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Key Features to Look for in a Creative Project Management Software

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What is the best creative project management software?
The best creative project management software is Its visual elements lend to easy adoption by creative teams no matter which stage they are in their creative projects. Teams can easily communicate within the application, which promotes fast and efficient collaboration to finish projects on time.

Creative teams could be a hotbed of conflicting personas that could derail projects at any given time. It’s not easy shifting to a meeting when you’re deep working the finer details on any one of the leading graphic design software after all. With a creative project management software, teams could easily prevent such conflict of schedules.

In this article, we’ll round up the key features you should look for in a creative project management platform. We’ve taken into account the priorities of creative teams, such as the need for a clear process, visualization and intuitive collaborative space. We’ll also highlight one exemplary software that meets these creative-specific tools.

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If you’ve ever worked in publishing, you know how sophisticated this line of work has become over the last two decades. Instead of just worrying about content creation and printing schedules, you now have to also oversee ebook conversion and formatting, digital and traditional distribution—along with blogs, social media content, or any creative campaigns to help push your project envelopes.

And that’s just the start. Along the way, you probably missed a number of subtasks. Then, finally, you have to have eyes—and a bit of love—for numbers spewed by any of the top business intelligence tools. Why? Simply to help you make sense of how each one of what you’re doing to help the business is actually contributing to the whole lot.

And yet here’s the rub: you may think you are doing everything according to the book and still lose 9.9% of every dollar you pour into projects. If your business is looking to grow, that is certainly not the best route to tread.

At the end of your street, a smart executive might have figured out how best to squeeze every last drop of its project management software investment, pairing it with the best practices shown by the standouts in any given industry.

If the executive is that good, he or she could be using the PM software in order to avoid wasting as much as 28x less money than other businesses.

use project management software waste less

Why your creative team may like

Creatives need not turn their noses up against project management software. We understand that if there’s anything that creatives truly hate, it’s the tyranny of structure against the creative process: like water and oil, they don’t mix.

With, however, creatives acquire a tool that allows them all the space they need to finish their masterpieces while ensuring that the business end of projects is not compromised.

It the creative task also calls for extensive collaboration, then they’ll find that is the non-intrusive tool they need to get all the collaborators working in earnest and fun.

For sure, isn’t the only project management solution that carries with it features creative teams will love. It is, however, a good benchmark to check if your tool of choice is up to industry standards.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you sign up for free trial here.

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Once you’ve signed up with, put it to the test with your team and assess how these features should help your creatives amp their performance:

Easy to define your processes

No matter if you are starting your latest advertising projects or finishing your logo design, you will have to deal with a workflow process. If your business has invested in what is called a workflow management software, then your time will be spent working with it.

With workflow management software, you can set your processes to include the activities required to see your project through. You can set the flow of these activities, the transitions, and the data and other resources involved.

With processes well defined from the start, you will have a better handle of the tasks that follow. Much like what the leading time tracking tools could do, one task can be well over its set deadline and you can act fast to see how to address the issue.

Well defined activities allow your team members to execute tasks with confidence, seeing that they can always refer to a task in question and be clear about what exactly needs to be done. No guesswork, no endless paper trails and asking around. workflow kanban view

Using a kanban view with timelines, lets you easily see how processes stand.

Visual dashboards remove ambiguity

Having a definite process sets your project on its way. A visual representation of the processes and activities sets everyone involved in the right direction.

With, your project’s visual journey starts with kanban boards. Kanban boards give your team members a solid footing on what to do, which tasks to prioritize, highlight pain points and see that work in progress (WIP) realistically fits the team’s capacity.

In the dashboard, you can grab a Board, set them into Groups, Columns and Items. You can set any one of these items to match your workflow as you see fit.

Large enterprises take a step further by employing a business process management software to gauge the effectivity of their processes.

Lets you set priorities

The visual elements of lend to easy control to match the task priorities of each project. You can assign one board a red color to indicate “urgent” priority, blue for “currently processing” and green for finished tasks.

This is useful if your artist is neck-deep in manipulating your graphic design software to finish an urgent creative project on top of others.

The creative dashboard makes it easy to grab the right team member for a specific task, indicate calendar deadlines, and other notes worth including.

There is no intimidating element in the presentation, so even the technophobe should feel at ease navigating the operations. customize priorities

Set priorities with color codes and other elements.

Communicate easily

Projects can easily hit a snag when an unforeseen issue suddenly pops up out of nowhere. It could be a technical bug or missing item. Team members could spend hours if not days chasing around people, files or just missing lines of instruction. relegates these scenarios to the past by building a communication tool right inside the program. No need for separate, dedicated communication software. Team members can ask questions, receive fast feedback, get others to contribute simply by using the @ mention tool.

From the start, you can bring your team members in one place. lets you add team members easily even while your project is ongoing. This makes it easy to go back to any team you are involved and where each activity stands.

As do your team members: you can set timelines and milestones right from the get-go. Need to update on one key aspect of the project? Easily done, eliminating information silos in one go while keeping everyone on the same page all the time.

Makes it easy to involve everyone

There is no perfect team. Anyone of your creative team members may hit a snag and need assistance at any time. The latest music composition may lack a certain section and you are stumped for a solution.

When it happens, makes it easy to get notifications around. Once it’s up, you can then act quickly to help the team member in question.

You can get other team members into the action easily to help the worker in need. Resources from files can be easily pulled in, which makes collaboration as easy as never before.

It’s how the best collaboration management tools work and channels that capability superbly. collaboration

Simply add a team member to a project.

Lets you resolve dependencies easily lets you present workflow dependencies visually so every team involved can work together in step with each other. It fosters more communication and collaboration, which allows your projects to move forward with fewer hassles.

If you are presiding over multiple projects and teams, the use of visual timeline and dependencies allows you to refine your processes. You will always find ways to improve each workflow that you previously customized and commissioned.

Nothing is perfect with project management, but you can always proactively minimize the cost and risks associated with them. With such creative project management software, you could afford to sleep better too.

Is the missing link to your creative projects?

Your creative teams could be stressing over confusing roles and tasks. If they are, it’s time to cast a deep look at how could be the solution you are looking for.

Creative teams often cite how thankless their jobs could be. They could be doing a lot of things and no one gives a cent. Creative projects are just too demanding at times to risk fast burnout for your creative teams.

The world is moving fast and so do businesses and their clients. Creative people are often some of the most sensitive lot in the workspace. If you don’t want to see them gone tomorrow, could be the help you need.

With well-aligned tasks and assignments, your creative could breathe easier with clearer expectations of their works. They have definite bases to pursue a task and never worry about their intuition backfiring.

As the foregoing discussion shows, offers a lot for creative teams out there. If you are not settled yet, your best bet is to sign up for free trial here. That way, you will have a firsthand look at how the workflow management software could work for you in real time.

By Nestor Gilbert

Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors. He has compiled years of experience editing book titles and writing for popular marketing and technical publications.

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