No Teletrack Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval: Who Are They For?

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George asked us the following question:

“I want to take a payday loan, and I came across this no teletrack payday loans guaranteed approval service. What does ‘no teletrack’ mean? Is it safe for borrowers to deal with lenders offering these loans?” – George, Grand Forks, ND

No teletrack payday loans guaranteed approval means the lender won’t check your record on past loans. A teletrack is a nationwide system used by many payday lenders to check on borrowers’ loan performance. The system is provided by a private third party and lenders subscribe to it to check borrowers’ data. It serves two purposes: to protect lenders from fraudulent borrowers and to assess borrowers’ loan behavior.

Today, more advanced reporting systems allow teletrack to assess borrowers’ financial transactions and credit history more closely. That means your credit profile is more accurate and lenders can use it when deciding if they should offer a loan.

If you have an outstanding debt or unaccounted loan, it will appear in the teletrack database. This will be a factor if you can get another loan or not, which is the same practice in the UK or Canada, depending on your risk assessment by the lender. Teletrack systems are used by both storefront and online lenders, and by other micro-lenders. However, it doesn’t include your bank activities, which is reported in another system called Telecheck or Chexsystems. So, is this loan for you?

Pros and Cons of teletrack

Loans that use teletrack means you’re likely dealing with legitimate lenders because loan providers are closely scrutinized before they can access the system. Likewise, the lenders’ terms are more likely regulated by government so you are assured of Fair Credit Reporting Act, which governs the collection and use of credit information. However, lenders that use teletrack have more stringent requirements, making it harder for you to get a loan.

When you need no teletrack payday loans guaranteed approval

If you defaulted in a payday loan before, or had problems paying on time, it is indicated in the teletrack system. Applying for fast and easy loans again may pose a problem since lenders will consider your past record to anticipate your ability to pay back. In this case, a no teletrack payday loans guaranteed approval can be helpful especially if you need the cash now; and more importantly, if you know that you’re more capable to pay on time today.

When you may not need no teletrack payday loans guaranteed approval

If you don’t have a late payment or bad record on previous payday loans, any direct lender will likely give you a quick guaranteed personal loans approval. Even if you have a bad credit incurred from the bank, this record is not reported in teletrack, so it should not affect your application for payday loans. In this case, you have more lenders to choose from (those that use or don’t use teletrack) to get the best terms for your loan.

How to boost your credit score fast

You don’t have to worry about teletrack if you could boost your credit score. Try to implement these tips to raise your credit score quickly, and avail loans easily.


You may be wondering why some lenders will not use teletrack to assess your risk. Isn’t it self-defeating on their part? It is, in fact. That’s why it’s more likely that this loan will have a higher interest rate than regular payday loans, or that you may be charged with extra fees to augment that risk for the lender. While some states put a cap on the interest, a University of Washington report shows that some states do not regulate interest rates.

Just remember one thing: this loan gives you a breathing space to get emergency cash for now; use it wisely and pay it back to improve your loan record so you’ll have more flexibility in the future. More lenders to choose from means you have more chances to pick lenders that follow these good practices recommended by UK-based The Good Practice Charter.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. From pitch deck to exit strategy, he is no stranger to project business hiccups and essentials. He has been involved in a few internet startups including a digital route planner for a triple A affiliate. His advice to vendors and users alike? "Think of benefits, not features."

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Margaret Dunn says:

I understand some borrowers use payday loans to pay for their student loan. Is that even recommended given the stiff interest and penalties and the short term nature of payday loans?

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Judy Franks says:

For the individual it isn't recommended, unless he expects a windfall in the coming weeks. For us taxpayers, yes, any legal way that we can take back federal-funded student loans works for me. On that note, let me explain why payday loans are better for taxpayers. The government likes the idea of acting as middleman between lenders and borrowers. Problem is, when the loan defaults, guess who pays for the principal? The government, or us, to be specific. What's supposed to be a problem between a lender and borrower becomes our problem, too. Meantime, payday loans are entirely private. I don't care if the lender cannot get his money back or the borrower has to pay a high interest. I'll get on with my day assured that my taxes are secure.

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In reply to Judy Franks's comment, Alex says:

No teletrack loans are definitely at the edge of what's legal and can be argued to be predatory. But think about it, when you can't pay back, the lender won't and can't harass you. You end up with more debt and the lender ends up with less money. Predatory loan sharks will employ dirty tactics like harassment because they work under the radar of what's allowed. In really dire times, no teletrack loan may be that last boat to save you from financially drowning, when your only other option is to wait for pirates to take you on board.

Mark USDA says:

This no teletrack payday loan seems for the most desperate borrower. It’s sure to have a really high interest and some add-on fees to negate the risk. The rule of thumb is, if you can, go for the more standard payday loans or try your government first. I did some digging and I discovered this USDA lending program for rural families. If you’re a low- or middle-income househould with a steady income you may be eligible. The federal agency acts as a middleman to facilitate the loan proceeds from authorized lenders to qualified borrowers.

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Jolynn Craig says:

You’re talking about the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program, which is a housing mortgage for low-income families in rural areas. You cannot use it for any other reason except: to buy a house, rebuild, renovate, or relocate. You must also be poor to get the loan, meaning, your income is 50% below the median income. In spite of this, you still must afford the mortgage plus taxes and insurance, typically 24% of your income.

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kate briggs says:

Who is behind teletrack? Is it a private corporation or federal government-run? How did it manage to get a hold on our credit information? It sounds powerful and we borrowers are at its mercy.

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Alex says:

Kate, as the article cited, teletrack is regulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. For one, it cannot reveal to a third-party who took a payday loan, which companies use to benchmark their customers. It’s no more powerful than, say, Facebook, which has many of your sensitive personal data.

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Manny says:

Is there a way you can find out if your credit information is being violated by teletrack? I took a payday loan before and after that I noticed I had a harder time getting a credit from a retail mall in my neighborhood. I suspect they knew of my payday loan, but I don’t have a proof.

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Alex says:

I’m not sure Manny if you can prove it yourself, but from what I remember teletrack did commit this violation by selling lists of payday loan borrowers to marketers. From what I know the FTC sued teletrack for about 2 million after the federal agency’s investigation. At the least, we know that FTC is keeping a close tab on teletrack. I hope that gives you some peace of mind.

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Sandy-tree says:

Scammers can take advantage of your dire financial situation when you try to get a bad credit loan. If a lender asks security fees upfront to “process” a loan, he is sure to be a fraudster. Beware of such scams in the bad credit loans marketplace.

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