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KiteDesk-FIND-logo-vertical-revKiteDesk FIND is a software that promises a smarter way to get leads. More importantly, it allows you to keep the pace of your lead volume month over month so your conversion rate maintains an upward swing all the time. Leads are everywhere; what KiteDesk does is it qualifies them based on your Ideal Customer Profile and scales the process a hundredfold. Your sales team gets to sell more in a day, instead of sitting in front of a spreadsheet wasting money time.

In this detailed KiteDesk FIND review, we’ll present and analyze the key features of the app and see how useful they can actually be to your lead generation program. We’ll also discuss the top five benefits we enjoyed the most after spending some more time with KiteDesk. Furthermore, we interviewed the KiteDesk CEO, Sean Burke, who told us what makes the software unique and shared some common problems it helps users solve. Burke also revealed some information about the new exciting features that will soon be included in KiteDesk. 

If you want to experience how the lead generation software can help your company, you can easuly try out the tool if you request a free demo of KiteDesk. You can also read our software review for more information about KiteDesk features and benefits.

What Are The Highlights Of KiteDesk Find?

  • Advanced Connection Scoring reveals the strongest social links between your agents and prospects
  • Toolbar, Chrome Extension, Kite Jewels allow you to pull in contact information wherever you are
  • Visual Ideal Customer Profile lets you identify your key customers and stay focused on them
  • Lead List Builder helps to push leads down the funnel into conversions
  • Premium Verified Data feature validates phone and email details across millions of regularly updated files
  • Accounts-Based Prospecting feature identifies the right person in the company to contact
  • Insights Dashboard will track all lead-generation activities


5 Things We Like About KiteDesk Find

1. Prospecting suddenly becomes super fast  

You’ll get this surprising revelation right at on-boarding when KiteDesk takes you to a step-by-step process even before you sign up. We clicked on the preview tour and we were asked to enter a few metrics including industries, location (US, UK Canada, Australia only), as well as company size and prospect credentials. Immediately, we were presented with nearly 100 actionable contact details–prospects that we can call or email right away. What normally takes a few days to qualify a lead list is done in minutes. This is killing the ‘noise’ in your sales cycle, the administrative tasks that eat up your sales team’s time.

Likewise, you, as a manager or big boss, can keep a daily prospecting volume using this lead generation software. Sales managers know that the real measure of lead generation is not getting new leads every month, but increasing the lead volume month to month. This guarantees that statistically you’ll not run out of leads, ever. A software like KiteDesk FIND has step-by-step processes that can streamline and automate the cumbersome daily task of unearthing new leads.

One notable lead generation tool we really like is the accounts-based prospecting. It lets you drill down to the right person to call: a decision-maker maybe, an influencer, or the actual user. The faster you identify this person, the quicker you move the account down the sales funnel.


2. Leads are highly qualified even at top of funnel

As we mentioned earlier, leads are qualified at once during onboarding. The leads are shortlisted for important credentials, such as: location (up to state level), job title, company size, and industry. We got the phones and email addresses immediately to kick start our warm calls. KiteDesk does this by scraping contact details from any website and using clean data from Netprospex, ZoomInfo, Full Contact, and Fliptop. Likewise, since KiteDesk offers leads only on ‘as-needed’ basis, you need not buy redundant contacts in your CRM. If your team is used to spending most of the day manually scraping LinkedIn contact details–where data don’t always turn up–using KiteDesk will give them more time to call or email prospects.

You also get verified phone and email details, or at least, the information goes through searches across millions of updated records to guarantee data accuracy. Aside from qualified email and phone a profile can include: social accounts, address, avatar, previous interactions, status in your CRM, and number of employees.


3. Turn cold calls to warm calls at once

Here’s another big thing we like about KiteDesk’s lead generation: it connects social networks to see who knows who between your company and clients. It uses an Advanced Connection Scoring algorithm–database mashup of various social and digital channels–that identifies an agent’s strongest social link to a prospect. When applied to sales calling this tool can be a deal maker. A cold call can quickly turn warm if, say, your agent realizes he went to the same school and year as did the prospect he’s calling. A client is the cousin of your colleague’s best buddy? However distant the connection, you get to leverage the who-you-know advantage in sales. This is relationship capital you can build on to push stagnant leads or speed up deals across the pipeline.


4. It helps you to focus on your Ideal Customer

For maximum profits, businesses should focus on 20% of its customers that deliver 80% of the revenues. KiteDesk helps you to follow that classic maxim with its Visual Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) tool.

ICP is the same engine that qualifies leads right at the top of funnel (item no. 2) that lets you pick customers based on:

  • Countries, states, regions, cities, and ZIP codes
  • Company names, industries, keyword, company size
  • Names, department, seniority, and title.

But ICP can be gleaned as a powerful tool also from the 80:20 perspective. It helps you to ‘see’ your Ideal Customer. Did we say that data is presented visually as contact IDs? Sales reps can effectively profile future prospects based on these contact IDs.

Humans–sales reps included–are very good at tribal mentality, identifying shared common traits through visual cues. For example, attending a sales conference will likely turn up people in suits and blazers, while seeing people in casual clothes in a tech fund meetup is common. ICP lays down these visual cues so your sales reps have an easier time profiling prospects.

Likewise, the Today View tool allows you to prioritize time and stay in focus. We know how easily our attention can be disrupted by a non-relevant email (a cat video link?). Well, Today View collates only the day’s emails, meetings, and activities that are important to your sales pipeline so action can be taken immediately. The actions are then automatically reported in the CRM. Each day you can see which deals are moving or which need moving.


5. Tight integration with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions today. If you’re planning to use it, or, in fact, if you’re using it, you’ll like KiteDesk FIND even more. KiteDesk is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM. This is different from having only the option to integrate another app. The KiteDesk-Salesforce setup means you can push automatic notification signals from KiteDesk to your CRM. You can also save leads in your CRM using Bulk Import. KiteDesk records are also converted into CRM leads or contacts, plus you can display the CRM’s Meetings, Tasks, Messages, and Opportunities in KiteDesk’s Today View. In short, your lead generation tool is twice more powerful with Salesforce CRM and vice-versa.


KiteDesk FIND Pricing Plan: $75 per seat/month

KiteDesk is available at a uniform $75 per seat/month plan, billed annually. The plan includes the following features:

  • Ideal Customer Profile Builder
  • Account Based Sales Prospecting
  • Web Prospecting Toolbar
  • Easy Data Export.

KiteDesk also allows you to buy leads at “as-needed” basis. For instance, if you find a LinkedIn prospect but can’t see his contact details, you can click a Kite Jewel button and it will pull in their contact information, charging you for that lead alone. The “as-needed” basis also allows you to avoid paying for leads that already have duplicates in your other records. You can find more details about KiteDesk pricing here.

What Customers Say About KiteDesk FIND

We scoured product reviews, user reviews, and social media to find out more about the experience actual users of KiteDesk have. The software seems to resonate positively with users at once, similarly to what we’ve experienced firsthand when we’re given qualified leads during onboarding.

Kyle from San Diego, CA said he finds KiteDesk an essential tool for scraping data off websites for the right person to call. “It’s a great tool to avoid wasting time talking to the wrong person,” he said. As a one-man team, Kyle also likes the ability to scale his leads without adding another person in the payroll. For small businesses, KiteDesk can drastically increase sales at a minimal additional cost.

For many users KiteDesk is arguably their best lead generation tool, because not only it generates plenty of leads at once but it returns highly qualified data. “I’ve used other tools before which only turn up general corporate numbers. KiteDesk gives me direct dials and verified emails,” Solomon, a Denver-based data marketing service provider, said. He said he used to deal with junk data and a lot of per-lead buys and effort are lost just cleaning up his CRM. Likewise, Huckley said his prospects now have multiple contact points. “I can call or email him or both, depending on the nature of my message.”

Awards Won by KiteDesk FIND

2016 Supreme Software Award

supreme1Our team of B2B experts gives this award exclusively to SaaS products that we believe offer the highest possible level of service. We were really impressed with KiteDesk’s extensive knowledge of the industry they’re selling to and designing their software in a way that can effectively solve the problems and meet the needs of their customers. We are confident all users of KiteDesk will appreacate the quality and usefulness of services provided by this software

2016 Expert’s Choice Award

expert2016This award is given by our team of experts to products that we think show especially good quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets. It shows that KiteDesk is able to help its clients deal with the problems they currently face with solid and efficient solutions. KiteDesk is found to be positively disruptive, allowing small players to scale their lead volume while keeping costs at bay. Likewise, KiteDesk earns mostly positive accolades from first-time users, a clear indication that this software delivers what it promises.

Best Add-ons & Integrations Award

addons2016This award is given to products that offer an exceptionally useful and diverse array of add-ons and integrations with other types of software. KiteDesk was designed in a way that allows for an effective expansion of the capabilities of their tool. We were especially impressed with a full and smooth integration with Salesforce which can make KiteDesk an especially powerful tool while at the same time improving the capabilities of your Salesforce CRM.


Great User Experience Award

userexperienceThis award is granted to products that offer especially good quality user experience. We were impressed with how easy it is to start using KiteDesk and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process for sales reps. Testament to KiteDesk’s usability is that many first-time users immediately find it very useful, helping them to generate plenty of leads with qualified contact information. Furthermore, the software consistently earns 4-5 star ratings across myriad user review platforms.

An Interview KiteDesk CEO

Sean Burke is a CEO of KiteDesk

Sean Burke is a CEO of KiteDesk

We reached out to KiteDesk CEO Sean Burke to ask him a few questions about KiteDesk and its feature. We wanted to know what actually makes his software a unique lead generation tool and in what real life scenarios can it be used to solve actual problems that sales reps face every day.

What makes KiteDesk unique or different from its competitors?

Burke believes KiteDesk’s smart sales prospecting capabilities put it above the competition. “We do this with clever digital tools, including a Web App, Chrome Extension, and Prospecting Toolbar,” he said. Having the ability to scale lead generation manifold while maintaining data accuracy, he pointed out, is now possible with the software. “With KiteDesk FIND, salespeople start by building a highly visual Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), complete with hyper-targeted options for zeroing in. You then build Lead Lists and work those prospects right from KiteDesk with verified emails, direct dials, social profiles and a path to a warm introduction.”

Burke also believes KiteDesk will make sales reps hyper-productive. He said his software removes the hard work of prospecting. These include scraping for phone and email details across websites and qualifying each record. “KiteDesk finds and facilitates each step of this process.”

What common problems can be solved by KiteDesk?

Burke said they did a research to compare KiteDesk versus manually prospecting using Google, social media, and spreadsheets. The results were impressive. For the same hour he said “the average sales rep will generate 5 qualified leads versus 385 qualified leads with KiteDesk.”

He also noted that it isn’t just a numbers game because KiteDesk turns up high-quality lead data. “With our software pipelines will improve and lead to an increase in sales productivity.”

Likewise, he reinforced one of our favorite benefits of KiteDesk: it can help sales managers to consistently generate new leads. “KiteDesk offers a step-by-step process, used daily, to maximize time spent on lead generation… with the ability to push all activity, lead, contact or account data into your CRM at the right time.”

What are some new features to come to KiteDesk in the future?

Burke mentioned Email Tracking Notification as one of the newest features, a single, consolidated place for all email tracking and read receipts. “It offers the ability to be smart about your next sales email send by knowing what’s been read, and when.”

He also said that in their next release, KiteDesk will feature a more powerful Account-Based Prospecting, with features including the ability to upload Company Lists to search for Prospects specifically in that company set.

KiteDesk SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have prepared a full KiteDesk FIND review detailing the app’s features, user feedback, customer service, and other key aspects. Using our SmartScore system we gave KiteDesk Find a very satisfying score of 8.8/10, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 100%. If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.


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