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List of 10 Fleet Management Companies in the USA for 2019

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To give you the latest details about the industry, we have recently updated this article with information on 2019’s leading fleet management companies in America.

Are you searching for a fleet management software company that caters to U.S. clients? This article provides a list of 10 fleet management companies in the USA and details the main features and benefits of their software. On top of the list is ClearPathGPS, a robust and full-suite vehicle and asset management software that boosts operational efficiency and drives revenue growth.

Let’s start with the benefits of fleet management software: First, you can save plenty of time in all aspects of your fleet operation. Fleet managers can plan routes quickly and forecast arrival times. Second, the platform ensures fuel efficiency. Third, you can improve your customer service by storing all info in a centralized system for easy access by your staff members. Other benefits of fleet management software are improved employee satisfaction and reduced costs.

The number of installed fleet management systems in North America is estimated to rise from 8 million at the beginning of 2018 to 16.4 million units by 2022. These include vehicle-based systems that incorporate satellite positioning, data logging, and data communication to a back-office solution.

Now, let’s take a look at the latest fleet industry trends: There is increased adoption of telematics and in 2018, 100 million telematics had been installed globally. As many drivers are distracted by mobile phones while driving it has become essential to use behavior monitoring solutions. Plus, more companies are integrating their fleet management software with their existing accounting and fuel cards systems to automate data transfer. Finally, there is increased emphasis on data security as users realize the importance of keeping their information safe from breaches and hackers.

Top Fleet Management Companies in the USA

1. ClearPathGPS

ClearPathGPS is a fleet management software product created for all sorts of businesses that maintain vehicles for their operations. From logistics companies to industrial service providers, this platform will allow you to get complete visibility over your assets. It offers flexible features that empower you to track your vehicles utilizing its GPS tracking functionality. This capability allows you to know where your assets and vehicles are in real time. In addition, you can view in-depth reports on idling issues, timesheets, and driver behavior. Top features include timecard reporting, route history, speeding alerts, vehicle behavior, and dynamic geofencing.

ClearPathGPS also simplifies the provision of instructions to drivers as this application has native mobile apps that they can access on the road. Plus, it maximizes ROI by reducing expenses due to vehicle maintenance and needless fuel consumption because of accidents and aggressive driving, and poor customer service levels.

You can check the solution closely when you visit ClearPathGPS website here.


GPSWOX is UK-based but has a US branch and caters to American companies also. It offers solutions for personal tracking, GPS fleet management, and vehicle tracking. One of its products, GPS Server, is built to track vehicles, trucks, cargo, bicycles, boats, people, and mobile. GPS vehicle tracking platform provides reports, information, real-time notifications, etc.  If you are in the U.S. it is easy to try its features for free. You can easily sign up for GPSWOX free trial here.

GPSWOX has entered into partnerships with enterprises to help its clients build their own GPS tracking business using the GPSWOX system. The firm provides reliable white label GPS tracking systems at budget-friendly prices. GPSWOX’s specialists will help you set up your GPS tracking business and the company also offers technical support and training.

GPSWOX helps its client companies dispatch drivers efficiently, spot problem staff members, track and protect the safety of drivers and vehicles, provide customers precise delivery times, and offers insightful data on travel history, fuel consumption, and vehicle speed. Users can set up the software to trigger notifications when monitored vehicles make too many stops, overspeed, enter a specific location, or when a vehicle is stolen or damaged. Finally, companies can add their company name, logos, and designs to the platform interface to enhance their brand image.

3. NexTraq

NexTraq is a GPS fleet management platform that is ideal for enterprises that have fleets with two to over 2,000 vehicles. This company is a noted innovator in the telematics industry with its popular software and mobile application. NextTraq boasts more than 7,500 clients including top brands such as Acres Group, Landscape Concepts Management, and Pittsburgh Glass Works. Key features include mileage tracking, maintenance scheduling, fuel management, driver management, and dispatch management.

NexTraq’s GPS vehicle tracking service helps you track your drivers’ routes and their stops. Plus, you can monitor safety data such as speeding, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration. You can also get maintenance info like when an oil or tire change is due. This helps you reduce the costs of vehicle repairs. The hardware is not visible to drivers, so there’s no chance of them tampering with the devices. This system does not require professional installation, which saves you money and time.

4. MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline is an online route planning service that assists you to find the fastest route for multiple addresses. This app is ideal for businesses and individuals whose work involves deliveries, pickups, and service tasks. With this software, you can easily plan your daily deliveries and routes, map multiple destinations, and navigate using the app. The advantages are you can save money, go green, minimize your carbon footprint, and reduce time on the road. Main features include animated directions, Google Maps and GPS navigation, save routes, unlimited number of routes, and mapping territories.

MyRouteOnline enables you to plan up to 350 addresses each run and set a particular time for each location. You can set optimization goals such as balancing and minimizing distance and time. In addition, you can save unlimited amount of routes on the web, send routes to a number of emails simultaneously, save routes on your device, and export routes to Excel, Google Maps, Garmin, and TomTom.

5. Teletrac Navman Director

Teletrac Navman Director find a place in this list of 10 fleet management companies in the USA as it helps to minimize the risks of operational costs and vehicle investment, while boosting customer satisfaction and productivity. This driver management solution utilizes GPS technology to track driving habits and fleet for improved compliance and reduced staff expenses. Vehicles can become liabilities if they are not maintained properly which can lead to delays in delivering services and products to customers. Teletrac’s fleet management solution helps you to keep everything under control and comply with federal laws. Top features are actionable data, fleet productivity, asset and trailer tracking, vehicle analytics, and vehicle tracking.

With Teletrac Navman Director’s Driver Management feature, you can track hours of service and driving habits. It utilizes GPS technology to record cases of stop-sign violations, harsh braking, cornering, speeding, and harsh acceleration. Plus, its vehicle analytics functionality helps drivers to check whether all elements in their vehicles – from lights to brakes – are roadworthy. Finally, the software’s vehicle tracking feature assists you to use your vehicles efficiently to ensure maximum profit.

6. Linxup GPS Tracking

Linxup GPS Tracking is one of the leading fleet management companies in the US as it provides top notch asset, equipment, and vehicle GPS tracking software for corporations of all sizes. The product enhances driver safety while helping businesses improve their operational efficiency and reduce expenses. It makes this possible by assisting enterprises to maintain their assets in the best condition possible. This minimizes the cost of parts replacement and ensures on-the-dot maintenance. Linxup GPS Tracking also helps companies to file their IFTA reports accurately by automating the process to save time and eliminate human error. Chief features are time tracking, job dispatch, maintenance scheduling, vehicle and driver alerts, and driver monitoring and rating.

Benefits of Linxup GPS Tracking include decreased insurance expenses, improved driver behavior, and minimized fuel expenditure. In addition, companies can boost their customer service with this tool by reducing response times. This is made possible as enterprises can select the best routes and send vehicles that are in prime condition to negotiate various traffic volumes.

7. PeopleNet

PeopleNet offers end-to-end vehicle tracking with focus on compliance, safety, fleet performance monitoring, navigation and routing, and travel logging. The solution is recommended for small and medium-sized companies that own a good number of trucks. It stands out for it custom designed GPS receiver gadget and robust vehicle telematics functionality. Main features include accident tracking, real-time diagnostics, fuel management, vehicle financing, and inventory management.

PeopleNet utilizes a professionally managed network that uses wireless carriers and satellites to instantly transmit telematics data to their centers. The stored data in the platform can be accessed through mobile devices, web-based app, or third-party solution with access to the PeopleNet API. In short, this software combines real-time analytics, network communication, and mobility to create a benchmark in fleet performance management driven by the latest technology.

8. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro is a reliable tracking suite that maximizes the advantages of fleet management. Its diversified capabilities include fuel management, vehicle management, and driver management. The software is a product of Innovative Maintenance Systems based in South Carolina. It simplifies equipment management and enables you to monitor multiple vehicles. Plus, the solution is flexible and lets you track as much info as required. Chief features include customer database, flexible reporting, parts inventory, warranty tracking, and preventive management.

Fleet Maintenance Pro is a popular software suite that is utilized by businesses of all sizes in the wholesale and retail, automation and manufacturing, third-party logistics, and transportation and delivery industries. It enables you to track unlimited number of vehicles and equipment items. You can do the tracking using custom parameters such as make, model, year, serial numbers etc. Plus, you can easily add user defined fields if you wish to track added equipment facts.

9. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere

Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere is a route building and optimization solution that enables companies to create routes with accurate travel times. The product does this by using info gathered from historical traffic patterns. You can apply custom rules for your deliveries. This makes driving trails more efficient and improves delivery times. The best part is all routing info is stored centrally and can be accessed by your entire team to learn which roads they should take. Top features include fleet routing analyses, suggest route tool, customizable algorithms, customer info storage, and cost and distance calculation.

Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere helps companies reduce their delivery costs. This is because the product enables them to compare the costs of different routes for their fleet, letting them select the most affordable choice. It can also build and store multiple routes which saves you the task of creating new routes each time. In addition, the software considers customer info such as their preferred delivery times in creating routes. This improves customer relationships and saves time for drivers as they can immediately offload the goods on arrival at the delivery point.

10. TraciFy

Capping off our list of 10 fleet management companies in the USA is TraciFy. This cloud-hosted, mobile-ready platform offers a plethora of tools that drivers and business owners need to efficiently manage daily fleet activities. It identifies the best routes for delivery teams in real-time and provides dispatchers a fleet tracking system so that they know the exact location and status of the drivers. Moreover, the platform’s dashboard has a single map-like interface. This allows you to automatically see drivers who are closest to the pickup point and send them the task in just a few clicks.

Another thing that makes this platform unique is that it is not only built for dispatchers and drivers. TraciFy is also built for customer satisfaction. This is why it comes with a system that provides your customers with information on where their package is as well as an ETA so that they no longer have to go out of their way to contact you for inquiries. This also enables them to give you reviews of their overall delivery experience as soon as their package is dropped off at their doorstep.

There you go, we hope that you get to shortlist your options from among the best fleet management systems above. From here, you can dig deeper into your research by checking more vendor materials and you can start with their websites. For instance, you can visit ClearPathGPS website here and get to know more about it or to contact the company directly.

By Louie Andre

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