Get Fit Fast and Save Money With These 3 Easy Ways

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Are you worried about being overweight for health reasons? That’s a positive step forward for you to start getting in shape. Add to it the financial reasons. Do you know that being overweight (and obese) can also cost money? If you think that to get fit fast is a luxury you can’t afford, then you should know that staying out of shape costs even more. We’ll show you four reasons how staying fit can save you money. And don’t worry about paying for gym membership, exercise trainers, or new equipment. You won’t need them. We’ll also teach you three surprisingly simple ways to add an exercise regimen to your daily life.

Do you need to get in shape fast?

Americans may have been dislodged by Mexico as the most obese country in the world in 2013, but it doesn’t mean we’ve improved our health; more Mexicans are just getting out of shape. Around 31.8% of Americans are still obese and many more are overweight, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

This silent epidemic, the World Health Organization says, poses an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes that carry with them huge hospital bills and medical maintenance.

If you’re one of the statistics or on your way to be part of it, get fit now and avoid the financial cost of debilitating diseases. Here’s a good way to know if you’re obese or overweight by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures your ideal weight to your height. A BMI between 25-29 means you may be overweight; while people with 30 and above BMI may be obese.

The price of being unfit

Obesity- and overweight-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseaeses, don’t only cost the public health care system, as pointed out by the New York University Department of Nutrition and Food Studies; it can cost you on a personal level. Imagine these expenses when you have a chronic disease:

  1. Hospital bills you may need to shoulder when your health insurance cites a clause. Many insurance companies treat chronic disease like diabetes as a pre-existing condition. They will deny claims against illnesses that can be proven to be caused by your chronic disease.
  2. Maintenance drugs that you may need to buy for the rest of your life to keep you healthy. In the same breath that insurance companies deny your hospital care, they won’t cover medicines to treat your chronic disease. Your only course is to apply for Medicaid.
  3. Productivity loss because you’re sick. You only have so much sick leaves each year. That may not be enough to cover your absences when you have a chronic disease.
  4. Job opportunity loss because you’re sick. A prime expatriation job may be offered, but you can’t take it because your chronic illness prevents you from traveling long and hard. And you need to stay close to your doctor’s clinic and hospital in case there’s an emergency.

4 reasons why getting fit can save you money

It’s a win-win situation once you realize that getting back in shape can be part of your financial plan

It’s a win-win situation once you realize that getting back in shape can be part of your financial plan

Let’s spell out how staying fit and healthy can even do good for your wallet.

  1. Lower insurance premium. Insurance firms look at your BMI and any tell-tale signs of sickness to calculate your coverage and premium. If you have a poor BMI, you’re at a higher risk of getting sick; insurers will likely charge you with higher premiums or lower coverage cap.

  1. Health and wellness incentives. Companies may offer gym or yoga membership discounts or subsidies to their employees as part of the goal to keep employees healthy. In exchange, you’re expected to stick to a regular exercise and diet regimen to keep the incentive.

  1. Fewer hospital visits and doctor consultations mean less cost for you, money that you could use to save or invest elsewhere. Obese people pay about 36% more in health costs over the years that they’re sick.

  1. Less OTC medicines. Staying fit means you’re less likely to catch common illnesses as colds and the flu and less often to buy over-the-counter drugs. A British of Journal of Sports Medicine even suggests that exercise can reduce the risk of a cold by 50%.

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When you’re fit you’re more successful

When you’re sick that’s productivity loss for you and your company. And having an unhealthy lifestyle-induced, chronic disease like type-2 diabetes can wreak havoc on your career. Conversely, when you’re fit, you have more productive days ahead and you’re more ready to take on opportunities that can spell more success in the future.

3 easy ways to get fit fast and make it daily routine

Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s better to integrate simple activity routines into your daily tasks because then you’re less likely to treat exercising as a separate dull chore. Keep these 3 simple tips in mind:

  1. Walk. Walking is an underrated but effective calorie-burning exercise. There are many ways you can make walking a daily routine. And we mean long walking, not the short-distance trick that you’ve been doing. Here are some ways:

    • Park your car some distance from your office or the grocery and walk to your destination
    • Skip the elevator and escalator; use the stairs instead.
    • Volunteer to walk the dog around the neighborhood or nearby park every morning if the weather permits
    • If the weather is not cooperative, try these cheap-but-effective exercise routines that don’t need any equipment.
  1. Stand. Give your subway seat to the elderly or someone and stand for the rest of the trip. You’ll be burning calories around the hips, tummy, thighs and calves even as you stay there standing. Likewise, try standing for some minutes in your workstation and do a stationery jog or walk. This will also help circulate the blood in your lower body if you’re sitting in your cubicle far too long.

  1. Motivate yourself. Join a fun run, a weekend exercise club or tag along your family or friends. Group exercises are more effective than doing it solo. You can also use these group activities to catch up on each other’s social life, and we don’t mean Facebook.

Get Started Now!

If you’re suffering from an ailment or have recently recovered from it, make sure to check with your doctor first before starting any exercise regimen. Staying fit should be part of your life’s goal as are paying the mortgages, bills, debts and other necessities. Go exercise now and start saving for the future.

What’s your favorite excercise routine and why?
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