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Pros and Cons of SoGoCX: Analysis Of A Popular Customer Experience Management Software

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What are the pros and cons of SoGoCX?
The pros and cons of SoGoCX rest on its capability to deliver easy customer experience (CX) management workflow and feedback tools. Even though it doesn’t have the best enterprise analytics, this is one of the best CX suites that helps users plan, act on, and analyze customer experiences in every stage of the customer journey.

Gone are the days when you leave the quality of your customers’ shopping experience to a hunch. Today, it is almost negligent not to use digital tools to gauge how you are doing in different customer-facing fronts. And, one of the most popular tools for this available today is SoGoCX. This top customer experience management software allows users not only to track customer data. It also helps them generate actionable insights for different business processes like SEO, marketing, and even product development, among others. However, like all things, it has its strengths and weaknesses. So, in this writeup, we’ll provide you with a quick rundown of the pros and cons of SoGoCX.

With this at your disposal, you’ll get to know and understand what it is like to use this product as we will highlight its key features. Also, we’ll discuss how its recommended workflow helps CX novices become pros in CX management and how you can deploy statistical tools with ease. Moreover, the article will shed light on several issues that you might encounter when using the program. This way, you’ll have an idea of whether SoGoCX is the right product for you.

pros and cons of sogocx

Companies must track and optimize their CX management processes. Just a single widely-publicized instance of bad customer experience can take a toll on you. Researchers found that 33% of customers switch brands after just one poor experience. After all, why give your money to a business that doesn’t care enough about a sale?

Also, the repercussions of constantly doling out poor customer experience do not end with customers you inconvenienced. It’s good to note that 40% of customers that experienced poor service tell others about it. You don’t want to have this type of ripple effect. You want to catch these instances, nip them in the bud, and make it up to your customers quickly.

However, getting back to your customers’ good graces is hard. It is said that it takes about 12 positive customer experiences to make up for a bad one. And, if it’s a big business with dozens of touchpoints from bill payment to on-site tech support, it will be hard to keep track of all of these interactions and optimize them in a data-driven way.

difficulty of regaining customers

The best way to start catching these instances is to make customers’ experiences more quantifiable. This is where customer experience management software tools come in. However, in itself, CX management is not easy. Even with software solutions, it is hard. Also, it takes the whole company to get it right most of the time. So, would SoGoCX help you with it?

What is SoGoCX?

SoGoCX Dashboard

SoGoCX is a customer experience management platform that allows users to gather and use customer data to create actionable insights. The solution does this by collecting and analyzing data from all points of the customer journey and in multiple channels. This way, you can use high-quality empirical data to create and curate high-quality customer experiences. 

Also, the platform is used by organizations of all types and sizes. SoGoCX features are highly customizable to your needs. You can even use it for both customer experience and employee experience management. In fact, it has both modules available. Moreover, it provides users with many proven and tested market-specific survey templates. This makes it simple for novices and experts alike. 


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Key features include a reporting module, customer profiling capabilities, intelligent survey design, trend analysis, statistical analysis, and customer churn prediction. Plus, all of these are housed in an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop controls. The same goes for its analytics, visualizations, and reports features. 

Additionally, many users employ SoGoCX in a holistic manner. It is the total CX package. SoGoCX is not just for CSAT. You can use its sentiment analysis for social media marketing and even create buyer profiles for both CRM and product design. The platform makes it easy for you to generate actionable insights for tons of business processes, including marketing, sales, SEO, and many more.

Also, you can extend the capabilities of SoGoCX if you integrate it with third-party applications, such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Google Analytics, among others. Moreover, as it is available by custom deployments, pricing is available via personalized quotes. 

Detailed SoGoCX Review

Key Features of SoGoCX

  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Churn Prediction
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation/Filtering
  • Real-Time Personalized Engagement
  • Intelligent Survey Design and Templates
  • Test and Review Programs
  • Anonymous Feedback Collection
  • Secure Customer Data
  • Report Creation and Distribution

Pros and Cons of SoGoCX

In this section, we’ll discuss certain pros and cons of SoGoCX. We hope that by the end of this section, you’ll have an understanding of how the platform helps users create better customer experiences and some of the issues that you might encounter.

1. Clear Efficient CX Management Workflow

SoGoCX provides users with a clear CX management workflow. It is a five-step process that covers everything from planning to analysis. This recommended workflow helps users systematize their CX efforts. And, this is especially helpful to smaller teams and those with less CX-related experience. Also, for experts and more experienced users, this workflow makes it easy to follow your actual processes.

The Five-Step SoGoCX Workflow

  1. Plan. In this step, SoGoCX helps you start easier with ready-to-use vetted real-life-tested templates. In this way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all over again. Also, it guides you to find the right success factors for actual ROI from customer experience. Plus, you are given a benchmark of your survey results vis-a-vis your industry peers by geographic regions and even internal divisions.
  2. Listen. Speaking of surveys, SoGoCX provides you with tools to get feedback from different channels from social media to emails. In this step, you’d be able to gauge the quality of your customers’ experiences across brand touchpoints.
  3. Integrate. In this stage, you will be able to connect your customer data to various business processes, including CRM, ERP, and other business systems. Also, the data you use in SoGoCX meet multiple customer feedback data standards like ISO 27001 and HIPAA. With integrations, you can unify both operational and CX data to create ROI strategies with customer experience design.
  4. Act. After unifying your CX and operational data, you can directly act on customer concerns using the platform. This is all thanks to the closed-loop action planning tools and a ticketing module. In this way, you can easily manage and operationalize your customer responses.
  5. Analyze. After acting and responding, SoGoCX provides you with tools to analyze how it all went from the planning stage to the action stage. The platform provides you with powerful analytical tools, including those for segmentation, profiling, and churn, among others. In this way, the use of SoGoCX is not only limited to customer service but also other processes like marketing and product design, to name a few. Now, you are ready to do the process loop all over again.

The Benefits of a Recommended Workflow

With these tested and proven steps, one can automatically start gathering CX data, create policies, and act on concerns. Many tools out there are just too flexible that you can create your workflow. While SoGoCX offers flexibility too, it is a big plus that it incorporates CX design best and management practices right within its default workflow. You don’t have to start from scratch. All you have to do is build on an already good design. This is probably the biggest pro for SoGoCX.

2. Comprehensive Survey Tools

Surveys are one of the best tools to qualify and quantify human perceptions and behaviors. And, SoGoCX provides you with comprehensive survey capabilities. It includes three of the most common (and most important CX surveys): the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. On top of that, SoGoCX offers other survey options.

SoGoCX includes other feedback tools like an online quiz tool and an online survey tool. Plus, there are many ready-to-use templates that you can use. The platform’s survey bank provides templates applicable to a huge set of markets. It includes surveys for HR, K-12, market research, financial services, and even faith-based organizations, among others.

Furthermore, SoGoCX has an intelligent survey creator. This module allows you to create surveys specific to your needs. It also enables you to deploy online quiz tools. You can use these for promotions and other CX-related activities. Alternatively, you can even deploy this for HR, like opening a vote for get-together ideas.

Maybe, the best bit about SoGoCX’s survey tools is that they can learn. Surveys can adapt as participants respond. Other advanced options include a skip logic system, branching, and quotas. You can even have participants attach a file or media for their answers. Additionally, SoGoCX has multilingual survey creation support. This way, you can listen to your global community.

SoGoCX survey creation

SoGoCX offers intuitive survey creation tools that are easy to navigate for novice and pro users alike.

3. Advanced Analytics and Visualizations

SoGoCX offers its users advanced statistical and trends analysis tools. It includes features for open-ended text analysis to multi-level cross-correlation and from response trends to sentiment measurement. What these tools do is help you create an empirical picture of both quality and quantity.

Also, thanks to a robust set of visualization tools, you’ll be able to build better business intuitions from just relying on pure numerical presentations. Visualizations are aplenty. They include bar graphs, stacked bar graphs, cylinder graphs, bubble charts, area charts, and many more. These help not only you but also the people you share your data and insights with. Thus, these are perfect for collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving.

What’s great about SoGoCX is that you don’t have to be a data scientist or an IT person to use it. All of these analytics and visualizations are done automatically for you. And, you can do all of these in SoGoCX’s intuitive user interface. You don’t have to export it and switch to a more powerful app. SoGoCX is powerful as it is when it comes to analytics.

However, SoGoCX is not the most advanced analytics software out there. If you want to use your CX data in combination with other operational data, you can take advantage of SoGoCX integrations. But, if you want way advanced analytics, SoGoCX is not the go-to platform for you. Its analytics is focused on general CX intelligence.

4. Easy-To-Use Interface

For a comprehensive application, SoGoCX is very easy to use. Its interface is easy to understand even if you are new to survey creation or analytics. A person with a basic understanding and skill when it comes to SaaS usage is just bound to get good at it with continuous use. Notable aspects where this is helpful is when you create a CX project and generate a Key Driver Analysis Report.

Build Your CX Projects Easily

When novice CX software users access the project creation dashboard, it guides them on how to create from scratch or modify existing ones. In the interface, they can easily launch a CSAT, CES, or NPS via easy drag-and-drop controls. Also, as many types of surveys are quite general, they only need to modify certain parts like the company name and whatnot.

Also, SoGoCX makes it easy for users to view real-time results. As you send out surveys, you are provided with a real-time dashboard that records and alerts you to survey answers. This way, you may be able to tweak a few things or add a few questions to your general CSAT survey. These additional questions are called Key Driver questions. And they are pretty useful.

Create Key Driver Questions and Generate Analysis Reports Quickly

Key Driver questions are just additional questions you attach with your NPS, CSAT, or CES, among others. These survey questions, when composed well, will help guide you to improve your CX performance by showing you which aspects or drivers to prioritize. But, of course, formulating these questions is an art in itself. To help you out, be sure to check our article on how to create surveys for more details.

Another great thing about SoGoCX is that thanks to its quick Key Driver Analysis Reports, you can know which driver or aspect to optimize to improve CX. With this, the report is automatically generated in just a few clicks. It allows you to see the correlation of a single driver to a metric. So, depending on what questions you ask, you’d see how drivers like product usefulness, customer service, brand logo, and social media posts, among others, affect an outcome metric like NPS, CSAT, or CES. Moreover, these results are then categorized into (1) important strength, (2) unimportant strength, (3) important weakness, and (4) unimportant weakness. So, based on these categories, you can direct your efforts in the best way possible to improve your performance in the future. This is advanced survey-taking and analysis made easy.

SoGoCX main dashboard

SoGoCX has a simple and fuss-free interface. With this, you can easily find the tools you need and get insights faster.

5. Shareable Reports and Insights

There is not much use to gathering CX intelligence if you are not going to share it for insights. As discussed, CX is a holistic endeavor. Thus, CX data and intelligence are needed to be shared with personnel across the organization. This is the only way businesses can have a chance of improving on their holistic CX approach. And, SoGoCX provides you enough tools.

Firstly, SoGoCX allows you to share your visualizations and reports via email, PDF, or images. Secondly, it enables you to send them one time, or you can program it to send them whenever you choose. Having these shareable visualizations do not only allow non-data scientists to interpret data and make sound business decisions. Also, with its export capability, SoGoCX allows you to use your CX data on other analytics platforms should you need more computing power.

However, just like SoGoCX does not have the best analytics for data processing, it too doesn’t have the best reporting capabilities. The best ones, we believe, are those from dedicated business intelligence platforms. Top-tier business intelligence (BI) platforms do not only allow you to share reports. They allow you to share interactive reports and dashboards. These are better for collaborative insight generation than just static ones. So, if you want higher-level analytics and BI, be sure to integrate SoGoCX with a more advanced analytics tool. But, for most CX design usage, SoGoCX is more than enough.

SoGoCX survey metrics

SoGoCX comes with reporting functionalities that simplify toggling and sharing data.

6. Robust Customer Data Security

Data, today, is an expensive commodity. And, there are many threats to your data security. Thus, when you are handling data, and with the internet involved, security should be a top priority. This is more so when you are handling other people’s data like your customers. SoGoCX developers understand this. That is why they stress that SoGoCX users own their data.

Plus, as mentioned, the platform is highly secured up to top industry standards. These include SAS 70, PCI DSS, SSAE 16, and HIPAA, among others. Also, these data centers are protected all year round by six-level security. Moreover, for mobile app security, the software provider promises that they don’t seek access or auto-store the data you gather.

Data transmission in SoGoCX is always in HTTPS. Thus, it is encrypted with powerful 256-bit encryption. Also, you don’t need to worry about whether you will lose access to your account. This is because SoGoCX is offered with a 99.9% uptime for their services. What’s more, SoGoCX offers a failover configuration with individual hardware mechanisms available as backups for every component.

Furthermore, they have an offline failover system when the daily backup is being restored. Lastly, eight hours per year is dedicated to planned maintenance. And, users are informed at least one week in advance.

Overall, this software provider is looking to dish out the most secure service it can. So, we believe that when you sign up with SoGoCX, your data and your customers’ will be in good hands.

7. Online Support and Learning Resources

SoGoCX customer support is known to be good. This is quite expected of a CX software provider. They are even active on review sites. Plus, they are known to respond quickly and with the right answers. Also, representatives and support can easily be contacted via website chat, email, and on the phone.

However, you don’t really need to contact live agents if you need information support with SoGoCX. There is a huge collection of knowledge base resources available online. There are product walk-throughs, tutorials, and even webinars and training available. Topics range from best practices for boosting survey response rates to credit union connections.

This shows that the software provider doesn’t just stop caring when you purchase and use their product. They want you to succeed. This is not just out of the goodness of their hearts. They also want to showcase your success using SoGoCX to get more leads and customers. So, it is really a win-win. Additionally, the people behind SoGoCX are proactive when it comes to listening to users. And they are known to incorporate feedback into their products and service, just like their CX platform encourages you to do.

Our Verdict on SoGoCX

SoGoCX is rightfully one of the top CX platforms out there. It is easy and secure to use. And, it is packed with great CX intelligence-gathering features from different types of surveys to quizzes. Also, it is very easy to customize. Moreover, it offers complex analytics and visualizations made simple for the everyday person.

The Biggest Pro

The strongest aspect that SoGoCX has, we believe, is its default recommended workflow. This allows novices to take the reins easily and seasoned professionals to keep everything simple. The five-step process walks you through planning your feedback-getting drive to analyzing your performance. What’s more, SoGoCX allows you to quickly act on incidents right on its dashboard. Also, if you want to extend its use, you can always integrate it with your sales and CRM tools. This is all thanks to SoGoCX connectors and API.

The Worst Con

SoGoCX has good analytics. However, it is not the best analytics suite. For example, if you want to find the correlation between aftersales service performance and your fleet management processes, you may need to export your data and process it on a dedicated analytics program. This way, you’d get more robust analytics and more in-depth visualizations. But, if you are just looking for a CX-focused analytics tool, it is more than enough.

A CX software provider with good CX processes

The software provider seems to value the success of their users. This is apparent in how their CX management itself is going. The company is proactive in listening to and fixing customer issues. And, they also incorporate user suggestions into their products and services. So, you can expect this top CX platform provider to make your experience great with them. It is truly an A+ CX platform.

However, keep in mind that simply investing in a good CX platform is not enough to execute good CX efforts. That said, you can check out this guide on how to improve your customer experience strategy. This way, you’ll be able to see how some best practices can be implemented using SoGoCX.

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