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Lucrativ CRM Software Pricing & Cost Analysis

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What is Lucrativ CRM pricing?
Lucrativ CRM is priced via quote-based plans. Primarily, you can get Lucrativ CRM via role-based deployment for different roles such as Sales Leaders, Inside Sales, Sales Executives, and Consumer Success. Lucrativ’s plans are offered in such a way that you can customize products according to your organizational needs.

While shopping around for CRM programs, many people are quick to take out those whose pricing plans are quote-based, like how Lucrativ CRM price is offered. Some of them prefer transparency while others don’t want to give out their emails directly. But if the software is really good and the price really fits your budget, you are taking yourself out on a really good deal.

This is why in this article, we will look into the benefits and cost of quote-based CRM tools. We will look into the features and benefits that the Lucrativ CRM software pricing scheme affords you.

Firstly, we will give you an overview of the product. Secondly, we’ll discuss the general benefits of moving forward with quote-based products. Thirdly, we will discuss what one should expect in a quoted Lucrative plan. Lastly, we’ll tackle a role-based pricing scheme that you can use to your advantage.

lucrative crm pricing

When you are in the market for the perfect software, two things could happen.

First, you get more features and capabilities than you ask for. Sometimes, you won’t really need this extra bang. There are also times where you’d get to use them when you scale your operations up. In this case, you are lucky.

Second, you get core features but your new software with no kickers. Sometimes, there is really much left to be improved thus you really have to switch.  Sometimes, this is okay especially when its features are invariant to scaling.

But for a CRM platform? This is not ideal. You want your software to cater to your growing list of customers, leads, and market.

There are many challenges when it comes to adopting and using new technologies especially digital ones. Many interrelated factors abound. This includes things from the feature list to its user interface.

crm adoption problems

One should also consider if the organization’s culture is amicable in getting their workflows disrupted. So, if you have Lucrativ CRM in your shortlist, let us help you make the right decision with this analysis.

Lucrativ Overview

Lucrativ CRM is a leading CRM and sales solution that places an emphasis on bridging the gap between sales and CRM processes.

The platform allows business professionals to improve their prospecting process through optimizing sales processes in every step of their customer’s journey.

These steps are broken down into (1) prospecting, (2) acceleration, and (3) retention.



Create profiles and cards for your leads. Add the necessary information to assess the potential of your leads.

Lucrativ helps users identify and cluster potential prospects using relevant preset and custom categories. This is based on the variables you like such as estimated time, the lead role, and others.

Features such as pipeline management, workflow automations, and insights help make prospecting more accurate and easier. The analytics module also helps in giving you actionable insights for your prospects.

Furthermore, you can create custom reports and even customize modules to tailormade how information is used by your organization.

Sales Acceleration

The platform allows you to follow up your leads and conduct initial outreach through its easy-to-use interface. You are enabled to match your pitches to your lead’s activity and profile.

Furthermore, Lucrativ allows you to customize your dashboard and fit the necessary tools there.

Also, if you are a sales leader you will be able to use features such as gamification to further incentivize your employees.

Moreover, you can send bulk text and email plus set automated followups. Lucrativ is complete with productivity tools for sales teams to use.

There are messaging tools, meeting tools, and even a power dialer for calls among others.


retention, lucrative crm

Having all the data you need for your leads and current customers, you can use Lucrativ to nurture the long-term relationships you have with them. Also, it helps you optimize your database. Thus, you will be able to introduce new products or deals according to your data.

The platform makes it easy for you to upsell and even create VIP passes or other schemes for retention. Also, it helps you organize services directed at positive or negative customer reviews.

Lucrativ focuses on helping you curate and funnel your customers’ experiences to sales, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty. It does this by allowing for customizable workflows and modules.

This gives you the right amount of flexibility to actually create a comprehensive CRM tool just for you.

In a large sense, you will be the one creating your very own CRM software that fits your organization’s goals, competencies, and culture.

But before you get the plan, you must weigh the pros and cons of Lucrativ first. Fortunately, you can give a test drive.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Lucrativ free trial here.


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How much does Lucrativ cost?

Outright, Lucrativ offers a quote-based plan for all of its users. The rationale is that no organization is alike. Whatever your position in an organization is, you will have different day-to-day tasks and activities with other people in different organizations with the same job title.

There is no one-size-fits-all software for everyone. The Lucrativ team understands this. Thus, they offer their solution tailor-made to every single client. Therefore, the costs of every deployment can vary from user to user, from organization to organization. The Lucrativ CRM cost depends on how you set up your plan.

What’s great about this setup is that you can start small and pay lesser once you start. Then, when your needs grow and your business scales, you scale up your subscription as well. You will be able to add more features and even users. You start out with just the features you need and add more once you feel the need to.

With this plan in place, you can customize your feature set and build your very own CRM and sales platform tailor-made to your needs.

What to expect in a quoted Lucrativ Plan

lucrative dashboard example

Lucrativ enables you to have many tools at your disposal for prospecting, sales acceleration, and retention. Here are the main features available:

  • Pipeline Management
  • Automation
  • Insights
  • Gamification
  • Communication Tools
  • Mobile CRM

Pipeline Management

Firstly, Lucrativ plan will have the Pipeline Management tool.

In this tool, your leads will be arranged as cards. You can assign status like “non-contacted”, “qualified leads”, and whatever category you have in your pipeline. Therefore, you can not only qualify leads and improve sales but you can also track your team’s sales performance.

With the quota transparency in place, you can manage your team efforts and fix policies and actions to improve efficiency.

Moreover, a pipeline analysis tool is also available to detect bottlenecks. Lastly, you also get a pipeline projections tool to get projections for a week, month, or even a year.


There are many workflow templates available from Lucrativ. These are designed for specific business goals common to most businesses.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to customize them as well. Thus, users will be able to design their very own workflows aligned to their business model.

Moreover, the tool provides you with 12 ways to trigger your workflows. For example, you can design your system to create an automatic email whenever a new contact is entered.

There is an A/B testing module available within the tool. Thus, you can identify efficient practices to improve your sales.


Lucrativ’s plan contains built-in analytics to guide your business to your preferred direction. There is an intelligent forecasting feature available.

Plus, you can create and share easily understandable reports. Information can now easily flow back and forth between team members.

What’s more, there is a dashboard available to give you an overview of your custom reports. Therefore, you can see all your metrics from the get-go.

You can monitor metrics and even see the correlation between various reports.


If you are a sales leader, you would want to get this tool. With this, you can motivate your team through friendly competition.

The gamification feature where you get leaderboard displays and goals that you can customize.

Additionally, you can even tweak the game to enforce positive attributes among team members.

Of course, this tool will only work if there is already a good leadership in place and a good relationship among peers.

Communication Tools

Communication improves productivity amongst team members. Thus, the Lucrativ team included productivity tools including a Power Dialer amongst the essentials like messaging and email.

The Power Dialer is not just your average phone dialing app. It helps you know who to call and when to call them according to insights from your data. It is complete with a one-click call capability. Also, it comes with a callback reminder, live call monitoring capabilities, and a live transfer feature.

Additionally, it comes with a voice drop feature where you can send pre-recorded messages and the usual voice mail capability. All of these are all within the application.

There is also one useful tool made available for users. It is called Local Presence.

If you operate an international company or your operations and touchpoints are all based on the cloud, Local Presence helps you gain client confidence better by matching the caller ID with the area code you are contacting. This can increase your pick up rates.

Mobile CRM

Lastly, Lucrativ is available both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices. Other providers would say that they are available to use on mobile devices but the truth is that they are because they are purely web-based. Meaning, you only access them through your mobile browser.

This is the deal with Lucrativ. You get native apps for whatever mobile OS you might have. Thus, you get your favorite functionalities on the main platform on mobile wherever you go, whenever you need them.

Furthermore, if you cater to the Generation Z demographics, you’d really want to have your CRM and sales system handy.

Pricing Plans Based on Roles

Just like preset templates for workflows and reports, Lucrativ CRM pricing for its plans follows the same principle. The deployments are designed to be role-specific. The general roles are as follows:

  • Sales Leader
  • Inside Sales
  • Sales Executive
  • Customer Success

All of these roles have different needs. Members have different KPIs to uphold and quotas to reach. Thus, Lucrativ offers its services based on such general roles. Of course, you can customize it as you go.

Sales Leader

Good sales leaders are known to be both strategic and tactical. They have their eyes set on the end game and the middle game at the same time.

They also have to be emotionally intelligent and good with people. These are not just your average sales managers although they could also fill those shoes.

Good sales leaders don’t just manage sales processes but also motivate their subordinates and peers.

In a digital world, you need to arm them with different tools for the job. The Lucrativ plan for Sales Leaders gives your people the tools to standardize workflows, set lead routing rules, oversee metrics, and employ a gamification system.

They can customize these to fit organizational goals whether it is lead generation for a B2B product or something for end consumers.

In this way, your Sales Leaders will be able to manage and inspire your team members to achieve more.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales, the ones you make in the office (away from the field), are made possible by long-distance communications. Thus, your Lucrativ plan for Inside Sales focuses on how to enhance the discovery of leads and management of communications.

Tools such as the Power Dialer comes into play. Furthermore, they can easily make the first contact with new leads by bulk text and email.

Of course, the Pipeline Management tool allows them to qualify leads and move them down the funnel. And because you have a centralized system, handovers from phone transfers to account transfers will become seamless.

Sales Executive

Sales Executives do many things for a company. In some sense, they are in the frontlines as the first point of mutual contact. This holds true whether digitally or in person. Thus, they need to be equipped with the tools to be flexible.

If they do fieldwork, they need to be connected with HQ and with the necessary information. Also, they need to be able to add, delete, and change information on leads on the go.

Therefore, the plan for Sales Executives is focused on helping them get rich lead info and automate certain processes like followup emails and call.

The Power Dialer does this for sales calls. Also, through custom workflows designed by the Sales Leaders, Sales Executives can easily be kept in the loop of what to do next in terms of progressing leads into becoming loyal customers.

Customer Success

Of course, the journey does not just end in a sale. There are after-sales services and support that the company must come through to keep the business of their hard-earned leads.

This is where the role-based plan for Customer Success comes in. Unlike plain old CRM, Customer Success does not just manage relationships to keep brand reputation up. It helps keep brand reputation up by continuously realigning client goals to that of the company.

In some great sense, it aligns company efforts to help clients find success through using the company’s products and/or services. This is managed by growing and nurturing a good relationship with clients.

Thus, providing your sales and after-sales team members with a great CRM platform is a must. Lucrativ’s Customer Success plan allows users to automate not just communications but relationship building.

Lucrativ calls this “Automated Nurturing”. Such features would include a mix of tools including custom reports for smartly segmented customers and also AI Sales Assistant “Lucy”.

Is Lucrativ CRM a good fit for you?

In this closing section, we will discuss two important things. First, we’ll provide you with a workaround if you are averse to sharing your email details for quote-based offerings.

Second, we’ll give out scenarios where Lucrativ CRM would more likely be a good fit for you. This includes your business model, organization, and culture.

An easy workaround

As you would know now, there is no singular Lucrativ CRM price as there is no singular Lucrativ CRM deployment. As discussed, there are those software canvassers out there that do not really like a quote-based setup.

One reason for such is transparency. We don’t want to give out our email addresses and sign up for a few minutes to just know what the price is.

However, as stated, when this apprehension and aversion takes over most of the time, we are likely to miss out on good opportunities.

Well, here’s a little workaround that you might find useful: get an official email account just to test out the software.

If you are not a freelancer and a part of a small to large organization, you can easily suggest this to the procurement officers.

With such an email in place, not a single person in your company will ever have to give out their personal or work emails just to test out some features. However, if you are a freelancer and your work alone, it really depends upon your level of aversiveness.

The best thing you can do is also get an official email for testing out digital services. What to call that email? You can go with

Scenarios where Lucrativ is a good fit

One scenario that Lucrativ CRM is a really good fit for your company is that if your company has no brick-and-mortar locations. Also, it is helpful if you have different teams scattered across the world making cold calls or handling customer success processes such as tech support.

If this is your case, then we suggest that you take a hard look at Lucrativ CRM because its Power Dialer tool with the Local Presence feature is highly useful.

Furthermore, if you have a highly role-based organizational culture but with a more lateral than vertical authority structure, Lucrativ CRM could be a good fit.

The Gamification feature can foster good camaraderie. Your team members can also benefit from the collaboration capability in managing pipelines and managing calls.

Lucrativ’s customizable workflows offer your team members a chance to innovate. Those who think differently and present data differently will have the opportunity to easily do it. This may spark useful innovations that you and your company can benefit from.

With that out of the way, you might want to see Lucrativ CRM in action first hand. You can easily sign up for a Lucrativ free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. 

By Louie Andre

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