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Top 10 Zoho CRM Alternatives: Popular Customer Relations Management Tools

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Are you looking for a good alternative customer relationship management solution to Zoho CRM?

The software is popular for giving you native integration with plenty of other apps in the Zoho suite, comprehensive reporting and a free edition for up to three users. It is suitable for fast-growing small businesses ready to scale to more features. Along these factors we lined up potential Zoho CRM alternatives, plus a couple or more features.

Top Zoho CRM alternatives

Gone are the days of businesses debating internally whether they should use a customer relations management solution. Research shows that 91 percent of North American companies with 10 employees or more are using a CRM to fuel their operations. Arguably, a CRM is even more important for bigger firms to ensure alignment of customer data and processes among various agents, teams and departments. With the widespread knowledge today about the numerous benefits of CRM (you can read more details in our Fundamentals of CRM guide), the focus instead is on determining what software will best suit one’s business processes.

Like ramen shops or pizzerias, each CRM software offers their own flavor, user experience, and unique features. Aside from functionalities, some are only suitable for small businesses, while others offer great scalability to ensure that you can grow your business without halting your operations due to software limitations. Regardless of their differences, the main purpose of CRM software and end goal is similar for all: capture, attract, and sustain customers to drive business growth.

Today, it is firmly established that businesses rely on CRM platforms to facilitate operations of sales teams and marketers. However, using a CRM often introduces its own fair share of difficulties, especially on the initial phases after product implementation. Based on 2018 data by Statista, generating leads and traffic, voted by 61% of marketing professionals, is one of the top CRM-related challenges. This is why we recommend that businesses find CRM software reviews beforehand and compare and contrast similar options before making a purchase. A software is supposed to make your operations smoother and faster, not the other way around.

Challenges faced by marketing professionals

(Source: Statista)

Before we discuss the top 10 alternatives to Zoho CRM, it’s best to fully understand what it offers and the unique features that differentiate it from other customer relations management software on the market.

What is Zoho CRM?

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers a free plan for up to three users, Zoho CRM is loaded with tools for lead and sales management. The software is primarily designed to help sales teams engage leads, opportunities, and customers with context across various channels. For lead management, the platform employs scoring rules for quick identification of hot leads. Its scoring rules helps users better prioritize the most valuable leads, and top prospects can be distributed automatically throughout your team with various rule-based workflows.

Being a multi-channel CRM, sales teams can better understand website visitors and clients as they are equipped with valuable CRM information when engaging clients via email, live chat, social media, and telephony. Zoho CRM stores all customer accounts on a shared database,  providing users with a clear view of all client information. You can also set email reminders to prevent conversations from falling through the cracks, acquire actionable insights on each multi-channel’s performance, and automate mundane engagements with a drag-and-drop rule-based interface for setting custom parameters, from creating leads to closing deals.

Benefits of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is packed with useful tools for managing leads and sales. Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Robust integrations. One of the biggest benefits of Zoho CRM is integration with the Zoho ecosystem, including Zoho Apps, Zoho Email, Zoho Projects, Zoho Writer, Zoho Forms, and much more. Moreover, it supports integrations with popular systems such as Adobe Sign, PandaDoc, Gmail, MailChimp, QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook, to name a few.
  2. Free plan and flexible pricing deals. Zoho CRM is suitable for fast growing small businesses, offering a free edition for up to three users that provides all the essentials to effectively engage with clients. It also offers plans for SMBs to enterprise-sized businesses.
  3. Multi-channel. Engage prospects and customers in various channels, including emails, social media, live chat, and telephony. Highly valuable customers can also be granted their very own portal to build better rapport and more streamlined communications. With Zoho CRM featuring numerous third-party integrations, the platform ensures you are well-informed at all times through its SalesSignals capability, which delivers all notifications from various channels to your CRM.
  4. Detailed analytics. The platform features robust analytics to help users recalibrate their marketing and sales strategies, better understand performance and sales figures with visual charts, generally get an understanding of your business growth.  
  5. AI-powered assistance. It comes with an AI-powered voice chat assistant that can help your team in various aspects, from simple inquiries on sales lingo and procuring specific data down to deriving complex computations.

Despite the number of functionalities offered by Zoho CRM, not all businesses will take advantage of the functionalities it offers, and it might prove too complicated for some, hence, we recommend that you take a look at these top 10 Zoho CRM alternatives. Some of these offer their own unique functionalities and might better suit your business requirements.

Top 10 Zoho CRM alternatives

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a user-friendly app suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. The platform is easy to use from start to end, from implementing it in the workplace and adapting to existing workflows down to managing all prospects and closing deals. HubSpot CRM offers unparalleled integrations to ensure one’s marketing and sales efforts are aligned at all times, which is more notable when you consider that the platform offers a completely free to use option. Paid plans are also available for those interested in further strengthening their sales and marketing efforts.

The platform is primarily designed to help businesses close deals faster and reduce time spent on organizing information about your prospects and customers. This is achieved through its automation capabilities, automatically tracking sales activity on various platforms. All client engagement is neatly organized through a timeline format, making it easy to understand your last interaction and their current stage in the pipeline without having to go through long-winding email trails. 

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the HubSpot CRM free app here.

Why choose HubSpot CRM instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Intuitive interface. HubSpot CRM was built with ease of use and simplicity in mind. The platform provides you a clear timeline of interaction with clients. In addition, it comes with an intuitive dashboard to provide you a clear overview of your entire sales funnel and lead analytics.
  2. Simple to use. The platform automatically inputs essential information about clients with little to no manual data entry, allowing you to immediately hop in conversations with context. Simply put, users can mainly focus on client engagement without facing the complexities normally encountered in most CRM solutions.
  3. Completely free option. It comes with a fuss-free freemium option available for everyone regardless of business size or budget. It is available for an unlimited amount of users and supports up to a million contacts. Those looking for more features can take a look at their paid plans.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of HubSpot CRM?

  1. Multi-channel marketing. Collect customer information and engage clients on multiple platforms.
  2. Real-time notifications. Stay in the loop on all client interactions thanks to its SalesSignal capability, which brings you real-time notifications across all platforms and third-party integrations.
  3. Zoho Integrations. Take advantage of Zoho’s vast library of apps to supercharge your operations.

If you’re looking for similar options, make sure to check our HubSpot CRM alternatives.

2. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a powerful one-stop-shop customer relations management platform that centralizes all client data and unifies various operations such as lead management, marketing, and sales on a single platform. Being a cloud-based solution, Salesforce Essentials ensures all teams can easily access pertinent data and arm themselves with holistic information about each contact, providing them access to their activities in a detailed timeline and chat history.

Coupled with its Salesforce Einstein AI with automated machine learning, Salesforce Essentials enables businesses and each agent to quickly determine their next course of action as the platform serves crucial data on a silver platter. The AI features forecasting, tracking of top performers, and clear data insights, to name a few.

Salesforce Essentials makes daily operations hassle-free for teams, as it fills-in the sales pipeline without requiring agents to manually track client activities. Users can also effectively collaborate thanks to a chatter feed for easy communication. Additionally, with automated lead scoring, you can route prospects instantaneously to your most qualified agents. Because Salesforce Essentials centralizes all customer information on a single platform, users benefit from unified sales and marketing efforts as well as more accurate reports. Armed with this information, you gain a better understanding of each client and have a wealth of data-driven insights to fuel your strategies and conversations.

It boasts a wealth of customization options as well, enabling users to create workflows to suit their requirements and systematically funnel leads to close deals at a faster pace. It uses a drag-and-drop visual interface where you can create workflows that work for you, allowing you to manage your deals and moving clients into various stages with ease. The platform also features a mobile app so you can manage and facilitate all customer relationships on the fly, allowing you to handle your operations whenever and wherever. 

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Salesforce Essentials free trial here.

Why choose Salesforce Essentials instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Highly customizable. It allows you to tailor the platform to suit your unique sales processes.
  2. Ease of use. The platform automatically collects pertinent data about clients without manual input from users. Its AI also automatically displays relevant data on a silver platter to help you better determine the best course of action in moving forward.
  3. Comprehensive CRM functionalities. For the price, it features a breath of CRM-focused tools with depth to bolster your ROI by ensuring better relations with leads and customers.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Salesforce Essentials?

  1. Free option. Benefit from a feature-packed free plan for up to three users.
  2. Wealth of robust integrations. Aside from having the Zoho ecosystem available at your disposal, the platform also supports real-time updates for third-party integrations to ensure you are well-informed and up to date at all times.
  3. Strong automation capabilities. Zoho CRM touts robust automation features to eliminate mundane tasks and accelerate sales processes.

Other suitable solutions can be found in our Salesforce Essentials alternatives.

3. Freshsales

Freshsales makes is a one stop shop CRM for taking full control over your leads. It allows businesses to identify the best quality leads through behavior-based tracking and scoring, better manage pipelines with an intuitive deal card, and engage in conversations with context. With Freshsales, users have a 360-degrees view of their sales funnel, from basic client information to all won and lost deals. Leads can also be automatically assigned to the best-qualified sales representatives based on various filters. With the platform’s support for direct calls, users can easily engage in in conversations without wasting time on migrating contact information. Notifications can also be set to ensure all appointments and projects are accounted for.

Freshsales provides complete visibility on the current stage of multiple clients in the sales pipeline. Users also gain access to a drag-and-drop interface to easily offer deals and customizes stages. Customer data can be accessed anytime and anywhere with its mobile apps. Actionable insights can be acquired fairly easily thanks to various filtering options to summarize your reports, and this can be inputted into various visual graphs, charts, or tables for easy understanding. 

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the Freshsales free trial here.

Why choose Freshsales instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Clutter-free management. Get a complete view of your customer profile and touchpoints on a single screen, allowing you to get a clear overview of all your deals at a glance. It also features an intuitive drag-and-drop navigation for easy sales pipeline organization.
  2. Automated lead assignment. Group your sales teams and automatically assign new leads based on various parameters.
  3. Built-in phone system. It allows you to directly transfer calls out of the box, complete with an auto-dialler, routing of calls, custom welcome messages, and more.
  4. Website scoring. Its website tracking capability can score prospects based on their website behavior.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Freshsales?

  1. Robust social CRM. Stay connected with customer and future prospects, engage using your social profile, and interact from within the CRM.
  2. Pulse alerts. Stay informed of all sales updates in real-time, quickly follow-up on cold leads, and easily sort updates.
  3. Sales forecasting. Forecast important figures and create customized forecast reports.

If you’re looking for similar choices, do browse our Freshsales alternatives.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive enables sales teams to efficiently close deals without struggling with mundane and complicated administrative tasks. Whether you’re answering emails or engaging clients on a call, the platform automatically tracks all progress so you can focus on your clients than manually inputting data on the CRM. Sales teams are also given a clear overview of the sales pipeline, providing them with a visual interface where they can update customer information and drag-and-drop deals into different stages, all within  a single view. The software also provides great customizability to tailor your various pipelines to match your unique needs.

Engaging clients contextually is a breeze thanks to its timeline view, and with its automatic lead scoring, you can easily determine which prospects to zero-in first. Pipedrive also touts a number of integrations with third-party systems, powerful APIs, email tracking, fully customizable web forms, an advanced activity scheduler, exceptional reporting capabilities, smooth mobile optimization, and more. 

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Pipedrive free trial here.

Why choose Pipedrive instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Extensive customization. Get to customize almost everything you like to tailor the platform to suit your unique sales processes. This includes pipelines, dashboards, fields, activities, special reports, and more. Modules can also be turned on or off at will for improved sales efficiency.
  2. Built-in sales pipeline methodology. Easily handle complex processes with its sleek visual interface that ensures you remain organized in managing your sales pipeline.
  3. Exceptional reporting. With Pipedrive capable of storing all pertinent information and conversations on a single database, users can benefit from detailed, visual summaries. Split sales stats, customizable reports with various custom filters, testing various sales processes, sales forecasting, and other reporting capabilities are available on the platform. Statistics of each and every team member, lead history, and value of each deal can also be derived.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Pipedrive?

  1. Free plan. Startups and small businesses can opt for the free plan to grow their business.
  2. Connect on social media. Its social CRM capabilities allow you to easily stay informed of a customer or prospect’s interests and social interactions with your brand.
  3. Efficient follow-up tools. Prevent leads and customers from falling through the cracks with various follow-up tools.

If you want to discover similar business systems, take a look at our Pipedrive alternatives.

5. InfoFlo

InfoFlo is one of the cheapest CRMs on the market and is ideal for businesses looking to use a singular feature-complete platform in the long run. You can say goodbye to monthly recurring costs per user with this contact management solution, as it has a $99 one time cost per user, with all future upgrades becoming free for life. Various add-ons, each having a $79 one time cost per user, adds more functionalities to the system. Notable add-ons include two-way Outlook syncing, project management, and email marketing.

InfoFlo makes contact management a breeze by storing and tracking all vital information about specific business contacts or companies on a single platform. It gives users the power to manage more than basic contact information, allowing them to display contact relationships, shared projects and all your engagements with them on various platforms such as emails and phone calls and linking all activities together. Notes and tasks can also be assigned to leads and prospects so your team can close in deals.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a Infoflo free trial here.

Why choose InfoFlo instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. One-time cost pricing. Never get burdened with recurring costs ever again.
  2. Contact management. In a single click, you can gain access to essential contact or company information and all engagements with them.
  3. Seamless two-way Outlook syncing. Integrate all information from Outlook contacts, and vice versa.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of InfoFlo?

  1. Straightforward CRM. It is designed primarily for managing and engaging both prospects and customers.
  2. Manage sales pipelines. Take control of your sales pipeline and sales escalation processes.
  3. Enhanced productivity. Gain access to important client information without having to search on the system.

Take a gander at our InfoFlo alternatives if you’re looking for similar solutions for managing contacts.

6. Insightly

Fifth on our top 10 alternatives to Zoho CRM is Insightly, an ideal cloud-based CRM for small businesses looking to gain a holistic understanding of all prospects, customers, suppliers and partners in order build stronger relationships. It features various tools for contact management, task management, project management, and pipeline management. With Insightly, users have a 360-degree view of all their contacts, from communication history to sales opportunities. The platform also accurately connects contacts automatically with their respective social profiles, only requiring their email address or product website to associate the profile.

With its project management capabilities, Insightly ensures steady task progress and ensures deadlines are met among your entire team as well as your partners. To make this possible, Insightly features task delegation, automated alerts, project milestones, and more. Moreover, you can coordinate all your projects and events with respective parties by scheduling appointments, and creating recurring tasks. Insightly also features file sharing and versioning to ensure effective collaboration while allowing all parties to properly keep track of all changes made on documents.

Insightly makes it easy for users to capture leads and close in deals. The platform allows users to capture leads in multiple ways, including via scanning business cards through its mobile CRM application. Leads can be automatically routed to the right agents in real-time so they can act on each hot prospect. The platform features workflow automations with multi-step processes as well, including automated email sending, data entries, and much more, thus, allowing you to drastically reduce administrative work and focus on more important endeavors. 

Why choose Insightly instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Efficient collaboration. Ensure all parties are up to date through various collaboration tools.
  2. Integrated product management. Stay on top of each stage of your engagement with customers and track project performance, create milestones, set tasks, and more.
  3. Automated social profile detection. It can automatically associate a client’s social profile through a given product website or email address.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Insightly?

  1. Breath of integrations. Zoho CRM integrates with a ton of third-party integrations and can be used alongside other Zoho applications.
  2. Free plan. Grow your business using the platform without spending a single dime.
  3. Real-time alerts. Prevent any important engagement from falling through the cracks with its real-time alerts. This extends to third-party integrations, allowing you to be informed of all important interactions without exiting Zoho CRM.

If you’re looking for a similar solution, be sure to take a look at our Insightly alternatives.

7. Nimble

Nimble is a good choice for businesses looking to streamline customer engagements and automatically collect customer data across various platforms for contextual interactions with minimal manual data entry. The platform automatically updates pertinent client information from various data sources such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and social media channels, ensuring that you not only have rich information on each contact, but also allows you to get a clear view of their interaction with your company. Equipped with this information, you can easily discover their interests, history, and other information that will enhance your interaction while tracking all deals and preventing leads from going cold. Moreover, you can engage customers on various platforms from within Nimble.

Nimble features a number of tools to ensure clients never fall through the cracks. It allows you to indicate important engagements and utilize reminders to ensure all clients are accounted for without overlooking key interactions. It is also equipped with a Rules Engine that uses machine learning algorithms to learn from user behavior and assist you in your activities, smartly displaying critical data and informing users of key opportunities that were possibly overlooked. 

Why choose Nimble instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Intelligent searching. Nimble not only displays exact and relevant matches when searching for a contact, it also helps you be aware of customers that are potentially getting out of touch with your business.
  2. Qualify leads on social media. Build relationships on social media and leverage the platform to qualify leads.
  3. Easily determine interests. Nimble automatically updates customer data from various platforms to give you a better understanding on their interests for more contextual and graceful entry in conversations.
  4. Simple CRM platform. Simple and easy to use, Nimble has you covered for building strong relationships with clients through contextual engagements fueled by customer data.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Nimble?

  1. Feature-packed CRM. It has you covered for all your operations, featuring a plethora of tools for building strong relations such as lead management, account management, workflow management, social CRM, sales tracking, and more.
  2. Free option. Small businesses can opt for a freemium plan that doesn’t skimp on functionalities.
  3. Integrations. Get access to top-class third-party integrations and the large selection of Zoho apps. 

Other quality choices can be found in our Nimble alternatives.

8. Base CRM

Placing on the eight spot of our top 10 alternatives to Zoho CRM is Base CRM, a platform designed for sales teams who are looking to capitalize on all leads and opportunities. It provides users with unparalleled visibility into each pipeline and features automated scoring rules to qualify leads and opportunities, allowing them to better understand which ones  to prioritize. This is greatly enhanced with its Smart Lists, which allows you to filter all contacts for better prioritization. To ensure the freshness of each contact, the platform allows for automated funneling of leads and opportunities to sales teams. It touts powerful lead tracking as well so representatives can interact with hundreds of contacts without skimping on quality communication.

Both the management side and representatives can get intelligent insights with Base CRM. Representatives are provided dashboard of their own for complete visibility on their progress towards achieving their goals, while Managers get access to relevant sales metrics and stats on individual performance of their team members. Base CRM also features custom event-based workflows and processes for effective automated interactions, a built-in dialer with automated logging and recording for easier phone engagements, a mobile app for on the fly customer management, integrations with top third-party solutions, and more. 

Why choose Base CRM instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Great design and intuitive interface. Base CRM is user-friendly and allows first-time users to easily adapt to the platform.
  2. Easy to understand reports. The platform provides you with easily understandable graphs of all your relevant metrics so you can recalibrate your efforts to boost conversions.
  3. Dedicated apps. Take care of your leads and opportunities or stay on top of all your operations through Base CRM’s dedicated apps for mobile.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Base CRM?

  1. Breadth of functionalities. Zoho CRM has all the features you need for nurturing client relations.
  2. Real-time alerts. Get notified of all important opportunities, from big deals to interactions on various channels thanks to third-party integrations.
  3. Mail Magnet. Have full control over your emails. Zoho CRM can capture all customer email activity, scan mailbox for important emails, share emails based on custom rules, manage temples, and more.

If this platform doesn’t suit your requirements, you can check our Base CRM alternatives for more options.

9. Copper (formerly ProsperWorks)

Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is a productivity CRM designed to help businesses focus on building and nurturing client relationships without wasting their time on inputting customer data. Key in making this possible is its ability to automatically pre-populate data per customer profile in a systematically organized manner, ensuring that all customers are accounted for. Copper also comes equipped with an integrated RingCentral VoIP so you can quickly call clients from within the system while also benefitting you with accurate tracking of conversions and precise forecasts. For easy deployment and easy usage, Copper features robust integrations with Google Suite and popular third-party software such as Dropbox, Slack, and MailChimp. Zapier or its very own RESTful API can also be used to extend compatibility with every possible solution.

With its 360-degree transparency, Copper empowers colleagues to collaborate with one another to decide the best approach for each client or ascertain any crucial negotiations. It also provides users with the right set of tools to customize their sales pipeline for better visibility on the current status of each customer, making it easy for your colleagues to resume conversations on your behalf. For highly valuable clients, you can set alerts and notifications or track emails so you can quickly respond to their needs and surpass their expectations.

Why choose Copper instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Data pre-population. No manual data entry is needed to store customer information on the system. This saves your team valuable time so they can focus on strengthening client relationships. More importantly, this eliminates the chances of having customers fall through the cracks.
  2. G-Suite integrations. Connect Google solutions to the system and conveniently converse with clients from within your own Gmail.
  3. VoIP. Directly call clients from within the system.

Why choose Zoho CRM of Copper?

  1. Affordable pricing. It offers cheaper pricing plans that provide more functionalities.
  2. AI. Utilize a conversationalist AI that can provide simple actions, such as data procurement and storing pertinent information, to providing macro suggestions to enriching your data fields.
  3. Real-time notifications. Its SalesSignals functionalities streamlines all your notifications, even on third-party applications.

Discover other solutions that might fight your requirements in our Copper alternatives.

10. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is built to accelerate operations of marketing and sales teams on a unified platform while ensuring user efficiency at every touch point with leads, prospects, and customers. Essentially, it enables businesses to close much more deals and generate more earnings. It comes equipped with lead scoring, marketing automation, automated custom workflows, email tracking, project management, contact management, web forms, push notifications, and help desk tools, to name a few.

Agile CRM provides users with a 360-degree view of all their contacts, and allows them to create rich contact profiles that contain all important data points. All contact profiles are updated in real-time, allowing all teams to have great historical data and maximized efficiency in each client interaction. This is further supplemented by its clearly illustrated contact timelines for faster understanding of past conversations. Teams can also greatly coordinate on various projects with a drag-and-drop project management tool where they can create tasks, add notes, assign employees and generally get a clear view on who’s working on what and stay up to date with a project’s status.

Touted as a CRM that greatly accelerate work processes, Agile CRM comes equipped with various automation tools that are customizable to suit your unique processes. It features automated lead scoring based on specific parameters and adjustable threshold for qualifying your most important prospects and segments them based on behavior. Its calendar offers automated scheduling and notifications as well to ensure all tasks are executed on time. Automating marketing campaigns based on custom workflows is quick and easy thanks to a drag-and-drop builder. It also features automated routing of leads to sales representatives and routing of tickets to support teams.

More than a CRM, this platform features a landing page builder so you can design high-converting layouts. Web pop-ups can also be utilized to maintain website visitor engagement. Coupled with its exit intent, you can prevent more website visitors from leaving your page and attract them to engage with your brand, which ultimately increase your conversion rate. 

Why choose Agile CRM instead of Zoho CRM?

  1. Free plan. It offers a free plan for up to 10 users.
  2. Help desk tools. It features an agile help desk software designed for quick resolution of tickets.  Tickets can be categorized based on issues for more efficient resolution by support teams. Smart workflows can also be created for accelerated processes.
  3. Optimized landing pages. Utilize a drag-and-drop builder to create conversion-optimized website landing pages.
  4. Telephony. Easily engage with clients through a call without leaving the platform. It is equipped with an auto-dialer, post-call automation, call recording, call scripts, and other functionalities.

Why choose Zoho CRM instead of Agile CRM?

  1. AI conversationalist. Get assistance from AI to procure essential data.
  2. Robust CRM workflow management. It features macros for automating tasks, workflow alerts, automated email notifications for workflow rule triggers, instant notifications from third-party solutions, and more.
  3. Quickly Identify cold leads. It allows you to easily pinpoint cold leads that should receive a follow-up.

If this platform doesn’t suit your business requirements, we recommend that you take a look at our Agile CRM alternatives.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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