Top 12 Most Expensive Whiskey Bottles In The World: Isabella Islay Vs. Macallan M

whWithout doubt whiskey is one of the alcohols that has one of the highest prices in human history. The price of some bottles is based on their age, while other ones are expensive because they’re simply unique and rare. There are also those that justify the high cost with the brand itself or with the quality of the bottle itself. 

If we were to look at the most expensive whiskey based on the prices alone, the Balvenie 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Speyside would top the list. A bottle of this fine and exquisite spirit fetches an average price of $36,000 per bottle. If you are on a tight budget and still want a whiskey to go with whatever you are celebrating, the Macallan Fine Oak 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky will set you back $2,500 to $4,500 for a bottle. Still a seriously heavy price tag for the common man.

But this list is not about base prices. We have compiled the most expensive whiskeys ever sold and the prices are indeed staggering. Check them out.

12. Balvenie 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – $50,000


As mentioned above, a bottle of this fine whiskey can fetch up to $50,000. It’s produced in Speyside, Scotland. What adds value to this whiskey is that it is produced using traditional handcrafting methods. On top of that, only 88 bottles were produced, making this Balvenie 50 collection a very rare and precious commodity among whiskey lovers.

11. Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch Matheson – $58,000


On top of this whiskey being the fusion of four single malt whiskies from the Scottish Highlands, there are a number of things that make the Dalmore 62 Highland Malt Scotch a very expensive bottle. For one, only 12 bottles were produced in 1942. Two, each hand-blown bottle was named after significant Dalmore personality. The most expensive of these bottles is the Dalmore Matheson, named after Alexander Matheson, owner of the Dalmore Estate. The bottle was sold for $58,000 by some guy who consumed its contents with his friends immediately after its purchase.

10. W & J Mutter’s Bowmore (1850) – $60,135

10Believed to be the oldest bottle of Bowmore that still exists, this particular item was given to William Mutter when he let go of his stake in the distillery in 1851. The bottle was passed down from generation to generation until it was placed at an auction in 2007 by McTear’s in Glasgow. The Bowmore fetched world record price of £29,400 or $60,135.


9. Macallan 1926, “Fine and Rare” – $75,000


Distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986, this specimen is the oldest of all the Fine and Rare Macallan selection. Records state that only 40 bottles were ever produced. This particular Macallan is reserved for real men, as it’s dry and concentrated and was made without water. A certain Korean man was feeling very manly when he fished out $75,000 from his pocket and took the bottle home.

8. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 – $94,000


There are only 15 bottles of the Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955, making it a rare collection and a sought after edition among whiskey lovers and connoisseurs. This collection was made to celebrate Janet Sheed’s (Granddaughter of Glenfiddich founder William Grant) 110th birthday as well as her contribution to the Glenfiddich legacy. Of the 15 bottles, four were kept by the Grant Estate while the rest were sold at auctions. One of these bottles was sold for $94,000.

7. George Washington Distillery Straight Rye Whiskey – $100,000


Produced in 2003 and aged over two years in specially crafted oak casks, the George Washington Distillery Straight Rye Whiskey was made using the man’s own recipe. At the time of its initial production, more than 200 years have passed since Washington’s recipe was used. The first bottle was sold at an auction in 2006. Dubbed Bottle #1, it was purchased by publisher Marvin Shanken, making it the most expensive American whiskey brand ever sold.

6. Glenfiddich 1937 “Rare Collection” – $120,000


There have been only 61 bottles of Glenfiddich 1937 ever produced and most of them were sold at $10,000 and above. Only a few remain and one of the last six bottles is currently put on sale at the Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok airport for $120,000. The collection is dubbed as the world’s oldest single malt whisky and the airport has been chosen as it is a major gateway for international travelers, many of whom are whiskey collectors.

5. Nun’s Island Distillery Pure Pot Still Whiskey – $143,020


With its history tracing back to the late 1800s, this is one of the last whiskeys produced by the Nun’s Island Distillery, in Galway, Ireland before shutting its operations in 1913.

4. Dalmore 64 Trinitas – $164,100


There have only been three bottles of Dalmore 64 Trinitas ever produced. Rarity plus the name Dalmore are enough to justify its jaw-dropping price tag.

3. Macallan 63 Year In Lalique – $460,000


A bottle of 64-year-old Macallan whisky in a Lalique Cire Perdue decanter was placed at an auction in 2010. At the time of its sale, it was the most expensive whiskey ever sold and no less than the Guinness World Records testified to the feat. The craziest part of the sales was that the proceeds were given to charity.

2. Macallan M – $628,205


What makes Macallan M so special that somebody actually paid $628,205 for it at a Hong Kong auction? Whiskey experts concur that the Macallan M is a rare specimen but its value can be found in the bottle – a decadent, faceted crystal decanter that holds almost six liters of high quality whiskey.

1. Isabella Islay – $6.2 million


If you care not for the contents but rather the vessel, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a big surprise for you to know why a bottle of Isabella Islay whiskey carries an insane price of $6.2 million. The bottle is a molded container fashioned from white gold and is crusted with 8500 diamonds and 300 rubies.

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  • Avatar Frances Helfat says:

    Love those decorative bottle for serving Whiskey.

  • Avatar Lee says:

    Looks delish, but way out of my price range.

  • Avatar F. Bandoni says:

    A fool and his money are soon departed!!!!!

  • Avatar Phreemynd says:

    An idiot and his axiom are never consistent.

  • Avatar Rana says:

    I wish to taste Macallan M my dreem hope one day I will taste

  • Avatar Tom says:

    Personally I drink Ron Caballero (Gentleman or Knight Rum in Spanish) rum for $9.99 a 1.75 liter bottle plus California’s regressive 9% sales tax adding about 85 cents to each bottle.

    Who the hell pays tens of thousand of dollars for a bottle of liquor!? I’ll tell you who; the capitalist bastards who steal the value created by the working-class.

    See Thorsten Veblen’s book on conspicuous consumption, The Theory of the Leisure Class.

    • Avatar Joseph Tillman says:

      Oh, boo hoo. Get off your butt and earn some money and then buy a bottle. This is not a luxury class product – it is a product for people who have worked their butts off for decades to build businesses – so, they got it the old fashioned way: “they earned it”. Period! Now, quit being a whiny wimp.

  • Avatar KLN Reddy says:

    Very expensive drink affordable to elite people only.
    Anyway it goes with brand and years of preservation.

  • Avatar Ralph tarantino says:

    The people who can afford these products have earned them. Dont hate them someday it might be your time I hope good luck

  • Avatar Gerhard says:

    The value is in the bottle not the whiskey.

  • Avatar Joe says:

    Woop!!! Can never be able to afford any of these whiskeys in my lifetime. Can some kind donor offer me a sip of any one of these whiskeys before I die. Please

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