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20 Best Online Project Management Tools To Manage Your Projects

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What is the best online project management tool?

The best online project management tool to manage your projects is It is a highly capable and customizable cloud-based project management software best known for features such as: advanced scheduling tools; effective collaboration & communication; efficient task management & team monitoring; and comprehensive visualized reports.

With little of companies’ management being computerized in the past, it didn’t take much for a business to ascribe the failure of projects to non-coordination. Perilous tactics were nearly always associated with miscommunication and obstructed access to data, and little was done to relate tasks across different teams.

Despite of it, enterprises seemed reluctant to the idea of using any system other than a homegrown, believing that was the only way to manage specific operations and protect the integrity of their data.

Interestingly enough, in its Pulse of the Profession report from February 2018, the US Project Management Institute reports that companies are wasting $1 million every 20 seconds because of ineffective strategy implementation. Their conclusion was that project success rates have grown significantly, both when evaluated comparing traditional means and business maturity levels to intent.

The question here simply imposes itself: Given their inability to determine objectives and develop execution procedures, how did managers get where they are?

Source: PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2018

To answer this question, we will once again look at PMI’s report: 83% of executive leaders understood the value of project management, and 95% of them are willing to test out a single, cloud-hosted system instead of building and maintaining few of them. In short, cloud-hosted project management is now touted as the most cost-effective option for any business, with lots of customization tricks that would help adopt it.

This article lists the 20 best online project management tools you should consider in 2020, selected considering their unique features and usability characteristics. These systems are all user-friendly and project success-oriented, and meet well the needs of small and large businesses.

Are online project management tools better than locally-hosted ones?

Project management software: The hidden costs of on-premise deployment

Why choose online project management software tools to manage your projects? In his article on the Learning consortium for the creative economy, Forbes contributor Steve Denning concluded that all firms hold a different position in the project management journey, and would adapt only to practices that meet the context of their operations. With this in mind, recommending one option over the other would be walking on thin ice. Unless, of course, there is an outcome that outweighs the risk:

  • Unobstructed access to information – With a team scattered worldwide, you will benefit from unlimited access to project information and file sharing.
  • Facilitated onboarding – Cloud-hosted project management tools involve a much shorter learning curve than their on-premise counterparts, as users can log in with their password, and use the program independently from other team members.
  • Focus on collaboration – Cloud-zoned PM tools usually provide a number of useful collaboration features that make the process more effective. Their nature is participatory and transparent, and everyone can follow positive and negative trends.
  • Configuration – PM systems of today are remarkably flexible, and allow you to coordinate very specific projects and tasks. You can add and track changes as they happen, and keep schedules functional instead of losing hours on coordinating assignees.
  • Affordability – Due to the lack of a complex installation procedure, storage and extensive servers, cloud hosted PM systems are affordable and subscription-based, and require little to no maintenance on your behalf. Some of the most popular online PM applications are offered for free.

Top 20 Online Project Management Tools


The leader of this list and best-rated project management app in our database is It is well-known for its collaborative nature and for simplifying task management and scheduling. There are many great things about, foremost of which is its capability to streamline discussions and contributions, and keeping all team members on the same page to ensure highest-level performance. It offers a modern suite of scheduling tools for project, task and team management, effectively eliminating arcane paperwork and minimizing the risk of human errors.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out with their free trial

You will also appreciate its flexibility, as follows each change in your item’s status, appoints and modifies dates, and preserves the spotlight over the agent in charge of completing a particular action. You can try out all the key features of the software with a free trial version they offer.

You can easily sign up for free trial here.’s visualized dashboard and UI.

What is unique about

  1. A unified dashboard for all projects, tasks, and team members. With, you can add projects, tasks, to-dos, and milestones on the very same dashboard, and observe instantly who’s doing what, and how your work is progressing. The interface is very intuitive and leaves no room for confusion, which helps you plan workload much ahead that you’d do with other tools.
  2. Easy communication with mentions and notifications. will make it easy to communicate with team members in context. With it, you can add communication rows to your board (called pulses) and mention and engage individuals and entire teams in real time.
  3. Visual planning and evaluation of the team’s bandwidth.’s highlight is definitely visual planning, as the system makes it possible to visualize all of your team’s work on a single screen, and instantly evaluate their bandwidth and make blitz decisions. This way, you will be able to assign the right tasks to the right people, and hence meet all of your deadlines.
  4. Client invitations. With, you will not only engage and involve team members, but also external parties and clients directly concerned by the success of your project. The system will first invite clients as guests, and then share the progress and stats of the project via email, phone calls, or even online meetings.
  5. Fully searchable database. You will have just enough labels and filters to search anything you want, including recent file versions and updates, images uploaded by your colleagues, and new assignments. Basically, whatever file/info enters, it will immediately be stored in the database and turned into operable intelligence.

2. Wrike

There is plenty to like about Wrike, including the prioritization of assessments, flexibility provided to multi-functional groups, and uptight progress monitoring. With its 3-pane view, you will have an instant view of important data, which can later be submitted to analytics and audit reports on progress and external threats. Another thing that makes Wrike special are advanced forms and requests which help reduce costly errors, meet deadlines, and improve progress visibility for your stakeholders.

If you want to try it out on your own the vendor offers a great free trial plan. You can easily sign up for Wrike free trial here.

Wrike’s Compact Dashboard

What is unique about Wrike?

  1. Breaking large goals into manageable pieces. With Wrike, you can organize your work in core building blocks and set a due date for each. You can add as many tasks as you need, and combine easily all of the projects into folders and other structural units. This way, you can track both individual and overall progress.
  2. Dynamic request forms & automation. Wrike’s automated and dynamic request forms facilitate delivery, and allow you to gather all necessary information and assign the right tasks to the right individuals/teams.
  3. File management with live editing. Focused on collaboration, Wrike makes it possible to upload, edit, and share various file formats and save those automatically. The system will provide an overview of each edited version to track who has done what, and how he has done it.
  4. Gantt-charts and visual timelines. Wrike uses Gantt charts as visual timelines where you can set real time dependencies between tasks, and adjust them in line with the planned schedule.
  5. Balanced resources and recalibration. Another interesting thing Wrike is enabled to do is to balance and manage resources, and to track performance using workload views. With an open view on all important processes, the user will be able to recalibrate at any moment of time.

3. Asana

Asana is another very well-known PM & collaboration system which provides a social-media reminiscent and friendly interface. Teams like the live activity stream that keeps them informed on changes and updates, and the possibility to launch private/group discussions from the comfort of the very same dashboard. In project management terms, Asana’s developers point task relating and change management as the highlights of their platform, reminding users that they also offer some of the best customer support available in the niche. With Asana, customers will also benefit from a dedicated success program, and develop new project management & collaboration tactics.

An overview of Asana’s UI

What is unique about Asana?

    1. Turning conversations into actionable tasks. As Asana’s developers like to put it, the program turns chaos into order, and that’s mostly due to its private and group conversations that can easily be turned into tasks. Everyone in the team can track progress and edit files, or follow status updates through a social media-reminiscent activity stream.
    2. Subtasks, task dependencies, and columnar project structures. Asana controls the progress of your projects end-to-end, tracking in the meanwhile each task and conversation. The system allows you to track your tasks and projects up to completion, and to generate amazingly detailed progress reports.
    3. Dedicated smart inbox. Asana gives you the possibility to use any email service provider you like, but what is indeed unique about it is the dedicated smart inbox where users receive only relevant notifications. These emails can be turned into tasks automatically.
    4. Custom tracking fields. Another beautiful feature are custom tracking fields, which allow the user to track any indicator that matters to him, including leads, bugs, job applicants, etc.
    5. Private projects vs. Collaboration with third parties. Asana doesn’t only provide you with team pages and individual conversations between agents, but also gives you the possibility to share and comment work with guests, partners, and third-party collaborators.

4. Clarizen

Clarizen is a unique combination of mighty project management and high-quality social collaboration feature that aligns your team and directs your ideas towards execution. It is cloud-powered and incredibly easy to deploy, which is why more than 2,000 businesses in 75 countries worldwide are relying on its functionality. There are many particularities that make Clarizen a suitable alternative for any business, including a separate and flexible timeline for each project/tasks that adjusts easily to real-time anomalies. The program is meant to serve both operational and functional managers, and to improve their performance communication to a level which would ensure detailed and accurate planning of each project before it has been rolled out. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for Clarizen free trial here.

What is unique about Clarizen?

  1. Configurable workflows. Clarizen can be easily customized to fit the specifications of your business, and is able to automate repeatable processes, workflows, and alerts. With this in mind, we recommend it as a suitable alternative to any success-oriented team, regardless of the niche or industry.
  2. Automated demand management. The system makes it possible to automate and repeat how you create projects, plan initiatives and capture good ideas. This way, you will be able to skip daunting administrative tasks, and focus on what genuinely matters to you and your team.
  3. Sizing, scoping, and estimation. Depending on whether you’re managing short or multi-year, cross-functional projects, Clarizen will help you organize, size, score, and estimate each of them.
  4. Stakeholder collaboration. A unique feature offered by Clarizen is stakeholder collaboration, which helps you avoid working in silos or facing miscommunication problems. This time, you can centralize interactions within a single collaboration platform, and align internal and external communication.
  5. Progress management. Clarizen specializes in progress management, and therefore makes it possible to track and upgrade accomplishment, and make changes instantly visible. This way, it will help you avoid double work and unprojected cost overruns.

5. Taskworld

The power of Taskworld lies in being able to transform abstract ideas into active and prosperous tasks, and making effective use of your company’s human capital and creativity. At the same time, it can become your team’s collaboration hub, where suggestions are exchanged instantly, and decisions are made with all factors considered. The system is available in several languages to cover as many geographies as possible, and comes with reasonable per-user pricing and a reliable support team to add value to your investment.

Taskworld Time Machine

What is unique about Taskworld?

  1. Visual task boards. Taskworld helps large teams stay organized with visual task boards. These boards help good ideas convert into active tasks, and align all team members towards a common goal. Within these boards, you can set due dates and monitor the progress of each performer.
  2. Complexity points for each task. Taskworld uses special task points (0-5) to evaluate complexity, and organizes and categorizes tasks according to the results, instead of expecting you to prioritize them.
  3. Checklists and tasks in multiple locations. With Taskworld, you will be able to divide large tasks into manageable checklist units and items, and then assign each of them separately. On the opposite, you can group related tasks and subtasks in larger units, and update them in multiple projects at a time.
  4. Multiple assignees. In Taskworld, there is no limit to as how many people you can assign for a particular task or checklist. The tool will provide you with a dedicated activity log where you can follow the changes made to those tasks in chronological order.
  5. Dedicated support and training. Taskworld is particularly recommended to inexperienced and starter teams, as the company offers an array of free demos and tutorials, and a 24/5 knowledgeable telephone/email support team to answer all of their questions in the preferred language. On their website, you will also find a detailed user guide to task management.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp in Action

What Basecamp does the best is bringing complex projects down to well-organized assignments, where users can delegate tasks, chase deadlines, and monitor progress on the go. The product prides itself with 10 years of industry experience and millions of users who simply adore its simple and compact operations. We recommend Basecamp mostly because of its myriad of effective monitoring tools, innovation in reordering tasks, and campfires allow you to use pings and chat with individuals and groups in real time, and reach fast consensus for every important decision.

What is unique about Basecamp?

  1. All-in-one. Basecamp brings together your projects, clients, and internal communications, and becomes a single source of truth for your company. It is centralized and well-structured, and gives you  a 10,000ft view and complete control of everything that’s happening within your company.
  2. Proficient discussion boards. Basecamp reinvents the whole concept of teamwork with 100% proficient discussion boards, and offers dedicated messaging boards, Campfire chats, to-do lists and schedules, and automated check ins. This is how the system eliminates all need to use third-party software for in-team collaboration.
  3. Project milestone schedule. With Basecamp, you will be able to consolidate your team around tasks that genuinely matters, set up realistic and feasible milestones, and schedule deadlines. The system’s interface is very friendly and easy to navigate, and won’t cause any troubles for users finding the information they need.
  4. To-Do lists. One of Basecamp’s 6 most appreciated and core functionality features is the To-Do list, which allows users to personalize their dashboard and prioritize tasks in a manner that is convenient to them. On the manager’s behalf, this help track the progress of each agent and hold him/her accountable.
  5. Automatic check-ins. The automatic check ins are there to let agents produce daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of what they’ve done, by clicking on a single button.

7. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a straightforward PM and task management system that divides your large and complex projects into manageable units, and schedules recurring tasks, dependancies, and subtasks according to your deadlines. Once projects are accomplished, Zoho Projects gives you access to in-depth insights displayed in understandable charts and graphs, so that you could report on your activities, track opportunities, and capture eventual drawbacks. It also offers a very small-biz friendly pricing scheme. You can easily sign up for Zoho Projects free trial here.

Zoho Projects in action: Project Planning

What is unique about Zoho Projects?

  1. Project planning & coordination. Zoho Projects helps you break down complex projects to tasks, task lists, and milestones, and obtain refined control by creating your own subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies. With its handy Project coordinator, you can easily stay in line with recent updates, go back to important posts on your favorite social media, and make use of all resources you have available.
  2. Timesheets. Zoho’s timesheets are unique because they allow your team members to log both billable and non billable working hours, and generate invoices based on this information.
  3. In-depth reporting tools. Zoho Projects also offers an in-depth business analytics suite for you to gain insight into your team’s progress, and produce efficient and accurate reports. For the purpose, the system integrates with Zoho Reports, and makes it possible to embed reports and dashboards across websites, applications, and blogs.
  4. Issue tracker. With Zoho Projects, you can log your issues and then track each of them until it is tested and removed. In the meanwhile, you will be invited to define your custom workflows and use only your business rules, and track code changes made using Bitbucket and GitHub.
  5. Document management. Zoho Projects allows you to create, distribute, and edit all files, spreadsheets, and presentations related to your projects. File management is also advanced, as it is the admin who should govern access and give team members the right permissions to edit files within the system.

8. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a popular enterprise project management system designed to meld ease of use with complex timeline management, and enriched with all necessary tools to facilitate purposeful communication. Rather than focusing exclusively on projects, Smartsheet enables you to plan and monitor corporate programs and core business operations, organize events, and track the success of your marketing campaigns. It is very flexible and fully automated, and works impeccably on any device, browser, or operating system.

Smartsheet in action: Task tracking

What is unique about Smartsheet?

  1. Member of a reputed productivity kit. Smartsheet is not simply a project management system, but rather a compact productivity & work management suite that controls core business operations. It keeps all comments, notes, and project data within a centralized location, and allows agents to communicate at any moment of time.
  2. Project standardization & Task tracking. Smartsheet uses Gantt charts to visualize and format projects, and allows you to prepare standard templates for your specific workflows. Editing is as easy as drag-and-drop, and activities are constantly compared to long-term goals to ensure maximal productivity.
  3. Program Rollups. A unique feature provided by Smartsheet are operational rollups, thanks to which you can easily customize your system for managing requests, projects, processes and reference lists. The same, reusable reports can be applied to track progress and analyze data.
  4. Strategic planning & budgeting. Smartsheet also specializes in resource management, helping you assign the right task to the right person, and estimate the time and budget needed for each project.
  5. Robust base of training resources. Smartsheet is often referred to as a very beginner-friendly system, and that’s because of its large base of tutorials and training resources which are available for free. A knowledgeable support team will also be at your reach 24/7 to ensure you get all assistance necessary to accomplish your projects.

9. Nutcache

Nutcache was developed to add value and efficiency to different quite-to-collection processes. You can use it to plan, manage, and execute projects, but also draft expense reports, bill and invoice customers, and modernize your time tracking methods. The system gives you flexible time management–tracking time by duration or using start/end values, as well as using multiple timers to track projects simultaneously. The software also generates reports with graphical indicators and deep insights to help you get a quick overview where projects are heading. It is also one of the most secure PM systems that guarantees 100% data protection. You can easily sign up for Nutcache free trial here.

What is unique about Nutcache?

  1. Expense management & Budget milestones. With Nutcache, you will be able to dedicate a portion of your budget to each project, and make sure expenses remain within the frames of that budget while following the project’s progress. The system will also allow you to manage and distribute human resources, and drill into details to find out how much was spent on individual tasks. At the same time, you can compare the level of profitability of your projects to the amount invested in them, and get a clear overview on the adjustments that should be made.
  2. Customizable project workflow. You can adjust the collaborative boards to your team’s preferred project management methods, and tailor workflows to your needs. With the multiple percentage milestones and alerts, it will be more than easy to assign team embers and time logs against your projects.
  3. Flexible billing & invoicing for consultants. Another feature than makes Nutchache unique is to bill a project depending on worked hours and expenses, and distribute and manage estimates and  invoices directly through the platform.
  4. Notes & comments for clients. Nutchase’s advanced alert & notification system ensures that everyone will be on the same page with updates and changes, referring in the case also to third-parties, clients, and guest collaborators.
  5. Security safeguards. With Nutcache in your toolkit, you can have the peace of mind that all your data is protected from loss, misuse, and incorrect alteration. The system performs backups on a daily basis, and stores information on external OVH servers in 17 different locations.

10. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a compact PM, collaboration, and CRM suite that takes into account all parties involved in large and complex projects. The key functionality of the system revolves around time management and time planning features, which will not only help you meet your deadlines, but also to produce detailed and accurate reports. You can use it to coordinate projects, schedules, and tasks, and benefit from its CRM & communication platform to involve customers whenever they’re concerned. With up to 12 users on board, you can use Bitrix24 absolutely free of charge.

Bitrix24 in action: Scheduling

What is unique about Bitrix24?

  1. Combined project management, sales governance, and CRM. The reason why Bitrix24 is considered suitable for enterprise-grade projects is that it combines PM with sales automation and CRM, offering also other productivity add-ons you can consider to enhance its application. The compact suite offers even telephony services, document management, and HR control features.
  2. 35+ collaboration tools. Bitrix24’s developers perceive streamlined collaboration to be a logical precursor of successful project management, and will thus give you more than 35 collaboration tools. You will have a variety of open communication channels, mail servers, social media integration, chat, video, and many more useful features.
  3. HR tools. Bitrix24 can also be used as an HR and workforce management tool, as it offers a centralized employee directory, leave/time off management and active schedules and directories, knowledge management, and forms and requests. The system will also handle recruiting, and provide employees with an advanced self-service portal and automate routing processes.
  4. Sales management. Bitrix24 will meet all of your sales force automation needs, as it offers a dedicated contact management, invoicing, and analytics suite, and supports multiple languages and currencies.
  5. Documents management. Bitrix24 is also well-known for its document management features, including network drive mapping, automated syncing and in-place editing, as well as versioning control and history.

11. Trello

Trello is what we like to call a user-centered software system, as it offers one of the most engaging and highly interactive interfaces on the market. What is most specific about it is its unique board-and-card methodology, and almost unlimited configuration tricks that help it adopt even the most complex and specific projects. What is more, Trello connects both individuals and teams, and provides a variety of social interaction features that make collaboration more enjoyable. It is also one of the most cost-effective and best-integrated tools on this list.

Trello: Dashboard

What is unique about Trello?

  1. Project management with boards and cards. Trello works around a unique concept of arranging projects/tasks as boards and cards, and leaving task dependencies entirely up to your needs and wishes. The interface is friendly and easy to navigate, and therefore suitable for small and inexperienced teams.
  2. End-to-end collaboration. Trello unites a variety of communication channels in order to transfer corporate communication within a single system. With it, your team members can follow changes and status updates, add comments, attachments, or ideas, and even add labels and checklists.
  3. Team grouping. Focused on collaboration, Trello helps teams collaborate and stay organized, and will allow you to group different employee units to build the dream team you’ve always desired. What is specific about the system is also team grouping,
  4. Public and private boards. With Trello, you can create as many boards, cards, and teams as you wish, and add as many people as needed. You can choose to make any number of teams or boards public or private.
  5. Power-Up connections and developer API.  Trello’s Business Class features include Power-Ups which connect Trello to services like Google Drive, Evernote, GitHub, and Salesforce, to name a few. You can get the ability to sort and filter boards, advanced security features, administrative controls, and all the benefits of Trello Gold. If you are looking to use Trello in your own app, extension, or plug-in, there’s a free, public Developer API for you.

12. Podio

In short, Citrix’s Podio functions as a PM-dedicated enterprise network open to various types of communication and task contribution. It is just cut for the needs of large and decentralized teams looking to track common projects and participate in them, and also helps keep short-term output aligned with long-term goals. We also recommend it because of the complete flexibility it gives you when defining content structure, reports, and overviews, and variety of company intranet and CRM features that make it a real catch for your money.

Podio – Dashboard

What is unique about Podio?

  1. Granular admin capabilities. Podio offers granular admin capabilities to give managers control over who has access to which workspace, and which adjustments have been made on different projects and tasks.
  2. Tailored processes and custom structure.  Another way in which Podio boosts the effectiveness of PM teams is by allowing them to tailor and accommodate each unique phase, stage, or business operation.
  3. Data visualization. Podio is also well known for real-time data visualizations, and creation of interactive dashboards that showcase progress and reveal trends. The feature is particularly useful to sales teams and companies interested to give customers a full overview of their project’s progress.
  4. Connected CRM. One of the several handly add-ons offered by Podio is the CRM one, a compact contact management suite that tracks leads and sales, and empowers real-time communication. File sharing extensions are also available.
  5. Unlimited storage. With Podio, there are no restrictions to as how many projects you can manage and control. Storage is not limited, and doesn’t depend on the plan you’ve chosen.

13. JIRA

At the moment, JIRA is used more than 51,000 customers worldwide including top brands like eBay, Spotify, Cisco, and LinkedIn. The agile and effective project management platform uses both Kanban and Scrum methodology to boost project success, and also integrates with GitHub to connect issues to commits. Its dashboards are flexible and personalized, and a possibility to use a special Query Language (JQL) with simple autocomplete to develop advanced queries is also provided. At the same time, JIRA offers flexible deployment options.

JIRA – Portfolio Roadmap

What is unique about JIRA?

  1. Scrum & Kanban boards. JIRA works with both Scrum and Kanban methodology. Agile teams, for instance, can use Scrum boards to stay focused on delivering iterative and incremental value, or flexible Kanban boards to obtain full visibility into what’s next so you can continuously deliver maximum output in minimal cycle time.
  2. Out-of-the-box reports. Rather than standardized reports, JIRA will give your team access to several out-of-the-box reports with real-time, actionable insights, as well as the possibility to create such on their own.
  3. Agile roadmap planning. Jira offers an agile portfolio management add on you can use to forecast feasible and realistic roadmaps, and to make data-driven and informed decisions.
  4. Rich APIs and 100,000+ add ons. There are more than 1,000 case plug-and-play add-ons you can purchase from Atlassian’s marketplace. The system’s open API architecture, on the other hand, will allow you to connect this system with virtually any third-party system or application.
  5. Disaster recovery. JIRA stores your corporate data in several secure locations, and backs it up regularly to ensure you can easily recover it in case of a disaster.

14. Teamwork

Teamwork was designed for medium and large corporate teams working simultaneously on different projects, and thus belongs to the group of feature-rich systems that facilitate data access, and make metrics more understandable to differing-experience users. With Teamwork, you can organize your projects, teams, resources, schedules and more with ease and speed, and make sure everyone in the team is in line with changes and updates. Below the friendly and seemingly simple interface, nevertheless, you will discover a powerful risk-and-benefit analyzer, and one of the most sophisticated forecasting mechanisms in this industry.

Teamwork – Dashboard

What is unique about Teamwork?

  1. Comprehensive project management. Teamwork uses Gantt charts to let you organize your projects, teams, resources, and  schedules with ease and speed. You can create milestones, mark events on a special calendar, and keep track of all important changes and updates. All projects are categorized and assigned to a particular group of people, where everyone gets a different role and access permissions.
  2. Task estimates and dependencies. Teamwork will allow you to plan workload in advance, and add estimates and progress notes for each task. You can also include task dependencies when an activity specifically requires the completion of another one.
  3. Full milestone management suite. Teamwork makes it possible to link tasks and task lists to specific milestones, and distribute responsibility by assigning the same milestone  to several people. Each milestone is categorized, described, scheduled in a calendar according to its due date, and connected to a smart alert system that will remind the people in charge of it.
  4. Data backup. Teamwork will protect your data from all types of unwanted intrusion, and back it up on a daily basis using MySQL.
  5. Customization. With Teamwork, you will be able to customize everything – the system allows you to use your custom domain, tailor logos to make them more business specific, configure touch and favicons in line with your brand’s identity, and even customize color themes, shortcuts, and links. An interesting possibility is to create and use your own templates instead of the system’s premade ones.

15. ProWorkflow

What ProWorkflow specializes in is in-detail project visibility and control, be it that you’re running a small, medium, or even large business. The system organizes all critical information on a user-friendly and personalized dashboard, from where the user can perform several unique operations such as bulk task editing, workflow management, or drafting special reporting templates. What you will also like about ProWorkflow are quotes and invoices, which make the system ideal for managing all types of workflows and operations.

ProWorkflow – Notification Settings

What is unique about ProWorkflow?

  1. Flexible task management. ProWorkflow offers flexible task types and a variety of customizable templates you can use to make your project operations more business-specific. Due to the possibility to configure workflows and prioritize tasks upon need, ProWorkflow is often considered to be the ideal branding PM solution.
  2. Quotes & Invoices manager. The functionality of ProWorkflow can be enhanced with a number of handy add-ons and plugins, among which the optional Invoice manager for direct billing, and the quoting plugin designed for sales teams.
  3. Time-tracker widgets and add-ons. Another interesting ProWorkflow plugin you should consider is the time tracking widget, which will not only facilitate time sheet entries and per-hour billing and reporting, but it will also enhance the professionalism of your service delivery.
  4. Contact management. ProWorkflow can also be used for CRM purposes, as it helps organize and manage contacts and contractors. Several HR features are also in place to facilitate performance management, and hel you keep track of your employees’ progress.
  5. Smart reporting. ProWorkflow offers both standardized and custom, ad hoc reports to meet the needs of every business.

16. Easy Projects

Just as indicated by its name, Easy Projects does a magnificent job facilitating portfolio and task management, using WBS, Gantt, Earned Value, Agile methods, and similar best-of-breed tactics and practices. The company also provides the possibility to extend its original toolkit with advanced functionality modules, such as CRM, resource management, finance managements, help desk, and other attractive plugins. The best-known features of this system are Dependencies creation, Resource Loading, Critical Path, Guest Portals, and many more.

EasyProjects in action: Time-tracking

What is unique about Easy Projects?

  1. Interactive project management. Easy Projects has one of the most compact project management tools to be found in the niche, right because it combines effective Gantt charts with portfolio management features, resource loading, and What If scenario simulations that help estimate the project’s duration and budget.
  2. Critical path & Multiple dependencies. Easy Projects makes it possible to set up custom dependencies, so that the change in a particular task would be promptly reflected in a related one. You can also enable multiple different links between tasks, and use the Critical Path feature to identify and display hidden connections.
  3. Monitoring your projects’ financial health. With tools and widgets such as budgeting, internal costs, projected profit, and customer billing & invoicing, Easy Project help obtain full project accountability, and monitor the financial health of every operation.
  4. Engaging and informing customers. An interesting possibility offered by Easy Projects is to involve customers directly into the process of project management, by posting messages and providing them free access and regular communication. The guests will be able to submit their own work, edit existing files, change requests, and track the progress of each operation. Features such as status reports and audit logs will help hold individuals accountable for each change made in the system.
  5. Enterprise-grade data protection. Easy Projects is powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, and certified as ISO 27007, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, FedRAMP, and UK G-Cloud compatible. Data is encrypted and regularly backed up, and access is governed with internal roles and permissions.

17. KanbanFlow

KanbanFlow is  one of the most popular lean project management systems used to plan, execute, and analyze corporate projects. It is able to automatically convert emails into tasks, create board templates for repeating tasks and projects, and track and manage time using the Pomodoro methodology. It also offers one of the most intuitive and easiest-to-learn interfaces, which makes it suitable for beginners and inexperienced teams. Pricing starts as low as $5 per month.

KanbanFlow: Activity Log

What is unique about KanbanFlow?

  1. WIP limits. In order to simplify your PM processes, KanbanFlow gives you the chance to restrict the number of tasks you can add to your custom columns, which will end up forcing you to accomplish what is due rather than moving deadlines ahead and adding new assignments.
  2. Subtasks, recurring tasks, and swimlanes. With KanbanFlow, you can divide your tasks into subtasks, and track the progress for each of them. You will also be able to split boards into swimlanes, teams, products, business areas, and other custom units to avoid any type of confusion. The possibility to create recurring tasks for routine operations is also provided.
  3. Timer & Pomodoro statistics. KanbanFlow uses a Pomodoro technique timer, as well as the usual stopwatch timer to track the time needed to accomplish a particular task. Upon wish, you can also log time in manually, and draft timing reports at any moment.
  4. Real-time collaboration from any device. KanbanFlow will keep your team members updated, connected, and engaged regardless of their location. Its advanced collaboration features are open to use from any device and operating system, including the possibility to search for files or share such yourself.
  5. Multiple useful integrations. KanbanFlow is one of the best integrated Kanban-based PM systems that can be used in synergy with all email service providers. It supports files from all leading formats, and comes with an open API architecture which lets you connect it to whatever business app/system you may be using.

18. Projectplace

Projectplace is another of our project management award winners, best known for its huge potential to bring teams together and to boost collaboration getting things done in a timely and effective manner. The intelligent application provides secure and scalable features for task management, reporting, collaboration, as well as time management for all sorts of customers from small businesses to large enterprises. Instead of wandering across programs with different functionalities, you will get to store and analyze information under one roof, in this case a platform which handles everything, from the beginning of the planning process until the accomplishment and delivery moment.

What is unique about Projectplace?

  1. Advanced project control and reporting. With Projectplace’s Gantt charts, it will be easy to set up realistic goals and keep projects within the desired time and budget framework. The system is designed to facilitate planning and decision making, and combines the best PPM and project execution tools.
  2. Document management. Projectplace stores and manages your project files in a secure, well-structured, and easy-to-access environment, and allows you to share those with any concerned party, be that a user of the system or an external collaborator.
  3. Feedback from document reviews. What makes Projectplace even more special is the possibility to send document reviews to internal and external users, and keep changes and comments united in a single location. The system will also provide access to a built-in approval workflow which reveals when a change was made or requested.
  4. Kanban boards. The methodology Projectplace developers chose to ensure agility is Kanban, a very  transparent and visual approach that will engage and motivate all of your team members. Kanban boards also make it easier to track deliverables, be those related to a single project or many of them at the same time.
  5. Online meetings. Projectplace’s collaboration suite is well-known for its online meetings, as using this system you can work simultaneously on all assignments. Projectplace will allow you to share your screen with up to 100 participants, and keep everyone updated with handy alerts and notifications.

If looking for a simply and budget-friendly solution that can handle your long and complex projects, look no further than Mavenlink. The system combines advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and a variety of unique financial management tools. It keeps track of your conversations, assets and resources, and counts as one of the leading PM apps used to track and  manage expenses.

Mavenlink – Activity Feed

What is unique about Mavenlink?

  1. Project planning. Mavenlink uses Gantt charts to track the status of each task and deliverable in real time, and to adjust the project budget to all resource changes. You can use it to build realistic project plans, create assignments, and schedule resources by volume and permanency.
  2. Cost control. Mavenlink is fully equipped for profitability management, and keeps you in absolute control of your resources. The system automatically connects expenses and invoices to the project/task they’re affecting, and provides real-time margins and financial reporting data unlike any other PM system.
  3. Project accounting. Mavenlink is an excellent alternative for project accounting, as it tracks both time and expenses, and makes it easy to input financial details. The tool allows you to generate per-hour invoices, weigh different milestones, calculate sales taxes, integrate change orders, and much more.
  4. Business intelligence. Another way in which Mavenlink facilitates decision making is by providing the right data insights. It will reveal your projects’ status, profit margins, utilization stats, and time & expense data, and provide you with a custom reporting engine and templates built by professional experts.
  5. Team collaboration. As expected, Mavenlink will also pay attention to your team’s collaboration needs, and make it possible to start conversations, upload files and exchange information, and eliminate in such way all approval delays and versioning difficulties.

20. Taiga

Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers and designers and project managers who want a beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. It is intended for smaller (fewer than 50) teams of developers, designers, project managers and other agile methodology practitioners in fields from marketing to engineering and beyond. You can use it in cloud or deploy it on your server, and benefit from its open API architecture to connect it to other systems and applications.

Taiga – Scrum methodology

What is unique about Taiga?

  1. Agile Scrum methodology. Taiga uses Scrum’s iterative and incremental development methodology, and breaks product backlogs into manageable chunks committed to a certain number of team members with the right skills and resources.
  2. Epics multiproject & User stories. Taiga allows you to combine user stories into larger objects called Epics, used to access and plan multiple projects at once. Epics are also used to establish/ track related and hierarchical relationships between different stories and projects.
  3. Multiplatform importers. With Taiga, you can also import and manage projects already active in other platforms, including JIRA, Asana, Github, and Trello.
  4. Wiki space for project documentation. taiga will also provide some wiki space for your project documentation, where you can add and directly edit wiki pages, and upload browser content.
  5. Social management. Taiga gives your team members the chance to collaborate, share opinions, and assist each other when accomplishing specific tasks. There will be both private and public timelines, where members of other teams can track the progress and updates for all projects.

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