The Future of ERP Solutions: The Next Big Thing Is Automation & Acceleration

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Buckle up and hold onto your seats, as ERP is about to undergo a radical or rather we should say a revolutionary change! Get set to bid farewell to the slow, imbecile and laborious ERP for good.

ERP since its inception undoubtedly has come a long way and the technology is all set to bring another paradigm shift providing businesses with a competitive edge they need to strive and survive in today’s impatient and volatile business environment.  

ERP solutions of the yesteryear were a lot like conventional and arduous enterprise tools that required manual checks for any updates. Adding to the grievances, measuring and tracking changes took months or even quarters. This propelled businesses to settle with a substandard user experience that couldn’t get worse than the primitive spreadsheets.

Further, making changes to an existing ERP system was nothing less than a nightmare for IT personnel and managers alike.

In this article we’ll discuss a few prominent drivers that are going to shape the future of ERP solutions. 


Drivers of Tomorrow’s ERP

Automation is here!

With the advent of application automation, you no longer need to wait for ages to instigate changes in your business processes. In fact, with intuitive automation capabilities, tomorrow’s ERP systems would allow to prep up for changes by checking all the standard and custom codes effortlessly. It’s a lot like putting a CD into your DVD player. All thanks to cloud technology, we do not need to run in circles anymore!

Decision-making has become a quickie in today’s cutthroat business environment in comparison to the dawn of ERP technology. This impatient flair of businesses forms the turbocharger to thrive and survive. Today’s enterprise software users demand a lot more than before, as they want up-do-date and accurate information at a keystroke.

Thus, tomorrow’s ERP would require high-speed connectivity between multiple servers, locations, data devices, speeding up access to critical business information whilst ensuring complete data accuracy, all in real-time basis.

Data on the move!

Data consumption is no more a static thing, as consumers of data in business world demand for information at their fingertips while on the go! With cloud technology taking the business arena by a storm, tomorrow’s ERP is simply not an exception, which would enable easy access to business data anytime, anywhere and from any time.

This calls ERP systems to stock up several synchronisation capabilities and embrace multiple data sharing platforms, integration tools and security protocols to ensure seamless transition of data across a gamut of devices.

Proactive Communication

Businesses today want ERP systems to communicate thoroughly and efficiently ensuring all the users that nothing goes amiss. Hence, it is simply not enough for an ERP system to serve the called-out data as and when requested, as the system ought to essentially communicate with its users in a proactive manner via pop-ups, alerts, reminders ensuring that critical data blips on the user’s radar irrespective of his location.

It doesn’t cease here, because after receiving the data, the user then needs to act upon it accordingly. For this, tomorrow’s ERP need to break-free from the conventional mode of communication, which requires the users to log into the system to check for messages, emails, etc. In short, ERP of tomorrow will have to be intelligent enough saving a great deal of time for its users.

Intelligence Redefined!

Modern day business trends require managers and users to skim through a pool of diversified data sorted in various forms for various scenarios with a distinct approach to each for making informed decisions. Thus, ERP systems of current times are being designed to keep up with this pace and deliver optimum results each time on a consistent basis.

Nevertheless, the future of ERP is set to bring a radical shift in this context. This is because solutions of the future would be highly data-driven equipped with advanced business intelligence tools that would assess all the information as well as offer intelligent and sound interference for the same suggesting suitable actions to users thus, helping them make sound business decisions based on statistics.

Importantly, tomorrow’s ERP would serve as a single point of contact for every critical operation in a business. This hints the onset of highly robust, sure-fire and dependable ERP solutions.

Deeper Integration

Since we are witnessing a great surge in the demand for more and more versatile enterprise solutions, the future of ERP would call for deeper integration with customer service, human resources, procurement operations and so on. Increased integration will help bridge the gap between multiple business operations and processes for a business.

For instance, more and more number of businesses will prefer to merge CRM and ERP into a single unified system for optimum customer engagement and enterprise resource management.    

Simplicity in the cards!

Get ready for easy-to-use and easy-to-understand ERP solutions with uncluttered and neat interfaces reducing training time significantly. Redundancy-free, simple to use and reliable ERP systems are all set to rule the future of ERP technology.

Final Verdict

It is quite evident that the future of ERP solutions is all set to undergo a radical shift driving the capabilities of modern-day ERP systems further. Moreover, as the rules of business keep on evolving at warp speed, ERP solutions are increasingly becoming a core aspect to drive in efficiency, productivity, intelligence and profitability.

So we can conclude that tomorrow’s ERP won’t be serving as a tool alone, but instead will be more of a sidekick to its users accompanying throughout every business operation. If you’d like to find more details about specific ERP feel free to check out our accounting & finance software reviews where we cover features, benefits and integrations of all popular SaaS solutions of this kind.

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