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In today’s cut-throat business environment, it has become essential for companies to provide a satisfactory customer experience every time. Otherwise, the customer will ignore you and go to your competitor. On the other hand, a happy customer could well become your brand evangelist and recommend your product or service to their contacts and friends.

Businesses can start by investing in a quality customer experience management software solution. This type of system offers a host of benefits such as making it easy to collect customer feedback and getting insights from them. This will help you to learn whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied and the reasons behind it. You can analyze customer data and understand their behaviors. Another advantage is you can utilize the solution to collect feedback from multiple channels including website, in-store, email, mobile app and others.

One of the important uses of customer experience management software is it notifies you when a customer leaves a negative feedback. You can contact this customer immediately, resolve the reason for their dissatisfaction, and convert their experience into a positive one. Thus, the application enables you to respond proactively to bad feedback in real time. You can also measure customer loyalty and take steps to improve it. In short, a good customer experience management system gives you quantifiable metrics as well as operable insights that you can utilize smartly to improve the customer experience.

Customer experience management (CEM) software can tell you which channel and consumer segment to focus on. According to the Transactional Messaging Consumer Report, 70% of consumers like to get service-related messages on their mobile phone. You can focus on this channel as text messages have a 99% open rate. On top of that, you can learn which consumer segment spends the most and target them with effective campaigns. Bloomberg reveals that baby boomers are predicted to spend a total of about $15 trillion in their lifetime which makes them a highly valuable group for businesses. Statista indicates that the global consumer internet traffic generates more than 11,000 petabytes of data per month. With a good CEM solution, you can get useful operable insights from this big data and apply them smartly.

You can track the latest customer experience trends and select a software solution that enables you to apply these trends. However, how you choose the best product from the loads of platforms out there? To help you, we review in detail the main features and benefits of Yotpo as well as the top 10 alternatives to Yotpo in this article. You are sure to find the right product for your specific business needs from this bunch of quality software programs.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is an effective feedback and reviews management software solution that also offers other useful features such as SEO, marketing, review generation, retention, and social media ads functionalities. You can utilize these tools to significantly boost your ad-ROI and keep track of social advertising trends especially on Instagram. The product generates reviews effortlessly as customers can utilize mobile responsive apps and in-mail forms to rate your product or service. Plus, it uses smart algorithms to display the right products to the appropriate people to get the best possible reviews. A major advantage is the interface is intuitive and user friendly so you don’t need coding skills to maximize the platform’s potential.

Benefits of Yotpo

  1. It offers support for more than 15 eCommerce platforms.
  2. It provides support for more than 25 languages.
  3. It offers robust analytical and moderation tools.
  4. The vendor offers a free plan for basic needs.
  5. You can use the best product reviews to boost your business.
  6. You can embed the application in the locations where you get your most traffic from.

If you want to look beyond Yotpo, don’t switch off. We also analyze the key functionalities of top 10 alternatives to Yotpo. You can compare the main benefits of Yotpo and the alternative application side by side and decide which one is more impressive.

Top 10 Alternatives to Yotpo

1. WalkMe

WalkMe is a cloud-hosted engagement and guidance solution that streamlines the online user experience. It offers useful tools such as notification bars, pop-up balloons, and call to action buttons to walk the user through all steps of the process. Thus, the application helps to make the customer’s experience engaging and efficient. It guides users and also motivates them to act by highlighting and recommending new features and offerings. On top of that, it anticipates user needs and offers them appropriate assistance. If you want to look at other options, browse these good WalkMe alternatives here.

Why choose WalkMe over Yotpo?

  • It uses step-by-step instructions to train and support new users.
  • It displays an organized task checklist to inform your users which processes to tackle first.
  • It helps you promote new services and features.
  • It uses analytics to measure the customer experience in real time.

Why choose Yotpo over WalkMe?

  • It helps to improve the effectiveness of your paid search ads.
  • It gives customers a smart and simple mobile-first reviewing experience.
  • It helps you to convert your visitors into buyers.
  • You can utilize the trust of past buyers to improve conversions.

2. Appcues

Appcues finds a place in this top 10 alternatives to Yotpo list as it helps businesses to implement a personalized and smooth user onboarding process. You don’t need coding knowledge to create in-app messages, walkthroughs, and product tours to welcome your customers. The best part is you can utilize the simple point-and-click editor to set up this cloud-hosted app in minutes. Small businesses and startups are sure to appreciate this platform’s scalable and cost-effective features. The application not only solves common onboarding challenges, but also helps you to create flows and messages to promote your product’s features and values. To give you more choices, we present viable Appcues alternatives here.

Why choose Appcues over Yotpo?

  • It helps you provide product highlights and important messages to your customers.
  • You can create a personalized product tour to connect with your prospects.
  • You can control even the minute details implemented on your product tour.
  • It provides flow analytics tools to help you measure the impact of your onboarding processes.

Why choose Yotpo over Appcues?

  • It tracks all the customers you have entered in your database.
  • It provides retention tools to encourage your customers to come back and buy more.
  • It boosts traffic in multiple ways.
  • It enables you to easily share content on popular social platforms and seamlessly distribute reviews.

3. InMoment

InMoment is an innovative customer experience management solution that helps businesses to make maximum use of the information hosted in their customer database. It derives insights from customer experiences and stories to help companies improve customer relations and make smart decisions. Plus, it shares these stories with interested parties to encourage employee and customer engagement, and develop advocacy. The application collects customer information from multiple sources to give your company a competitive advantage. Then, it goes beyond and uses sophisticated analytics to help you derive actionable insights from this wealth of data. If you want to look at other choices, browse these good InMoment alternatives here.

Why choose InMoment over Yotpo?

  • It facilitates organization-wide sharing of customer feedback.
  • It gives alerts and feedback to employees based on incoming customer information.
  • It helps you extract actionable intelligence from unstructured data.
  • It enables your employees to resolve customer issues by understanding their root causes.

Why choose Yotpo over InMoment?

  • It identifies and gathers the top user-generated content on Instagram.
  • It facilitates effortless moderation and rights management.
  • It directs users from social sites to your product pages.
  • You can generate analytical reports on content, conversions, and optimization practices.

4. Intercom

Intercom is a behavioral targeting and user intelligence solution that helps you to understand and benefit from customer communication. You can learn who is using your product and send them personalized communication in the form of behavior-driven emails and in-app messages. The platform maintains a constantly updated live customer database. Plus, it enables you to collect user feedback and send event invites and other messages. You can use personalized reply templates to craft your messages quickly and easily. If you think this product is too basic, peruse these viable Intercom alternatives here.

Why choose Intercom over Yotpo?

  • You can view and get notifications on client status updates.
  • View all customer data on a single system.
  • Access live information on customer behavior and use the insights to craft targeted campaigns.
  • Track how your campaigns are performing in real time.

Why choose Yotpo over Intercom?

  • Its comprehensive dashboard displays all engagement and conversion data.
  • It offers a range of marketing features.
  • It helps you to increase your ad-ROI.
  • You can track social advertising trends especially on Instagram.

5. Totango

Totango helps you track the health signals across all stages of the customer journey. It complements sales pipelines and CRM solutions with a visual overview of customer engagement. You can use the application to engage and nurture your customers to boost loyalty. The platform has been designed for the needs of large enterprises that have complex market segments or multiple brands. It is also ideal for subscription and SaaS businesses. Small and medium-sized companies can also utilize it optimize their sales and CRM processes, and improve the customer experience. For more good choices, browse these Totango alternatives here.

Why choose Totango over Yotpo?

  • It can simplify and streamline complex customer relationship portfolios.
  • It makes account management easier.
  • You can clearly see customers’ revenue value.
  • It lets you measure adoption success across multiple products.

Why choose Yotpo over Totango?

  • Your customers can use mobile apps and in-mail forms to provide reviews.
  • It helps you differentiate quality traffic from the average one.
  • You can display the right products to the right people to get the best reviews.
  • The vendor offers dedicated support via multiple channels.

6. LiveEngage

LiveEngage is a popular chat and messaging solution from the parent company LivePerson which has been in this line of business for more than 20 years. The application shows that you can significantly reduce customer care expenses by shifting voice calls to mobile messaging. LivePerson believes that companies should offer digital messaging to improve customer connections and at the same time reduce costs. You can easily set up engagements anywhere and customize the app for your specific needs. On top of that, customers can effortlessly contact you using a convenient channel. If you wish to scout for more options, browse these excellent LiveEngage alternatives here.

Why choose LiveEngage over Yotpo?

  • You can stay connected anytime, anywhere using its web and mobile messaging tools.
  • It informs your customers when they can get a response.
  • Customers can mark their queries as urgent to get faster response.
  • It presents data in context, per person, per need.

Why choose Yotpo instead of LiveEngage?

  • It converts your reviews into an effective SEO strategy.
  • It converts one-time shoppers into repeat buyers.
  • It is completely social.
  • You can customize its look and feel the way you want.

7. Lithium

Lithium helps you to maximize the impact of your social media presence, engage customers, and collect useful data on them. The best part is you can effortlessly connect and bond with your most valuable customers on all common touch points. You customers can interact with each other via online communities. The application also offers tools for social media analytics, social conversation management, and social listening and response. You can utilize them to derive operable insights and create and execute effective social media strategies and campaigns. If you think this program is too basic, check out these excellent Lithium alternatives here.

Why choose Lithium over Yotpo?

  • It is a unified platform that connects businesses with their prospects, customers, and brand influencers.
  • It offers tools that promote customer connection, engagement, and understanding.
  • It provides social media analytics tools to help you measure the impact of your campaigns.
  • You can use it to improve prospect conversions and brand loyalty.

Why choose Yotpo over Lithium?

  • It offers support for greater than 15 eCommerce solutions.
  • The vendor offers a free basic plan.
  • It helps to enhance the impact of your paid search ads.
  • It tracks all the customers in your database.

8. Qualtrics

Qualtrics enables users to collect online data using tools for product/concept testing, website feedback, employee evaluation, detailed market research, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. This application is used by numerous top businesses that appreciate its easy-to-use interface and functionalities. On top of that, you have the freedom to negotiate a pricing package depending on your company’s needs. Qualtrics offers three main modules: Employee Insights, Market Research, and Customer Experience. It also provides open APIs to facilitate seamless and smooth CRM integrations. There are also pre-built Tableau, Salesforce, and Marketo connections. For more good options, read about these viable Qualtrics alternatives here.

Why choose Qualtrics over Yotpo?

  • You can use it to measure the success of your business strategies.
  • You can perform quantitative statistic analysis of your markets in a professional manner.
  • It offers 35 result graphs and charts that can be discussed in real time.
  • It also doubles up as an innovative employee appraisal solution.

Why choose Yotpo over Qualtrics?

  • It provides support for greater than 25 languages.
  • You can use favorable product reviews to improve your business.
  • It gives users a smart and simple mobile-first reviewing experience.
  • It offers retention tools to encourage your customers to come back and purchase more.

9. Satmetrix

Satmetrix helps you create and manage unique customer experiences. It offers more than just customer surveys as it enables you to understand your customers in a better manner and enhance their experience with your product and brand. In short, it encourages closer customer engagement and drives revenue and business growth. The platform provides you the tools you need to accurately measure customer satisfaction and experience. The best part is it presents data in attractive and easy-to-assimilate visualizations that allow you to easily understand the behavior of your customers and utilize the insights to make smart moves. If you wish to scout for more choices, browse these good Satmetrix alternatives here.

Why choose Satmetrix over Yotpo?

  • You can get data and feedback on the customer experience on a continuous basis.
  • You can analyze the data to create improved customer experiences.
  • Visualizations are optimized for effortless navigation and drilldowns.
  • It offers built-in text analytics to help you read and understand customer comments.

Why choose Yotpo over Satmetrix?

  • It offers robust moderation and analytical tools.
  • You can embed the platform in the places that send you the most traffic.
  • It improves traffic in multiple ways.
  • It helps you to convert your visitors into purchasers.

10. Survaider

If you’re looking to improve your reputation with target audiences, Survaider might be suitable for your business. The platform equips businesses with tools to track prevailing customer concerns and effectively take action, complete with team collaboration tools to ensure completion of tasks and automated issue assigning to teams or individuals. Survaider allows users to easily access all customer opinions across various platforms on a single channel, and it can divide customer data to help your team separately address different types of concerns. The software features indicative NPS, providing you with insightful information on your standing with the target audience. This extends to your rival businesses as well, allowing you determine how you fare well with the competition. Checking multiple software solutions is crucial in finding the best platform for your business, so don’t forget to check our Survaider alternatives.

Why choose Survaider over Yotpo

  • It helps you assess your standing with your target audience.
  • It allows you to gauge your standing with competitors using performance indicators.
  • You can efficiently solve all customer concerns on a single platform.
  • Automatically assign customer problems to concerned teams, departments, or individuals.
  • It features granular analytics, ensuring you drive your business in the right direction.
  • It dissects customer data so your team can effectively address different types of concerns.

Why choose Yotpo over Survaider

You can provide audio & video assistance.

  • You can use a variety of customizable display options, including combining reviews with images.
  • You can integrate product and merchant ratings into Google ads.
  • You can turn real user photos & reviews into Instagram ads.
  • You can turn real customer photos into Pinterest pins.
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