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Pros & Cons of CakeHR: Analysis of a Top HR Software

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What are the pros and cons of CakeHR?
The pros and cons of CakeHR depend on a user’s particular context, requirements, and experience with the application. This popular HR tool is packed with best-in-class features and tools that help make HR a value-creating business unit. However, some users cite a few technical issues, but these are quickly resolved by the vendor’s ever-reliable customer support.

Many agree that employees are the most important assets of a business. If this is the case, then it follows that HR is one of the most—if not the most—difficult function in any organization. Faced with a continuously transforming business landscape, HR professionals must ensure that their organizations can adapt and remain competitive.

Among the main tools that HR professionals use to effectively steer their organizations to success are technology tools like HR software. But with so many vendors claiming to offer the best platform, it’s challenging to choose which tool to use.

To help you address this challenge, we’ve prepared an in-depth analysis of leading HR platform, CakeHR. We’ve determined its strengths and weaknesses by evaluating its key features. This way, it will be easier for you to know if it’s the right solution for your business requirements.

pros and cons of CakeHR

Alongside the unrelenting technological innovations, HR professionals must deal with job automation, globalization, and various HR trends transforming the modern workplace. All of these factors are significantly impacting how companies attract and retain the best talents.

A 2019 Deloitte industry report found that 84% of respondent HR professionals cited the need to revamp their policies and programs to enhance productivity. There’s also the emerging challenge for businesses to more quickly adjust to a comparatively more diverse workforce.

Another industry survey found that acquiring skilled, capable candidates is a major problem for HR practitioners. Because of this, business organizations are obliged to build engaging workplace environments that can easily attract qualified applicants. They must also ensure that their human assets remain properly skilled and motivated in their work.

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Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Workforce diversity: 37.8

Workforce diversity

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Employee engagement, morale & satisfaction: 34.0

Employee engagement, morale & satisfaction

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Employee retention: 31.2

Employee retention

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Recruiting and hiring: 28.4

Recruiting and hiring

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Work-life balance: 20.0

Work-life balance

Top Strategic HR Challenges for 2020
Benefits and healthcare costs: 16.2

Benefits and healthcare costs


Source: XpertHR Survey

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In the midst of all these challenges, HR is compelled to continuously initiate adjustments in its strategies to help organizations survive and remain relevant. If HR seeks to continue enabling organizations to adapt better and manage change, it should have technology as a primary tool.

If you’re one of those forward-looking business owners or HR practitioners, chances are, you’ve encountered or are already a current user of, CakeHR. It’s because this intuitive, feature-packed HR solution is one of the most widely-used platforms across industries nowadays.

In case you’re in the market for a new HR software solution for your business, this comprehensive CakeHR review of its pros and cons is perfect for you. We’ll dig deep into its key features and find out which areas it does stand out or fail. This way, you’ll readily know if it’s the right platform to address your specific HR needs and challenges.

What is CakeHR?

CakeHR dashboardCakeHR is an award-winning cloud-based HR platform designed to help simplify the entire HR process of any business. This solution offers a wide range of related features for various HR functions like expense, leaves, shift, and timesheets, performance, and recruitment. It also supports increased productivity since it allows users to continue performing their tasks whenever, wherever they are, using any device.

And since it is highly scalable, it enables businesses to easily customize the various HR functions it can perform. With CakeHR, the cumbersome hiring process is made easy since it facilitates streamlining of numerous HR tasks through smart automation.



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What’s more, HR managers will appreciate its robust reporting and analytics features as CakeHR can provide precise employee data. Further, employees only need to access this solution to check on their work shifts and even schedule their leaves even when they’re not in the office. And because there’s also no more need for any paperwork, businesses can benefit from significant time and resource savings.

The following are the key features of CakeHR:

  • Primary HR functions: Employee database, scheduled reports, onboarding and offboarding, HR analytics, iOS and Android mobile apps, etc.
  • Recruitment management: Unlimited applicants, custom pipeline stages, landing page designer, one-click hire and add, application form builder, etc.
  • Performance management: 360 feedback, 1-to-1 meetings, quick feedback, goals, and surveys
  • Timesheet Management: Simple interface to update hours, automatically pre-fill hours from time off data, and configure working patterns
  • Shift scheduling management: Access from mobile apps, drag-and-drop shift management, save pre-defined shift template, daily, weekly, and monthly visual reports, etc.
  • Leave management: Request and approve time offs from mobile app, assign specific employees to specific policies, full change history, customize time offs approvers, create unlimited time offs policies, etc.
  • Expense management: Control permissions with access groups, upload attachments from mobile claims, and claim expenses from mobile app

Pros and Cons of CakeHR

Simplified Recruitment

A 2019 HR technology market study found that among recruitment decision-makers, only 9% deploy an efficient screening solution. This is why CakeHR designed its recruitment functionalities to ensure that businesses will experience a seamless recruitment process.

Powered by a smart user interface, HR managers and staff can easily create job ads and schedule interviews. It likewise provides HR teams with a straightforward approach to managing job candidates. Further, it offers a number of advanced capabilities, including enabling users to create custom and unique sources for candidates (e.g., LinkedIn). This is on top of some existing default sources like referrals and online job marketplaces.

At first use, a few new users encounter some difficulties in navigating the recruitment module. But once they’ve tried using CakeHR’s knowledge base or sought the guidance of customer support, using the platform becomes quite easy.

historic pipeline

With CakeHR, businesses can have total control of their recruitment as it provides quick snapshots of the various hiring activities and requirements.

Accurate Employee Performance Management

CakeHR offers HR managers important workforce insights, whether for establishing employee loyalty or for optimizing in-house talents. This solution offers 360-degree feedback on staff performance. Any form of bias is removed since the solution is designed to gather performance feedback not only from managers but also from employees’ colleagues and subordinates.

Further, this feature enables work teams to easily establish goals and monitor progress, among others. The sharing of performance reports is also streamlined, enabling companies to better recognize the work ethic and behavior of their workers.

At present, payroll management is not yet part of any CakeHR module. However, it currently integrates with Sage 50cloud Payroll Software.

Efficient, Trouble-Free Scheduling

This HR platform module allows HR to perform better, data-driven staffing decisions. It does so by all the historical and current data that the solution automatically gathers from all employee transactions.

Some users attest that CakeHR’s employee scheduling features are on par with standalone employee scheduling software.

With the use of CakeHR, every employee can easily compute their time-offs and leaves in real-time. This doesn’t only eliminate the problem of schedule management, but it also hastens the process and removes scheduling conflicts and oversights.

Moreover, users can readily see those who are on leave and what are their return schedules. Aside from this, this feature removes the need for doing the usual heavy paperwork.

CakeHR Scheduling dashboard

CakeHR allows HR managers to easily create and edit shifts, including providing real-time notifications to concerned employees.

Robust Security

Safety and protection of confidential company information are among CakeHR’s major strengths. This is because this solution automatically conducts an independent security audit as part of its installation process. With this, businesses don’t need to worry about putting in place any additional security measures.

CakeHR is considered as one of today’s most secure HR software, which is mainly due to its advanced technology. What’s more, it uses a sophisticated Security Assertion Markup Language protocol to ensure robust control over user logins.

However, because of this high-grade security, some users experience some difficulty in logging in. There’s the need to integrate SAML SSO, which requires IT assistance to set up.

Anywhere, Anytime Productivity

Many companies these days have remote workers and highly mobile work teams, which give HR a unique management challenge. But with CakeHR, this will never be an issue. Since it is cloud-based, the platform can easily be accessed via the internet.

Likewise, as long as there’s an internet connection, employees anywhere can use the platform using any device. Scheduling from outside the office is also made easy as employees can access CakeHR 24/7. Further, technical staff doing fieldwork can receive scheduling notifications via their smartphones or other mobile gadgets. Overall, these capabilities support employee productivity from any place, at any moment.

Data-Driven Insights

To successfully compete in today’s market, a business should rely on data-driven reports and analysis. CakeHR’s analytics helps draw insights, conclusions, and trends from historical data to predict future needs and behavior. Thus, HR can truly partner with the business to achieve strategic goals.

Compared to its desktop version, CakeHR’s mobile reporting and analytics module currently have limited capabilities. Still, knowing the vendor’s track record of regularly coming up with new updates, users can expect new mobile reporting features to be launched soon.

CakeHR Reports Analytics dashboard

This solution can provide key historical and real-time HR data in just a few clicks.

Why consider CakeHR as your HR software?

Steve Jobs once said that the secret to his (and Apple’s) success is that “they have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” This review of the pros and cons of CakeHR shows that indeed, it is a one-stop-shop for any company’s HR management needs. From automating the cumbersome tasks to providing advanced capabilities, this smart HR software can score well in any expert or user review.

The HR solution’s name actually epitomizes the vendor’s brand promise—to make HR management a piece of cake. And with all its current and upcoming features, CakeHR will continue to enhance its user experience and, of course, its ease-of-use. Finally, in case you’d like to try it, you can know first-hand how its features and tools work by availing of the vendor’s free trial offer.

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