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The 21 Best Online Survey Builder Tools for Businesses and Education

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What is the best online survey builder tool for businesses and education?

The best online survey builder tool for businesses and education is Qualtrics Research Core. The application simply gives you a slew of survey tools that work whether you need data for your research labs or for your next marketing drives. An AI engine gives it the depth and power that delivers precision results, while its user interface is designed for both casual and tech users. When it comes to getting timely answers fast, the capabilities of this survey tool ensure your business or educational organization is always on the right foot.

Half of the answer to any inquiry is found in how you frame and build your questions. No matter if you are doing it for your ongoing research in the laboratories, to complete an academic requirement, or pursue an intricate political study, survey builder tools are essential to getting the questions right from the start so that in the end, you will get the information your organization really needs. There are many survey tools in the market. Some are general-purpose tools that meet the needs of most organizations, while others are built for specific businesses and educational institutions. Because of these diverging features, we have done the essential legwork for so you get to check on the leading brands first and simply pay extra attention to what features your organization really needs. Of course, it’s not all about features: you also need to factor in the price. The challenge is to balance both aspects.

In this article, we’ll have our experts help you navigate the online survey builder tools jungle by presenting a list of leading solutions that should more than cover any of your business or educational needs. Prices are indicated in most cases, so you will know if it’s within your budget right from the start. This list should help you pick that one application that matches your requirements to a tee, not just to build but also distribute and format surveys, as well as analyze and manage data, among others.

Survey software is used by companies and organizations to gather feedback from a specific group of respondents. For businesses, survey respondents may be customers or suppliers, or they could be clients or employees. While for educational institutions, they could be students or faculty and staff.

Whoever are the targeted respondents and whatever channel surveys are distributed – email, websites, social media, phone or in-store/in-person – survey software’s purpose is to help you collect/research data and information, analyze and evaluate them, and give you reports and insights on your audience.

Get to understand what survey software is all about with our comprehensive guide on its benefits, features, types, pricing and more.

Unless expressly designed for enterprise/business or academic use, most survey software products are flexible and capable enough to cater to both sectors, giving you common tools and capabilities to handle whatever type of audience or respondents. However, there may be differences as survey solutions for businesses may be more expensive, offering top-grade features like advanced analytics, sophisticated scoring algorithms, wide customization, and high-level evaluation.

On the other hand, surveys for educational or non-profit organizations may have simpler requirements and can be confined for research purposes. As such, they may be priced more affordably and offer basic features. The good thing is that with cloud-hosted SaaS solutions, you have a wide range of pricing, features, and products to choose from, whether you need one for complex enterprise surveys or just straightforward feedback. You can learn more about them in our article on the 10 best survey software systems. You’ll be introduced to some of the best online survey builder tools and products below.

Source: Center for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR)

There are many advantages of online surveys especially when survey software does the heavy work for you – they’re faster, more accurate, cheaper, quick to analyze, and easy for respondents and researchers alike, among others. In addition, when done properly and with the right tool, online surveys are effective forms of market research, giving you quantitative information on how your product, service or business is perceived by your audience. Same goes with schools, colleges, and universities where online surveys are fast and affordable ways to know the pulse of your students, their parents, and teachers.

Best Survey Tools for Businesses and Education

1. Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core is an enterprise market research platform built to help you get the data you need to make important decisions. It is used by over 9,000 brands and institutions, and the top 100 business schools for every type of research – from customer insights and market segmentation to concept testing and customer feedback. Qualtrics Research Core is the first software solution to utilize AI in analyzing survey data for predicting market trends. With advanced intelligent features powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it aims to make sophisticated research simpler.

Among its state-of-the-art research tools is an online survey software that powers more than 1 billion surveys annually. It lets you get answers to crucial questions involving your market, brand, customer, and product with survey solution that can manage everything from simple questionnaires to detailed research projects. You can design your survey with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, powerful logic, over 100 question types, and pre-built survey templates. Qualtrics Research Core is dubbed as the only solution you’ll need, whether you want to track consumer behavior, benchmark your company against competitors, perform academic research, conduct product testing, or analyze your marketing efforts, among others.

You can sign up for a Qualtric Research Core free trial here.

What is unique about Qualtrics Research Core?

  1. Easy to use even for the most advanced surveys. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, more than a hundred question types, advanced logic, branching, quotas, API integrations into Salesforce and email triggers to help you easily create, launch and analyze your surveys.
  2. Built-in intelligence. Every type of survey comes with built-in intelligence that enables you to analyze every question in real-time and personalize survey design to boost response rates and get better data quality.
  3. Target the right customers with the right message. You can customize your surveys with 20+ different targeting variables from geolocation to customer segments and site behavior to drive conversion and gather the right feedback from the right audiences.
  4. Faster multi-channel distribution. The survey solution enables you to obtain crucial information on your business from various places as it supports multiple distribution channels. You can embed your surveys wherever you want, be it emails, SMS, mobile sites, social media, IVR, or even direct people to your surveys using QR codes.

2. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey gives you a cloud-hosted software with tools for online survey, assessment, customer research, and employee research. It is ideal for use by businesses, event planners, market researchers, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. It provides a powerful, yet simple and intuitive to use solution packed with smart features for your specific research and survey requirements. You can use the software to create a look that represents your brand, embed multimedia, add your logo, and dig into the Survey Bank for professional sample surveys.

You can quickly create beautiful, professional surveys with SoGoSurvey’s builder tool that offers all the right question types and survey templates, a database of common questions and answers, and custom design options. More than questions and answers, the surveys are strategically built to help you engage your participants. You get to distribute surveys through any medium you like, track response engagement, and send automated responses based on results. It analyzes data through an integrated reporting module for real-time results and professional, customizable, presentation-ready charts and graphs.

You can easily sign up for a SoGoSurvey free demo here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

What is unique about SoGoSurvey?

  1. Ready-to-use survey templates. Choose from a pre-loaded selection of ready-to-use surveys professionally designed to address needs across industries as well as geographies with support for 37 languages.
  2. Built for your learning programs. You can create custom online quizzes, with advanced features that power learning, which you can deploy during presentations, have a built-in timer, and distribute over multiple channels
  3. Transform survey results into operable data. SoGoSurvey’s reporting module analyzes data in real-time and generates professional, customizable reports with tables, graphs, and charts. The reporting module comes with 18 different types of reports.
  4. Advanced branching. You can control question flow based on respondents’ answers to ensure no one wastes time on irrelevant questions. You can then create quick visual overviews, or use filters and cross-tabulations to drill into the data and discover connections.

3. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a straightforward online research platform that lets you create your survey in minutes, reach your audience on every device, and view results graphically in real-time. It is ideal for companies and organizations looking for a fast and reliable survey solution that can give them quality answers when it comes to customer satisfaction, education, human resources, marketing, marketing research, and other important business and operational areas. It is designed to streamline survey creation and administration with a host of easy to use features.

Zoho Survey’s survey creation tool lets you create surveys in no time. It provides you with various question types, drag-and-drop questions, scoring, skip logic, custom variables, multi-lingual surveys, and over 200 templates, among others. It also offers a wide selection of built-in reports and interactive charts so you can analyze and comprehend the survey results and derive intelligent, actionable insights. Likewise, you can export survey data in standard formats (.cvs or for a more traditional spreadsheet viewing.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the Zoho Survey free trial here.

What is unique about Zoho Survey?

  1. Zoho integration. Zoho has over 40 apps in its lineup and as usual, most of these can work with one another. Zoho Survey offers integrations with other Zoho tools aside from other business applications such as MailChimp, Google Apps, and Sheets.
  2. Multi-language support. Zoho Survey extends your reach beyond geographical boundaries, letting you conduct surveys globally with its support for multiple languages. You can create surveys, have them translated to more than 30 languages, and start collecting responses from anywhere in the world.
  3. Optimized for mobile devices. Surveys created using the platform are optimized for mobile devices, allowing your respondents to easily access your questions and submit their answers wherever they may be.
  4. Personalized survey. Zoho Survey lets you craft surveys to reflect your style and your brand using customizable themes, piping, custom end page, white labeling, and more.

4. Examinare Survey Tool

Examinare Survey Tool is designed for sales and marketing professionals, product researchers, and other users looking to streamline the process of creating, distributing, and analyzing surveys. It offers data mining capabilities to let you quickly create and conduct surveys both on the web and in the field. The survey tool helps you gather feedback from customers as well as determine the direct connections and factors that affect customers’ likes and dislikes.

Examinare Survey Tool allows you to conduct surveys, questionnaires, polls, investigation projects and phone surveys with ease. It provides automatic reporting, localization (supporting over 25 languages), and SSL-encryption for tight data security. It has powered over 14 million surveys and is widely used by businesses of varying types and sizes. The software integrates with various business applications, including Dropbox, Zendesk, and WooCommerce, to name a few, giving you a fully extendable platform.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Examinare Survey Tool free trial here.

What is unique about Examinare Survey Tool?

  1. Easy surveys and automatic reporting. You get unlimited surveys, questionnaires and polls; 7 question types and answering methods; skip-logic functionality; fully customizable design; live on-screen results and automatic reporting; and exporting results into Excel, Word, Pdf, SPSS.
  2. Online or on-site. Examinare Survey Tool makes it easy for you to create and administer surveys, whether online or on-site, making it an ideal tool for businesses, researchers, product developers, and more.
  3. Support for developers. The software brings with it a powerful API and delivers comprehensive support for the developers who would like to implement survey/customer feedback control solutions by themselves.
  4. Top level security. Examinare’s cloud servers are hosted on military-standard platforms. Where customer information is kept private and with security protocols that include 24/7/365 round-the-clock checks on all servers with backups made every hour.

5. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a leading survey software tool used by Fortune 500 companies for all kinds of online survey projects whether for quick polls, market research, competitive analysis, customer preferences and trends, or employee feedback. This easy-to-use, cloud-hosted platform lets you tailor your surveys according to your defined target audience, and offers automated and advanced features intended to help businesses conduct different types of surveys online, reach out to millions of respondents, and get instant results.

SurveyMonkey offers dozens of integrations with third-party business and productivity apps, and provides a thorough analysis and reporting even for the huge amount of data collected. In addition, it has a collaborative capability that allows you to export surveys and survey data in different formats and share them across teams. It has customizable features and interactive interface that makes possible the quick creation of online surveys whether simple or complex.

What is unique about SurveyMonkey?

  1. Built for enterprise requirements. Large businesses have unique needs and SurveyMonkey is up to the task with enterprise-level features and capabilities such as high-grade security and data encryption, HIPAA compliance, centralized administration and control, as well as integration and APIs.
  2. Collaboration at scale. SurveyMonkey lets you design surveys together with your team, share multiple surveys to a Workgroup, and easily set roles and permissions.
  3. Advanced functionality and customization. You can build sophisticated custom surveys with features like advanced logic, branching, piping, multilingual support, and much more.
  4. Extensive integration. Seamlessly bring your survey data into more than 80 popular apps like Salesforce, Marketo, and Oracle Marketing Cloud, to name some. This allows you to enhance your existing data and better understand your customers and employees, run a deeper analysis, and gain valuable insights.

6. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is an enterprise survey software for companies and organizations looking to conduct market research and get feedback from customers and audiences regarding their products and experiences. The online survey solution makes it easy for businesses to create and undertake surveys, polls, quizzes, and questionnaires; reach out to potential and existing customers; manage organizational and employee relationships; and perform academic researches.

SurveyGizmo boasts of a robust survey and data insights platform that empowers businesses to make smarter decisions through real-time actionable insights, capture of the right data at the right time, data visualization, and hundreds of features complete with customizations. It offers a configurable interface and lets you create charts, pipe data, loop pages with advanced options and features for a dynamic and enriching survey experience. It is also able to analyze reports with evaluative tools and real-time data processing.

What is unique about SurveyGizmo?

  1. 300+ features. SurveyGizmo offers the most extensive survey solution with hundreds of customizable features that let you design surveys a well as collect, analyze, and integrate survey data.
  2. Engaging surveys. SurveyGizmo offers ease and convenience in targeting respondents to fill out surveys or questionnaires. The survey interface is engaging, flexible, and simple, and can be customized to your requirements.
  3. Advanced reporting and data export features.  The online data can be exported in different formats can be shared or distributed for a thorough analysis for the purpose of market research, lead generation, marketing campaigns, sales tracking and more.
  4. Product feedback tool. Gain insights from your customers to build better products and dig into what makes products more successful with segmentation and filtering. You can also put constant feedback in front of the right people with project management software integrations, triggered emails, and custom web hooks.

7. QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a web-based survey application for SMBs and large enterprises. It provides fully automated and real-time online tools so you can create surveys, polls and questionnaires for research on market trends, customers, communities, employees and academics. It comes equipped with more than 80 ready-made standard and advanced survey question types, a multitude of data collection methods, several survey distribution and response collection mechanisms, and advanced analysis and reporting tools.

The platform is extremely customizable with 20 professional survey themes using inbuilt tools to personalize headers and footers with company logos, videos, audio, pictures, and HTML content for complete survey branding. It offers seamless data integration with Salesforce and robust API to give you full control of your data which you can export to SPSS, Google Docs, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The solution is mobile ready, designed specifically to allow for online or offline data collection and analysis everywhere you go.

What is unique about QuestionPro?

  1. Large library of questionnaires and survey templates. You get access to what might be, numbering more than 300, the largest collection of questionnaires and survey templates so you can make professional survey designs and full customizations.
  2. Your online community. The solution lets you create online community research portals from selected survey respondents for specialized feedback network.
  3. Advanced analysis and reporting. All survey responses are automatically synced and analyzed in your customized survey dashboard. The software makes analysis and reporting easy with a full set of advanced features such as real-time summary, pivot tables, trend analysis, conjoint analysis, TURF analysis, GAP analysis, text analytics and more.
  4. Survey software security. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, audited by a third party, and EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified. Also, SSL for survey and data is standard, and SSO is available.

8. Confirmit

Confirmit is an advanced online survey software developed for market research agencies and other research personnel. It provides you tools to create highly sophisticated surveys and gather essential business data while providing end-to-end survey service to your customers and streamlining internal processes for efficiency and cost-savings. It gives you the ability to author a survey once, then deploy it across multiple channels – including web, CAPI, telephone, mobile, and paper – to ensure the most efficient use of your time while maximizing results.

Surveys created with Confirmit are designed to increase response rates with rich and innovative features including dozens of question types, multimedia clips that can easily be included, and a powerful array of feedback methods. It lets you engage your audiences and get insights you need regardless if your surveys are open on a global scale or by invitation-only. Confirmit’s flexible authoring capabilities mean your options are virtually limitless when it comes to listening to customers, markets and employees, and analyzing insights to guide you in your business decisions.

What is unique about Confirmit?

  1. Easily repurpose questions from multiple sources. Confirmit lets you maximize efficiency by re-using questions across multiple surveys or employing Doc2Survey capabilities to automatically generate Confirmit surveys from a Microsoft WordTM document.
  2. Tools to guide you all the way. Confirmit offers action management features that watch your survey results for you, assigns issues and appropriate actions to the correct department or individual, and allows you to report on the company’s case load and ROI.
  3. Analytics solutions. The software’s text analysis gives you insights into what is being said across different categories of your business. It provides categorization and sentiment analysis for free-form text, and automatically determines sentiment by category for each piece of content you need to analyze.
  4. Optimize use of unstructured data. The survey design tool minimizes survey length by making optimal use of unstructured feedback, such as text, audio, and video, and by intelligently leveraging all available data.

9. AskNicely

AskNicely is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) software that allows you to benchmark customer satisfaction and measure the likelihood of customers to recommend your business or brand. It is one of the simplest but most effective marketing tools you can utilize to improve customer satisfaction. The software integrates with your CRM system, from where it automatically collects feedback data using one-question customer surveys. Results are evaluated by the NPS tool, and issues are captured in real time.

With AskNicely, you can collect feedback on a daily through simple one-touch surveys delivered via mobile-friendly email or within your website, product or app. It integrates with your CRM such as Salesforce to trigger feedback requests after specific events or timeframes. The software likewise comes packed with useful features such as daily survey branching logic survey scheduling, automated reporting, customized response alerts, feedback replies, and multi-language and multi-brand support.

What is unique about AskNicely?

  1. Leveraging net scores. Quick, easy, and recurring net scores are a universal standard for capturing feedback and dealing with it, and AskNicely capitalizes on this method to address your feedback and survey needs.
  2. At-a-glance NPS dashboard. AskNicely offers at-a-glance NPS where you can track by product, channel, rep, or anything. It lets you share real-time insights with your entire team and empower them to take immediate action to drive retention, referrals, upgrades, and reviews.
  3. Robust leaderboards. These allow you to segment and categorize channels, employees, and products, in order to understand how performance is doing, and where your attention is most needed.
  4. Lifetime data archive. You can securely store all collected feedback in AskNicely for as long as you want.

10. CheckMarket

CheckMarket is an enterprise survey platform meant to help you and your teams create and implement effective and engaging surveys and give you relevant and highly actionable insights. It allows you to create a survey that works on any device, distribute surveys simultaneously on various channels, find insights on survey results, and take your surveys to the next level with CheckMarket’s enterprise features. Unlike conventional survey methods, you don’t need to go after your audience since the software takes care of that. All you have to do is create and distribute your surveys and simply wait for the results and gain insights.

CheckMarket comes with a robust text editor that lets you build your own template from scratch, or you can opt to use professionally made survey designs from the software’s wide template collection. When you create your surveys, CheckMarket supplies you with 20 question types to speed up the process. It has inline editing with autosave functionality to ensure that all modifications and changes you enter are not lost.

What is unique about CheckMarket?

  1. Create and distribute surveys with ease. You get a rich text editor, live editing, questions types, multi-channel distribution, multi-source respondent tracking, and much more to streamline survey processes.
  2. Survey international audiences. CheckMarket supports 45 languages, meaning your survey materials are automatically translated which makes it easy for your international respondents to provide their answers without dealing with language and translation-related issues.
  3. Extensive reporting capabilities. The solution brings with it real-time reports with charts, metadata filtering, and text analysis, among others, so you can spot trends, analyze behavior, and discover opportunities.
  4. Automate your research. CheckMarket can be incorporated into your workflow with its extensive API and integration with Slack, Zendesk, Zapier, your own CRM and more.

11. Retently

Retently is an online Survey Builder program that lets you tag respondents as either a detractor, a passive, or a promoter, which should help you define and develop your relationship with them. The structure follows the industry-recognized Net Promoter Score based on the all-important question: How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

By categorizing your audience properly, you can design further surveys to serve as invaluable insights on how to proceed with your business. For the surveys, you can opt to utilize ready-made templates or customize them as you see fit. The application is flexible enough to let you access any major channel or via straightforward email, and easy enough to integrate with other key applications like HubSpot, Salesforce or Slack, among others.

What is unique about Retently?

  1. Powerful automation. Retently handles even the most complex automation, which even gets better if you already use Zapier.
  2. Versatile handling survey channels. You can mix in-app surveys, emails to find the ones that work best for you.
  3. Smart NPS. Define triggers to set off surveys depending on customer activities.
  4. Built-in integrations. It provides helpdesk, marketing automation, CRM, email and billing services, aside from letting you customize via API.

12. Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is an online tool that lets you survey your customers and measure and track customer satisfaction. With the survey management solution, you can create your own questions or choose from a list of pre-made questions already used by others in the industry. You can monitor how satisfied your customers are, identify “unhappy” ones, see how your company stacks up with competitors, and generate and share testimonials from your customers. You can likewise connect and sync customers from Salesforce, ConnectWize, and Autotask though seamless integration with your CRM.

Client Heartbeat allows you to build your own branded and customizable survey where you can craft your own questions or use industry tested questions. It enables you to set up your survey once and let the software do the following up with customers and reminding when your next survey is due. You get to view current and past results for each of your customers, pinpoint and tag dissatisfied customers using past scores and industry data, and take action based on company reports and industry benchmarks.

What is unique about Client Heartbeat?

  1. Proprietary smart application. Client Heartbeat is more than just a customer survey and feedback management platform. It is a smart application that gives you the real sentiment of your customers using a proprietary algorithm to help you gather the best questions and create personalized surveys for your customers.
  2. Know how you’re doing. The solution enables you to monitor and measure your customer’s satisfaction and compare your performance from one survey period to the next.
  3. Know how your competition is doing. Past scores and industry data are easily accessible and digestible. You can view how your competition is performing and benchmark their numbers against yours.
  4. Collect and share what customers are saying. The software automatically collects customer testimonials which you can post online, make public or private, and allow customers themselves to share their own testimonials on social media.

13. TypeForm

TypeForm is a survey software solution and data collection tool for professionals. It helps you easily create conversational forms and surveys to better engage your audience and get more data. It’s as simple as jotting down on a notepad and the software will anticipate question types as you write them. You’ll be able to draw your audience in with lots of design options and advanced features such as pre-made templates or custom themes, answer piping, logic jump, and data exports options.

Typeform offers drag and drop function to give you flexibility and ease in creating form. The questions types give you options for multiple choice questions, pictures to choose from, rating scales, and opinion scales, allowing you to cater to various target audiences. It also comes with interactive and user-friendly interface and can be connected to over 500 apps and services via Zapier. Furthermore, it lets you create unlimited forms and surveys with a free account.

What is unique about TypeForm?

  1. Fast, free, and customizable. You get pro features with a couple of premium plans but you can quickly get up and running with a zero-cost basic plan that lets you build an unlimited number of mobile-ready forms with answer piping, data export, encryption, and built-in or custom templates.
  2. Employee engagement. Use surveys specifically designed for employees so you get to act on their feedback and improve employee morale.
  3. Online straw polls. Get to gauge interest with a poll that’s quick to build, easy to take, works anywhere, and provides instant results whenever someone hits submit.
  4. Conversational surveys. You get more in-depth data and quality information with TypeForm’s conversational style questions that use simple, direct language.

14. Survicate

Survicate is a survey suite that provides tools and features to help business owners and marketers identify customer satisfaction, trend, and behavior. It gives you website widgets that serve as survey tools to let you administer short surveys and gather consumer feedback about your website, products and services. You can launch surveys that accurately target the right consumers in order to gain insightful lead profiles, which are sent to your inbox, existing CRM or marketing automation platforms.

Among the tools that you can utilize are targeted website surveys, email surveys, web app surveys, mobile surveys, and NPS. It offers integration with data analytics apps, email and live chat, marketing automation software, enterprise solutions, as well as custom integration. You also get all essential question types, full design customization, audience targeting, reports and data export, account and user management, template library and add ons, insights based CTA, skip logic, and exit intent triggers, among others.

What is unique about Survicate?

  1. Branded surveys. Fully customize surveys with your corporate look through themes that you can modify to carry your logo, colors, and others to make them appear as part of your survey design.
  2. Precisely targeted website surveys. Survicate lets you craft engaging questionnaires, choose from hundreds of ready to use surveys, use skip logic for follow up questions, and segment audiences and respondents, to get quality and accurate responses.
  3. Fast feedback collection from mobile app users. Get to survey specific groups of your mobile app users to understand their needs, expectations, and objections using the world’s first targeted surveys of mobile SDK.
  4. Ask in context. Uncover in-the-moment insights with quick, unobtrusive surveys using single and multiple choice, text answers, smiley scales, or NPS questions with skip logic and CTAs.

15. JMP

JMP is a web-based statistical and survey software designed for scientists, engineers, researchers, and other data explorers in various industries and government agencies. JMP is a family of statistical discovery and visualization tools which you can use to investigate data and present findings in a visual, interactive and comprehensible form. In addition, the data analysis software provides you with the capability to access data from various sources, take advantage of quick and reliable data preparations tools, and perform statistical analyses.

JMP lets you understand complex relationships and dig deeper into data to discover new findings. Once new discoveries are made, JMP allows you to share new findings through interactive dashboards and web visualizations. For more sophisticated data exploration and statistical analyses, JMP delivers advanced features for the creation and improvement of predictive models so users can easily and accurately determine what will happen with new customers, new processes, or new risks.

What is unique about JMP?

  1. Dynamic data visualization. The software is equipped with rich and dynamic data visualization capabilities and tools to explore statistical data dynamically for easy identification, interpretation, and presentation.
  2. Graph builder. Through the aid of its graph builder, data can be plotted on interactive maps using drag and drop variables to create graphical displays that effectively communicate the story behind the data.
  3. Predictive modeling and cross-validation. This advanced feature lets you build data models so you can better understand your business, competition, and customers. Statistical models capture trends and patterns in your data, helping you make better decisions and take the best course of action.
  4. Response screening. This automates the process of conducting tests across a large number of responses to give you more accurate (and not misleading) results.

16. Surveypal

Surveypal is a leading survey platform that helps you extract real-time feedback from your customers based on their experience with your personnel, giving you priceless insights on how to improve the user experience generated by your personnel and your customer interactions. It serves as a powerful tool to expand the capabilities of your CRM in case you are already using one. The application allows you to map the surveys straight into your CRM using surveys that reflect your own brand.

You can set up Surveypal to be active throughout any stage of your relationship with them, from monitoring their purchase activities and training, so you can provide an ideal service to them. This data-driven insight should help you do more business with customers and improve their loyalty to your brand.

What is unique about Surveypal?

  1. Generate reports in an instant. Surveypal allows you to automate the process of reporting the results of your survey campaign, for helpful insights any time.
  2. Intuitive editor. The application lets you easily customize your surveys using a simple but powerful drag-and-drop editor.
  3. Assess agent performance in numbers. No need to second-guess about agent productivity with concrete numbers to evaluate their job delivery.
  4. Survey using your brand. Surveypal comes loaded with themes and other visual elements that you can use to customize reports using your own brand.

17. Formstack

Formstack utilizes its deep experience in data collection, analysis and management through a fundamental understanding of how best to use online forms, including through surveys to give business and educational institutions multiple tools that enable them to look and assess their organizations from any angle and act upon informed decisions. Behind the formidable power of Formstack is its Form Builder that runs on deep logic and adheres to Section 508 standards.

Formstack incorporates a number of tools including A/B testing, API and webhooks, advanced PDFs, data routing and electronic signatures to expedite any need that may arise while you’re in the middle of data collection through online surveys. It handles social channels and emails easily, while providing tight security with its payment capabilities.

What is unique about Formstack?

  1. Master data collection with versatile forms. From surveys, event registrations to payment forms, Formstack gives you the modern tools to make your online presence as deep as it can be.
  2. Top-level security and compliance. Keep it safe with regulators and industry watchdogs by staying in the line while handling sensitive data through legally compliant security systems to safeguard the privacy of users.
  3. Routes data conveniently. The application can be configured to forward key data to only the people who are meant to be their recipients.
  4. Assess which forms is the best fit. With its handy A/B testing tool, you do not need to use another program to assess the effectivity of any form that you are trying to field for your surveys.

18. Getfeedback

Getfeedback helps you get to the heart of your relationship with your customers through survey forms that are designed to give you contextual feedback from either prospects or long-standing customers throughout the entirety of your association with them. You can set up triggers to notify your team in cases where issues are raised, so they can act on them immediately.

Getfeedback puts businesses or educational organizations on their feet with timely information and insight gathered from the field. Survey dashboards that you can easily customize give you access to essential metrics that are essential to the growth of your business or the advancement of your educational programs.

What is unique about Getfeedback?

  1. Stunning surveys with your brand. Getfeedback features an easy-to-use survey builder that lets you design your survey using preloaded themes or create your own colors, background and button styles that better reflect your own brand.
  2. Smarter surveys for key insights. Find out what your customers really want with carefully targeted surveys in real time and extract critical information from them through powerful analytics.
  3. Built to run on mobile devices. Getfeedback gives you access to its powerful suite of survey and analytical tools from within any capable portable device, so you won’t ever miss on the action.
  4. Personalize your survey. Merge fields enable you to build survey elements that are tailored to any specific prospect or client.

19. Voxco Online

Voxco Online is a cloud-based survey software that offers flexible survey tools which can be used by professionals and researchers from the academe, government agencies, market research firms, and other organizations, industries, and businesses. The online survey creation and distribution platform let you create any type of web surveys and customize them using its questionnaire design toolbox. You can add video, audio files and images to the surveys, and invite respondents through social media, email, and SMS to answer and complete your surveys.

You can create surveys that get results using Voxco’s robust multi-channel capabilities that enable you to reach respondents anywhere, and design even the most complex-logic questionnaires for data collection. Moreover, the software helps you determine how your respondents are answering your web survey, whether they are filling out all the information and answering all the questions in it or abandoning the survey at some questions. It also offers a panel management feature that allows you to recruit and maintain a community of survey takers or panelists, helping them maximize their response rates.

What is unique about Voxco Online?

  1. Automatic survey data reporting. Survey results are automatically made available for you, letting you evaluate how respondents are participating in answering your survey. You’ll be able to identify how many questionnaires are completed and how many are submitted with incomplete information.
  2. Track and remind respondents. Voxco Online allows you to automatically send reminders – through email or text message – to your survey respondents and notify them of survey schedules as well as track who is responding or not.
  3. Questionnaire design toolbox. You can add whatever elements to your surveys – pictures, video clips, and audio recordings – to make them more engaging. Even respondents themselves can include pictures, videos, or recordings to their answers to make it a fun activity.
  4. Detect devices. Voxco Online can detect the devices used by respondents in completing their surveys, letting you know which devices (tablets, desktops, or mobile phone) respondents prefer to use when completing certain types of surveys.

20. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is an online questionnaire and survey maker that offers robust and easy tools to let you create surveys, share them, and analyze results. It is designed for use by educators, instructors, online marketers and organizations wanting to gather customer feedback, conduct market and demographic research, evaluate course efficacy, and other goals and activities. It supports advanced features such as detailed survey stats, multiple question types, response grading, cross-device compatibility, survey embed facilities, among others.

ProProfs Survey Maker is equipped with a simple drag and drop survey creation interface that allows you to easily edit and reorder survey questions. You can create online surveys tailored to the needs of your respondents, get detailed reports to help you accurately interpret the results, and easily share these reports to your stakeholders. Meanwhile, marketers can use the survey embed code to post the surveys to their blogs or websites as well as create a quiz or poll to boost their marketing efforts. With the software, designing and creating online surveys of any type is made simple, whether they are basic surveys or sophisticated ones.

What is unique about ProProfs Survey Maker?

  1. Ideal for business, classroom, and events. The platform is most suitable for creating online surveys to conduct market research, assess employee feedback, and measure customer satisfaction; gathering feedback from students, parents, colleagues and administrators; and conducting a post-event survey to find impressions and sentiments of attendees.
  2. Share surveys anywhere. The software helps you easily reach out to people by sharing surveys and questionnaires in various ways – through social media sites, via email, or publishing on websites and blogs.
  3. Track your surveys. You can track how respondents answer your surveys, obtain information about your respondents instantly, and access detailed survey reports in real time so you can immediately gain insights into responses and choices of survey takers.
  4. Security controls. ProProfs Survey Maker comes with security mechanisms such as passwords, privacy controls and more to keep your online surveys secure and confidential, and thus preserve the integrity of data.

21. SurveyAnyplace

SurveyAnyplace is an online solution for making entertaining and engaging surveys while giving your serious results. You can use it to create surveys for maturity assessment, customer satisfaction, the collection of participants data, personality assessment, quizzes for professionals and training. It helps you gather valuable data and increase brand perception by doing away with boring surveys and supplant them with fun-to-take questionnaires with game-like elements.

SurveyAnyplace takes on a conversational and engaging approach, letting you go beyond surveys by inviting your audience for future feedback, and offering them incentives and other reasons to engage through email or social media. Aside from offering modern-looking surveys that entice respondents and are easy to interact with, SurveyAnyplace leverages the latest mobile features which you can use to gather in-the-moment responses with photo support, location data and more.

What is unique about SurveyAnyplace?

  1. Easy and powerful survey builder. You can create any branded survey or quiz in a few clicks, complete with images, video, and animations. You can also add quirky and interactive widgets to make surveys more entertaining.
  2. Conversational surveys. SurveyAnyplace allows respondents to automatically skip one or more questions based on that respondent’s answer to other specific questions, helping you ask only relevant questions and keep surveys shorter and more conversational.
  3. Offline capability. Surveys and quizzes can be used offline, and data will be automatically uploaded later on once connectivity is available.
  4. Multi-user management & collaboration. For big projects and large teams, you can utilize a White Label edition of SurveyAnyplace with functionalities such as user management and multiple administrators, among others.


There you have it, the leading survey builders for education and businesses as ranked by our experts and end-users. Among others, Qualtrics has always made it to the top of our survey builder tools list for its powerful and versatile application. While this list can help you a great deal on your path to purchase or migration, it pays to heed what we always reiterate: do try always to avail yourself of the free trial or demo offer from any vendor. Nothing beats the real feel of the application under your own ecosystem. A logical approach is to start with the top choice and compare it with the contenders. You can sign up for a Qualtric Research Core free trial here.

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