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Pros and Cons of Fleetsmith: Analysis of a Mobile Device Management Software

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What are the pros and cons of Fleetsmith?
The pros and cons of Fleetsmith are demonstrated in its ability to manage all Apple devices in your fleet and ensure each one has the latest version of its apps and software. It affords you visibility across company-authorized devices. Clearly, it only supports Apple devices, so you can’t have employees using Windows or Android devices.

The rise in mobile device failures in recent months is bound to affect you one way or another. With your teams likely relying on their mobile devices to carry on the day’s task, from sales to field service to managing projects, among others, device failure can be catastrophic. But not if you can help it.

Employee device issues can be prevented by having mobile device management software, and if your need is specific to Apple devices, applications like Fleetsmith.

Fleetsmith is an MDM specifically designed for company-authorized iPhones and iPads. It allows you to enroll, manage, and update employee devices all from a single dashboard. It can be a part of a bigger enterprise wireless device management tech stack or you can deploy it as a standalone MDM.

But there’s more to this software than deployment. In this Fleetsmith pros and cons guide, we’ll take a hard look at the software. We’ll discuss its benefits, from onboarding and managing devices to checking out security and gauging integration, a key area for an MDM. Will it pass scrutiny? Let’s find out.

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Thanks to communication and collaboration software tools, teams don’t have to work inside the office anymore. They can take their work anywhere, and as long as they have a stable internet connection, they can stay connected with the team and turn in their work on time.

However, 51% of workers in the US reported an issue with their mobile device, impeding their ability to do their jobs. Around 40% of these issues are caused by unstable apps that crash. But when you use a mobile device management software, you can prevent these problems from interrupting employee workflow.

Percent of Workers Taking Sick Days Because of Device Failure

No. of Sick Days Taken

1-2 Days

3-5 Days

6-10 Days

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What is Fleetsmith?

fleetsmith dashboard example

Fleetsmith is an MDM software that exclusively supports Apple devices. These include iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs. It helps you to fix problems, monitor security and ensure all work-related applications are updated to its latest version with just a few clicks.

Its security features disk encryption, operating system updates, and more. If the system detects any lapses in security, then expect to see a notification about it through the application’s dashboard. That way, you can attend to the issue and keep your systems safe.

What’s more, Fleetsmith ensures that manual set up for new employees is a thing of the past. The application does all the set up for you after the first time the device is booted up. Your employees will hit the ground running from the very start.

If you want to investigate the features carefully, you can easily do so when you sign up for Fleetsmith free trial here.


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Fleetsmith won our Rising Star Award for 2019

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The following are key features of Fleetsmith:

  • Full MDM for Macs and iOS devices
  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Smart inventory
  • One-click remediation
  • Remote lock and erase
  • Full fleet visibility dashboard
  • Password and screen lock enforcement
  • Fully automated patch management
  • Real-time log aggregation
  • macOS account creation
  • automated app updates
  • Automatic single sign-on
  • Set and forget configuration
  • Kernel-level app blacklisting
  • Apple business manager
  • FileVault encryption

Fleetsmith Pros & Cons

1. Automated onboarding

Fleetsmith automatically onboards all Apple devices for your new employees. Ship the machine to one of their engineers, and they’ll install all the necessary apps into the hardware. That way, employees can use their Apple devices right away.

Aside from this, Fleetsmith creates the macOS account for the employee, making their onboarding process faster. This also includes security features integrated with your company.

Having the latest apps and software on all Apple devices issues from day one makes onboarding of new employees faster and more streamlined. So, they can focus more on learning how to do their work with the tools they are given.

fleetsmith onboarding

Fleetsmith speeds up onboarding by configuring new devices before a new employee’s first day.

2. Automatic management

Company devices usually have a fixed configuration. Users can set the configuration from the software. From there, each newly enrolled device will be set up with these configurations in mind. 

To change them, you only have to do so from the control panel. This feature allows uniformity in all devices, and it eliminates the need to manually configure every new device for each employee.  

However, the settings and configuration for the devices are only applicable to Apple devices. That means if you are looking to integrate Android or Windows devices, you might have to do so manually. 

But if all devices in your company are iOS or Mac, then you don’t have anything to worry about. 

fleetsmith device management on dashboard

Manage devices from your dashboard, preventing downtime.

3. Fleet-wide visibility and management

Full-fleet visibility gives you an overview of every device enrolled in your system. Monitor their status, security, health, and hardware condition from your dashboard. 

You can see from the dashboard if specific devices need to clean their hard drives, needs software or app updates, or if it is integrated into the network. 

When issues are detected and reflected on your dashboard, resolve everything with just a few clicks. This feature eliminates the need to go through your entire network to find out what’s wrong. 

Through Fleetsmith, downtime is lessened, with the system allowing employees to continue using their device without having to give it up for maintenance. 

4. Full security

Making sure devices are secure prevents data loss and stops attackers from trying to compromise your system. Fleetsmith offers full security features for every device on your fleet. 

Password managers, SSH keys, and even two-factor authentication are just some of the security features enrolled for every mobile device and computer in your fleet. 

Its data security features include remote lock and wipe. Clean out the hard disks of compromised laptops and mobile devices from your control panel. That way, you can ensure all company data is deleted from stolen or lost devices. 

For more advanced security, Fleetsmith offers kernel-level app blacklisting and real-time log aggregation for your peace of mind. 

Lastly, rest assured that every security feature Fleetsmith offers is compliant with all required controls. 

fleetsmith security

Fleetsmith’s security features also allow you to configure devices from your dashboard

5. Software integration

Having the necessary applications like your company’s preferred project management software is important for every new employee. Fleetsmith is compatible with a number of applications for integration, and it can install everything into new devices enrolled in the system without any human interference.

All you have to do is select the applications, configure the settings and Fleetsmith will install everything in every new device enrolled into the system on its first boot.

Some of the applications you can integrate with Fleetsmith include G Suite, Google Chrome, Office 365, Zoom, and Adobe Creative Suite, among others. For field workers, organizations can also integrate a field service management solution for a more streamlined workflow for their employees.

However, one downside to this is Fletsmith’s lack of written support for the applications. But the Fleetsmith support team more than makes up for this by providing users with the assistance they need.

6. Real-time intelligence

All dashboard information is in real-time. Through this, you can make sure that all statuses and information are accurate. 

This creates a more streamlined environment that gives you complete control over all devices issued to every employee in your organization. 

Although Fleetsmith’s real-time intelligence feature gives you this advantage, other similar products have more comprehensive dashboards that allow them to see and do more from their panel. 

But the level of control and intelligence Fleetsmith offers to Apple devices in your fleet is still reliable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Is Fleetsmith Worth It for Your Fleet?

After reading our Fleetsmith pros and cons article, you can see that it checks out on all key areas of a reliable MDM: smooth onboarding, secure environment, good integrations, real-time reporting and visibility across company devices.

What is clear about having Fleetsmith is, you have control of all issued devices, allowing you to manage apps, security, and more, right from your dashboard. It is a great MDM to use if all devices in your organization are from Apple.

If you feel Fleetsmith can fit your organization, there’s one more thing to do for your final review. You should sign up for Fleetsmith free trial here to find out the features firsthand.

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