Top 10 Alternatives to Infusionsoft: Other Popular SMB Marketing Tools

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If you wish to know what are the alternatives and competitors to Infusionsoft, this article will help you. To start, Infusionsoft is a leading sales, CRM, and marketing automation software solution that is designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. But if you want a wider choice, check out these 10 alternatives to Infusionsoft, which may be be a better match for  your company.

Marketing software is essential for businesses to generate sales leads and convert them into deals. Key features you should look for include analytics, CRM integration, paid search, content marketing, and social media marketing. You can use these functionalities to derive benefits such as improved customer experience and loyalty, increased scale of campaigns, reduced staffing costs, targeted content and social marketing campaigns, and enhanced revenue.

Let’s take a look at stats on marketing tools: A research survey reveals that 51 % of businesses utilize marketing automation. Common reasons for investing in marketing automation include: optimizing productivity (43%), boosting marketing ROI (41%), enhancing campaign management (40%), and acquiring more customers (39%). 55.6% of companies cited lack of expertise for not starting to use marketing automation. In addition, the key challenges in implementing successful marketing automation were identified as offering personalized content (44%) and integrating all marketing solutions (43%).

Source: SmartInsights and Getresponse

Continuing with the revealing stats on marketing: 63% of companies said generating traffic and leads was a top goal of their marketing efforts. Marketing automation software delivers twice the number of leads compared to utilizing blast email software. 70% of marketers opined their main priority is converting leads. However, budget constraints were cited by 37% as an obstacle to implementing an effective marketing automation strategy. Finally online marketing has become indispensable as 62% of buyers use a search engine to learn about a product compared to 29% of consumers who wish to talk to a sales rep about it.

Now that you have learnt the importance of marketing software, it’s time to select a good platform for your needs. You can also read our article on the basics of marketing software or check the numerous benefits of marketing automation software here if you need a thorough backgrounder on this field. Meanwhile, this article will also help you as it gives information on the main features and benefits of Infusionsoft as well as the top 10 alternatives to Infusionsoft.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is utilized by thousands of small businesses to save time, get organized, and boost sales. This solution is designed for small companies which may operate as brick-and-mortar stores, online sellers, or mobile services. A key advantage is the software’s numerous seamless integrations with all types of third-party programs. The vendor’s tech support agents will help you blend Infusionsoft smoothly with your corporate systems.

Infusionsoft empowers you to automate routine tasks such as follow-ups and map out your sales and marketing strategies clearly. With this tool, you can enrich leads, engage in personal relationships with your buyers, and more. It is a single centralized system that allows you to collate all daily activities and customer interactions in one place, obtain new leads, convert them into customers, sell your wares online, and collect payment easily to boost your productivity and profitability.

Benefits of Infusionsoft

  1. It coordinates routine tasks and helps business owners and sales managers focus on important work.
  2. It automates your sales and marketing initiatives to help you implement consistent brand messaging in all your campaigns and provide personalized customer experiences.
  3.  You can centralize the contact info of all your customers in a single secure location to help your sales teams work more efficiently and eliminate redundant activities.
  4. Data is fully secured as per the latest safety standards and can be accessed from any internet-enabled device including tablets and smartphones.
  5. Utilize its integrated marketing tools to gather leads via offline, email, and social channels, nurture them smartly, and build profitable relationships.
  6. It combines all essential tools such as e-commerce, marketing automation, CRM, and contact management in a single effective online platform.

If you think Infusionsoft is not your cup of tea, there’s no need to switch off. We also provide you the lowdown on the top 10 alternatives to Infusionsoft. You get 3 valid reasons to consider the alternative solution instead of Infusionsoft and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to Infusionsoft

1. HubSpot

HubSpot offers CRM, Marketing, and Sales modules and you can buy them separately or as a single bundle. The advantage is the combined suite can save you money and time, and eliminate the necessity to utilize third-party software. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the HubSpot CRM free app here, which can be the foundation of this growth stack. Let’s look in detail at each module:

This award is given to the best product in our CRM Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
HubSpot CRM won our Best CRM Software Award for 2018

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a robust and flexible solution that you can link to all your sales locations without needing coding skills. You can integrate it with your websites, social media profiles, email service providers, and existing software systems. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to easily import contacts and utilize fast leads backlog. The best part is you get to work on 1 million contacts and enjoy unlimited storage without paying a penny. For these reasons, this tool is favored by B2B and B2C businesses in construction, real estate, accounting, retail, and other industries.

HubSpot Marketing

An advanced module that helps to maximize your team’s marketing efforts and boost conversions. The major benefit is you can create and offer engaging content, optimize it, and ensure it reaches potential buyers and the right audiences. In short, this module is a simple-to-use marketing funnel – create your account, place leads at their relevant stage, score them, and customize and share your content. The system also provides you access to traffic data and helps you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. It also enables you to gain useful social intelligence and identify the social media sources that send the most number of qualified leads to you.

HubSpot Sales

A key module that can help your sales team close more deals and boost revenue in quicker time. You can automate outreach and deliver a sequence of customized emails on schedule without the risk of impersonal communication with leads. The platform automatically delivers all due reminders including those sent to you when a lead performs actions such opening an email, clicking on a link, and others. HubSpot Sales allows you to build personalized email templates and utilize repetitive ones among them to analyze performance.

If you are looking for other options, browse these HubSpot alternatives here.

Why use HubSpot instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It offers social media monitoring, publishing, and analytics tools.
  2. It facilitates search engine optimization.
  3. It enables predictive lead scoring.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of HubSpot? 

  1. It facilitates multimedia marketing management.
  2. It offers built-in keyword and metadata fields.
  3. It enables you to track sales totals, orders, accounts receivables etc.

2. Exponea

Exponea is a cloud-based marketing platform that combines engagement automation and analytics to help you enhance the customer experience, perform advanced customer analyses, and make accurate predictions. With this software, marketers can design and execute outstanding campaigns without any assistance from their IT team.

Main features include custom funnels, CRM, automated sales funnel operations, web layers and revenue analyses, and more. A major highlight is the neat and understandable interface that enables marketers to deliver results in quick time. Exponea utilizes artificial intelligence to boost your campaigns and makes use of in-depth customer info. You can maximize your marketing efforts by delivering personalized recommendations to targeted customers on several platforms.

The vendor offers a great free trial that lets you try out the software first. You can easily sign up for Exponea free trial here.

In short, this program allows you to understand your buyers and respond to their needs in real time. If you wish to scout for more choices, browse these Exponea alternatives here.

Why use Exponea instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It presents well-arranged dashboards.
  2. It offers tailor-made analyses and reports.
  3. It facilitates cross-channel campaign management.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Exponea?

  1. It offers unlimited emails with all pricing packages.
  2. It facilitates payment processing.
  3. It provides drag-and-drop tools for designing and publishing landing pages.

3. Salesforce

The Salesforce suite of CRM and Marketing Cloud solutions allows you to efficiently manage your customer relationships and optimize your marketing efforts. Salesforce CRM allows you to get more leads, close more deals, accelerate productivity, and get actionable insights to improve performance. Utilize the dashboards and reports to gather data for detailed analysis and reporting.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers you to maximize your social media presence. You can track your brand visibility, and deliver engaging advertising campaigns and marketing content to your social followers. Get more info on your customers, and plan and personalize the customer experience. Analyze the impact of customer interactions to identify strengths and drawbacks in your processes, and improve your strategies in real time to boost performance. If this is not your cup of tea, take a look at equally good Salesforce Marketing Cloud alternatives.

Why use Salesforce instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It facilitates web personalization.
  2. It offers predictive intelligence tools.
  3. It presents a customer data platform.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Salesforce?

  1. It provides a lead scoring tool.
  2. It facilitates referral program management.
  3. It enables you to easily manage quotes and orders.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign combines the different elements of small business marketing into a user-friendly and integrated solution. With this software, you can craft engaging emails, utilize social  media marketing, get more info on your leads, and effectively implement marketing automation technology. For these reasons, more than 100,000 users worldwide utilize ActiveCampaign to expand their business. Got to the product website and register your account instantly without needing a credit card. Other advantages are seamless integrations with more 200 software solutions, and prompt and knowledgeable customer support. If you think it is too basic for your needs, try these ActiveCampaign alternatives.

Why use ActiveCampaign instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It offers smart auto responders.
  2. The vendor provides free one-on-one training.
  3. It presents social media monitoring and reaction automations.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of ActiveCampaign?

  1. It enables social sharing.
  2. It facilitates easy publishing of landing pages.
  3. It offers an opportunity management module.

5. Pipeliner

Pipeliner is a sales automation platform with a built-in CRM module to ensure all stakeholders are able to track the enterprise’s sales process. This software allows you to run your sales process on autopilot as it will organize your sales data to identify hot leads and utilize interactive sales reporting features to enable you to track your firm’s sales activities. Pipeliner categorizes your sales info in real time to produce operable insights for immediate opportunities. Thus, you can view hidden gems such as customer enquiries, repeat buyers, and upsell opportunities in your sales pipeline. The highlight is you can access customer data in a single location, and update, share, or add it to reports as per your needs. If you are not satisfied, peruse these Pipeliner alternatives for equally good options.

Why use Pipeliner instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It offers business intelligence dashboards.
  2. It facilitates relationship mapping.
  3. It provides sync capabilities.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Pipeliner?

  1. It is ideal for brick-and-mortar businesses, online retailers, and mobile services.
  2. It automates repetitive tasks such as follow-ups.
  3. It enables you to enrich leads and build personal relationships with your customers.

6. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a robust cloud-hosted solution that combines core features of marketing, sales, web engagement, and service in a single unified platform. It is used by thousands of small and medium-sized companies in multiple sectors. Key functionalities include social media marketing, landing pages, email tracking, customer service, sales and marketing automation, scheduling, contact management, project management, and others. This software places all people and info on a single page, streamlines their tasks, improves collaboration and communication, and boosts output and productivity at both collective and individual levels. With this program, your reps can make informed sales calls and run engaging marketing campaigns, and your company can provide professional customer support. For more good options, here are Agile CRM alternatives.

Why use Agile CRM instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It offers a highly intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.
  2. It stores and organizes all contact info and makes it easily accessible anytime, anywhere.
  3. It enables your sales team to monitor their deals and keep note of the milestones and stages to ensure smooth sales journeys.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Agile CRM?

  1. You can centralize all daily activities and customer interactions in a single place.
  2. You can automate your company’s sales and marketing efforts to have consistent brand messaging across all campaigns.
  3. You can access sales data on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones.

7. Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM is a popular customer management program that offers useful tools to empower you to streamline your processes from invoicing to sales. This user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS product can make your sales process more efficient and successful. It can be easily customized to meet your business demands and needs. The best part is this powerful software is easy to learn and use. Besides conventional CRM tools such as sales automation and customer account management, this platform also provides extra functionalities such as lead capture forms, contact management, case management, email marketing, and Gmail and Outlook integration. If you think it is too simple for your needs, peruse these good Mothernode CRM alternatives here.

Why use Mothernode CRM instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It can grow with your company without costing you extra.
  2. It helps to improve sales conversions and revenue.
  3. It connects your company’s workflows and streamlines your processes.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Mothernode CRM?

  1. It enables multimedia marketing management.
  2. It provides unlimited emails with all pricing plans.
  3. It presents a lead scoring tool.


ONTRAPORT is secure unified platform that empowers companies to handle sales, marketing content, and information management easily and effectively. The program offers key functionality such as task management, social media integration, marketing features and automation, split testing, CRM, file sharing capabilities, and lead capture tools. ONTRAPORT does all the hard work by managing your leads, sales, customer relationships, and more. Plus, it helps you create attractive web pages for enhanced conversion rates. You can effortlessly track campaigns and send emails with a single button click. The best part is the system’s sales tools enable your customers to view and buy your company’s services, products, and other offerings. If you wish to scout for other solutions, browse these ONTRAPORT alternatives.

Why use ONTRAPORT instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It facilitates postcard marketing.
  2. It enables abandoned cart follow-up.
  3. It helps you perform SMS marketing automation.

 Why use Infusionsoft instead of ONTRAPORT?

  1. It presents built-in metadata and keyword fields.
  2. It enables payment processing.
  3. It helps with referral program management.

9. Hatchbuck

We have included Hatchbuck in this list of top 10 alternatives to Infusionsoft as it is a top notch marketing and sales program that enables small businesses to easily nurture leads and prospects and get more sales. This all-in-one solution combines marketing and CRM automation and email marketing to help you convert emails into conversations, site visitors into buyers, and customers into avid brand ambassadors. With Hatchbuck, you can collect new leads from your site, nurture them with engaging content, and turn them into paying customers. You can stay top of mind with smart autoresponders and drip campaigns. The best part is the system sends you hot lead alerts when a prospect is ready to purchase. Finally, you can get operable insights from your marketing and sales data that you can utilize to improve your campaigns to boost their impact. For more good choices, take a look at these Hatchbuck alternatives here.

Why use Hatchbuck instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It provides drag-and-drop form and email builders.
  2. It offers a predesigned email template library.
  3. It facilitates e-commerce integration.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of Hatchbuck?

  1. It helps you to monitor orders, sales totals, accounts receivables etc.
  2. It offers drag-and-drop features to design and publish landing pages.
  3. It assists you to easily handle quotes and orders.

10. GreenRope

GreenRope stands out from other CRM solutions because of its unique theme of simplicity. This software is designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies, and combines CRM, project management, website content management, and marketing automation in a single robust package. You can utilize its CRM functionalities to improve your sales and revenue. GreenRope empowers you to effortlessly handle basic activities as well as your customers’ data, demands, and needs. Collaborate efficiently with your team members and build closer relationships with your buyers. One of the highlights is the strong lead generation and nurturing features the software offers to empower your marketing team to develop a profitable customer base. If you want more options, take a look at these GreenRope alternatives.

Why use GreenRope instead of Infusionsoft?

  1. It offers advanced marketing tools.
  2. It facilitates social network marketing.
  3. It enables SMS/MMS/call management.

Why use Infusionsoft instead of GreenRope?

  1. It assists you to easily publish landing pages.
  2. It is an ideal software for mobile services, online retailers, and brick-and-mortar businesses,
  3. You can centralize all customer interactions and daily processes in a single location.
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