Freshsales Introduces New Features for 2018: Supercharged Outbound Sales Emails

Freshsales: Top CRM Solution


Right when we thought that one of the leading CRM software solutions Freshsales got as good as it gets, the company announced their launch of a new set of ultra modern sales campaigning functionalities that optimize the power of any team.

Your agents will now be able to craft, distribute, and track personalized emails to establish loyal relationships, which once again makes Freshsales one of the most intelligent CRMs money can buy.

It took slightly more than a year for the team to develop a game changer in their industry – a feature called Sales Campaigns which makes customer relationships worthier the effort. For the first time since Freshsales was introduced to the public, users can rely on a single sales productivity tool to build, maintain, and optimize their client communications.

Even without Sales Campaign on the scene, Freshsales prided itself with an international user base of 9,000 and counting; and did so thanks to a recognizably usable interface that matches the needs of every team. Companies loved how simple it became to gather and score leads relying on artificial intelligence, and how cost-effective it got to analyze the results of their work. It also consistently scored high in our CRM software category outclassing most of its competitors and wining major industry awards for the last few years.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Freshsales won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Yet, in 2018, Freshworks found a way to keep the novelty going on, and injected Intelligent Workflows to the compact feature base. With this function, sales teams got to automate a significant portion of sales workflows and processes, and do so within a point-and-click interface intended only to make matters easier to them.

At the time, it was more than clear that something big is backing in the Freshsales kitchen, and the team called it Sales Campaigns. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Here’s how Freshsales looks in action

What are Freshsales Sales Campaigns?

Sales Campaigns was within Freshworks’ planned activities for a while, as the usage of multiple tools to manage in-funnel procedures made the overall role of a CRM look less effective. Companies were spending thousands of dollars aligning programs that were simply not built to work together, and still didn’t get what they would with Freshsales as of today – a personal assistant that streamlines hand-offs between SDRs and AEs, prepares and schedules meetings, and follows progress.

It automates your campaigns

The special thing about Sales Campaign is that it relies on data inserted in the system in order to act. Instead of the classic time-related campaigns (which you can still use if you decide so!), Sales Campaigns enables smart and activity-based campaigns for a number of important actions. A good example is determining the intent of a customer within your sales funnel, and adding/ejecting them based on that data, or following their activity on your website in order to reach out to them in the right way. This, however, describes only partially what Freshsales is now capable to do.

Here’s how classic campaigns tend to work:

And here’s how smart campaigns give you much more flexibility:

It saves you time and money

In the long run, Sales Campaigns will bring customers back on your side. With 44% of millennials having trouble identifying brands because of spam (and connecting to them), personalized email is pretty much a go-ahead switch you can’t afford to lose. Freshsales can now be put in charge of how customers perceive and evaluate a brand, and is able to make that brand stand out within 200 billions of emails being exchanged every day. By tracking all main email engagement metrics, Sales Campaign will reduce customer acquisition costs, and free up money that can be used for a better purpose.

It personalizes your campaigns

With Sales Campaigns, Freshsales became more than a simple CRM. It is now a compact marketing tool designed for both inbound and outbound teams that provides a unified source of truth on their leads, and which analyzes and scores customer behavior to decide what there is to be done. Not that many CRMs were designed to do that – attract and retain customers by simply knowing who they are. Freshsales does this, and does it regardless of how far a sales process has progressed. By knowing who you’re dealing with, you will even be able to make the most of your social media activity.

It is already there!

In only few days since it was introduced, Sales Campaigns marked incredible success. It helped the company boost demo requests by 300%, and pushed conversions to amazing 200%. The capabilty was developed as an integrated part of Freshsales’ current CRM packages (Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest), and can therefore be acquired immediately.

If you’d like to see Sales Campaigns in action you can easily sign up for Freshsales free trial here. If you’d like to learn more about the software first, you can also check out our detailed Freshsales review where we take a deep dive into all its features.

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