Promote Your Product Review With The Help Of Industry Awards

Marketers can make use of plenty of avenues to promote their product and get more sales for their company. One such method is leveraging quality and industry awards won by your product.

These awards don’t just serve to boost the ego of your staff. As a matter of fact, you can squeeze a good amount of marketing juice from them. The awards are given by bodies with different backgrounds and levels of credibility. But on the whole they can genuinely help to demonstrate the SaaS vendor’s product quality, business legitimacy, and customer support reliability. It definitely worth taking a closer look at the possibilities they offer.

4 Ways to Make Use of Product Awards

If your software gets an award, celebrate with a party. Then, use one or all the following methods to get maximum marketing mileage with the award as well:

1. Boost your brand awareness

Brand value is something more than simply your company logo. It tells you how committed a customer is to buying your product based on their previous experience with your company. Marketing expert Seth Godin says that brand value indicates how much extra customers are willing to pay and how often they select one brand over others.

Quality and industry awards are given by experts who evaluate the product from all angles. See one of the review here for example. This tells the customer that the product is of good quality and they can trust the vendor. These awards indicate your software is a winner and help to create top-of-mind awareness in your buyers. Smaller SaaS vendors especially can gain a lot from an award given by a leading organization.

Tip: Leverage your award by displaying it prominently on your website, product catalog, and social media sites.

2. Drive media mileage

Go to town with news about your award. Publish the winning story on your network blogs as well as media sites. If the award is big it will make great news. Take a look at this FinancesOnline review to see how it can be used to market a product.

Smaller awards can be utilized effectively too as you can publicize the news in trade newsletters and niche sites that pay attention to the latest industry news. Also, make sure your social media followers get to read the winning news.

Another benefit is the award-giving body will publish and promote your story. Plus, they will allow you to create a press release that they will publish on major news websites which will give you more publicity.

Tip: Inform the readers the key features, benefits, and value propositions of your product that were instrumental in getting the award.

3. Enhance user trust

Quality and industry awards and trustmarks tell readers that your product has been approved and found to be of high quality by a reliable third party. Econsultancy indicates that trustmarks can help to gain the trust of first-time visitors who have greater reason to believe in your product’s quality.

The industry award gives a great social proof and testimonial that tells readers that your product is worth investing in. Thus, SaaS vendors should strive to derive maximum mileage from the award to get ahead in the intensely competitive B2B software market.

A Google CEB study shows that most customers do their own research on products before deciding to buy them. A customer makes 57% of their purchase decision before the SaaS vendor’s sales agents contact them. Therefore, a quality seal or award can go a long way to convince prospects and leads when they come across your product for the first time.

Tip: Display the quality seal or award prominently on your website.

4. Gain visibility on review websites

B2B software review sites such as FinancesOnline can help to direct traffic to your website. But thousands of software apps are reviewed on these websites, so it is essential for your product to stand out.

You can do this by ensuring your app is considered for quality awards and best software selections in each category. This will enable you to gain a visible place in your niche category. This review clearly shows it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Inform the reviewers about the main features and benefits of your product to get a favorable review. The website will display the award on your review page which will tell readers that your software is a cut above competitor products.

Where to look for industry awards

You can submit your software for quality awards and recognition granted by media consulting firms such as Content Marketing Institute, software vendors such as HubSpot, research  organizations like Gartner and Forrester, as well as for industry awards such as the Cloud and SaaS awards.

As mentioned above, SaaS software review sites such as FinancesOnline also give out quality and industry awards that can get more leads and prospects for your product.


Quality and industry awards do not just serve as trinkets. They can be used purposefully to market your product smartly and get more leads and sales. The first thing to do is to develop a high-quality product. Then, you can strive to make maximum use of the awards the product wins for marketing success. The journey is hard and long and we wish you good luck in your efforts.

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