12 Best Invoicing Software for Mac

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What is the best invoicing software for Mac?
The top invoicing software for Mac is Freshbooks, a solid accounting and invoicing software with reasonable pricing that does not break the bank. It works with timesheets to eliminate costly human errors in data entry, enables you to create and send estimates in minutes to win more project contracts, and generates precise invoices for speedy payments later. Freshbooks offers intelligent reporting and analytics tool to help steer your business to success.

Even with the advent of sophisticated invoicing tools, a study reveals that 46% of companies find it difficult to collect payments on time. This highlights the importance of invoicing tools in efficiently closing the invoice-to-pay processing cycle, to quickly collect payments after sending the invoice through automation of crucial invoicing workflows. These could include automating recurrent payments and timely reminders for you and your new clients. Your ideal choice of invoicing software need not cost you half of your business budget too: it is best to shop around for the solution that offers the best price to features value, and one that offers a clear path to scaling up to make room for an envisioned growth ahead. For one, getting a cloud-hosted app ensures it works even if you’re using a Mac.

In this article, we present the 12 best invoicing software for Mac to help you pick the software to get you running as fast as possible. If you ever tried it yourself, you know how daunting it is to even place one foot forward sorting through a long list of possible candidates with vendors that you are hardly familiar with. Our experts have been there, however, and working with the most trusted names in the industry, they have come up with this listing to give your search a solid footing from the start.

invoicing software for mac

If there’s something brewing that should be of prime interest to your business, it is the fact that global financial institutions are busy ushering in the arrival of real-time economy, to help business owners and their customers fully satisfy income and expense commitments and expectations. One thing that tremendously hampers the growth of many businesses is the slow conclusion of payment settlements, with an average of 72 days waiting time for many of these business owners.

Spearheading this campaign is the drive to make electronic invoicing more widespread worldwide, which should reduce the payment waiting period to a mere week or two. In the United States alone, the government could use a boost in the area of invoicing, considering that as much as 60% of its invoicing is still done manually. You could put this scenario in a better perspective when you realize that the US government processes more than 19 million invoices each year.


That is just for the United States government; for the rest of the world, there is a real drive to introduce the benefits of invoicing software, which could cut costs to as much as 60% to 80%. If your business is located in Brazil or Colombia, you will be happy to know that these governments are leading the acceptance for electronic billing model, which should enable you to find a larger customer base for fast payments.

The European Union is a better place to make electronic billing deals, but even then it is still searching for ways to speed up electronic billing and invoicing adoption by as much as 10% to 20% per year. It’s a great place for your business to thrive if you are already entertaining customers from that region.

12 Best Invoicing Software for Mac

1. Freshbooks

Freshbooks dashboard example

Winning awards left and right for its accounting and financial solutions for businesses of any size, Freshbooks grabs pole position on our top 12 invoicing software for Mac. Yours for just US $15 per month for its entry package, the software is as solid as any invoicing software goes, with a straightforward approach to invoicing and time sheets, which with its equally impressive payment and notification tool, allows businesses to process collectible monies in one go.

The look of your invoices is always professional and customization allows you to further slash time working on payments and timely collection right to your cash register. Freshbooks for your invoices ensures more liquidity and less headache worrying about missed or overdue payments.

You don’t have to take anyone’s word about how good Freshbooks will make your business look good and giving you a firm grip on your payments: you can easily sign up for a Freshbooks free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out FreshBooks with their free trial

Freshbooks removes the pain of complicated and lengthy 11-day payments by providing payments through Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and American Express. Secure automation in this area allows the software to charge customers’ credit cards without further intervention, a huge time-saving device that leaves you and your clients with one less important thing to worry about and focus on how you can grow the business instead.

2. Tipalti

Tipalti dashboard example

Cloud-based invoice management software Tipalti breaks down all the essential processes involved in the invoice-to-pay processing cycle. Seeking to eliminate the often hefty cost of human errors, it introduces sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate such processes as capturing supplier invoices from their web portal or delivered email, employing OCR and other advanced data extraction technology and matching POS to receipts and invoices.

Further, users can set up Tipalti to smartly route approvals, a process that could be a constant source of bottlenecks and misunderstandings, and trouble with angry suppliers with overdue payments on their hands. It helps accounts payable people implement timely payment and through the proper mode of transfer.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for Tipalti free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Tipalti with their free trial

Tipalti offers flexible pricing schemes depending on roles, which it categorizes by industry, by need and by payee. All of these are further divided by subcategories. Once you find your specific role, you may contact the vendor and negotiate a pricing plan that best suits you.

3. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise dashboard example

Freshbooks might have taken the crown on this list, but certainly many would swear that QuickBooks is their go-to invoicing application for Mac and for a solid reason: QuickBooks offers versatility that allows users to customize the software to work according to the industry they are in.

It’s an ERP feature that comes in the box for the latest QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 for Mac package, a US $219 one-time payment value that most cannot afford to resist.

QuickBooks Enterprise lets you create invoices in seconds, send via your favorite email client, customize with your brand and logo themes, and set up online payments to conclude transactions quickly.

4. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting dashboard example

For just US $10 per month for the Accounting Start package or $25 per month for the Accounting bundle, you can harness the full power of Sage Business Cloud Accounting—formerly Sage One—and create and send professional-looking invoices any time, connect to your bank for hassle-free payments, generate quotes and estimates or view cash flow statements at your convenience, and analyze reports for informed actions.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting syncs your bank numbers, accounting and invoices automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention and saving you from annoying entry errors. Consider the amount of time it has taken off the shoulder of multiple employees involved in such laborious, repetitive tasks less the mistakes.

You can easily sign up for a Sage Business Cloud Accounting free trial here.

With Sage Business Cloud Accounting, creating invoices is fast through its built-in templates. You could also come up with your own design elements along with the font and color theme that you like. The versatile application can handle multiple currencies, a valuable feature if you’re doing business from all corners of the world.

5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice dashboard example

Zoho Invoice for Mac provides all the tools for efficiently tracking time, creating superior-looking invoices, sending timely payment notifications and reminders and facilitating payment transfer online. Since it is designed for Macs, the developers have put a prime on clean interface design, the same design principles that Mac users have come to know and expect from software providers.

Zoho Invoice comes with a robust expense management module and a handy portal where customers can view their current invoices, edit their billing information as they see fit and settle their invoices.

You can sign up for a free Zoho Invoice free trial here.

Zoho Invoice offers an absolutely free package for one user with 5 automated workflows and invoice for up to 5 customers. If that doesn’t bring you anywhere near your actual need, the Basic Plan at US $9, Standard Plan at $19 and Professional Plan at $29 offer more features.

6. Scoro

Scoro dashboard example

Recognized in the industry for its comprehensive business management features, Scoro also scores high when it comes to covering all your invoicing needs, from creating templates with your own brand and theme, setting up notifications for due payments, and payment using multiple currencies.

Scoro comes into its own with an automation technology to cover recurring payments, while allowing you to generate quotes and invoices using your product library or work reports as a starting point.

You can easily sign up for a Scoro free trial here.

You can start using the essential features of Scoro for US $26 for a minimum of 5 users. Other plans are available, like the Work Hub for $37 per user or the Business Hub for $61 per user.

7. Jobber

Jobber dashboard example

Built for businesses with a fleet of field service personnel, Jobber provides a powerful invoicing tool to go with its field service management application. It serves up a self-service portal where clients can go to view and approve quotes, verify work schedule details, settle due invoices, print out receipts or submit requests for additional work.

Aside from automating quoting, scheduling and invoicing, Jobber comes with a robust CRM and communications tools so you won’t have to miss any client information and conversation with your clients.

You can easily sign up for a Jobber free trial here.

To quickly conclude business transactions, Jobber also offers speedier payment modules. When you want to see how your business is doing, it offers more than twenty intelligent reports to inform your next actions.

8. AvidXchange

AvidXchange dashboard example

AvidXchange is your ticket to fully replacing your manual accounts payable process with a comprehensive purchase-to-pay platform to automate invoice creation and sending, payment approval and communicating with vendors.

AvidXchange eliminates the risk and cost of manual data entry through OCR technology and easily searchable, secure storage. Auditors need not worry about lost files as they become things of the past, facilitating quick turnarounds and more time to do productive work.

AvidXchange comes with a powerful reporting tool to inform you on the strength of overall business performance or just a select set of accounts. When you want to extend the capabilities of AvidXchange, you can do so conveniently through its more than 100 third-party partners for integration.

9. Online Invoices

Online Invoices dashboard example

Online Invoices links your sales, inventory, customer communications and online invoicing with a powerful yet easy-to-use billing and accounting solution. It handles payment tracking efficiently, provides multiple payment options, and accounting and tax tools to round off your books and comply with legal requirements.

Online Invoices lets you create and follow up estimates from one unified dashboard, build convincing invoice using numerous templates or your own themes and logo. Payment is a breeze with its multiple payment options, and tedious works via recurring expenses are relegated to sophisticated automation solution.

You can easily sign up for an Online Invoices free trial here.

If you are coming from an extremely limited budget, Online Invoices with its absolutely free package is a heaven-sent solution for you. It comes with fully functional 30 estimates per month for 15 clients, and 15 invoices per month and 7 subscriptions per month. The Silver Plan for US $9 per month boosts the numbers by a large margin, a reasonable pathway to scaling up as your business expands.

10. Xero

Xero dashboard example

One of the leading accounting and finance applications in the industry, Xero takes accounts payable and invoicing a notch higher with superb automation workflows, capability to attach files to your invoices or view debtors in one window quickly and customize your invoices for a more appealing and professional look.

When debtors and due payments are within view, you can easily facilitate speedy payment via a Pay button that enables your clients to directly pay what they owe you through PayPal or their credit cards. The application takes care of the rest linking to your bank to conclude the financial transactions, and you can import the data any time you want.

When you can’t do without another application, Xero has an extensive library of third-party partners to establish integration. Its customer support is one of the most reputable in the market, to make sure your needs are covered when the situation calls for it.

11. Wave

Wave dashboard example

Taking a different approach to investing in software development, Wave is the only invoicing software for Mac in our list that foregoes software purchase or the current norm of monthly or yearly subscription, and absolutely no limitations for its accounting and invoicing software.

It also does not charge a single cent on setup and you don’t have to worry about hidden charges, the vendor choosing to make its money through credit card transactions and bank payments. The 2.9% +30¢ credit card processing fee and 1% for bank payments are what you have to deal with when opting to use this software.

What you get for those processing fees are genuine customer support for its unlimited accounting and invoicing applications, which allow you to create invoice forms worthy of your brand, automation of recurring invoices and credit card payments for repeat customers, all of which are automatically reflected in the free accounting software included in your Wave account.

12. Invoice Quickly

Invoice Quickly dashboard example

Designed for the self-employed sector and small and medium-sized businesses, Invoice Quickly lets users generate professional-looking estimates to win projects, create, edit and send polished invoices, quickly set up, track and receive payments via credit cards or PayPal, and get timely notifications for due payments so you can send clients prompt payment reminders.

As a web-based platform, Invoice Quickly is OS and device agnostic, which means you can attend to your business from just about anywhere using your Mac, your Android, PCs, or iOS devices. A generous analytics and reporting tool lets you assess how your business is doing and what you can do to address areas that don’t exactly meet your targets.

If you are doing business with other parts of the world, Invoice Quickly has you covered with multiple currency options for your invoices and payments. The application also takes care of easy refunds, freeing you from spending lengthy time on mundane tasks that you could spend elsewhere to grow your business instead.

Which of these 12 invoicing platforms would work for you best?

While all of these applications are great in their own right, there is one here that will certainly work for you best. You have most likely picked your top candidate, but before making that purchase, why not go for the trial offer if it is offered by the vendor? For Freshbooks, for example, you can easily sign up for a Freshbooks free trial here.

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