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RentSyst Pricing Plans: What’s Included in The Packages?

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How much does RentSyst cost?
RentSyst costs €1.7 per car/month for its basic package for fleets with less than 25 vehicles. The pricing scales to €1.6 for 25-100 cars and €1.55 for more than 100 cars. Subscription is on a monthly or annual basis, with the latter affording you around 10% discount.

Getting the right car rental system boils down to price if all the key features check out. These include having the system for reservations, payments, GPS tracking, and assessing vehicle status.

A quick look at RentSyst tells us it passes the test for features. It has GPS tracking, planning management, fully automated business processes, and robust analytics.

But how’s its pricing? In this article, we’ll help you compare the RentSyst pricing plans to see which one fits your needs. You’ll also read below a checklist of the things to consider to help you calculate the total cost of ownership.

Rentsyst pricing plans

The car rental business is battered and blue but not out. The biggest threat, no doubt, is the ride-sharing model that has eaten a great chunk of the market. To be precise, $3.2 billion as 56% of clients moved from tapping car rental services to Uber and similar ride-sharing platforms. 

But there’s a silver lining in light of the pandemic. A growing sentiment points to more road trips being taken by travelers post-COVID 19, as people stay away from heavily used public facilities like hotels and, yes, Uber. With the giant ride-sharing company reporting a $2.9-billion loss in the first quarter of 2020 alone, ride-sharing seems to have been tamed for the moment.

Impact of Ride-Sharing on Car Rental Services

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What does this mean for car rental providers? A slice of the market is now open where people without cars can be convinced to try rental. Rented cars, while still public, are surely exposed to fewer users and are easier to sanitize every after use. 

But car rental companies should step up their game. And this means using technology as a car rental system to reach out to more customers, make their operations more efficient and in real-time, and, in the process, drive up sales. Similar to the purpose of fleet management software, this technology packs in additional customer-centric tools to help you expand the business.

Overview of RentSyst

RentSyst dashboard

RentSyst is a car rental system integrated with CRM tools, business process automation, communication, and analytics tools to help you manage your fleet of vehicles. It supports cars, RVs, scooters, and even boats for rent. Ideal for fleets of one vehicle to as many as you have, the system can handle both small business and enterprise requirements.

At the core of RentSyst is its VOS online tracking software that links your cars to a centralized, cloud-hosted system. The cars are embedded with sensors that capture and feed data into the RentSyst system, which also hosts modules for CRM, task management, and reporting. With consolidated functions in one place, you get full visibility over car activities and availability, drivers’ behavior, and customer statistics, which you can process into insights to guide your business decisions.


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For example, analyze profit trends, forecast sales, identify driver’s behavioral patterns, and estimate costs. The system also provides a secure platform to manage bookkeeping and payments.

RentSyst is accessible from mobile devices, too, allowing you to put your entire operation in your pocket and on the go. Moreover, a plan lets you offer contactless rental by managing car deployment and return from a smartphone.

Key integrations include compatibility with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, accounting systems like QuickBooks, and CMS like Wordpress.

Detailed RentSyst Review

RentSyst Pricing Packages

RentSyst is priced on a per-car-per-month basis. It offers three tiers that primarily scale to features around the VOS system storage of movement history, online workshop, and support level. Likewise, you get around a 10% discount if you subscribe to an annual plan.

RentSyst Features Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited number of branches
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Planner and task manager
  • Fleet management
  • Agents and tour operators
  • Online documentation and digital signature
  • Reports and statistics
  • Online reservation
  • Online payments
  • Default and custom reports
  • Accounting
  • Safety and back-up

On the other hand, the primary differences among the plans are:

Beginner – €1.7 per car/month

No. of cars: less than 25

  • 1 month of VOS storage of movement history
  • 2 hours of online workshop
  • Basic support

Standard – €1.6 per car/month

No. of cars: 25-100

  • 3 months of VOS storage of movement history
  • 6 hours of online workshop
  • VIP 24/7 support

Expert – €1.55 per car/per month

No. of cars: over 100

  • 6 months of VOS storage of movement history
  • Individual online workshop
  • VIP 24/7 support

Calculating the cost for your fleet is as simple as multiplying the per-car rate by the number of cars.

RentSyst route map

RentSyst allows you to track your vehicle’s historical driving route.

Cost of VOS Sensors

RentSyst needs to install 1-2 sensor adapters in your cars to collect and feed data into the VOS system. These include driving behavior, location, and crash alerts. Each sensor has a SIM card that links up to RentSyst system. The adapters are priced separately and are available in two types: full and limited. 

Limited-type sensor

You get the basic settings under this type, which is ideal for smaller fleets. Here’s what you get:

  • Current location
  • Travel history and route
  • Speed and fuel level
  • Zone restriction
  • Care use without reservation

Full-type sensor

This type is available only for cars. On top of the features in the limited version, full-type gives you a holistic data set of the car rental’s performance, location, and status. Aside from the standard features like location, route, and driving behavior, the sensor collects data for engine overheating, opening/closing of the doors, headlight use, engine start/stop and crash alerts. You also get to collect or deploy cars via smartphone for a contactless rental.

The adapters can be purchased or rented 

If you purchase it, adapters cost €3 apiece in North America but €1.50 only in Europe. What is interesting, though, is that the term “purchase” may throw you off since the rate is still set on a per car/month basis. On the other hand, you can rent them at €6 for North America or half the price for Europe. Rates for other regions are also available.

RentSyst calendar tool

RentSyst calendar tool.

Total Cost of Ownership

In summary, here are the things you should consider when calculating the total cost of ownership when subscribing to RentSyst.

  • How many vehicles are you enrolling in the system?
  • What price plan are you getting: beginner, standard, or expert?
  • What sensor type do you plan to get: limited or full?
  • Are you purchasing or renting the sensor?
  • What region are you operating on?
  • How much is the VAT?

Free One Month

The vendor offers a free version for one month. However, this is only available upon registration for a plan. This should not be confused with a free trial, which does not commit you to pay upon signing up.

RentSyst fleet dashboard

RentSyst dashboard showcasing your fleet for a quick lookup.

Who is RentSyst Pricing Model For?

As with any SaaS model, RentSyst pricing plans are ideal for small and mid-sized car rental companies. The month-to-month cost means you’re not squeezing dry the budget with huge capital outlays. As long as you keep a healthy cash flow, you get to optimize your ROI with RentSyst.

It should also work for enterprises that want to scale back on their MIS and back-office teams. RentSyst–as with leading cloud software systems for that matter–provides a way to reallocate a slice of the CAPEX to bumping up the company’s core business unit.  

In this way, having a provider to take care of the system frees you up to focus on growing your business or fine-tuning your business model. You don’t want to spend a big chunk of your time troubleshooting a bug or upgrading to scale with your growth. With a third-party providing the support, you stay focused on your core deliverables.

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