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Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Premiere: Analysis of Top Video Editing Software

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What is the best alternative to Adobe Premiere?
The best alternative to Adobe Premiere is Final Cut Pro with its professional-grade video editing features. It is a state-of-the-art tool designed to harness the powerful capabilities of Mac computers for seamless performance, smooth video editing, and fast processing.

Are you searching for an alternative video editing solution to Adobe Premiere? You’ve come to the right page if you’re looking for video editing software for your business or professional needs. There are plenty of quality tools available in the market but we’ve narrowed down the choices to the top 10 alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro so you don’t have to spend precious time going through each product’s features and functionalities.

What should you look for in a video editing software? If you are in the business of video editing or required to prepare videos for sales and marketing, the editing software should cover the whole gamut – from basic features to advanced capabilities – giving you the flexibility to take in a whole range of projects. The editing software should carry features that enable you to work on, automate, or handle the following:

  1. Basic editing. Tons of features won’t matter if you’re software can’t do the basics like trimming, splitting, and joining video clips; adding and adjusting audio to sequences; and putting in titles, captions, and transitions, among others.
  2. Multi-cam editing. Capabilities to edit footages of same events/scenes from several cameras and let you create multi-camera source sequence and workflows.
  3. Titles & transitions. From simple to cinema-level, the software should be able to provide seamless titles and transitions whether you create your own, import them from an external source or select from pre-built elements that come with the software.
  4. Special effects. These can be provided by the software or lets you build your own. It should be able to automate the process of creating these and including these in your sequences.
  5. Manage audio. From single track to multi-track, the editing software should be able to edit, trim, modify, sync audio to video, adjust levels, remove noise, and more.
  6. Support various video & audio formats. There are dozens of video and audio file formats being used today. The software may not necessarily support all of them but be able to work with the most common ones used in videos, movies, and films.
  7. Handle HD & VR. While many video editing tools are already capable of handling high definition and VR materials, they should also be able to work with the latest kind of video media which is 360-degree VR and offer compatible features such as image stabilization, titles, effects, and others.
  8. Handle today’s action sequences. Action cams like GoPro require specialized tools with capabilities for speedups and slowdowns, freeze frame, motion tracking, and even color correction and other light and visual adjustments for underwater footages.
  9. Library of templates & elements. It must offer a gallery of templates for titles, backgrounds, fonts, transitions, effects, and other elements that can be used for your video. These can come either as packaged with the software or accessible through the vendor’s site.

There are many opportunities in the video editing business. For one, the median salary for film/video editors in 2018 was much higher than the current annual average salary of U.S. employees. Video production and editing companies are flourishing with the boom in film and television. It’s a whole entertainment industry relying on the skills and services of professional video editing services and providers.

Video editing businesses are also at the forefront of today’s digital age which has spawned direct internet videos. It was predicted that by 2019 video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US. Video is increasingly becoming an essential engagement tool for your visual marketing strategy. This video-centric trend among consumers is driving the video editing industry where businesses and organizations are looking for video production and editing services to provide quality, professional level video materials for their corporate marketing and promotional requirements.

Video editing software is one of your most important tools as a small business owner, marketer or content publisher. While these are modern digital editing tools, they can work with video as well as audio from tapes, reels, and other analog sources and traditional formats. We’ve got the tools covered with these top 10 alternatives to Adobe Premiere. But first, let’s get to know Adobe Premiere which sets the benchmark when it comes to video editing.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

adobe premiere dashboard example

Adobe Premiere Pro is currently on its 27th version – Premiere Pro CC 2018 – the result of continuous evolution and enhancement from actual suggestions and requirements of its horde of users. The software runs on Mac and PC and boasts of powerful capabilities, enough to be used by CNN and BBC, and to edit feature films like Deadpool and Monsters. But even if you’re not out to make a full-length movie, it certainly is intuitive and versatile enough to be the platform for creating your corporate presentations, training videos, video ads and promotions, video marketing campaigns, and just about any other video projects.

With Adobe Premiere Pro, editors have access to tools that enable them to do both basic editing and advanced editing. It gives them the means to adjust color, fine-tune audio, create visual effects, add titles and graphics, and more. It provides everything you need to present your stories to the web, film or TV. In addition, it works seamlessly with other Adobe products like Photoshop, Story, After Effects, and Illustrator where you can import data and elements to your Premiere Pro projects. You can even have the whole suite of Adobe products together with Premiere Pro if you get the Creative Cloud All Apps package.

Benefits of Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is loaded with features and capabilities. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from it:

  1. Responsive design. The interface is designed for maximum productivity and efficiency, and constantly updated to make it more responsive.
  2. Integrated workflow. The software integrates with other Adobe products for smoother workflows while its integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate with colleagues without leaving the platform.
  3. Immersive VR support. Premiere Pro boasts of new and enhanced features to support complex VR editing functions.
  4. Simultaneous editing. You can open multiple projects at once, switch between scenes, and pull clips from one project to another, saving you time by speeding up the process.
  5. Multiple formats. The software currently supports over 70 video, audio, image, camera, closed captioning and subtitle file formats and codecs on both MacOS and Windows.

Despite the tools offered by Premiere Pro, it may not be the right solution for you for one reason or another, most probably the price or its capital-intensive computer requirements. There are other options you can explore here with our top 10 alternatives to Adobe Premiere. While these products may have similar editing tools, they also offer different levels of capabilities and features that are unique to each of their platforms.

Top Adobe Premiere Alternatives

1. Final Cut Pro

final cut pro dashboard example

Final Cut Pro is a professional-level video editing platform for macOS users that follows and builds on Apple’s practice of coming up with industry-standard products.  The software helps you produce stunning videos with its array of filters, motion graphics, and special effects, among others. The video editing platform is built on state-of-the-art computing architecture that allows it to leverage the powerful performance of the latest CPUs and graphics processors that come with MacBooks for smooth and speedy video editing.

Final Cut Pro supports 360-degree video editing for VR as well as real-time VR headset playback that allows you to see how the modifications work in their intended environment. Moreover, you get seamless video editing with ingenious tools such as the trackless Magnetic Timeline (a different approach to the conventional video timeline) that lets you move and trim clips without causing problems for the rest of the video. These can even be color-coded to make easy and efficient identification of content.

Widely popular with over 2 million users, it has earned a following with top-level editors. The most watched music video of all time – Despacito – with over 4.5 billion views was put together with Final Cut Pro X, the latest version of the software.

Why choose Final Cut Pro instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Offers a one-time price; relatively cheaper than Adobe Premiere.
  2. High-quality, pro-grade transitions, titles, and other effects.
  3. Lots of organizational tools like tagging, auto analysis, libraries, etc.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of Final Cut Pro?

  1. True native support for a wide range of source formats.
  2. Syncs with Creative Cloud for easy access from any internet-connected computer.
  3. Supports multiple GPU cards for fast rendering, compression and export times.

For other equally powerful choices, you may check out these Final Pro Cut alternatives.

2. iMovie

imovie dashboard example

iMovie is an entry-level video editing tool from Apple that works on iOS and macOS devices. It is included free in all new Mac computers and provides capabilities to edit photos and video clips; import these file types from your hard drive; add titles, themes, music, and effects; and do basic color correction, video enhancements, and transitions such as fades and slides.

Starting with version 5 (from 2005), iMovie is able to process high definition video from HDV camcorders, and in later versions compressed video from MPEG-4 or Quicktime Movie files (.mov format). The current version of the software gives you options to modify and enhance video color settings, crop and rotate a video clip, stabilize shaky video, add effects like fade, and change the speed of clips (speed up or slow down).

It supports 4K video resolution and can be played directly from an Apple device to a screen or shared to social media and video sharing websites. It also gives you access to themes and templates which you can use to customize your video. With iMovie, you can easily turn your photos and videos into storytelling movies complete with a studio logo and credits roll.

Why choose iMovie instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Simple, minimal, and user-friendly interface for regular iOS and macOS users.
  2. You can add custom elements such as logos, themes, templates, and filters.
  3. Designed for easy viewing/sharing through iCloud, social media, and video sharing channels.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of iMovie?

  1. Supports high-res video editing at up to 10,240 x 8,192 resolution.
  2. Audio sample-level editing with support for VST audio plug-in, and 5.1 surround sound mixing.
  3. Ability to edit/view in 3D using 2D monitors with individual left and right eye adjustments.

For other options, here are iMovie alternatives worth checking out.

3. macXvideo

macxvideo dashboard example

macXvideo is a free, user-friendly video editing software built for use on Mac devices. It makes video editing on Mac computers effortless and efficient with its capability of compressing 4K, 5K, or 8K videos without quality loss or similar issues. It can increase or lower video quality with optimum ease based on your requirements, as well as edit, decode, and encode high-quality 4K or higher resolution videos.

With its unique hardware acceleration technology, macXvideo can edit, revise, and transcode 4k and 8k videos five times faster compared to other popular yet more expensive video editing platforms. It is extremely user-friendliness and does not need topnotch video editing expertise and skills. Users with little video editing knowledge will find themselves a very robust, and blazingly fast video editing and processing software that can handle high-res videos with simplicity and speed.

macXvideo comes with a wide selection of editing capabilities to help you transform raw videos into professionally crafted movies. It offers basic features like cutting, trimming, rotation, splits, merge, audio volume control, playback speed, and subtitles. It likewise provides advanced tools such as dazzling effects, hue, lightness, contrast, gamma, and saturation, among others.

Why choose macXvideo instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. It is completely free.
  2. It has the fastest processing speed for 4K UHD videos powered by unique level-3 hardware acceleration and multi-core CPU utility.
  3. Makes easy work of 4K videos which it can compress to 90% smaller size without loss.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of macXvideo?

  1. Playback engine for real-time performance when working on complex sequences.
  2. Scriptwriting tool for importing scripts and related metadata.
  3. Multicam editing allows syncing single shots or entire footages simultaneously using mix frame rates, codecs, and audio waveforms.

You may find many equally capable products with our macXvideo alternatives.

4. Filmora

filmora dashboard example

Filmora stands out when it comes to rendering speed aside from the plethora of effects, filters, and text tools it offers. It supports editing 4K videos and provides several tools to apply video effects, styles, and customization. Filmora lets you add overlays, animations, voice overs, and elements such as GIFs and images, music, and texts. You can also crop footage, increase or decrease videos sizes or to fit particular play time, apply tilt-shift or blurring on certain areas, adjust video settings such as rotating or flipping videos, and do audio enhancement like removing noise.

Filmora is offers split screen functionality which is most helpful when working with multiple clips and footage that are played in the same video simultaneously. You only need to select the split screen icon and choose options from two, three, or four screens and how they are arranged. You can then pick video clips and simply drag them into the timeline. The software also has advanced text editing functionality where you change font size and style, modify colors and borders, and split some parts of the clip to add texts.

Why choose Filmora instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Apply your own customization aside from pre-built elements.
  2. Transform your video with an array of filters and graphic overlays.
  3. Drag and drop moving graphics into your video.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of Filmora?

  1. Synchronizes audio & video automatically.
  2. Applies effects and alterations to footage while it is in the media bin so when you use a clip from that footage in the timeline, your effects are already in place.
  3. It lets you scrub and trim all at once, doing precise cuts to footage as you watch it.

You may not want to limit yourself with this software, so here are other Filmora alternatives.

5. WeVideo

wevideo dashboard example

WeVideo is cloud-based video editing platform that makes editing online with your browser fun and easy. The full-featured program enables you to capture, create, view, and even share movies at high resolutions. It supports multiple video, audio, image, and graphic formats and is equipped with multi-track editing and storyboard, advanced text editing, built-in graphics, customizable environment, and file & media manager. All these are packed in a user-friendly interface that makes advanced video editing simpler.

Whether you are a seasoned editor or a beginner, the software lets you create great videos with ease through its straightforward layout that provides simple and advanced features to give you full creative control. It also utilizes the WeVideo JumpStart technology that allows you to instantly start editing in the cloud without having to wait for locally stored files to load. With its collaboration capability, you can invite friends to make different edits on the same footage, while its cross-platform functionality enables you to work from different systems and devices.

Why choose WeVideo instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Works well on any device including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebook.
  2. Multiple video editing modes and storyboard let you create movies in minutes.
  3. Mix and match over 600 formats of video, audio, and images using special effects and advanced tools.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of WeVideo?

  1. Automates titles to sequence which is helpful if you need to lay down numerous titles.
  2. Move-insert editing feature allows rearranging a clip in a sequence without leaving any gaps.
  3. Lets you use the media browser to import clips.

If this video solution is not right up your alley, you can always try these WeVideo alternatives.

6. Nero Standard 2018

nero dashboard example

Nero Standard 2018 is an HD multimedia suite for Windows PC dubbed as the “Swiss knife for digital masterpieces.” It offers a powerful media management tool for organizing, managing, and tracking videos, audio, and images in one place. The Nero Standard 2018 package combines four programs in a single suite and includes features such as import, create, edit, burn, copy, archive organize, play, stream, rip and convert. It also provides countless effects, convenient video editing tools, embedding videos subtitles, and support for mobile devices.

The app uses the latest SecureDisc 4.0 technology for optimal data security. Its Nero Launcher gives you convenient access to all functions; while all applications are organized with files drop zones and home screens for easy management and completion of projects. Even if it is locally deployed, Nero offers cloud storage for all media files to ensure that your files are properly stored and accessible all the time. Furthermore, Nero gives you SecureDisc technology for maximum security of data.

Why choose Nero Standard 2018 instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. You can easily create top-quality movies and slideshows as well as DVD-Videos and Blu-ray Discs.
  2. Burn high-quality audio CDs with automatic sound enhancement and album covers.
  3. Its Nero MediaHome lets you easily organize and play music, videos, photos, movies, and TV series, and integrate them into your projects.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of Nero Standard 2018?

  1. Has Team Projects feature, allowing video editors to collaborate on the same project.
  2. Automatically determines if VR content is mono or stereoscopic.
  3. Templates for live text allow repeated video clips to maintain a consistent appearance across a series of videos or clips.

There are still lots of products out there that you can consider through these Nero alternatives.

7. DaVinci Resolve 14

davinci dashboard example

DaVinci Resolve 14 is a high-end color correction and finishing tool equipped with a full-fledged color grading program for film and video editing, and tools professional audio post-production, all in a single application. Editors and colorists looking to deliver Hollywood-caliber projects can take advantage of this powerful finishing application. DaVinci Resolve 14 can capably handle your video production regardless if it is for the big screen, for TV, or for the web. Among its key features include professional editing tools, color correction tools, Fairlight audio, media and delivery, and multi-user collaboration.

The program gives you the capability to enhance editing, speed up processes, and simplify workflows. It can handle multiple video sizes – from 4K camera footage to standard definition and classic VHS home video. It also has a fast multi-cam editing feature that comes in handy when you are working with multiple cameras. It allows you to synchronize all your clips using, time codes, sounds, or in/out points. Syncing clips using sound saves time and lets you line up all the clips for real-time editing.

Why choose DaVinci Resolve 14 instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Precise control over color correction and grading.
  2. Offers a free basic version and a premium studio version.
  3. Multicam capability allows up to 16 cameras in one split view.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of DaVinci Resolve 14?

  1. Immersive transitions and video effects.
  2. Responsive tools for design such as for position and timing.
  3. Supports browse and import between multiple projects.

If you want to consider more apps, check our DaVinci Resolve alternatives.

8. VideoPad

videopad dashboard example

VideoPad offers intuitive and easy-to-learn video editing tools as well as straightforward but solid user interface. Equipped with social sharing and publishing features, the software is highly recommended for video editors and creators who publish their work on YouTube or Facebook. Virtually anyone can easily create professional-quality videos in just a few minutes complete with transitions and visual effects.

With VideoPad, you can add overlays and texts to videos, create narrations, select elements from its library of audio and sound effects. Its newest feature allows for full editing of 360-degree videos. The software also comes with a set of video optimization tools to fine-tune colors, add digital images to sequences, and adjust the speed of video clip playback. It also lets you share your videos directly to social media sites.

Why choose VideoPad instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Intuitive and easy to learn, with a set of less intimidating tools for quick operation.
  2. Designed with features for direct social publishing.
  3. Has vast collection of transitional effects and extensive export functions.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of VideoPad?

  1. Solid, professional-level solution adequate for most editing situations.
  2. Export edited video in various formats including video tape recordings, DV, DVD, and Internet video formats.
  3. Offers a selection of pre-built animated effects for your use, if you are not into building your own.

If you are interested to see other similar video editing tools, you can read our VideoPad alternatives.

9. HitFilm Express

hitfilm express dashboard example

HitFilm Express is an all-in-one video editing and visual effects application brimming with professional tools and features. Donning a stylish user interface, the software lets you import clips and enhance them with visual and sound effects. You’ll also be able to patch two scenes together to produce realistic shotgun effects; apply advanced tracking techniques to highlight blaster impact; create iconic titles; and add lighting effects and portal designs.

HitFilm Express boasts of advanced tracking and screen simulation that lets you see how objects or elements move. You’ll be able to add new objects that follow the same motion pattern. This allows you to replace the interface of gadgets or devices present in footages, wherein the new interface simulates the motion of those devices. The video editor and VFX software supports both Windows and Mac, and offers a free version for non-commercial use. Want an expanded choice of products?

Why choose HitFilm Express instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. Supports 2D and 3D effects compositing as well as 4K and 360-degree video.
  2. Offers a great selection of online tutorials.
  3. Professional effects tools for 3D modeling, compositing, layering, masking, cutting, and green screen.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of HitFilm Express?

  1. Lots of effects that are fixed or built-in, clip-based, accelerated, bit-depth, or YUV to adjust color and exposure.
  2. Includes visual keyboard shortcut map and customized keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Leverages Adobe Sensei AI to automatically apply color grade of one shot to another.

Read our HitFilm Express alternatives. 

10. GoPlay

goplay dashboard example

GoPlay is primarily aimed at businesses and content creators who are looking to craft professional-looking clips in a high-quality format. This all-in-one video capture and editing software equips users with the essential tools to turn their vision into a reality.

Its feature-rich screen recorder allows users to take full control of the display output, from something as simple as the recording area to the video quality. Frame rate can be adjusted for a silky smooth movement flow or a more cinematic feel. Resolution, brightness, and other elements can also be toggled from within the software. Subtitles can be easily added in just a few clicks, with the team behind GoPlay planning on advantage of the speech-to-text technology in the future for more effortless captioning. GoPlay also has robust editing capabilities, allowing you to implement multiple video effects, transitions, background music, text effects, use split and merge, and other features.

Why choose GoPlay instead of Adobe Premiere?

  1. It has affordable quarterly and yearly plans that have all the essential features for recording and editing videos.
  2. The software can be used on mobile devices.
  3. It is easy to use, even for novices.

Why choose Adobe Premiere instead of GoPlay?

  1. Streamlines creative workflows for color, audio, and graphics for fast content creation.
  2. Interoperable with other Adobe CC products and third-party tools.
  3. Continually refined and updated based on user feedback.

Get to know other video capture and editing solutions with our GoPlay alternatives.

Should you go for these alternatives?

Why not? Unless you’re already an Adobe Premiere user and find it most capable in addressing your video editing needs, replacing the tool that you’ve invested in and mastered might be impractical and untimely. But if you’re starting with a clean slate, do consider these alternatives. Those we’ve listed here cover the whole range of features and capabilities whatever your video editing requirements are. Is it for making short promotional and product videos? Is it for presentations and training purposes? Will you use it for crafting TV commercials and Web ads? Will it form the core of the post-production studio you’re setting up?

Determining your requirements and use cases beforehand makes it easier to narrow down your choices and plan your budget. You may need sophisticated, powerhouse video editing tools if you intend to make blockbuster movies. But if you’re going into the business of making simple corporate and marketing videos then you can settle for more affordable, handy tools that don’t require steep learning curves. Keep in mind that a video editing software, no matter how powerful or straightforward, should serve you well, not the other way around.

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