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20 Best Employee Scheduling Software Solutions of 2020

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We’ve discussed in many occasions the major role of proper workforce management, and it being both a starting and a turnover point in daily corporate life. The main reason for that is the striking timeshare employers save by tossing pocket calendars and sticky notes in the bin, and choosing to digitize the process of assigning tasks and managing attendance.

This, of course, suits well representatives on the employees’ side, who don’t have to make special requests or await clumsy approvals. With all information collated and arranged on a single dashboard, and notifications arriving promptly and in real time, the risk of confusion is significantly reduced. In fact, it is employee scheduling software employers have to thank for having accurate payrolls ready each month. In this regard, employee appointing & scheduling apps safeguard the welfare of multi-million companies, and pave the road for SMBs that can’t afford letting workforce to waste.

Digitized scheduling & Employee satisfaction [Credit: American Staffing Association]

Why get an employee scheduling app? Next to enhancing productivity and keeping matters in order, this software has a serious impact on talent retention. Recent studies show that 60% of job seekers qualify real-time schedule accessibility as an obligatory precondition to be offered by their employer; and blame last minute scheduling as the main reason for their absenteeism and abandonment: just four years ago, The New York Times shared the disturbing story of Starbucks barista and single mother Jannette Navarro, whose fluctuating hours led her family life to the edge of crisis. In response to it, this large company adopted a whole new scheduling strategy based on the average customer traffic during the day.

Another trouble ES software gets out of the way is the ‘winner takes it all’ approach in HR management (as described by Harvard Business Review), where best performers get the ‘good tasks’, and others deal with what is left. If you want everyone to improve and to become more competitive, you need to assign tasks evenly and with availability in the first plan.


There is hardly such thing as a ‘good or bad employee scheduling software’, as they all cater to the needs of different corporate environments. If struggling to find one that will for you, give a look to our list of best employee scheduling software.

Top 20 Employee Scheduling Software

1. When I Work

When I Work is a professional employee scheduling and time clock solution that caters to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Its simplicity and powerful tools make it a top choice on our list.Regardless of how many employees you need to manage, you will have When I Work on your side to secure 100% accountability, notable time savings, and accurate change management. With less than 75 employees, you can do all of that at no cost.

When I Work also has an impressive customer base of 20,000 top performers located in 50 different countries around the globe. What they like the most about their scheduling system is its no-brainer navigation, and customizability that makes it suitable for a variety of sectors. Most of When I Work’s users run restaurants, bars, coffee shops, retail and seasonal, part-time appointing businesses, hotels, and catering services. The system has also proven to be very useful to healthcare and medical institutions, colleges, and universities. Of course, usage is not limited to these particular industries, and you can always contact the vendor to check how it would work in your branch.

You can check out the features first-hand when you sign up for When I Work free trial here.

What is unique about When I Work?

  1. Free for up to 75 employees. Small and medium companies with up to 75 employees get to use When I Work for free, with all great features included (schedule templates & builder, time off management, group messaging & chat, shift trading, and more).
  2. Modern scheduling mechanism. When I Work enables employee scheduling on Android and Apple devices, and offers a variety of templates which can be customized to the user’s needs.
  3. Staff time-clock. Small businesses will have access to an easy and powerful time-clock, which follows the hours completed by their employees, sets up terminals, and uses GPS to confirm everyone is where they should be.
  4. Messaging. When I Work simplifies communication wherever applied, with fast and secure chat and group messaging.
  5. Suitable for a variety of industries. One of When I Work’s most appreciated features is customization, as the system can be tweaked to serve many different industries. For instance, it is being used by restaurants, universities, healthcare venues, hotels, entertainment businesses, and so on.

2. Jobber

Jobber is a top employee scheduling software for it has a simple user interphase that speeds up the workflow and improves overall productivity. Its straightforward tools make scheduling and dispatching easy. Productivity is boosted with its drag and drop calendar and push notifications. It even has specialized tools for scheduling fieldwork.

Jobber is ideal for businesses that deal with home services. Its intuitive design creates a workflow that doesn’t have to deal with missed appointments, tardy employees, lost invoices, and manual time-consuming administration. It seamlessly connects users with their clients and employees, making booking, planning, and dispatching quick.

Scheduling is hassle-free with Jobber. As it has a native mobile app, users can assign jobs and schedule visits using their phones. In a click, jobs can be accepted and assigned to teams. Its drag and drop calendar prevents double-booking and missed appointments as it is seamlessly integrated with every team members’ schedule. Upon booking, employees are duly notified of their service – nature, schedule, and fee. It also has advanced scheduling tools that allow for multiple jobs to be done in a day.

What is unique about Jobber?

  1. Availability in-a-glance. Clients can always be instantly accommodated as checking for available manpower is easy and can be figured out in a glance.
  2. Real-time progress tracking. Users can easily track the amount of manpower on the field, their locations, and the time it takes for each team member to finish a job.
  3. Push notifications. All team members are duly notified before, during, and after a job. This makes it impossible for members to miss an appointment. Payments are also received faster.
  4. Management of recurring jobs. Jobber has a tool that can set, book, and plan recurring jobs. The tool allows for expanded customization and edits.
  5. Schedule multiple visits. Users can schedule multiple visits to accommodate more clients and duly adjust to changing weather and client-availability.

3. Deputy

Deputy highlights the importance of accurate scheduling. Developers point to incredible time savings as the biggest benefit associated to this system, promising users schedules that are ready to use after a few minutes. Yet, it would be unfair to classify the system as a mere schedule-and-calendar tool, as it has also impressed us with process timesheets and great payroll capabilities (available at all times and on all devices).

Deputy comes the closest to as what employers describe as a classic appointing system, and will let you work in an environment you already know and navigate easily. The schedules are fully costed, easy to share and publish, and ensure full HR compliance and payroll accuracy. More than 40,000 businesses worldwide have entrusted scheduling to Deptuty, including a number of Fortune 500 representatives. One of their main motives to do so was Deputy’s tight integration with a variety of popular POS, payroll, HR, and training management systems.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for Deputy free trial here.

What is unique about Deputy?

  1. Fully costed employee schedules. With Deputy, it literally takes minutes to collect important information and to create employee schedules. With a single click, you can notify all employees about it, and export it directly to your payroll system.
  2. Accurate timesheets. Deputy will be fully compliant with your HR policy, and allow you to capture when, where, and what was done by your employees. This will make your payroll more accurate, and your workforce more productive.
  3. Task assignment. Use Deputy’s Tasking & Performance functions to assign and distribute work for a given time period, and track accomplishment with journals and reports.
  4. In-team communication. Deputy provides your employees with a variety of communication tools, so that they can stay informed, exchange messages, share tasks, and remain in constant contact.
  5. A variety of top-class customers. Deputy is the number-one scheduling choice of many leading businesses and organizations worldwide, including Amazon, NASA, McDonald’s, Thrifty, Nike, and more.

4. 7Shifts

Want to save about 80% of your time in creating schedules for your restaurant employees? Then give 7Shifts a try. It simplifies the effective and even workforce distribution so you get more time in improving your business. The platform also facilitates ensuring that your establishment maintains compliance with your local state laws without having to compromise service and food quality.

The employee management software makes it certain that every staff, service crew, office personnel, and others are kept in the loop. That’s because 7Shifts has a mobile app that allows everyone to be notified of any announcement or schedule change concerning them. Furthermore, the system provides you with ways of tracking your performance by showing projected and actual labor costs and sales. It can also seamlessly integrate with a multitude of POS solution as well as payroll systems.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for 7Shifts free trial here.

What is unique about 7Shifts?

  1. One-click Schedule Builder. 7Shifts provides a plethora of options that simplify the process of creating schedules. There are drag-and-drop builder, auto-scheduling, custom shift templates, and others. The system also automatically factors in shift requirements, as well as staff availability.
  2. Mobile Request Management. Employees no longer have to submit written requests when they want to ask for time offs or shift trades. With 7Shifts, it can be done on the go and the management can easily approve or deny them on the fly. Notification is sent immediately to the concerned party.
  3. POS and Payroll Integration. The system seamlessly integrates with popular restaurant point-of-sale solutions such as toast, upserve, and cake to name a few. Through this, labor-perfect schedules can be created easily. Payroll management is also a piece of cake because 7Shifts works smoothly with various payroll solutions such as Quickbooks.
  4. In-app Communication Tools. There are several native communication tools within the system including private messaging and group chats. Management can also generate an announcement to send to all their staff through push notification and email.
  5. Multi-location Support. 7Shifts is made to scale. Thanks to its unlimited location and employee support, you can easily expand your business without having to worry about the hassles in managing schedules. And since the system helps keep your labor expenses in check, there’s less chance of you overshooting when adding new locations.

5. Homebase

Creative teams and agencies will be charmed by the appealing interface of Homebase, which makes use of unique icons, colors, and one-of-a-kind arrangement to appear more welcoming. Homebase’s calendars look nothing alike standard ones, but rather, it combines employee profiles, roles, tasks, and important notes on a page with instant copying and printing options. While inserting data, you will also see the system calculating assigned and completed hours, and automatically importing new requests from the newsfeed-like activity stream. The system is also in charge of managing labor time and labor costs, and does all of this absolutely for free. Over 60,000 retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other similar businesses are currently relying on its fast and accurate scheduling.

What is unique about Homebase?

  1. An entertaining and interactive interface. Homebase supports the logic that employees should be included in the scheduling process as possible. Technically, this means providing them unlimited access to their schedules, and allowing them to work in an interactive and friendly environment where they can easily make contributions.
  2. Time Tracking. Homebase has mastered the skill of time tracking, and claims to have tracked over 25M shifts so far. Being able to track hours from all locations and devices, managers are not risking getting their payroll wrong.
  3. Forecasting labor costs. With Homebase, you can drag and drop shifts to have your latest schedule ready in minutes, and track and forecast at the same time your labor costs, calculate totals, and eliminate costly errors.
  4. Changing schedules on mobile devices. With Homebase’s mobile app, you will not only be able to check schedules and receive notifications, but also make last minute-changes and manage time-off requests.
  5. In-app messaging. Homebase eliminates all need to use third-party apps to enhance team collaboration, as your employees can chat and exchange messages from the app itself.

6. Planday

With the reputation of world’s most reliable employee scheduling system attached to it from the very beginning, Planday had just enough time and motivation to master the skill of adequate shifting. Back then, the online tool aimed to replace Excel with a sophisticated scheduling system, and ended up setting a role model of how any scheduling system should look. A quick glance on their friendly and appealing dashboard will assure you that no facilitating hint was left out of sight, and that employees are managed end-to-end, which makes Planday special.

On the question of who’d be a profiled user for Planday, the answer is simply everyone. The scheduling tool is highly adaptable to meet all industry specifications, and joins a number of specific modules that involve it in more than one important HR operation. At the same time, Planday imposes no restrictions to as how many employees you can involve, handles leaves and vacation requests, and puts in place undisturbed sharing to keep your team tightly connected. It is also one of the best-priced and best-integrated systems on this list, which is why we believe you should give it a second look.

What is unique about Planday?

  1. Schedule management from any device. Planday offers a mobile app suitable for both Android and Apple users, and operates impeccably on all browsers and operating systems. The mobile app is available for free, and you don’t have to pay extra fees to get it.
  2. Drag-and-drop shifts for quick scheduling. Once assigned, Planday shifts and working hours can be easily swapped, modified, and removed with drag-and-drop.
  3. A variety of schedule templates. Planday allows you to save and use your previous scheduling template, or get a brand new one from their database. All of their templates and ready-to-customize, and will easily meet the needs of specific businesses.
  4. Leave request management. Planday takes into account approved vacation requests and combines them with availability, so that you can have your schedule updated all of the time.
  5. Roles, permissions, and varying access levels. Data security in Planday is uncompromised, as users are defined as Admins and staff, and it is only the Admins who get to see and edit all of the information.
  6. No setup difficulties. Planday is hosted and based in cloud, which means you won’t have to install it or maintain it. All operations are ready-to-use, and you can dig in since the very first moment.
  7. Very reliable customer support. Planday’s knowledgeable support agents will be available 24/7, and on several different communication channels. you can also browse the internet for training materials and video tutorials, or join the large user community.

7. Humanity

Humanity specializes in drag-and-drop bulk scheduling, which replaces daunting spreadsheets with automated, fully-featured schedules and employee profiles. It is also equipped for time clock and attendance management, leave management, and basic HR for all business types and sizes. It is particularly well known for in-time customer support, as you can contact their agents 24/7, and pay no extra fees for the service. Both managers and employees find Humanity very easy to use, as the system is set up in minutes, and requires no dedicated training. As main benefits, developers also point out its exportable payroll reports, mobile scheduling, easy partial leave requests, and end-to-end staff monitoring.

What is unique about Humanity?

  1. Drag-and-drop scheduling. With Humanity, you can create a company-wide schedule in only 10 minutes, as the tool uses a drag-and-drop mechanism to organize, reschedule, and publish shifts.
  2. Bulk scheduling wizard. Humanity’s unique and best-known features is bulk scheduling, thanks to which you can instantly schedule thousands of shifts based on your pre-defined rules.
  3. Vacation management. Next to scheduling, Humanity also plays a role in vacation and leave management, making it possible to follow closely the availability of your personnel, and manage and approve requests right away.
  4. Attendance management. As expected, Humanity will also handle remote locations and working hours, and allow employees to clock in and out upon need. On the manager’s side, this means being able to export accurate timesheets at any point of time.
  5. Live support. Instead of having to email and phone support to get an answer to a simple question, the user can reach Humanity’s knowledgeable team via live chat.

8. HotSchedules

With a name that will certainly draw attention, and a calendar-styled interface to remember, HotSchedules comes quite close to how restaurant managers imagine their perfect scheduling system. The system offers one of the most detailed time & attendance management modules, but also assists businesses to hire hourly workers and help them develop the necessary skills. It is like this that HotSchedules helps cut time and expenses, keeping in mind that it also ensures workflow consistency in all occasions. With a large team to manage, you will also appreciate its in-store communication features, facilitated sharing, and detailed records you can come back to any time. Note that HotSchedules also offers several customer support options, which means you won’t have to wait in a queue.

What is unique about HotSchedules?

  1. Restaurant-first scheduling system. HotSchedulues has earned the trust and following of more than 1.2 million people in the hotel and restaurant industry from owners to managers to servers, line cooks, and bartenders, becoming a popular employee scheduling and labor management solution in the restaurant industry.
  2. Advanced reporting and forecasting. HotSchedules helps restaurant managers retain full control of their workforce, as they schedule the right people at the right time, and reduce labor costs in the process.
  3. Integration with restaurant-exclusive POS systems. To ensure that all customers are served promptly, and that employees clock in and out within a threshold, HotSchedules integrates with all leading POS systems.
  4. A dedicated training system. One of HotSchedules’ most popular features is Train, a dedicated training solution that accommodates all types of content and styles of learning. Once applied, HotSchedules becomes a real, company specific training academy, where managers can prepare courses and coach their employees.
  5. Accurate payroll records. With a feature called PayControl, HotSchedules helps pull off accurate payroll records and have reporting readily available in one spot. Time card and payroll history is neatly store, and exportable to other systems and devices.

9. Shiftboard

If looking to manage shift workforce in a simple and accurate manner, Shiftboard may be the best solution for your business. Appointing workers in several shifts, and tracking unexpected events is challenging even for the most organized manager, and that’s exactly the matter Shiftboard is trying to tackle. It will either allow precise scheduling on ready and modifiable templates, or provide the necessary assistance for you to create specific lists and schedules. At the same time, it will reveal deeper business insights that improve decision-making, enhance corporate morale in both small and large teams, and easily adapt to the specific needs of your workforce. It is also integrated with leading payroll and HR systems to eliminate bulky and time-consuming data transfers.

What is unique about Shiftboard?

  1. Very precise scheduling.  Shiftboard is designed for effective staffing, which is why it offers responsive and agile scheduling that improve accountability in any team.
  2. Superior organizational visibility. Another way in which Shiftboard helps you improve organizational visibility and cut costs are its detailed business insights and on-dot reports.
  3. Adapting to your business needs. Shiftboard is a very flexible scheduling solution that takes into account your predefined rules and workforce management policy, and lets you schedule with ease any of your operations, as complex as it may be.
  4. No training needed. Shiftboard is a very simple and intuitive system you can get running from the very first moment. No expensive hardware and exhausting training will be needed to familiarize with it, and there will be a 24/7 available support team to answer all questions.
  5. Seamless integration with popular HR systems. Shiftboard can be used in synergy with many popular HR and payroll systems and similar solutions, among which SAP, Oracle, Kronos, Microsoft Dynamics, Dropbox, InfoTronics, paylocity, and many more.

10. Quinyx

According to its developers, Quinyx turns workforce management into an enjoyable process, and there are several reasons to agree with them. Firstly, Quinyx provides users with a compact employee management kit, and thus excludes all need to resort to third-party software. Secondly, following the logic of money-well-invested, Quinyx triggers the most modern, intelligent, and automated scheduling mechanism, making it possible to assign tasks online, and have holiday leaves instantly replaced and managed. Last, but not least, Quinyx is logically organized and easy to use, and all of its functionality is available on mobile devices. The same as previous representatives on this list, Quinyx can be tweaked to meet the needs of any specific industry.

What is unique about Quinyx?

  1. Fully automated scheduling. Quinyx gives you unparalleled control over the scheduling process, as it takes into consideration all working employee contracts and time directives while assigning work. Basically, nothing has to be rechecked or inserted manually.
  2. Advanced forecasting algorithms and rules. Quinyx’s schedules are optimal in nature, which means they are created using special forecasting rules and algorithms that connect the right task to the right person, in the right moment.
  3. Scheduling with expected sales taken into account. Quinyx helps establish a streamlined relationship between your staff and your finances, as it considers expected sales rates and aligns them with the schedule for best profit results.
  4. End-to-end absence management. Quinyx will also manage absence and vacation applications, and help you find instant replacements for all departments. All schedules, including  the yearly ones, are updated automatically.
  5. Unrestricted access on mobile devices. All Quinyx information is available on mobile devices, which means that Android and iOS users will be notified on important tasks even when not in the office.

11. Staffjoy

Staffjoy is the open-source representative among our top 20 employee scheduling apps, which you can also install on Github, and publish ready schedules to the attention of your entire team. Its Suite App (V1) combines Chomp, Suite, Cron, Mobius, and Mobile repos, and works with a one-of-a-kind algorithm-based scheduling mechanism which enables it to handle with ease hundreds of different employees. The V2 app, on the other hand, helps share ready schedules online, and notify users with real-time text messages. Thus, Staffjoy is practical for all industries, in particular companies looking to resort to venture funding systems.

What is unique about Staffjoy?

  1. Absolutely free to use. As an open-source and venue-funded scheduling app, Staffjoy enjoys the support of thousands of contributors worldwide, and is thus absolutely free for all users.
  2. Automated workforce scheduling. What Staffjoy is best known for is automated workforce scheduling, namely a algorithm-based scheduling process able to manage hundreds of workers and decrease labor costs with few clicks.
  3. Instant sharing. All schedules prepared using Staffjoy can be exported to other systems, and shared between users with a single click. This way, all involved employees receive instant text messages to notify them about the changes in the schedule.
  4. Small-biz friendly and applicable in all industries. Staffjoy targets mostly small and developing businesses coming from any niche or industry. Most of its current users belong to the hospitality, restaurant, delivery, services, warehouse, and similar industries.
  5. Open API infrastructure. Thanks to its open API infrastructure, Staffjoy can work in synergy with any third-party system or business application you might be using.

12. TrackSmart

There is hardly a scheduling software list where TrackSmart doesn’t appear, usually to be found somewhere on the top. Qualified as a solid time & attendance software, TrackSmart is welcomed by companies of all sizes and industries to reduce administrative burden, and keep both sides satisfied. The three main modules are Attendance, Time Clock, and Scheduling, all of which bring up features that are unique to this industry. For instance, what is most specific about TrackSmart’s scheduling approach is the possibility to assign work based on the employer’s skills, rather than simply observing his availability. On the employees’ side, TrackSmart tries to involve those as much as possible, giving them the possibility to swap shifts and request time offs in due time.

What is unique about TrackSmart?

  1. Facilitated attendance tracking. TrackSmart’s main purpose is to reduce the administrative burden of assigning work and tracking attendance, which is why it manages time-off requests, approves timesheets, runs detailed reports and stores employee records on your behalf.
  2. Management of hourly workers. TrackSmart does an amazing job generating recurring schedules and keeping hourly and remote workers under control. With it, employees can see which hours they have to work, swap their shifts and request time offs whenever they need them.
  3. Professional timecard management. TrackSmart will surprise you with real-time access for all employees, which will eliminate the need to control your schedules with expensive tracking equipment and ID governed access. As simple as that – you will have the full picture of where everyone is, and what they’re doing at any moment.
  4. High level of personal support. TrackSmart gives all its users access to highly personalized support, and a dedicated Customer Success program that will help them make the most of their scheduling practices.
  5. Customization. TrackSmart is very easy to customize and make more brand-specific, which is how it meets the needs of every industry. In order to check whether it will be the perfect tool for you, you can use their on-site matching tool.

13. Ximble

Ximble is a popular schedule building, time tracking, and communication app with a variety of powerful features, and affordable prices starting at $1/user/month. It is best known for roster visibility and collaboration, often being that one step companies need to cross to optimize their staff and eliminate tardiness. According to the vendor, Ximble helps businesses save up to 40% of the usual time needed to schedule employees and assign tasks, right because of the fact that availability is visible across the entire team. Ximble also accelerates timesheet-to-payroll calculations, and manages compliance with labor laws and regulations.

What is unique about Ximble?

  1. 3-click timehseet-to-payroll. Ximble will help you collect payroll data in only three steps, and make sure that data is accurate and regularly updated. It also offers an advanced time clock system to help you review your timesheets.
  2. Risk management. Ximble helps avoid non-compliance with active labor laws and regulations, and keeps you protected in cases of audits and disputes.
  3. Fast and error free time tracking. Ximble’s strongest side is fast and accurate time tracking, as this system was developed to build and optimize schedules with real data, from any device you might be using. To allow unobstructed flow of data, Ximble also integrates with a number of popular HR management systems.
  4. XimbleChat. Ximble keeps your team connected with a live chat feature, and allows the exchange of individual and group messages. This will makes scheduling much faster for you, and ensure that employees can assist each other or trade shifts upon need.
  5. Easy request management. With Ximble, all leave requests are gathered on a single staff management dashboard, from where you can easily approve them instead of sending separate messages to your employees.

14. Aladtec

Aladtec is one more of those systems which we like to describe as ‘traditional’, and which rarely deviate from the list of compulsory requirements of established market leaders. With no confusing bells and whistles to slow work down, Aladtec enjoys the reputation of an easier, faster, and better scheduling system, and is confirmed to serve first time-users just as it does with upgrading ones. This means that: Aladtec integrates instantly with your member database, provides you with customization-ready forms that can be accessed online & offline, stores your documents in a safe web location, and puts in place facilitating communication mechanisms to keep everyone on the same page.

What is unique about Aladtec?

  1. Productivity-oriented interface. Unlike very modern systems that come with all sorts of unique and possibly unnecessary capabilities, Aladtec resembles a classic scheduling & calendar system where users simply cannot get confused.
  2. Fully automated scheduling. Aladtec automates all aspects of the scheduling process, and allow you to create new schedules or modify existing ones with only few clicks. In the meantime, the system keeps employees and managers in the loop; nothing gets jeopardized throughout the process, and nothing goes missing.
  3. Full access for employees. Employees get the benefit of monitoring their own schedule, manage their documents, initiate or respond to different channels of communication.  They can sign up for different shift openings depending upon their availability.
  4. Absence & Attendance management. With Aladtec’s absence management and attendance management feature, employees’ reason and duration of absence are known, and that makes it easier to calculate the working hours of each employee when drafting the payrolls.
  5. More transparency. With everything being sorted out automatically, both employers and employees are fully aware of what others are doing, and how decisions are being made.

15. NimbleSchedule

NimbleSchedule is the flagship scheduling product of the popular productivity suite that caters to the needs of restaurants, hospitality venues, healthcare institutions, retail and service providers, and many more. The ease of use and integrated time clocking are not dependent on the venue or the location, which makes NimbleSchedule a preferred choice for larger and decentralized teams. The system also offers a variety of team communication tools, remote monitoring and GPS stamping, self-service capabilities for employee engagement, and on-board analytic reporting tools. You can use it synergy with all leading payroll, POS, and HR management systems.

What is unique about NimbleSchedule?

  1. Remote monitoring and GPS stamping. NimbleSchedule’s  remote monitoring and GPS stamping system provides a fully automated online and mobile time-clocking system, thanks to which employers can schedule, track, and manage their staff from any location.
  2. Streamlined communication and collaboration. NimbleSchedule’s collaborative and communication tools provide a much-needed means for keeping everyone on the team in constant contact and up-to-date. Employees can chat individually and in groups, and share tasks at any moment.
  3. Several clock-in/out options. With NimbleSchedule’s GPS locating technology, employees cab clock-in and out by web, text message or mobile app through its sophisticated time-clocking features, providing the most accurate track staff attendance and punctuality in real-time.
  4. Sophisticated trending and forecasting labor costs. Trending, forecasting and calculating labor costs with NimbleSchedule is a very sophisticated process, while the system also offers on-board analytic & reporting tools to ensure that its users stay on top of things.
  5. Very flexible pricing. NimbleSchedule offers several pricing plans to meet the needs of different users, the lowest one of which costs only $1 per month/user.

16. Acuity Scheduling

As an all-in-one scheduling & booking system, Acuity Scheduling targets foremost freelancers and self-employed service providers looking to manage their own calendars in line with customers’ bookings. With it, your availability or the one of your employees will always be visible to clients, and they can book and pay their appointments without consulting you in advance. Rescheduling is as easy as dragging-and-dropping an appointment to a different column, which, according to the company, saves as much as 89% of the usual, frustrating mix-ups. In short, Acuity Scheduling gives you 24/7 full control of your availability, letting you appear more professional in front of your customers. What is even more interesting to know is that the system offers CRM capabilities, and collects important customer information that can help you improve your service.

What is unique about Acuity Scheduling?

  1. Auto-adjustment of your calendars. With Acuity Scheduling, you can forget about frustrating schedule mix-ups, and let the system adjust time zones in your calendars. This way, neither employees nor clients are risking forgetting their appointments.
  2. 24/7 control of your availability. Acuity Schedules was designed for small teams and sole service providers looking to enable self-service booking, but yet be the ones to decide on their appointments. You can manage several locations and employees on a single calendars, and block shifts you don’t want to work.
  3. Collecting client data. Acuity Scheduling is also a faithful CRM partner that collects valuable customer information while they’re making an appointment.
  4. Facilitated sharing. With Acuity Scheduling, you can share and distribute your calendars and schedules on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  5. A full-service suite with valuable integrations. Acuity Scheduling connects instantly to leading productivity kits, including QuickBooks, AWeber, Xero, GoDaddy, Stripe, MailChimp, and many more.

17. Findmyshift

Findmyshift is the definition of simple and clutter-free scheduling, designed to look and perform as an automated shift calendar. It won’t only let you create detailed employee schedules, but also manage and approve shift requests, track performance quality and labor costs, and maintain a streamlined communication with your employees with no black spots and misunderstandings. Being one of the pioneers of this software branch, the company gathered real customer experience for more than 12 years, and made sure that their system can meet the needs of any business. To confirm that, they invite all potential users to give the tool a test ride.

What is unique about Findmyshift?

  1. Free for teams up to 5 members. With less than 5 employees in your team, you can use Findmyshift absolutely for free. All Findmyshift prices apply to the team, rather than the individual, and the highest, top notch plan costs only $35/month.
  2. Very mobile. Findmyshift provides you with a powerful scheduler, time clock, and labor reporting both on your desktop and mobile devices. This means that you can assign tasks and follow accomplishment even when you’re not in the office.
  3. Vacation management. You can track all employees’ vacations on a single schedule, and see who is not available in order to calculate his/her remaining allowances.
  4. Daily shift reminders. A unique feature of Findmyshift are daily shift reminders which are automated and distributed to employees the day before their shift. This gives you the full picture of who’s doing what at any moment.
  5. Deducting unpaid lunch breaks. Unlike traditional scheduling systems, Findmyshift keeps an eye on lunch breaks, and deducts the unpaid among them to keep payroll exports and cost forecasts accurate.

18. Calamari

Calamari made another attempt to combine efficient scheduling with other vital HR operations, in particular leave management which is currently its main capability. Designed as an online time-off manager, Calamari assists both small and large teams in managing holidays and leaves, providing them with dedicated and automatically filled absence calendars and entitlement. The system works in line with your PTO policy, but provides you with enough flexibility to manage changes and transform your approval flows. It is also one of the very few systems in this niche that allow file attachment, and that enable real-time chat & conversations between employees.

What is unique about Calamari?

  1. Automated holiday management. Calamari will automatically manage holidays and leave requests in your company, and calculate PTO at the same time, thanks to its tight connections with Slack and Google Apps.
  2. End-to-end absence calendar. Calamari tracks all leave requests, days off, and employee vacations, and imports those in a special calendar where you can track the availability of different team members. Meanwhile, it calculates absence allowance based on your PTO policy, and prorates entitlement based on the hire date and similar employee properties.
  3. All types of absence considered. Calamari can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business, which means it can handle all types of leave and absence requests (maternity, paternity, PTO, sick leave, personal days, vacations, and more).
  4. Conversations. In Calamari, employees can directly communicate their leave requests, comment and add notes, and discuss their time-off with managers without abandoning the program. They will also receive an email notification each time someone comments on their requests.
  5. Attachments. The reason why Calamari offers some of the most detailed employee profiles is the possibility to attach files for each employee, including their medical records and certificates.

19. QuickStaff

QuickStaff is devoted to scheduling staff and agents for specific events, but we also recommend it to businesses hiring seasonal and part-time workers. In cases like these, it is more difficult to preserve order and clarity, which is why traditional scheduling systems often prove incapable of getting the job done. QuickStaff, nevertheless, is simple, consistent, and packed with specific event management features, and gives you the freedom to configure every function until it meets your exact needs. It works the best for event planners, creative & staffing agencies, caterers and wedding planners, photographers, culture venues, and many more/

What is unique about QuickStaff?

  1. Developed for event planners and managers, and part-time employers. QuickStaff is devoted to scheduling staff and agents for specific events, but also suitable for businesses hiring seasonal and part-time workers.
  2. No more scheduling conflicts. All changes in QuickStaff are immediately notified to the employees, and become instantly visible on your Google calendars, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo, and Hotmail calendars. This means that your staff will never forget an important task or event.
  3. Self-service scheduling. QucikStaff makes it possible for employees to arrange their own shifts, and block out dates in which they won’t be able to work.
  4. Single-click confirmations. Assigning or accepting a shift in QuickStaff is as easy as a single-click operation, with nothing your employees would be challenged to remember. You can also approve their requests from your desktop and mobile devices.
  5. Customization. QuickStaff allows yo to label staff using titles that are common for your business, and assign roles alike those you actually have. You will also be able to determine the number of employees you need in each category, and send personalized invitations to each of them.

20. WhenToWork

WhenToWork (also known as W2W) is a single-click scheduling system that lets you wish farewell to all of your workforce management headaches. It uses a proprietary shift scheduler algorithm that automates scheduling, and gives the manager full control over calendar conflicts and eventual human-caused errors. Once deployed, it becomes your single source of time and attendance information, which is also available to use on mobile devices, and packed with in-time notifications. W2W is also popular for its US based, devoted and knowledgeable support team that puts your success before anything else.

What is unique about WhenToWork?

  1. Lowers operational costs. WhenToWork smart employee scheduling functionality helps in lowering operational costs that come with absenteeism and tardiness as well as turnover. With schedules being adjusted to employees’ preferences, they are less likely to be late or miss their shifts.
  2. On-the-fly schedule changes. managers can easily change their schedules on the fly, find the best and most qualified replacement available to cover and work the shift at all moments, and from all devices.
  3. Open access for all employees. Employees can easily see their schedules and make requests for trade shifts and leaves without having to submit documents or going to the manager’s office. Everything can be accessed within the system and if their request is approved, they will receive a notification in real time while their schedule is automatically updated.
  4. Easily exportable data. With WhenToWork, all data is easily exportable to payroll and HR systems and local devices in the desired format, and ready to print from within the system.
  5. A variety of different schedule views. WhenToWork lets you create the desired schedule from scratch, but also provides 12 configurable schedule views and ready templates to choose from.

There you have it, the best in the lot when it comes to helping you manage employee schedules. The comparison of features above should help you decide which of the solutions match your situation. You should also go beyond reading our reviews and go for a free trial to check the solution firsthand. For instance, When I Work has an appealing free trial that lets you use its full features at no cost for a period of time. Most of the other solutions here also provide you with a testing period, a sure way to gauge the features from your experience.

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