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Top 10 Alternatives to Help Scout: Overview of Popular Help Desk Systems

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Are you searching for an alternative help desk solution to Help Scout? You may be on the lookout for a dedicated help desk platform that will maximize the way you resolve customer issues as well as optimize your customer support processes. Good thing there are several leading help desk products and this top 10 alternatives to Help Scout will introduce you to solutions available out there that are equipped with a variety of features and functionalities.

In today’s connected world where a growing number of people are doing business and shopping online, it is crucial that you level up your customer service. Why is this important? A study by American Express showed that 33% of Americans will consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor customer service. And the cost is staggering – U.S. businesses lose $62 billion each year due to bad customer experiences.


Help desk platforms help you optimize your customer support system to make you more responsive to the needs and issues of your customers. The solution offers front desk level capabilities to help you track and address customer concerns quickly and earn their goodwill. It brings with it tools and functions to let you store information on customer interactions from all channels which you can use for reporting and build up a resource or knowledge base. It is even a critical part of a Customer Experience Management strategy.

(You can read our customer experience management guide here how help desk should be part of your marketing and sales, too). 

Essentially, help desk software enables companies to resolve customer concerns efficiently by managing tickets from receipt to resolution, empowering agents with a wide range of support and collaborative tools. The goal of using the software is to keep customers satisfied so they don’t leave and you don’t suffer the dire consequences of poor service.

Help Scout is one of the more reliable help desk solutions you can try out. But with so many help desk software in the market today, it’s good to examine other options with this top 10 alternatives to Help Scout. But before we head into that, let’s get to know Help Scout first to understand the similarities and how it compares to other products.

What is Help Scout?

Help Scout is a robust help desk application targeted at freelancers, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises. It offers a shared inbox for you and your team that facilitates collaboration every time emails or support requests comes in. It helps you communicate and connect with clients in an easy and efficient manner, providing them with professional and reliable service through multiple channels. The cloud platform gets rid of complexities and makes responding to emails and collaborating with team members smooth and simple.

Among a number of things going for Help Scout is its ability to integrate with dozens of third-party apps and business systems, providing you extreme flexibility to handle a variety of tasks from one powerful and extensible platform. In addition, it offers three affordable plans, giving companies from various scales and industries options as regards to pricing and features that meet their budget and requirements.

Benefits of Help Scout

Help Scout is packed with rich features and functionalities, including the following:

  1. Everything in a single platform. You can create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so you can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account.
  2. Automated workflows. Get repeatable tasks on auto-pilot with a simple automation system based on if/then logic.
  3. Reports and metrics. Measure your team’s performance and responsiveness, spot trends to prevent issues, and monitor your customer’s satisfaction.
  4. Extensive integration. Seamlessly integrate with over 50 apps and services like CRM, CMS, chat, voicemail, analytics, ecommerce, marketing, sales, survey, office tools, and more.

Top 10 Help Scout Alternatives

Despite the capabilities offered by Help Scout, it may not be the solution up your alley. To explore more options, here are the top 10 Help Scout alternatives. While the products presented here have similarities with Help Scout, they also offer features that are unique to each of their platforms.

1. Freshdesk

freshdesk dashboard example

Freshdesk is an award-winning cloud-hosted help desk solution designed to meet the requirements of both SMBs and large enterprises. Among its highlights are multichannel capability, smart automation, multiple SLA policies, self-service portals, and integrated game mechanics to increase agent productivity. You can personally check the features out at no cost when you sign up for Freshdesk free trial here.


This award is given to the best product in our help desk software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

The solution comes with standard help desk offerings such as ticketing system, knowledge base, and community platform. It also gives you the ability to turn your support emails into tickets that you can track for accurate and fast response.

In addition, Fresdesk gives you the flexibility to link forum questions to a ticket and vice-versa, letting you create a more streamlined set of answers and replies. The solution has built-in live chat and phone support to give you a robust communication platform. It also works with legacy productivity tools and your CRM when you need to pull out customer information. Likewise, it works with YouTube, Slideshare and other widgets so you can spice up your knowledge base with engaging multimedia content. You can take your help desk with you anywhere with Freshdesk apps for Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in Freshdesk alternatives to see what others have to offer.

Why choose Freshdesk instead of Help Scout?

  1. It has a broad set of features and support for both traditional & modern channels.
  2. It offers global customer support across multiple products, languages & time zones.
  3. It has high customizability to suit any kind of company size, industry & branding.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Freshdesk?

  1. You get a wide range of integrations you can plug directly into your existing workflow.
  2. It can sync with your CRM to get entire customer history with your company.
  3. It offers customer satisfaction ratings to give your customers a voice.

2. Freshservice

freshservice dashboard example

Freshservice is an ITSM help desk and customer service solution that provides plug and play functionality and complies with best practices to keep your team responsive and ITIL compliant. Its key features include a robust ticketing system, accessible knowledge base, asset discovery, and CMDB. It is packed with capabilities for vendor management, incident management, problem management, change management and release management. If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for Freshservice free trial here.

The main module of Freshservice is incident management that ensures no customer query goes unattended. It lets you access several channels, automate all routine tasks, analyze issues, and let your team collaborate in order to find the best solution for each query. It is able to tie sudden incidents to common problems, examine root causes and suggest valuable workarounds, and keep all issues recorded in a known-error database until you’ve come up with a permanent solution. The software is robust enough but you may still want to find other equally capable solutions with these Freshservice alternatives.

Why choose Freshservice instead of Help Scout?

  1. It is an easy-to-use system for planning, tracking, and rolling back of changes.
  2. It offers a service catalog designed to look and work like a modern eCommerce portal.
  3. It has a fully customizable ticketing system with field templates, smart notifications, service levels & escalations.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Freshservice?

  1. It provides conversation reports to let you see when your team is busiest.
  2. It can track which tags get the most traction from customers so you can make informed problem-solving decisions.
  3. It can perform custom analysis by exporting reporting data to a CSV or Excel file.

3. Vision Helpdesk

vision helpdesk dashboard example

Vision Helpdesk is an all-in-one help desk platform that offers businesses of all sizes the tools needed for more efficient and consistent customer assistance to progress monitoring and process improvement. It brings an intuitive yet easy-to-navigate interface and comprehensive features – from basic help desk capabilities to robust incident and problem management functions that can automate responses and organize service tickets. You can easily sign up for Vision Helpdesk free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

The solution also provides a self-help community feature that allows you to set up knowledge bases and forums for your customers.

The help desk platform is known for its multi-channel help features that make it easier and faster to manage various channels like calls, chat, email, web forms, Facebook, and Twitter without alternating between applications. It is also equipped with staff collaboration tool, gamification options, and ITIL/ITSM modules. In addition, it can be deployed on-premise or as a SaaS, depending on the needs of your business. Vision Helpdesk comes in three variations – a multi-channel help desk, a multi-brand help desk, and an ITIL/ITSM service desk. There are also Vision Helpdesk alternatives worth checking in this category.

Why choose Vision Helpdesk instead of Help Scout?

  1. It comes with task management tools to streamline workflows.
  2. It integrates with social networks, live chat systems, email software, and VoIP platforms so you can manage different modes of communication.
  3. It has a collaboration tool called Blabby where your staff can share knowledge-base articles and get suggestions from colleagues while solving customer issues.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Vision Helpdesk?

  1. It offers features to make every customer interaction a personalized one.
  2. It lets you create multiple inboxes for each shared email address.
  3. It allows you to work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account.

4. Wix Answers

wix answers dashboard example

Wix Answers is an all-in-one help desk software solution built with tools to help you provide effective customer and business support. it comes with a ticketing system and call center integrated right in the Wix system to give you a complete customer support solution.  An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Wix free trial here.

With Wix Answers, you can create your own help center that matches your branding, manage tickets from multiple support channels, provide help to customers from anywhere in your website, administer a built-in call center, facilitate all communication, and access actionable business insights.

The software has advanced customization options and a streamlined interface which makes it a smart and efficient system for any type of business. Wix Answers is a free module of Wix, a robust website builder; hence, setting it up is quick and easy. With the help desk platform, You’ll be able to streamline all your customer support tickets from various channels and track these tickets for fast response and resolution. Of course, several other solutions are out there including those you’ll find in our Wix Answers alternatives.

Why choose Wix Answers instead of Help Scout?

  1. It lets you maximize your ticketing system & knowledge base with a built-in call center.
  2. It gives you critical insights on your customers, products & support service with a centralized system.
  3. It offers single click operation for customers to access your help center, tutorials & articles.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Wix Answers?

  1. It lets you expedite responses that need attention to avoid escalation.
  2. It can sort conversations by inbound email address to fend off redirecting emails.
  3. It prioritizes and makes visible all important conversations.

5. Zoho Desk

zoho desk dashboard example

Zoho Desk is a supercharged help desk platform to optimize operations and align IT to your business. It allows you to deliver top quality customer support to your clients with tools to improve agent productivity, and analytics and reports to enable managers to find key issues in customer service performance. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Zoho Desk free trial here.

The software lets you support your end users and empower your technicians to effectively manage IT tickets, problems, changes, and assets from a single console to ensure availability and keep your business running.

With Zoho Desk, you can provide support teams with the best tools, multiple support channels, and task automation so they can deliver quick and responsive support to clients. Through an integrated help center approach, you can offer clients multiple support channels that enable your teams to address customer issues and queries via a fully functional ticketing system or deliver support in real time via its call center functionality.

It also has social support integration that lets clients submit support requests via popular social media networks. If this solution is not to your liking, then you can head to our Zoho Desk alternatives for more help desk platforms.

Why choose Zoho Desk instead of Help Scout?

  1. It works & integrates with most apps in the Zoho family of over 40 software products.
  2. It can monitor your complete IT infrastructure performance from a single, unified console.
  3. It alerst technicians from a centralized system for more efficient resolutions.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Zoho Desk?

  1. It can distill your data with flexible filtering options.
  2. It has out-of-the-box support for over 50 voicemail services.
  3. It integrates with popular chat apps so that every chat is automatically stored in the customer’s profile.

6. xSellco Helpdesk

xsellco dashboard example

xSellco Helpdesk is a widely used e-commerce help desk system used to manage contacts and solve tickets from various online channels. The software is specifically designed for online sellers, providing them live connections to the channels where they sell, and giving them a platform that supports simpler transactions. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for xSellco Helpdesk free trial here.

xSellco Helpdesk is designed to help you consolidate all your customer queries – whether they are from your sales channel, social networks, and email – into a central shared resource. It gives you the tools and important data from your orders so you can speedily resolve issues.

The solution simplifies customer support by gathering queries from all available channels in a single dashboard, allowing you to manage and assign said queries simultaneously. Furthermore, the system lets you answer queries accurately since it puts at your fingertips data such as product orders, delivery and shipping processes, or previous communications. Your help desk operation is further facilitated as the software offers multi-language service and translates content automatically. xSellco integrates with some two dozen business apps and is available in four subscription plans. You can explore more options with our xSellco Helpdesk alternatives.

Why choose xSellco Helpdesk instead of Help Scout?

  1. It is built for e-commerce business and integrates with leading shopping cart and e-commerce platforms.
  2. It offers powerful reporting features where you can customize and summarize information related to your ticket or other important metrics.
  3. It has a wide range of tools such as collision detection, internal notes, prioritization, external communication, and message customization, among others.

Why choose Help Scout instead of xSellco Helpdesk?

  1. It lets you assign conversations instead of forwarding them to coworkers to speed up the process.
  2. It is designed to look like a personal email where there are no ticket or case numbers and templates to attend to.
  3. You can create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so you can manage several brands or work across departments from a single account.

7. Cayzu

cayzu dashboard example

Cayzu is a help desk software and customer support platform that allows you to easily manage all of your support inquiries from a single cloud-based portal. The solution brings with it several robust features to help automate your help desk, improve efficiency, and boost productivity with workflows. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Cayzu free trial here.

It is able to address requests from multiple channels – phone, email, mobile, or social networks – using an intuitive ticket workflow system that enables team collaboration when providing customer support and eliminate guesswork out of customer service.

Cayzu carries real-time reporting options for support reps and managers, giving them a clear insight into how they’re coping with their help desk efforts. With its global support capability, the software can help you manage multiple products, languages and time zones. The system seamlessly integrates into your email, websites and social media networks, allowing you to address customer issues and queries no matter what channel they use to communicate. You can also provide your customers the means to get help anytime, anywhere with a self-service portal tailored to your brand. You can examine other similar solutions with our Cayzu alternatives.

Why choose Cayzu instead of Help Scout?

  1. It has a smart ticket system that allows you to track, prioritize, and analyze every ticket and applicable email conversations.
  2. It has automated rules and workflows to make customer service quicker and more efficient.
  3. It offers full control of your data views that you can show on your tickets dashboard.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Cayzu?

  1. It has robust reporting to help you understand what your customers are searching for.
  2. It offers a private repository can hold internal information for your team.
  3. It lets you add separate knowledge bases sites for each of your product and manage them from one login.

8. LiveAgent

liveagent dashboard example

LiveAgent is a helpdesk support platform that offers live chat, email support, and social media integration (Facebook and Twitter) with the ability to combine multiple channels into a single and compact package. It is equipped with essential help desk features including POP3 accounts, statuses, gamification, contact forms, and file sharing, among others.

LiveAgent is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy to learn, use, and implement. It is most beneficial for teams who have to respond to a large number of customer queries every day.

LiveAgent boasts of scalability, allowing you to utilize features you actually need. Hence, whether you’re a startup or a big multinational company, you pay only for what you want to use. You can start with a minimum number of 3 agents, then you simply add more agents as you deem fit.

The platform provides you with a universal, all-in-one inbox that simplifies and automates the sending and storing of tickets and requests. All data is stored under one roof, classified and delivered to different departments depending on a set of preset rules, which streamlines overall ticket routing and redirecting. You can discover many more help desk solution with our LiveAgent alternatives.

Why choose Live Agent instead of Help Scout?

  1. It has a single-interface setup that lets multiple agents collaborate on a difficult ticket.
  2. It is designed for small business, but can easily scale to enterprise requirements
  3. It can convert social media posts into tickets that are auto-routed to agents.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Live Agent?

  1. It can auto-tag incoming requests which can trigger any number of workflows.
  2. It offers an identificatio method that can specify any data that will be useful to your support team.
  3. It can dynamically open an article from any link in your website.

9. Zendesk

zendesk dashboard example

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that scales to meet the requirements of any business. The software is comprised of different modules for support, chat, call center solution, and knowledge base which you can acquire separately. This setup affords lets you implement at once an industry-class help desk and easily upgrade to more advanced tools like CSAT surveys, web SDK, IVR phone trees and answer bot as your business and customer support needs grow.

Zendesk puts all customer interactions in one dynamic interface for an efficient and seamless process. You can bring in customer queries from almost any channel via pre-defined ticket responses, web widgets and customer search history, letting you respond faster and with the right context. The main module, which is Zendesk Support, can be customized to fit your customer service workflows or apps that you’re already using. It also features customer satisfaction ratings and analytics via performance reports and dashboards. If you need more solutions to look into, you can always refer to our Zendesk alternatives.

Why choose Zendesk instead of Help Scout?

  1. It allows you to host your own communities/forums to enhance your self-service portal.
  2. It offers a personalized view of tickets based on status, group & assignee.
  3. Its features come in modules, letting you get only features that you need.

Why choose Help Scout instead of Zendesk?

  1. It lets you embed help tools in your website so customers can find answers without leaving the page.
  2. It has a suggestion feature that lets you put articles front and center based on the page people are viewing.
  3. It can be customized to suit your specific needs and goals.

10. HubSpot Service Hub

hubspot dashboard example

Service Hub is the help desk and customer service solution of HubSpot which, together with HubSpot CRM, Sales, and Marketing, gives you one complete platform to connect and interact with your customers. HubSpot puts in one place all the tools you need to “engage, guide and grow your customers” unifying data and processes to help your different functional teams. Service Hub is the latest product of the inbound marketing pioneer, and comes with a comprehensive suite of features that lets you and your customer service teams provide the best customer experience.

Service Hub enables your team to put their acts together and systematize the approach to addressing customer concerns. It comes with the usual help desk features like ticket management, knowledge base, contact management, customer feedback, live chat, automation and routing, and reporting, among others. More than these, HubSpot gives you a proven approach of consolidating data from your CRM, sales and marketing teams in order to help your front-facing support team provide optimal customer service and experience. If you think you need a more expansive view of the help desk landscape, you can always explore these HubSpot alternatives.

Why choose HubSpot Service Hub instead of Help Scout?

  1. It gives you one platform that unifies data, tools & processes from HubSpot’s sales, marketing & CRM solutions.
  2. It offers features anchored on the Inbound Service Framework of proven techniques to engage, guide, and grow customers.
  3. It applies a modern system that provides customers with support when and where they need it.

Why choose Help Scout instead of HubSpot Service Hub?

  1. It lets you easily link to articles in your knowledge base when you reply to customers.
  2. It allows creating workflows to improve team efficiency, organize emails, and automate actions.
  3. It is built for collaboration with real-time collision detection alerts.

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