and features to help recruiters perform their tasks efficiently. Every candidate’s data is stored within a single database and can be accessed via a standard platform that can be tailored specifically to address particular business requirements.
  3. Branded career portals. With iCIMS, businesses can tailor their career portals with their own branding elements to match existing corporate websites, thus giving applicants a consistent candidate experience.
  4. Maximized data security. iCIMS ensures maximal data security and mitigates risks regarding data collection. The candidate data is sent to a secure database that adheres to the policies and regulations of the EEO, OFCCP, and ADA, as well as all international hiring laws.
  5. Communications center. iCIMS offers also a communications center, another functionality that enables users to send targeted, scheduled emails to prospective employees to retain and enhance engagement as well as maintain relationships.

5. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Oracle Taleo is a data-rich, social talent acquisition service hosted entirely in cloud; and devoted to modern HR teams that are looking to develop the best hiring practices. Among experts, Taleo is known as the solution that sets precedents in recruitment marketing, and automates literally all recruiting operations, including custom consultation and unique onboarding practices. The best part of the process is that packages are completely optional, and the user gets to combine functionalities that match his exact requirements, and cover a personalized quote calculated on demand. This platform can easily be connected to Oracle’s wide scope of HCM solutions (Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR Best Practice), and prides itself with one of the most responsive support teams in this industry.

What is unique about Oracle Taleo Cloud Service?

  1. Applicable for both SMBs and enterprises. Oracle Taloe is designed to cater equally to small and medium businesses and large enterprises. Being cloud-based it is able to electronically track applicants, making applicant tracking data and recruiting information accessible anytime, anywhere. This also results in huge savings on recruiting costs.
  2. A very social hiring system. This platform uses social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, but also integrates with productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook, MyYahoo and iGoogle, along with other Oracle products.
  3. Electronic employee performance reviews. Using the tool, managers can come up with electronic employee performance reviews, while setting benchmarks that are consistent with the organization’s goals. The review process can become even more streamlined using the provided performance review writing guide.
  4. Streamlined onboarding. Taleo Cloud Service takes care of the onboarding process with a custom new hire portal that is designed to keep new hire data. A dashboard, meanwhile, keeps on the lookout for issues that might crop up during the onboarding process.
  5. Career development courses. The Oracle Taleo service offers career development courses, which can serve as an invaluable tool for retaining talent. Additional features include online content management, blended learning plans, social learning capabilities, along with an eCommerce functionality.

6. Jobvite

Jobvite is an on-demand recruiting solution for HR professionals that relies on more than 10 years of experience and constant development. The three available modules (Sourcing, Hiring, and Onboarding) align a number of best-in-breed acquisition features and practices, including a Mobile Hiring team app, and a Reporting & Analytics suite available to all users. What Jobvite does the best is exposing employers on the job market – you can use it to build premium career sites, get access to advanced video screening for personalized shortlisting of candidates, and engage more talented performers with improved CRM and marketing practices. At the same time, Jobvite counts as one of the most secure hiring platforms, given that it protects applicant data with built-in firewalls, TLS encryption, DDoS data mitigation, identity management, and alert notifications. What you will also appreciate about it is the open API infrastructure that lets you build custom integrations with third-party software.

What is unique about Jobvite?

  1. End-to-end tracking automation. Jobvite was created to simplify the hiring process by automating time-intensive tasks such as applicant screening, email parsing, resume analysis, and more.
  2. Possibility to create a career website. Using Jobvite, you can create high-impact, customizable, and branded career websites that feature your brand elements, screening forms, custom applications, and more.
  3. Free and automated posting on popular job boards. Another way for Jobvite to make recruiting easier is by allowing you to share openings on popular job boards such as SimplyHired and Indeed.
  4. Social approach to recruitment. Jobvite also enables you to pinpoint talented performers on social media. It allows you to share openings on your social networks as well as on your company’s official social channels. Meanwhile, it stores and distributes candidate data on your Jobvite Twitter accounts and channels.
  5. Customized nurture & engage campaigns. Jobvite’s CRM capabilities make it possible to devise and implement customized nurture campaigns to get them engaged and enticed with your job offers, even when they are not looking for a job.

7. SmartRecruiters

The value of SmartRecruiters consists in the fact that this platform doesn’t offer a pre-built structure where one must ‘play by the rules’, but rather invites creative recruiters to build an AT system that will genuinely work for them. Transforming the hiring concept to an actual custom and enjoyable experience, SmartRecruiters has confirmed to engage HR managers into making genuinely informed decision, and let them focus on people, rather than pre-defined metrics. This means that you can easily adopt a working AT solution, replace the one you already have without coding experience, or build one from scratch. Once deployed, SmartRecruiters becomes indispensable, as it will build career pages and post placements on relevant boards, and then find, engage, and hire the best person for each position.

What is unique about SmartRecruiters?

  1. Employment decisions made within the team.  SmartRecruiters is a place where the hiring team can collaborate and manage different aspects of the talent acquisition process together. Here, they can find all the relevant information in one place that they can access even on mobile so they can review and hire while on-the-go.
  2. Unified applicant data. With this platform, recruiters will no longer have to manually merge data across different systems and they can even enjoy automated promotions of jobs and job offers roll out.
  3. Pre-integrated apps marketplace. Recruiting agencies using SmartRecruiters have the ability to extend the application’s capabilities. It has a marketplace of pre-integrated apps that let them do more from one program.
  4. Recruiting via mobile devices. With SmartRecruiters, you will have a fully mobile experience, as it is available to use on mobile platforms such as on Android and iOS devices. This way, the recruiting team can review, contact, and hire directly from their mobile devices while they are out of the office.
  5. Simple and user-friendly technology. SmartRecruiters was designed to offer the ultimate user and hiring experience without the difficulties of complex tools. The software assists in streamlining the workflow for recruiters and also makes the application process easy for talents.

8. Lever

Lever is, as its developers like to put it, the platform that injects a human dimension into an impersonal hiring approach, and helps build common standpoints for employers and their employees. It is constructed as a one-of-a-kind system that combines ATS and CRM, and lets users build professional career websites with online profiles for each candidate. Once it collates all necessary data, Lever depicts and nurtures candidates that match your requirements, and triggers its Talent Intelligence feature to shortlist the best among them. In such way, the platform becomes your single source of truth with an array of advanced sourcing filters, and lets you build custom reports whenever you need them. Regardless of the structure of your software ecosystem, you can rely on Lever to update your data on regular basis, and sync easily with your calendars and email service providers.

What is unique about Lever?

  1. LinkedIn plugin. With its LinkedIn plugin, Lever enables recruiters to gather and consolidate details from candidate LinkedIn profiles and import them straight to Lever’s database. This feature is also available to hiring managers and other employees, allowing them to easily make referrals without having to wait on their contacts to provide or send their resume.
  2. Roles & permissions. Inside Lever, users are assigned the roles of recruiters, hiring managers, or coordinators, depending on which they can access information and schedule/accomplish tasks within the system.
  3. Unparalleled visibility into the progress of your recruiting processes. Lever makes hiring very visual, as it allows recruiters to see where each candidate is at every phase in the process. That also means having access to information after the job is closed (for way down the road, if needed).
  4. Scalable system. Lever is one of the very few hiring and applicant tracking system that has the potential to grow with you as your business expands. You can also customize each element of the hiring process, until int resembles fully the hiring policy of your company.
  5. Recruitment metrics. Another advantage of having all recruitment data at your fingertips is being able to draft reports on your progress, and Lever makes this possible with a robust set of analytic tools and recruitment metrics.

9. Newton

Newton is best known for providing a personalized hiring & onboarding experience, and helping HR managers craft dedicated offers for their talented candidates. It is built to facilitate the work of HR teams, and to provide them just enough freedom to pinpoint applicants in line with their current hiring policies. The platform will get a role at all stages of the hiring process, which means it will provide you with career pages, free job postings, and referral to attract and engage candidates; and a robust kit of hiring and interviewing tools and scorecards to help you choose the best among them. Once a candidate is in the game, he/she will undergo a standardized approval process where you can collaborate and agree on the conditions, but also confirm EEO and OFCCP compliance, and make all important background checks.

What is unique about Newton?

  1. Suitable for all business sizes. Newton is a scalable and easily configurable recruiting tool, which means it will connect to your current software environment without any hassle, and serve you regardless of whether you’re running a small business or an enterprise.
  2. Operates in and out of the office. With Newton, you can easily access your job vacancies, read resumes, and evaluate applicants wherever and whenever. That is because Newton is designed to work on any platform or operating system, allowing you to enter the system via your desktop, smartphone, or tablet at any given time.
  3. Total control over your recruiting lifecycle. Newton grants control of the whole recruiting life cycle via total visibility into an applicant’s pipeline and helps them determine the a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and more.
  4. Compliance with recruitment regulations. Newton also helps you stay in compliance with recruitment policies and regulations. The software comes with integrated EEO / OFCCP compliance functionality, helping them keep up with up-to-date best practices to stay safe.
  5. Devotion to innovation. Innovation is always a component to success and you can expect the same from Newton. The software’s development team continues to roll out new versions, patches, and releases to help users remain at the top of their game when it comes to recruiting.

10. Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox focuses foremost on effective talent evaluation, as it deviates from traditional resumes and application forms, and replaces them with custom questionnaires. It does the exact same thing with the rest of your recruitment funnel structure, letting you assign tasks and responsibilities the way you deem necessary, and still keep all information neatly organized across the system. Before you get there, however, Recruiterbox will broadcast successfully all open positions you have, and bring in applications from all available sources without you in charge. Being a very collaborative system, Recruiterbox will make hiring an in-team experience, and allow everyone on board to discuss candidates, attach documents, and share personal evaluations.

What is unique about Recruiterbox?

  1. Modern approach to recruitment. Recruiterbox rescues the HR from using the conventional hiring procedures such as receiving resumes and application through email, or sometimes, by regular mail. It takes a toll on the HR personnel to read every email and download every resume attached in those emails.
  2. Resume management. Resume management is a unique feature of Recruiterbox that helps pre-select and shortlist suitable candidates against minimal intervention on the manager’s behalf.
  3. Automated shortlisting for an unlimited number of applicants. With Recruiterbox, you can get all the resumes in one place just by a few clicks, and have the system pick the compliant ones, no matter the number of applicants. This not only saves a lot of time and resources for the recruitment staff but also allows them to focus on choosing a talented performers.
  4. Custom hiring. Recruiterbox allows the HR teams to customize the rest of the hiring steps. HR managers can break down the recruitment tasks and make teams address specific steps, including the automated shortlisting.
  5. Email integration. Recruiterbox will resume, import, and arrange data coming from your email inboxes, so that you won’t have to enter it twice.


Over the years, has become the symbol of effective hiring, turning recruitment into a competitive advantage for SMBs that are still pushing their way to a better market position. What Greenhouse does is to optimize the hiring process start-to-finish, performing hand by hand with other HR solutions, and streamlining data migration. You can use it to plan your hiring process in advance, post and approve jobs and receive applications from various sources, and manage prospective hires with interviews, scorecards, and detailed profile evaluations. With an advanced set of user permission controls, Greenhouse will also help manage a large hiring team, and enable effective communication where everyone is invited to contribute.

What is unique about

  1. A unified mechanism that manages current and prospective employees. is a complete hiring and HR administration system, which will streamline the experience you’re providing to prospective and current employees, and makes sure you have the best and most talented members on board.
  2. Excellent sourcing capacity. Greenhouse’s well-known sourcing capacity will allow you to accept applications online, cast a wider net, and boost referrals, and make sure your openings are instantly distributed on important job boards and social media platforms.
  3. Robust applicant profiles. With, all of the applicants’ information will be arranged in robust profiles from where you can analyze it, manage prospects, and schedule an interview with the best candidates.
  4. An interview kit. Using Greenhouse, you will also receive a unique interview kit thanks to which you can score candidates, managing your pipeline at the very same time. Greenhouse will also provide you admission offers templates for the candidates you’ve decided to hire, and will help you monitor and analyze their performance once they are a part of your team.
  5. Video-based training. Greenhouse also has a role when onboarding new employees, as it provides you with a robust training and integration kit, and enables video instructing for remote workers.

12. Sage People

Sage People is another award-winning ATS you will certainly come across when looking for an effective hiring solution. The product belongs to a prominent productivity software corporation, and provides access to global data and analytics that enable recruiting managers to control and oversee every facet of the employment process. In the service of better hiring, Sage People equips large and remote teams with tools for effective collaboration, and gives them the peace of mind that all candidate details have been accounted for. It would also be one of our first choices when it comes to spot-on analytics, as it grants a much better understanding of hiring metrics and trends, and supports both standard (configurable) reports and a drag-and-drop builder for custom and imported templates.

What is unique about Sage People?

  1. Locating and attracting talented professionals in less than no time. Sage People provides recruitment managers with a platform that assists them in finding the best talent and getting them onboard at the soonest possible time. The application also supports paperless contracts and digital signatures to expedite the hiring process.
  2. Accurate performance assessment. With Sage People, team managers and HR members are able to assess the performance of individual workers with ease. The application assists in the process by allowing the set-up of the team and company goals.
  3. Up-to-date engagement methods. In order to retain top talent and to ensure a happy workforce, Sage People provides companies with methods that allow them to give their employees a voice through pulse surveys.
  4. Attendance & Leave management. Sage People offers a complete overview of attendance and absence information through integrated data and reports. This allows employers and other stakeholders to analyze the productivity of their workforce and strategize for better and efficient work processes.
  5. Robust analytics. With Sage’s With the handy drag-and-drop function, users are able to create reports speedily so they can gain a better understanding of hiring trends. This also allows them to bring up data required by management to bring them up to date on recruitment, training, and retention information.

13. UltiPro

UltiPro is a reliable HCM service provider with more than 25 years of market leadership experience. With a suite that combines HR, compensation, talent, payroll, and time and labor management apps, UltiPro is more than likely to tackle all tasks in an HR manager’s day-to-day practice, and be of great use to both local and global teams coming from diverse industries. Designed as a simple, compact system of records, UltiPro brings all employee information under a single roof, and helps you hire, manage, control, and analyze employees without investing in additional technology. Nonetheless, UltiPro comes with an open API architecture for developers to make their account work in synergy with external services, and works equally well on statuary and mobile devices.

What is unique about UltiPro?

  1. Best recruiting & onboarding practices. UltiPro Recruiting can help you expand your recruiting processes by supporting candidate engagement and relationships as well as attracting, hiring, and developing the best talent for your business. You can also use it to your new employees connect to your company in a personal and meaningful way enabling you to build successful relationships, increase engagement, and improve performance.
  2. Unique succession management features. UltiPro’s one-of-a-kind Succession Management feature can help you create a proactive, executable plan for professional growth and career advancement for all employees.
  3. Unified performance management for current and recent employees. Performance Management is another of UltiPro’s highly configurable modules that lets you assess performance and collect feedback on an ongoing basis to get the best results out of your employees.
  4. A truly global recruitment & HR solution. UltiPro is designed for multinational organizations, so that they can engage employees locally, ensure targeted compliance, achieve one view of their global workforce, and deliver a consistent and culturally relevant experience for all employees in all locations.
  5. TouchBase. UltiPro’s best-known feature is TouchBase, an easy-to-use, tablet-based timeclock, employee self-service device, and labor data collection platform. In addition to being the point-of-time entry, UltiPro TouchBase also provides your hourly employees with kiosk-based access to HR and payroll information.

14. Recruitee

Recruitee‘s memorable and very intuitive design pleases users interested to streamline and automate their hiring activities, and pick the best candidates without investing too much time in the process. As a result, Recruitee is now used by more than 2000 companies, and brands such as Red Bull, Peerby, and Vodafone. The secret of the platform’s simplicity is the drag-and-drop interface where users build custom pages for each job opening, either by importing their own template or choosing one of the 200+ premade samples. For candidates, there is a configurable, detailed online form where they also upload resumes and motivation letters. The platform will also empower them to apply via social media profiles where the posting has been shared, and link their Indeed and LinkedIn data with the application.

What is unique about Recruitee?

  1. Modular solution. Recruitee combines four essential products into one: employer branding, job promoting, talent sourcing, and applicant tracking. With an intuitive and playful design, Recruitee helps you streamline your hiring efforts and stay sane while growing your talent pools.
  2. Creating beautiful career sites. With Recruitee’s easy-to-use employer branding editor, users can create stunning career sites, and use those to promote their brand and showcase their company, team, and culture to impress new candidates.
  3. Promotion on 800+ popular job boards. Recruitee is integrated with 800+ job boards, and makes sure that there is always a right fit for your job ads. You can recruit passive talents more efficiently. It’s possible to import their profiles from online networks to your talent pools in Recruitee with a few clicks.
  4. Sourcing extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Recruitee’s sourcing extension for Chrome and Firefox browser helps you scout and source candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.
  5. Designed for collaboration. Recruitee allows you to make decisions involving the entire team, for which purpose it enables unlimited sharing, commenting, and a continuous overview of all your candidates in all hiring stages. You can also send bulk emails, @-mention your colleagues, and review candidates together.

15. ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack serves small to mid-size organizations and enterprise plan clients, helping them screen, evaluate, and hire quality candidates. It employs the latest applicant tracking technologies and eliminates all paperwork, so that recruiters can focus on what is genuinely important to them – the people they are about to hire. As a qualified and well reputed provider, ApplicantStack brings on board the expertise of many HR professionals that joined forces to create it, which explains why the tool is so easy to use, and deployable in literally few hours. You can count on it to create questionnaires or sort through resumes and cover letters easily to find qualified candidates through preset keywords highlighted by the platform; identify potential candidates and then move them up and down your custom recruitment ladder; and to make onboarding a breeze with its online forms library and checklists.

What is unique about ApplicantStack?

  1. Creating detailed job listings for greater visibility. ApplicantStack lets you create job listings that can be posted on custom-built job boards created by the platform itself, ensuring better visibility for the listing while retaining the company’s identity. It also makes it easy to share any listing published in the platform to other venues such as social media sites and job pages for greater visibility.
  2. Easier research with highlighted keywords. With ApplicantStack, you can create questionnaires or sort through resumes and cover letters easily to find qualified candidates through preset keywords highlighted by the platform. This enables recruiters to review application content in a more in depth but simplified manner to better identify potential candidates.
  3. Quality onboarding. Another popular component of ApplicantStack is quality onboarding, which takes all paperwork into the digital realm, and processes it through its online forms library and checklists.
  4. Notifications. Managers and new hires are automatically reminded of all tasks awaiting fulfillment, so the onboarding process runs smoothly, and with little to no delays.
  5. Various reporting possibilities. With ApplicantStack, users have access to an online library of reporting templates, while they can also run their own custom reports, or download and import such from the web.

16. Workable

Workable is one of the market’s best designed online recruiting applications that brings the best candidates to your attention. Its customer base includes names such as Declara, Tile, Invision, and Babbel, while the application is also approved as the official partner for all startups selected in Facebook’s FbStart program. As your reliable hiring assistant, Workable will share your vacancies on all important job boards, and preselect and shortlist suitable candidates on your behalf. Meanwhile, it will introduce a communication and collaboration concept similar to the one of Facebook to ensure that your teams spends less time evaluating prospects independently. You can invite as many colleagues and external collaborators as you want, assign them different roles and ask for assistance, and get instant email notifications and dispatch feedback from your tablet or smartphone.

What is unique about Workable?

  1. Instant setup. Workable requires no installation, set up fees, or learning curves. You can get started literally in minutes, and let the system handle the usual time-consuming tasks such as browsing, screening, and managing candidates.
  2. Cost-effective openings promotion. Workable helps you promote your jobs in a cost-effective manner. You can post your open jobs on popular free job boards like Glassdoor and SimplyHired. Workable also offers discounts on premium sites like CareerBuilder and Monster.
  3. Very collaborative platform. With Workable, you can make hiring decisions within the team, as the platform makes it possible to upload, review, and screen candidates together, as well as to share files, get email notifications and dispatch feedback, and invite colleagues to assist you.
  4. Branded career pages. Workable uses a no-brainer drag-and-drop editor and offers a number of templates for you to build attractive career sites, and share those across job boards and social media.
  5. Friendly customer service. With Workable, a professional team of hiring experts will be one call away from solving your issues and answering your questions. You can also use their support while setting up the system, or whole integrating it with other solutions.

17. JazzHR

JazzHR is a very customizable tracking and hiring solution suitable for non-professionals. The system takes into account the specifications of your business, and lets you optimize recruiting with your own rules and custom workflows. Using it, you can post your job vacancies on several online job boards and social media profiles at once, screen CVs and application forms with individualized filters, and benefit from a number of compliance reporting tools that will ensure you’re recruiting in line with the law. Modern recruiters also choose JazzHR because of its mobile responsiveness, namely the possibility to shortlist and interview candidates and compare their performance even out of the office. This way, JazzHR makes sure you will never miss a good hiring opportunity.

What is unique about JazzHR?

  1. Custom workflows. Depending upon the job type, JazzHR lets you set different stages of hiring process, and customize workflows and hiring in line with your rules. Right from the point of job posting to hiring, JazzHR has all the features and tools that help you along the way.
  2. Simultaneous publishing on multiple job boards. With JazzHR, you can publish your job posts to several online job boards at once. In addition to that, you can also avail popular social media sites to display job ads.
  3. Quick CV screening. Once candidates have applied for the job, JazzHR allows you to trigger quick screening of CVs, and even set custom filters to shortlist the most suitable resumes for your job.
  4. Interviewing candidates in and out of the office. JazzHR is very welcomed in international and remote operating teams, due to its mobile applicability, and interview conducting feature enabled on all devices. Based on the interviews, you can instantly compare the candidates’ skills, and make a decision based on facts and figures.
  5. Intuitive reporting. JazzHR offers a custom report builder where you can design your own report formats, but also supports all standard compliance reporting templates to ensure that you always adhere to legal matters and regulations.

18. Softgarden

Softgarden is a European top-level E-Recruiting solution that can fill your talent pool with quality applicants, and be of great help at different stages of the hiring funnel. What makes its candidate sourcing capacity unique is that it works both ways – it lets you spot and attract talented performers on all relevant boards, but also makes sure these candidates will spot you, despite of their initial interest in another company or position. Basically, this system will work independently to draw possible matches and bring them to your attention, and reintegrate applicants even without an actual opening. Softgarden will also help you control and organize recruitment, and prepare great offers with the contribution of your entire team.

What is unique about Softgarden?

  1. Complete control over the applications lifecycle. Softgarden’s unique capacity is that it can cancel, pause, and resume a candidate’s application at the click of a button and collect suitable profiles in a talent pool. This way, you can also provide professional service to aspiring candidates, and boost your reputation.
  2. Job ads creation and optimization. Softgarden automatically enables job ads to be mobile optimized and offers benefits such as branded display, social sharing links, and access to online application forms. You can utilize the app’s job advertisement designer tool to easily design professional ads without hiring a designer.
  3. Reintegrating candidates on popular job boards. Softgarden’s network does not forget about candidates who did not make it at other companies, but re-integrates them into the job board, and makes unique offers for them.
  4. Suitable for all industries. Softgarden is used by companies in a range of industries including trade, engineering, automotive, banks and assurances, media and marketing, public sector, education, gastronomy, and many others.
  5. Secure management and storing of candidate data. Softgarden is fully compliant with the General Equal Treatment Act, and makes sure candidate data is stored and managed in an absolutely breach-prone way.

19. Oorwin

Oorwin is an integrated HR system designed to streamline and automate core HR processes. The software company offers two software products: OorwinHIRE, a recruitment platform built for attracting qualified candidates with ease, and OorwinHR, a cloud-based HR system built to centralize and cover post-hire responsibilities from employee hiring to retirement. OorwinHIRE is designed to accelerate recruitment efforts by automating various recruitment processes such as candidate sourcing, rediscovering candidate profiles, feedback collection, multi-site job posting, and more. Meanwhile, OorwinHR allows companies to effectively manage and engage with all their employees, complete with reporting functionalities for hassle-free audits and financial reconciliation.

What is unique about Oorwin?

  1. Automated candidate sourcing. Leverage the power of AI to find and identify qualified candidates for your job vacancies. It also uses ranking algorithms to find the most suitable individuals that perfectly matches your requirements.
  2. Centralized resume database. Easily manage and gain access to all resumes in your database, whether they came from external systems, online applications, or other sources.
  3. Custom recruitment workflow. Design your custom workflow for handling your end-to-end recruitment process.
  4. Built-in CRM. Stay on top of all your contacts with its inbuilt CRM. With this functionality, you can effortlessly manage customer information as well as contracts and transactions.
  5. Simple document management. Neatly organize all your documents and quickly act on contract renewals.

20. SkillMirror

SkillMirror is a feature-rich applicant tracking and recruitment solution built to speed up your recruitment efforts. This recruitment software comes equipped with a built-in IVR system, which greatly reduces mundane and repetitive recruitment processes and allows you to tap a large amount of jobseekers with ease. With its capability to lessen the burden of manual workflows, you are able to save up on costs and quickly find and hire the most talented and qualified candidates.

SkillMirror is able to automatically detect the most ideal candidates through its robust resume parsing technology and advanced AI algorithm that identifies profiles that match your job requirements. It also simplifies the way you find candidates by automatically sourcing jobseekers across all channels into a single platform.

What is unique about SkillMirror?

  1. Resume parsing technology. The software is able to extract key information from resumes and other kinds of documents.
  2. All-in-one communications platform. Tap and engage all your candidates through email and SMS from within a single platform
  3. Fast candidate shortlisting. With its powerful AI-powered algorithm, SkillMirror is able to find the best suited candidates for your open position by matching candidate profiles with your job requirements.
  4. Job board integration. The software allows you to source all candidates from various platforms, such as social media networks and job boards.
  5. Fuss-free interview scheduling. The software makes interview scheduling painless thanks to features such as automated interview reminders and confirmations.

By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software. She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.

Empty Hand says:

What impresses me with these ATS products is that they go beyond the core recruitment function even if they are standalone programs and not part of a full HR suite. Some have collaboration tools, onboarding components, reporting options, branding and promotion features, workflow customizations, applicability in various industries, and so much more. In other words, you get a multi-functional platform that takes care of all tasks related to hiring and getting the employee that you need. As I’ve read from the comments here, it will cost you to fill a vacant position, but will cost you more if you get a bad hire. The savings, on the other hand, when it comes to time, resources and effort, not to mention getting a good hire, will be quite significant with an ATS on hand.

Reply to this comment »
Owen Marsh says:

I see that ATS products have features to help employers post job vacancies on as many platforms and channels as possible. How does ATS ensure that it cast a wide net of awareness among applicants when it comes to job openings? Job competition is stiff for applicants in today’s work and hiring environment and being able to scour online on as many sites for any open job positions would be extremely helpful for job seekers.

Reply to this comment »
Glenda says:

As presented in this article, many of the ATS products have features that enable posting of job openings in various channels – job boards, career sites, job marketplaces, company websites, and social media. So there’s no lack of sources to find job openings as ATS can farm out job vacancies and announcements to major channels and update job information in real-time. It is no surprise that social media is a go-to place for jobseekers with. A study showed that 48% used social media in the search for their most recent jobs. The same study found a mismatch – 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find new hires while 67% of applicants used Facebook to find new jobs. This should be an eye-opener.

Competition in jobs is indeed a tight race. On average, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes but only four to six will be called for an interview, and only one among them will be hired. Hiring someone is also expensive – U.S. companies spend an average of $4,000 to fill an open position, according to a 2015 research. All these facts and figures factored in, an ATS gives employers wider reach in sourcing for applicants, and greater chances in getting top talent which is a prerogative because it will cost you to get one.

Reply to this comment »
CuriousWeasel says:

For HR managers and recruiters, applicant tracking software (ATS) is a huge time saver and efficiency booster. It automates tasks and streamlines the hiring process, reducing the time, effort and cost in getting the most the most suitable applicants and eliminating those who aren’t a good fit for the job. I’ve noticed in some of the products featured here that they give recruiters complete control over the recruiting life cycle to be able to see and determine the qualifications and skills of candidates who are best for the job.

I have wondered though that since automation technology is used by ATS for filtering applicants, isn’t there a possibility that even the most qualified candidates with the right skills for the job can get eliminated by the system? I understand that it’s still a human – the HR manager or recruiter - who decides and has the final say, but there could be a real likelihood that the system could miss some of the finest individuals in the applicant pool.

Reply to this comment »
Mark Winston says:

That is always a possibility – missing out on some other more qualified and talented applicants – because no system is perfect. The whole point of an ATS is to improve the hiring process especially for tasks that don’t necessarily need a human eye such as sorting hundreds of CVs and applications, matching candidates to jobs that fit the criteria, or putting on hold a file for positive matches in case of future job vacancies. Ultimately those that are filtered and pass through the initial sorting and matching are invited for a one-on-one job interview with the HR manager who can further assess the applicant’s qualifications and fitness.

ATS reduces the possibility of a bad hire, which can be costly. In fact, a survey of nearly 2,700 employers by Career Builders found out that 41% of them estimate that a single bad hire cost something like $25,000. With that, you wouldn’t want to be making bad hires all the time. You as the employer would want to have top notch applicants that will turn out to be great hires, and a good ATS will help screen and present you those types of applicants based on the requirements you set. So yes, an ATS may not be perfect but it surely is more efficient in keeping or eliminating applications that trigger a flag and coming up with a more concise group of qualified applicants for each job opening. Chances are greater that you’ll end up with a bad hire if you do the sorting process manually.

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