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Pros & Cons of SoGoSurvey: Analysis of a Leading Survey Software

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What are the pros and cons of SoGoSurvey?
The pros and cons of SoGoSurvey are: it has a smart editor that lets you customize the design with a wide range of question formats; it provides you with multiple distribution options; it has real-time feedback via email alerts; but some of the tools take time to learn, as expected of robust solutions. The software also features rich reporting tools that slice and dice feedback in plenty of meaningful ways.

With many businesses already struggling to keep up with the growing demands of their respective industries, it can be more difficult to maintain a good level of customer engagement. One of the most effective ways to do so is surveying, which has become increasingly paperless and real-time.

While there are tons of ways you can create, conduct, and answer online surveys on your laptop or desktop computer, the digital age keeps changing. Is your survey strategy up to speed with the times? 68% percent of market researchers use mobile surveys for customer engagement while 19% of global online surveys are answered using mobile devices. This is where platforms such as SoGoSurvey help you leverage technology to further improve your feedback campaign. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of SoGoSurvey to give you a better idea about what you can expect from this survey creation and distribution platform. You will also be able to gauge more accurately if SoGoSurvey is the right choice for your company based on what it offers compared to other survey software.

sogosurvey pros and cons

Conducting surveys is one of the most effective ways a company can hear the voices of their customers and employees, especially ones with elaborate questions. Like all other modes of communication, it has evolved over time. Accessible only to enterprises in the past decades due to logistics cost, data-driven market feedback is now feasible even to companies with a shoestring budget, thanks to survey software for small business.

But lengthy digital surveys have proven to be ineffective, with research done by OpinionLab showing that 80% of customers leave long surveys only partially done and that 52% percent are unwilling to spend over three minutes on a survey.

Another reason why surveys with lengthy questions and answers are ineffective is that most people use mobile devices; long surveys are ill-suited for these devices. Truth is, most online surveys are completed via mobile devices and this trend will only gain more momentum as mobile and internet technologies get more advanced. Bearing in mind these trends and the fact that online surveying is faster, easier and less costly to conduct than the traditional one, it pays to get survey software like SoGoSurvey that can adapt to a variety of devices.

What is SoGoSurvey?

Creating a survey is intuitive with all the key tools within your reach.

Listing the pros and cons of SoGoSurvey starts with learning more about it, so let us first discuss what this solution is in a nutshell.

SoGoSurvey is a cloud-hosted survey creation and distribution platform designed for freelancers as well as businesses of different sizes. Built with multiple-language support and open API functionalities, it allows users to create a survey from scratch or customize their own from a wide variety of templates. A very user-friendly software, it operates on web browsers as well as Windows, Android, iOS devices. The vendor offers customer support every day of the year via phone, email, live chat, customer training, and an informative support center.

A much closer look at the premium features offered by this platform can be your ticket to knowing for sure if it fits the needs of your company. You can easily sign up for SoGoSurvey free demo here.


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Here’s a list of some of SoGoSurvey’s most notable features:

  1. Survey Customization
  2. Banked Survey Templates
  3. Anonymous Survey Options
  4. Multi-Language Support
  5. Mobile Device Optimization
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Survey Data Security
  8. Diverse Question Types
  9. Email Alerts, Reminders, and Reports
  10. Easy Data Exporting and Management

SoGoSurvey Pros & Cons

Track survey data as seen on SoGoSurvey dashboard.

Creating Surveys

With short attention span and plenty of distractions, respondents have to be hooked, so you better make surveys more interactive and engaging.

As with most top survey software solutions today, SoGoSurvey lets users design their surveys smartly as well as creatively. It can be confusing to fully utilize these at first, but with enough effort and time, you can make surveys and templates that are perfect for your company. You can select from various design options such as piping to show a respondent’s previous answer in the next questions to make the survey more interactive; data population which auto-fills some questions based on any existing information you have on the respondent; and quota management which notifies respondents if a certain choice in a list of answers has been used a predetermined number of times.

Furthermore, SoGoSurvey lets you use question types such as radio buttons, check boxes, multiple text boxes, drop down grids, horizontal radio, numeric allocation, and so much more. For an even smarter survey option, SoGoSurvey lets you apply logic options to shorten the time it takes for some of your participants to complete their survey. You can select simple branching, advanced branching, question display logic (QDL), or intelliMatrix to keep participants engaged and improve data quality.

Finally, while writing and editing survey questions, you can quickly tweak your survey’s font size, color, alignment, and more via the formatting menu that appears. Resetting these changes can also be done in only a few clicks. Other than the point-and-click menu, you can also use HTML to format survey questions.

Survey Distribution

Distribution is one of the essential elements of survey software, so how does SoGoSurvey stack up against it? More than satisfactorily, you’ll be glad to note.

It gives you plenty of ways to share your survey with your audience. Simply select the publishing options that best meet your needs from the provided list; which includes generated test invitations or links for trial runs, quick sending invitations for fast and simple surveys, shareable URLs and multi-use links, URL-based pre-population for groups using the same multi-use link and have similar pre-filled known answers, switch invitations for surveys that were launched by mistake, and publishing polls.

In addition, those with more time to invest in creating survey invitations can use a SoGoSurvey email template, which can be modified or used an inspiration for your own custom invitations to match your company colors and overall design.

Finally, to save on time, you can create and edit lists to simplify the survey distribution process. This works well when sending out surveys to large groups. You can store participant contact information via uploading a spreadsheet, entering the names and information of your contacts manually, copying from different lists, or importing them from past survey responses.

You can also choose either email address lists for single-use and multi-use link invitations or unique ID lists for generating survey passwords that can work offline. The most challenging part will likely be choosing which distribution method works best for your company and will give you the most relevant and helpful data.

Email templates help you distribute out-of-the-box surveys in an instant.

Getting Feedback

All that effort put into creating and distributing your survey will be for naught without powerful reporting options when it comes to analyzing your data. SoGoSurvey does a good job here as well.

You can run and customize reports easily, allowing you to waste no time making some calculations and preparing a polished presentation. The step-by-step process can be a bit of a hassle to master with all of the filterings, so be prepared to spend more time learning the tools.

Next, while preparing presentations, SoGoSurvey gives you tons of chart types to help you explicitly communicate the message you want to portray to your intended audience regardless of what your survey was about. These include area charts, bubble charts, cylinder charts, donut charts, pie charts, radar charts, range charts, stacked bar graphs, and vertical or horizontal bar graphs.

Once you’ve finalized your report and presentation, you can share the results and have your audience see what your survey participants said. You can keep your team in the loop while the survey is live, edit your reports quickly to emphasize your key points, export the results in a one-click download link, and even post on social media.

Email Alerts

Getting a head start on evaluating the results of your survey can save you a lot of headaches that may come with viewing everything at the last possible minute. SoGoSurvey can alert you on a pre-determined basis that works best for your business, such as daily or semi-regularly. You receive notifications via email whenever a respondent has sent their answers to your survey.

However, it can be difficult to keep track of them once they come in batches of hundreds or even thousands, let alone create an accurate report. Thankfully, the platform can begin generating a draft of your reports in real time, so you can focus on interpreting the data you receive rather than spend hours compiling and sorting through everything with the risk of a clerical error.

You can tweak the email alerts when certain conditions are met, like when the survey receives a certain number of responses, the appearance of negative responses, and more.

Other Essential Survey Tools

Isn’t it a hassle to have to retype the same questions and prepare answers for similar surveys over and over again?

SoGoSurvey saves you loads of time and lowers the risks for error by saving a completed survey as a template in the platform’s built-in Survey Bank. This also comes with pre-built answer library, and you can create your own answer sets, too. Also, instead of importing all of these individually, you can import in bulk. The software will probably not have every single possible pre-made survey question and answer that you will need, but it does save a lot of your time.

Other than banking survey questions and answers, SoGoSurvey has other survey editing tools for spell check, find and replace, text and translation, and rearranging questions.

Furthermore, the experts behind SoGoSurvey understand the importance of a company’s branding, which is why you can take advantage of the platform’s white label, survey URL and report URL customization, survey logo features, and more.

Lastly, if you work remotely or are always on-the-go, SoGoSurvey lets you access the entire interface via Android or iOS.

Plenty of ways to publish surveys–on email, social media, website or offline mobile.

Data and Security

SoGoSurvey’s compatibility with other platforms is one of the reasons why companies prefer using it, but it is also a matter of convenience and security. Users can easily overlook this, but before importing data, you need a matching survey present in your account.

Once your survey is ready, you can manually upload responses or use SoGoSurvey to upload many of them in bulk. For exporting survey data, you can do so via Excel, Word, Access, or HTML. You can also opt for exporting these in SPSS, XML, CSV, or SoGoSurvey1 format for further analysis using SoGoSurvey or any third party software.

Where does information security fit into all this, you ask? The vendor says that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives users more rights and control over their personal data. They mention their privacy policy and discuss the different rights of users to their data, namely the right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure or right to be forgotten, right to data portability, right to restriction of processing, and the right to object. The vendor also explicitly states that users’ data protection rights have to be respected, and that SoGoSurvey will ensure that this data is treated accordingly.


SoGoSurvey integrates seamlessly with some of the world’s most well-known platforms and websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Other providers that it is compatible with are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Office.  But, as SoGoSurvey is cloud-based, it relies on internet connectivity to be able to function, which could be problematic for some users that operate remotely and won’t always have a stable internet connection. This issue though is far outweighed by the millions who are always online.

Ease of Use

An important reason SoGoSurvey was designed to be user-friendly is so that even technological novices can use it, allowing companies to establish as many connections as possible. The platform also lets you communicate with your respondents through different channels, like texting, emailing, social media, and more. Most of these channels are dependent on internet connectivity, so some of your audience will be more difficult to reach. Fortunately, SoGoSurvey also lets you publish your surveys offline and send SMS alerts, so that you’ll be able to stay connected with all members of your global audience using their preferred communication channels.

Pricing Plans

Owners of startups need to be strict when it comes to budgeting for their operations, which could greatly limit their options when it comes to choosing a survey software. But with SoGoSurvey, users can enjoy a free trial with no commitments, after which they can choose the basic package with also costs nothing. Medium-sized and larger companies have more options to choose from, namely SoGoSurvey Plus, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. The vendor lets users add additional features for their business to their subscription as well, which leaves them with robust software that can cover all of their needs when it comes to surveys. The lack of advanced features for the basic package limits the software’s capabilities, and the costs of the paid plans seem steep. However, with the countless features and software customization available, the tradeoff will definitely be worth it.

Getting a Free Demo is the Best Assessment You Can Do

Designing online surveys is one of the most effective methods of customer engagement, and letting them voice out their opinions and feelings shows that your company is worth trusting. This also applies to employees as responding to them proves that what they do for your business matters. With SoGoSurvey, you can efficiently design and send out personalized surveys as well as compile, organize, and create reports on the responses.

Hopefully, this article was able to give you enough details on the pros and cons of SoGoSurvey. But why not find out for yourself how it adapts to your requirements? You can sign up for SoGoSurvey free demo here.

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