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Top 10 Alternatives to OpenTable: Leading Restaurant Management Software Solutions

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What is the best alternative to OpenTable?

The best alternative to OpenTable is Toast POS. This Android application can easily go head to head with OpenTable for its astounding selection of robust restaurant management tools. Moreover, it is equipped with a user-friendly interface that consolidates your back-office and front-of-house responsibilities so you can better serve your customers.

As a restaurateur, you know how cutthroat the foodservice industry can be. Not only do you have to make sure that you’re offering excellent food and service; you also have to monitor back-office responsibilities such as sales and inventory management. To keep your edge over the competitors, you will need to rely on reliable restaurant management software solutions like OpenTable.

Trusted by businesses worldwide, OpenTable is known for its best-in-class table management, POS, and menu planning tools. It also offers a plethora of solutions that will help you streamline other aspects of your restaurant operations. However, while this software solution offers a comprehensive set of features, it is still possible that OpenTable is unable to meet some of your requirements. Whether it doesn’t fall within your budget, lacks specific tools that you are looking for, or any other reason, don’t fret. We have compiled the top 10 alternatives to OpenTable to help you out.

opentable alternatives

Restaurant management software solutions have become essential tools for success in the industry. These stats tell you why:

  • 83% of consumers use their mobile devices to search for restaurant locations and open hours, according to the National Restaurant Association.
  • Fifty-five percent read reviews to learn about the quality of services offered, while 79% of diners state that restaurant technology can help to enhance their experience.
  • 68% of diners prefer that waiters use handheld tablets to provide better quality service.
  • 80% of restaurant owners say that technology enables them to become more productive and competitive, and it helps to boost sales.

Despite the proven benefits of restaurant management software, most restaurants in the US are still laggards when it comes to adopting them. Only 12% of restaurants say they use cutting-edge technology. Just 25% facilitate online reservations. Why do most restaurants hesitate to invest in technology? Here are the reasons:

  • 49% cite maintenance
  • 63% cite cost
  • 44% name training

The good news is restaurants are open to making the necessary investments with 25% of establishments willing to spend more time and money on technology. Finally, 53% of restaurateurs state that predictive ordering is the facility they most wish to include in their services.

Now that you have learned the importance of restaurant management software solutions, it is time to buy a quality system for your needs. However, this could be a hard task as there are plenty of good options out there. To simplify the process, we have detailed the main features and benefits of OpenTable as well as the top 10 alternatives to OpenTable in this article.

What is OpenTable?

OpenTable is an innovative cloud-based restaurant management platform that comes along with the Priceline Group suite. It offers two modules: Guest Center and Connect. These modules make it simple for restaurant owners and managers to make online reservations, set up seating arrangements and identify repeat patrons.

OpenTable utilizes touch-screen technology to simplify the work of restaurant managers. It recalls customer choices in real-time which makes the work of restaurants simpler. In addition, customers can book reservations online quickly and easily. Top features of the Guest Center module are reporting and analytics, table management, shift planning, guest profile, and reservations. Meanwhile, the key feature offered by the Connect module is its basic reporting option.

Benefits of OpenTable

OpenTable has many benefits. Here are the major advantages when you use this top software:

  1. The reservation process is more streamlined and issues that arise from lost reservations and internal miscommunication are eliminated.
  2. When customers book reservations they get discounts on bills at participating restaurants.
  3. Customers can book online reservations without any charge.
  4. Restaurant managers can identify the number of open tables and fill them instantly.
  5. Customers do not have to wait for a long time to get a seat.

Though OpenTable is a quality solution, it is not the only fish in the pond. We give you a wider range of options by detailing the tools of the top 10 alternatives to OpenTable.

Top 10 Alternatives to OpenTable

1. Toast POS

Toast POS empowers businesses in the United States to improve customer experience, minimize costs and boost staff efficiency. A popular Android POS system, this software can be utilized by quick service restaurants, fine dining restaurants, coffee outlets, bakeries, pizza chains, breweries, and bars. The highlight of Toast POS is its menu management tool that enables you to set up menus with groups and sub-groups, customize menus separately for online and offline audiences and set menu prices for specific times such as happy hour menu.

You can easily check out these features when you sign up for Toast POS free demo here.

Toast POS

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Similarly, with its restaurant ordering functionality, you can take orders on the fly, send automatic alerts to the waiter when the order is ready and split bills and menu items among diners. Plus, the platform simplifies payments for diners by offering features such as “pay at the table,” emailing or printing receipts and enabling them to tip waiters directly from the tablet. In addition, diners can get loyalty points from payments that they can redeem later. Finally, this system provides detailed reporting of product mix across menus and enables you to track real-time menu sales. To give you greater options, we present good Toast POS alternatives here.

2. TouchBistro

Our review team has no hesitation in naming TouchBistro as one of the leading restaurant management systems in the market. This iPad POS system helps both quick-service as well as full-service restaurants to improve their service and decision-making and boost sales. You can use your iPad to manage inventory, iPad menus, staff and scheduling, mobile payment processing, floor plans, and tableside orders. The software also offers top-notch analytics and reporting capabilities. In addition to these, the vendor has recently updated the platform’s order screen, added a remote menu management option, and included integrations for Cayan Genios Mini device and Chase Paymentech over the past year. You can easily check out these features when you sign up for TouchBistro free trial here.

TouchBistro offers advanced management tools, superior ease of use and features specifically designed for the foodservice industry. This platform integrates the various payment options to help you efficiently manage expenses and receipts. Plus, its POS system makes payment processing simpler by enabling customers to pay via credit cards and gift cards. Finally, the TouchBistro Loyalty program provides incentives to diners to visit and spend more, which enhances their lifetime spend. If you want to look at more software options, browse these good TouchBistro alternatives here.

3. Restaurant Inspection Restaurant Inspection is a fully integrated mobile solution created to help restaurateurs spot problems with their operations. Using this, you can pinpoint any instances of noncompliance with food safety regulations, sanitation laws, and industry rules. By doing so, you can be sure that your business is in top-notch condition at all times. It even has task management tools and facilities management features that will allow you to check your restaurant’s status in real-time. To learn more, sign up for a Restaurant Inspection free trial here.

What this software lacks, however, is the essential restaurant management features that OpenTable provides. It makes up for this through its robust open API capabilities. If you’re looking to compare and contrast similar options, take a look at our Restaurant Inspection alternatives.

4. Sapaad

Sapaad is an integrated POS solution that is designed for the needs of food establishments of all sizes.  It is known for its comprehensive inventory and food costing tools as well as its mobile ordering system. Deployed on the cloud like OpenTable, this platform is easily accessible via desktop and mobile devices, making it easier for you to monitor operations in real-time wherever you are. With this at your disposal, you can manage recipes for your restaurant, roll out loyalty programs, as well as accommodate online ordering. It also has a customizable dashboard where you can access reports about your sales. For your convenience, you can check these features out for yourself if you sign up for a Sapaad free trial here.

What makes Sapaad unique from its competitors, however, is that it has a call center module and built-in CRM functionalities that allow you to build client databases according to previous transactions. This means you can provide a more personable service without hassle. To make things even better, the vendor also offers regular feature upgrades and routine fixes to make sure that your POS system is always in tiptop condition. If you think this product is not the right restaurant management system for you then, be sure to take a look at these excellent Sapaad alternatives.

5. Plate IQ

Plate IQ is primarily an accounting solution designed for the foodservice industry. However, this software made it on our list because it provides powerful features for AP automation, menu management, inventory tracking, and sales reporting that are similar to OpenTable’s. With this tool at your disposal, you can automate expense monitoring, income tracking, invoicing, and even price updates.  This way, you can cut down the time you spend on back-office tasks and focus more on running the front-of-house operations. Should you want to, you can take these features on a test drive if you sign up for a Plate IQ free demo here.

Another thing to note about Plate IQ is that the platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This means learning it and implementing it is easy even for those who are not particularly tech-savvy. To top it all off, Plate IQ also integrates with numerous third-party applications so you can extend its functionalities according to your needs. If you wish to look at other solutions, peruse these Plate IQ alternatives here.


AB POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale solution that can be deployed on-premise or via cloud. Designed to cater to the needs of different business sizes, this platform enables its users to automate key processes such as business intelligence, order management, and sales monitoring. Moreover, AB POS also doubles as an HR system that lets you organize shift schedules and measure employee performance against your preferred metrics. This way, you can easily resolve any bottlenecks to productivity and improve operational efficiency.

Another highlight of AB POS is its robust payment processing feature. The platform offers an integrated system that can facilitate all sorts of transactions quickly and securely. Whether your customers prefer paying through EMV cards, credit/debit cards, NFC, Apple PayTM, or Android PayTM, you can count on this software to simplify the process for you. If you want a closer look at these features, sign up for an AB POS free trial here. What this product lacks, however, is the reservation management options that OpenTable offers. To give you more choices, we present good AB POS alternatives here.

7. Simpra RMS

Simpra RMS is a SaaS solution for business owners looking for an intuitive yet user-friendly restaurant management system. It offers tools for delivery order management, payment processing, and service performance analysis much like OpenTable. What makes it different is that it specializes in table management. With it, you can accommodate table transfers as well as merge tables in the most organized manner possible so you and your team members get confused by the time you issue the bill. The software also has payment processing tools that let you divide table checks in an instant as well as accept partial payments. Sign up for a Simpra RMS free trial here to learn more about this software’s features.

In addition to its extensive set of features, Simpra RMS is also lauded for its easy installation and configuration. Accessible via Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, this software is created with novice and professional users in mind. With that said, you can expect that you will be able to implement this platform in little to no time. Do you think this software solution is not a good fit for your establishment? In that case, check out these great Simpra RMS alternatives instead.

8. BlueCart

BlueCart is an online and mobile-ready restaurant management solution that combines powerful CRM tools and robust order management capabilities in one convenient package. Not only can this platform streamline order management and simplify payment processing; it can also help you leverage customer data to provide a more personalized experience for your clients. In addition to this, the software is also equipped with real-time reporting to help you stay in-the-loop about your sales and employee performance. You can try these features out first-hand if you sign up for a BlueCart free trial here.

Currently offering modules for restaurants, suppliers, and sales representatives,  BlueCart can also support integrations with other business systems and applications. With this, you can merge it with your existing software solutions or extend its functions however you want. Should you think that this software will be unable to meet some of your operational requirements, you may also take a look at these excellent BlueCart alternatives.

9. Jolt

Jolt is a cloud-based POS system trusted by restaurants, cafes, groceries, and businesses from other industries. With this all-in-one application, you can streamline business operations, manage employees, and even track compliance rules without jumping from platform to platform. It also centralizes your information to enable easier auditing and analysis of your overall service performance. Moreover, since this application is cloud-based, you can conveniently access it from anywhere at any time and on any internet-ready mobile device. Should you want to learn more about these features, you can sign up for a Jolt free trial here.

The only downside about Jolt is that while this platform is great for ensuring productivity and efficiency in the workplace, it falls short of expectations when it comes to other aspects of restaurant management. Unlike the other products on this list, it doesn’t support table management tools or order processing options. It is also unable to process payments for you. If you think that the lack of features will be a problem for you then, you might want to take a look at these Jolt alternatives.

10. LimeTray

We have included LimeTray POS in our list of top 10 alternatives to OpenTable as it offers robust functionalities that enable restaurants to streamline operations and ensure that service is at its best at all times. Completely optimized for desktop and mobile devices, this software solution provides restaurateurs and bar owners with the flexibility they need to monitor inventory levels, manage cash flow, and review customer history in one convenient interface. This system can also integrate with various business systems and applications like Zomato and Foodpanda to help you oversee different aspects of your business with ease. You can try out these features if you sign up for a LimeTray free demo here.

Another great thing about this product is that it offers user-friendly navigation that takes little to no time to learn. It also comes with an offline mode so you can continue with operations even when you experience internet connection issues. Moreover, it helps you get a good grasp of your restaurant management process from order taking and customer management to inventory tracking and cash management. Do you think this platform is not for you? To give you a wider set of choices, we present viable LimeTray alternatives here.

Tips on Choosing a Restaurant Management System

Hopefully, with our top 10 alternatives to OpenTable, you were able to narrow down your restaurant management system options. Before you make a decision, however, be sure to carefully assess your prospective software. These programs do not come cheap, so it is best that you gauge their functionalities against your operational requirements right off the bat. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t simply opt for the software that offers the most features. Rather, you should choose one that will be able to give you the right tools for your business at the right price.

A good rule of thumb here is to find a scalable restaurant management software that offers the essential tools as a basic package. After all, it is better to start with a simple program that can carry out everyday tasks like tracking sales, processing payments, and managing tables rather than pay for a complicated system with tools that you might never even need.  You might also want to choose software solutions that can be deployed on the cloud as this will allow you to enjoy the convenience of monitoring your business via different devices. In addition to these, asking yourself the following questions might also be of help during the software selection process:

  1. Is this software capable of adapting to the changing needs of my business?
  2. Is it compatible with my existing business systems? Moreover, can it integrate with the applications I am using?
  3. How difficult will it be for me to learn this new software?
  4. Will this restaurant management software give me the data I need to improve my business operations?
  5. Can the vendor assure me that my data is safe on their platform?
  6. Does this support self-service options?
  7. Does the vendor provide regular updates and routine maintenance for the software?

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