20 Best Donor Management Software Solutions of 2019

Managing fundraising efforts is not quite a scope of action to be executed manually, particularly within a larger nonprofit where donations arrive in all shapes and sizes. Sooner or later, all nonprofits and charities arrive at the same conclusion: organizing and reporting their data the old-fashioned way has little to no impact on their cause. Rings true, doesn’t it?

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) have to deal with their own challenges, among them the retention of donors. With an average donor retention rate of just 45.5%, NPOs are going to be kept on their feet looking for ways to keep or expand their funds to meet their objectives. There’s also the matter of NPOs sitting on old databases using manual technologies, with the bleak prospect of losing much data in the short and long-term, unless they find a way to migrate to digital solutions. So how does a modern nonprofit deal with the issue?

Prevention is, of course, a much safer option for all organizations, materialized by purchasing automate and reliable donor management software. Many technology providers specialize in governing fundraising, which is why systems like these are easy to find, and even easier to afford. As discussed by Dr. Gloria Horsley, founder and manager of the Open to Hope Foundation, the full potential of donor management software has yet to be revealed, and will become nonprofits’ main tools to humanize marketing, enable 24/7 fundraising, and discover valuable opportunities.

It is important to approach the process of choosing donor management systems with a wish list of fundraising features. Most systems are tailored to the needs of a specific funding branch, or will at least allow you to customize their functions until the system adapts to your requirements. The role models of the industry are, in fact, compact suites that combine customer relationships functions with accurate financial management tools, ideally equipped for collaboration and supportive to the organizations’ marketing goals. According to TechImpact, these systems help assign a role to everyone involved in the fundraising process; automate cumbersome tasks in the service of efficiency, and make important information accessible everywhere, and by everyone.

Top Donation Management Software

1. Raiser’s Edge NXT

First in our 20 best donor management software list, Raiser’s Edge NXT  is Blackbaud’s latest smart cloud fundraising and relations management system. With the reputation of an undisputed leader in the donor management arena, Raiser’s Edge NXT is a natural choice for any nonprofit, regardless of its size or field of action. What they have to offer next to their 25-years experience is an open platform that integrates data across systems and facilitates collaboration, consolidates disparate processes and communications, and tracks key nonprofit metrics, such as donor retention and acquisition. Reaching new donors is also made easy – the platform delivers advanced data enrichment services that find missing addresses, emails, and phone numbers, simplifies email marketing and helps understand the impact of each campaign, and processes donations, pledges and payments directly through your website. You can also keep donors engaged with Wealth Analytics and similar fundraising tools to gain more online acknowledgement and support for your cause. Last, but not least, Raiser’s Edge NXT is a mobile-responsive and secure system with an open API technology, and can be brought to work with any business productivity tool you have at disposal.

What is unique about Raiser’s Edge NXT?

  1. Focus on marketing. Raiser’s Edge covers all essential online marketing tools that are necessary for nonprofits to accomplish their goals.
  2. Donor segmentation. The software’s best-known feature is donor segmentation, namely the possibility to divide donors depending on the amount they are donating, and the manner in which they are transferring it.
  3. Well-organized, unlimited donor records. With Raiser’s Edge, there are no restrictions to as how many donor records you can keep in your database.
  4. Mobile access. Android and iPhone users can download an exclusive app for collecting on spot payments, and sync their account with the server so that they would skip manual entries.
  5. Access to the large Blackbaud community. Raiser’s Edge also gives you access to the Blackbaud community where you can ask for solutions and exchange campaign experiences.

2. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is another key finalist in our 20 best donor management software list, and the favorite system of thousands of fundraising nonprofits and organizations. It handles and automates Donor Management, Grant & Gift Tracking, Moves Management, Mass Mailing needs, and all other important operations, and it is often praised for cultivating lasting donor relationships. The platform brings all fundraising data and growth initiatives together within a centralized hub, and enables in such way a constituent relationship management, and proper governance of your trainees and volunteers. It also ensures access to new donors and opportunities, as you can use it for targeted email marketing, donor cultivation, prospect screening, event management, and full analysis of your campaigning efforts.

What is unique about DonorPerfect? 

  1. Compact donor management suite. This complete and easy-to-use donor management system includes fundraising management, reports and analysis, information management. and payment tools.
  2. Personalized communication. DonorPerfect specializes in personalized communication through mass mailings, e-newsletters and automatic gift acknowledgements. It also allows you to track mailings, to-dos, and appointments.
  3. Event management. DonorPerfect comes with built-in tools for galas, auctions, golf outings, and other special events. Meanwhile, its integrated forms make it easier to register online and manage sponsored events and all kinds of fundraising activities.
  4. PCI compliance. DonorPerfect is fully PCI compliant and ensures that no account information is stored, offering donors the security and safety they need to use their credit cards and e-check payments.
  5. Excellent reporting features. DonorPerfect comes with more than 100 report templates and an integrated report writer, which helps create easy to distribute reports, which can easily be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF as well as HTML format

3. Bloomerang

Backed up by expert fundraisers, Bloomerang fits perfectly novice and inexperienced users, but yet arrives with an array of advanced tools that let it play side-by-side with larger and affirmed nonprofit assets. It specializes in donor retention and engagement, helping develop creative practices and spread your cause across social communities. At the same time, it presents you with a compact CRM console from where you can manage your entire fundraising ecosystem, including donors, volunteers, sponsors, grantees and more. The system will let you create attractive online giving forms and embed them on your websites and social profiles, and accept the donations with pretty much the same ease of action. Donors will get constituent records, and be constantly engaged with generating appeals, acknowledgements and newsletters via snail mail or email. The developer is also well-known for adapting the system to modern standards and requirements, as Planning Center is repeatedly enriched with new features and functionalities.

What is unique about Bloomerang?

  1. Activity Timeline. With Bloomerang’s Activity Timeline, users can easily track their progress and search for specific files.
  2. Compact Dashboard. Bloomerang’s unified dashboard allows you to follow all important variables such as  suggestions, incoming donations, donor retention, and campaign progress summarized in a single window.
  3. Tracks and attracts donors on social media. Bloomerang makes sure that you won’t miss out on prospective donors on social media, thus allows you to connect it to your Twitter account and monitor social media activities.
  4. Auto-generated reporting. Thanks to Bloomerang’s auto-generated reporting, you can easily pull off marketing presentation and fund-raising lists, and improve the planning of your next fundraising campaigns.
  5. Creative communication templates. Bloomerang gives you access to a variety of creative templates to use when communicating with clients and donors. Between others, you can create sign up and online forms, while monitoring engagement levels to choose the right leads to contact.

4. Planning Center

Planning Center is a fundraising management suite with seven interrelated applications, designed exclusively for churches and religious communities. You can use it to manage cash, check, and online donations from a single dashboard, and enroll volunteers and manage attendance with an online check-in system. Facilities, events, and staff, on the other hand, can be effectively managed and administered thanks to the tool’s advanced business process management and HR capabilities. What makes Planning Center attractive is foremost its simple mode of operation, as teams take little to no time to learn how to use it, and do so independently and without expensive training.

What is unique about Planning Center?

  1. Compact management suite focused on the church community. Planning Center is developed to provide churches of various sizes with web-based apps that help them manage fundraising and other operations more efficiently.
  2. Fast and secure check-in system. Planning Center’s check-ins app is available for both Android and iOS and offer a simple, fast and secure guest check-in system.
  3. Dedicated donations app – Giving. Planning Center’s donation management app Giving offers a complete solution that accurately and quickly counts checks and cash and makes it easier for people to donate.
  4. Group management tools. The Group Management tools make group listing and signup easier and help track attendance and keep members notified of important announcements.
  5. A Resources app. The Resources app helps churches publish event calendars, reserve rooms and manage their resources more efficiently, while the Services app makes it easier to schedule teams and manage music.

5. eTapestry

eTapestry is another popular Blackbaud product focused on professional fundraisers, praised for being able to adopt complex donation operations and to accommodate large teams. With a function set quite reminiscent of Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry does a better job handling multichannel fundraising, and would probably be the preferred alternative for faster and better reporting. The fundraising database prides itself with a powerful Address and Social Media Finder, an integrated service that provides actionable insight into the networks constituents, and brings influencers on your side. The tool is also remarkably data-wise, given that it keeps your database clean of useless information, and it gives you the full picture your business’s health.

What is unique about eTapestry?

  1. Multi-channel fundraising. The multi-channel fundraising aspect helps you to incorporate many channels into your strategy to achieve better results.
  2. Payment processing. eTapestry relies on Blackbaud Merchant services to enable you to process your credit card or debit card, or the online forms. The payment solution is fast, secure and affordable.
  3. Social media finder. The social media finder helps you find the social media handles of your prospects, so that you can easily communicate with them and invite them to your events.
  4. End-to-end event management. eTapestry provides a comprehensive event management solution that allows your organization to sell tickets online and send event invitations through online channels.
  5. Premium security. eTapestry guarantees security through the latest firewalls, storage devices, and router settings. It provides an environment where your data is secured from viruses, natural disasters and attacks.

6. NetSuite for Nonprofits

NetSuite for Nonprofits and Oracle also have a donor management program to offer, inclusively one of the leading tools of its kind to be found on the market. What this system aims to achieve is to facilitate donations management by bringing core financial tasks under the same roof, and preserve the quality of donor communications in the service of higher retention. You can also rely on it to find new supporters for your cause on various channels, and connect it easily to other tools from the same productivity suite to manage all aspects of your work. The NetSuite product specializes primarily in financial management, enabling full financial segmentation, tracking the efficiency of key program metrics, and working with an innovative and GAAP-compliant fund & grant accounting framework. CRM and spend management features will also be included.

What is unique about NetSuite for Nonprofits?

  1. Financial management. Users are offered a powerful financial system for nonprofits that meets their unique needs and requirements.
  2. Fund accounting. NetSuite’s innovative and GAAP-compliant fund accounting framework allows nonprofit organizations to manage diverse revenue streams, correlate revenue sources to expense transactions, and accurately manage fund restrictions and grant requirements.
  3. Grant accounting. You can also put NetSuite for Nonprofits in action to track terms and conditions, and automate time and expense tracking.
  4. Automated FASB reporting. NetSuite for Nonprofits comes with easy and configurable compliance reporting for executive leadership, board members, external auditors, and accounting teams.
  5. Spend management. NetSuite’s spend management features help organizations gain complete control and visibility over their total spend.

7. MemberClicks

MemberClicks is one of the easiest-to-use and most streamlined online fundraising tools on this list. Devoted to passionate and ambitious small-staff associations, MemberClicks makes membership management and event registration a breeze, and enables users to embed registration forms on existent channels, or set their own membership websites, content management hubs, and donor communities. Each MemberClicks user will also be entitled to hands-on, guided implementation assistance by an account manager, and around-the-clock support for all questions and inquiries. It is also worth to know that the company pursues actively new customer service technologies to ensure associations have the most pleasant journey.

What is unique about MemberClicks?

  1. Membership database. With MemberClicks, all of your member and prospect data will be securely stored on a single location, and managed through a compact and well-integrated database.
  2. Automated membership applications. With MemberClicks’ event registration tools, you can automate all your member application and dues renewal processes.
  3. Handles all member types. You can also use MemberClicks to manage organizational memberships. The system also lets you create an online member community in order to boost engagement.
  4. Email marketing features. MemberClicks’ integrated email marketing features and capabilities will help you contact members easily and efficiently, and build loyal and lasting relationships.
  5. Member CMS. MemberClicks’ team of experts will be there to assist you for a complete website makeover, using a powerful and easy-to-update CMS to deliver updates that work impeccably with any website or platform.

8. Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is a hands-on fundraising platform focused on establishing and maintaining donor relationships, which also does an admirable work promoting causes and raising awareness. In support of your marketing efforts, Salsa CRM will manage your nonprofit end-to-end, guide and improve your digital campaigns (both email and social media), and enable online advocacy (social and click-to-call). It is also one of the few platform of its kind that handle peer-to-peer fundraising with rich donor profiles, confirming in such manner that it will back up your efforts to collect donations anywhere, at any time. Last, but not least, Salsa CRM has one of the best equipped online giving suites, as it enables you to create drag-and-drop registration forms and direct donations with secure payment processing; and comes with robust analytics to examine the results of your fundraising events.

What is unique about Salsa CRM?

  1. Unified donor interaction. Salsa CRM brings all donor interactions under the same roof, and helps you build rich supporter profiles, and distribute timed and relevant messages.
  2. Constituent donor records. Salsa CRM allows creating unlimited fields for constituent records, which can easily be searched for better reporting. It also makes it easy to keep track of donation history and tie donations to specific funds and campaigns.
  3. Supporter segmentation. With Salsa CRM, supporters can be segmented into targeted lists and contacts tracked at each stage. This elevates value of each interaction by connecting with supporters at the perfect time with a perfect message.
  4. Efficient reports. Salsa CRM’s cultivation reports help forecast gifts from major donors, track alumni campaigns, sponsorship efforts and other projects.
  5. Impeccable mobile experience. Salsa CRM also helps convert website traffic into contributions and allows easy drag-and-drop customization of mobile-friendly donation webpages.

9. Qgiv

Qgiv helps you accept online, on-site, and text donations. Next to retaining loyal supporters, Qgiv will also be a faithful partner for enlarging your donor database, and let you set up custom events to raise awareness towards a particular cause. Online, on-site, and text giving are all guided with mobile-friendly tools, ensuring that interested parties can donate any time, and from any device. Qgiv also offers a Virtual Terminal app in charge of processing these donations which is easy to use and bulletproof secure. With Qgiv, you won’t have to migrate data to external tools for your reporting needs – the system puts all the information you need right at your fingertips, and lets you create all sorts of custom reports.

What is unique about Qgiv?

  1. Online giving & Event registration tools. Once Qgiv is setup, donors can easily use the online giving and event registration feature that can be accessed from any available platform. There is no need to visit the webpage to make a donation.
  2. Helps create attractive fundraising pages. Campaign teams can use Qgiv to create mobile friendly and responsive fundraising pages to attract more donors. Since it is highly customizable, you can create packaged offers, private events and discounts in one setup.
  3. Enhanced security. Qgiv is a secure system that does not alter the look and feel of your organization’s website. From a single donor account a donor can manage, print and review donation history.
  4. Free starter pack. Qgiv offers a free-to-use package for mobile and recurring giving, and event registration. Users of this package will be charged only 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction.
  5. Excellent customer support. Qgiv users can always rely on a knowledgeable team of experts and professionals accessible via phone and email.

10. WizeHive

WizeHive is a compact business process management suite that incorporates an advanced grant management system. Suitable for companies of all scales and industries, and priced so that it can correspond to their capacity, WizeHive can be the perfect alternative for both private and family-owned foundations, corporate and community organizations, nonprofit and charity associations, education institutions, and businesses. What it brings on the table is facilitated collection and management of applications for grants, scholarships, fellowships, accreditation, internships and awards; accompanied by a low-code mode of operating that lets you tailor it to your needs. Its HIPAA compliant database makes also it suitable for online giving.

What is unique about WizeHive?

  1. Focus on grant management. WizeHive is a compact platform designed predominantly to handle grants, scholarships, academic awards, as well as applications management.
  2. Open API architecture. WizeHive relies on an open API architecture for custom connectivity with legacy and home-grown systems, and integrates instantly with more than 500 popular tools and applications.
  3. Attractive application forms. WIzeHive lets you build appealing and responsive online application forms, where you can include custom fields, and capture all donor information that you need.
  4. Collaborative systems. WizeHive offers a number of tracking and collaboration tools as well as automated emails to help you and your team streamline all your actions and manage your grants and scholarships with ease, speed, and accuracy.
  5. Code-free experience. WizeHive is extremely easy to use, which means you can configure it to your needs, and integrate it with third-party tools without any coding skills.

11. easyTithe

easyTithe is another online donations management system for churches and religious communities. With a client base of over 7,000 prominent members, easyTithe promises no-brainer fund collection, and enables giving in multiple different ways such as online, text, kiosk, and mobile. The Kiosk, for instance, is a compact hub for card donations that aggregates means in the form of direct payments, and processes them without any hassle. Once approved and released, funds are deposited to your accounts in a matter of 2-3 days, and the process is completed on a very secure interface to free donor from all data intrusion concerns. Better yet, pricing is made flexible enough to ensure that churches from all tiers can find a suitable plan.

What is unique about easyTithe?

  1. Church-first solution. easyTithe helps churches boost online giving, manage donor operations, and collect funds via their preferred payment methods.
  2. Support for diverse giving options. easyTithe provides churches with various ways of accepting donations and pledges. The application enables this through a native iOS and Android app, text giving, kiosk giving, and giving via Facebook.
  3. Very scalable system. easyTithe is very flexible and customizable, and allows churches to design their giving portal to reflect the branding or personality of their religious organization. It also allows ministers to separate donations and pledges into separate funds for different projects, and grows in parallel with their increased donor base.
  4. An unlimited number of registered users. easyTithe supports an unlimited number of users so that ministries can provide access to the application to all their employees, volunteers, and even to the members of the church.
  5. Unparalleled security. With easyTithe, churches and their members can rest assured that all their transactions are being done over highly secure connections and servers. The web-based application is PCI & DSS compliant, which means that easyTithe meets the regulations of the banking industry.

12. Network for Good

The name will not be the only thing that will attract you and retain your interest about Network for Good. The nonprofit-exclusive fundraising tool organizes the donors you already have, but also targets and engages new ones on markets you have or have not yet explored. You can inspire donations by creating beautiful and catchy pages, or by enabling peer-to-peer fundraising for loyal clients, and events for new ones. To help you make the most of each donation opportunity, the company will assign you a professional fundraising coach, and let you use a robust library of fundraising resources, case studies, and templates. You can also participate in their regular webinars and courses, and join a community of successful raisers to adopt their skills and practices.

What is unique about Network for Good?

  1. Automated donor management. Network for Good uses in-built filters to quickly locate donors and create donor lists, and puts in place various communication methods to help you engage them for further givings.
  2. An instant overview of fundraising progress. The system keeps you prepared for board and committee meetings with ready-to-go dashboards, where you can visualize the progress of all fundraising campaigns, and depict both positive and negative trends.
  3. Fundraising campaign pages. Network for Good lets you create branded online fundraising pages and replace generic checkout pages, so that you can develop a more personalized communication approach, and keep donors in the loop. Templates are also available.
  4. Personal fundraising coach. Network for Good is backed up by an extensive network of fundraising professionals. Each client can choose a personal coach that understands your size, stage, and structure, and will help you develop a successful donating strategy.
  5. Mobile event management. Network for Good puts in place flexible and simple event ticketing pages that are fully mobile-responsive.

13. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a membership management solution for both beginner-level and experienced users that packs all key donor guidance features. You can use it to attract, manage, and engage members in multiple different ways, register and promote events with online applications, and build an attractive website for fundraising using a simple drag-and-drop tool. The system lets you accept online payments and donations and set up recurring dues, and offers hundreds of professionally designed templates to support your newsletter and email marketing campaigns. The system is fully mobile optimized, which means your donors can deposit funds even when on the go.

What is unique about Wild Apricot?

  1. Powerful website builder. With Wild Apricot’s website builder, organizations can create engaging private pages for their members and staff. The widgets caters for event calendars, donation forms, and membership registration.
  2. Simple registration forms. The system  allows prospective members to join and complete fast online registration forms, instead of filling complex questionnaires, and waiting for approvals.
  3. Automated payments. Once they become members, applicants are immediately notified about it with a confirmation email, and their payments is automated using credit/debit cards.
  4. Event management tools. The event management tool allows admins to create events and lists them on the main website with a detailed description. Managers can view member records, track registrations of new members, and manage donations.
  5. Entirely web-based. Wild Apricot is an entirely web-based donor management system, which means you can use it on any device, browser, or operating system.

14. NeonCRM

A list like this would not be complete without NeonCRM, a recognized fundraising facilitator with advanced CRM capabilities. The first thing you will appreciate about NeonCRM is the modern mission control dashboard that produces critical insights within seconds, and from where you can manage memberships, fundraising engagement, and giving events all at the same time. Ease of use is by far one of its most valued advantages, as it is designed to inspire audiences, and help small and non-affirmed communities grow and become successful. It is mobile optimized and easy to integrate, and comes with a flexible pricing scheme that suits all potential users.

What is unique about NeonCRM?

  1. Effective supporters targeting. NeonCRM unites a number of mass communication, social media and segmentation tools to allow organizations to effectively tell their story to masses.
  2. A variety of analytic tools. NeonCRM’s analytics tools and dashboards focus on growth and retention, and help analyze impact of different variables and make better and more informed decisions.
  3. Relationship-focused, 360-degree profiles. You can use NeonCRM to build relationship-focused profiles and foster connection. They can also engage supporters through customizable fields, automatic sync, and 360-degree constituent view.
  4. Mobile-friendly web forms. NeonCRM supports mobile-friendly and responsive web-forms, which are customizable, can be branded easily, and help reach supporters via any device.
  5. Event management kit. The comprehensive event management features allow effective and easy management of all type of events ranging from get-togethers to executive conferences. Online event registration forms are there for easy and quick registration of an event, seminar, class or a conference.

15. Kindful

Kindful is another name that will certainly ring familiar among donor management buyers. The competitive edge of this software is drilling deeper into donors’ backgrounds, and helping nonprofits understand their motivation and expectations. Using it, you can monitor how donors interact with you via email, events, and giving; and use the assistance of various fundraising experts to develop result-oriented strategies. To make sure donations are coming your way, Kindful will enable you to install a donation button everywhere you need it, or create an unlimited number of professional donation pages. Kindful is also an undisputed master of reach out and hands-on integrations, and eliminates manual data transfers by working with systems such as out using integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Emma.

What is unique about Kindful?

  1. Advanced fundraising management. Kindful’s donation pages are designed keeping in view ease-of-use and simplicity to ensure donors don’t turn away. Each page is customizable and can be fed into specific campaigns, while the recurring donation option on every form makes it easier for donors to donate more regularly.
  2. Social CRM. With Kndful, social media accounts can be connected to donor profiles to further strengthen the relationship, while donor types can be assigned according to relationships.
  3. Automated updates. Within Kindful, all donor profiles are automatically updated when new activity takes place and new donations also auto-apply to existing pledges.
  4. Accurate analytics. Kindful Analytics upgrades existing reporting with real-time and accurate data and allows building custom reports by selecting only the required output columns. Reports can automatically be sent via email at regular intervals.
  5. Suitable for all businesses. Kindful’s flexible pricing scheme makes the product suitable for small, medium, and large businesses.

16. Donor Tools

Donor Tools was developed to eliminate nonprofits’ most common challenges, and to help them organize their work. Using it, you can forget about messy and lost files, massive spreadsheets, inconsistent data entry, and unregulated volunteer statuses – all aspects of your donor management operations will be handled by a single system. Donor Tools’ field of action are online givings, enabled in the form of checks, cash, or in-kind gifts. Better yet, all information from your donations is captured and recorded in the system, and you never have to worry about missing information. The processing fees are low and flat, which makes Donor Tools ideal for small and challenged nonprofits.

What is unique about Donor Tools?

  1. Brings all donations under the same roof. DonorTools lets you manage checks, cash, and in-kind gifts on a single platform. It automatically records all of your online donors and their physical transactions, making sure no data will fall through the cracks.
  2. Branded web pages. DonorTools lets you create and activate appealing web pages for online donations, where you can upload your logo and other personalized information. You can receive your donations via desktop computers, mobile devices and kiosks.
  3. Operable intelligence. DonorTools monitors the performance of your agents and donors, and assembles the data in a unified database for easier reporting.
  4. Accepts online payments. Donor Tools lets you accept credit & debit card donations online. In 2018, the company announced support for ACH bank transfers, recurring gifts, and text.
  5. Affordable pricing scheme. Designed for small and medium nonprofits, DonorTools comes with a flat monthly fee and low processing costs. As your business grows, DonorTools makes it painless to migrate to a premium plan.

17. Abila

Abila is described as an association management system that supports diverse fundraising efforts and giving campaigns. At the moment, Abila empowers over 8,000 organizations to attract, engage, and retain donors, members, and other constituents; and helps them strategically plan, manage, and sustain their operations. It is a proven asset that makes it possible to grow revenue from donations, grants, memberships, and similar sources.The company also offers a dedicated True Fund Accounting Module to keep your nonprofit in control of its finances. The module makes it possible to create payslips and consolidate payroll records, while taking all tax deductions into consideration.

What is unique about Abila?

  1. Unified accounting solution for nonprofits. Abila makes it possible to track the requirements, expenses, cash inflows and outflows, funds and budget estimates or reports in a single software database.
  2. Customizable financial database. Abila offers the freedom to build a customized database with tools for financial record keeping and analysis. The different modules offer a great deal of flexibility to approach different financial functions such as payroll management, deposits, reimbursements and payable transactions of all sorts.
  3. Payroll management. With Abila, organizations can produce and manage payroll slips for the employees on a timely basis through the payroll module.
  4. HR integrations. Connecting Abila with the company’s MIP product for quick HR functioning can help organizations manage their personnel.
  5. Tailored pricing. Abila doesn’t offer a fixed enterprise pricing scheme, but tailors individual packages for each user to ensure that all their requirements are met.

18. DonorView

DonorView is anoter spotless performer in our donor management software category whose competitive edge is exactly multi-layered fundraising. The web-hosted and hassle-free system enables quality membership programs, on-dot online donations, fast mobile giving, and peer-to-peer fundraising, but it will also be an excellent alternative for building a supporter community and organizing so-called silent auctions. You can also use it to promote your cause with email and social marketing activities, and conduct social surveys that will help you craft more successful strategies. The system excels in configurable contact management, and is therefore suitable for all types of nonprofits and associations.

What is unique about DonorView?

  1. Constituent profile management. With DonorView, organizations are able to see at a glance all the information they need regarding a constituent. The application stores the relevant data in the system, including their relationships with other donors, to use those connections as a leverage in fundraising efforts.
  2. Tracks all donations end-to-end. DonorView allows non-profits to analyze the sources of donations and to view donor history. With DonorView’s reporting tools, administrators can pull up that information with a single click.
  3. Online donating. With DonorView, donating is a breeze, as the company offers a dedicated interface for web donors, and accepts and processes direct payments.
  4. Membership programs for other institutions. DonorView offers branded membership programs for users different than nonprofits, and employs tools such as flexible pricing plans, levels, add-on purchases, and non-refundable fees to help them manage their operations.
  5. Email and mobile marketing. DonorView enables institutions to reach out to their constituents and target audiences via email and social media campaigns.

19. Virtuous CRM

Virtuous CRM equips businesses with a set of tools designed to further improve their relationships with donors and partners. This CRM and marketing automation platform is built with the principle that better client relationships lead to higher donations, thus making it an ideal solution to your fundraising needs. To make this possible, Virtuous CRM helps businesses better understand their donors through contact management functionalities, a powerful engine that scans their social media profiles, and an integrated map view that displays all nearest donors. This all-in-one software also comes equipped with an intelligent predictive analytics tool, robust email marketing features, task automation, online giving, and personalized donor communications.


What is unique about Virtuous CRM?

  1. All-in-one non-profit platform. With Virtuous CRM, you can handle your personalized communications with donors, easily organize and engage your contacts with a powerful CRM tool, manage your team’s tasks, and other things you can may need for your non-profits organization
  2. Donor profiling. Virtuous CRM allows you to better understand your donors with its contact management functionality. The software also features a powerful tool that inspects the social media profile of your donors, from their pictures to their latest activities. The software also tracks donor engagement to provide you with data to use for your marketing strategies.
  3. Donor mapping. This non-profit software displays the geographical location of all nearby donors, thus allowing you to better target which ones will likely support your endeavors.
  4. Predictive analytics. With Virtuous CRM, you can ask the right questions and say the best response at the appropriate moment. This is possible thanks to the platform’s predictive analytics tool, which scores each donor based on information such as their financial data.
  5. Send engaging campaigns. Send personalized emails while spending less time in communicating with donors with its automated workflows.

20. Keela

Keela is cost-effective cloud-based platform that enables users to take control of their entire donation management needs, from engaging donors and managing campaigns to collecting donations and monitoring team responsibilities. Costing only $39 per month, you can maximize received pledges and minimize overhead costs. Keela features a highly intuitive interface, allowing your team to quickly familiarize themselves with with platform and ensure optimal productivity at all times. The platform allows for seamless data transfers thanks to its integrated tools, thus reducing instances of errors when moving files to other solutions.

What is unique about Keela?

  1. Inexpensive all-in-one donor management software. Keela offers a fixed monthly price with no hidden costs or premium features. This means you can maximize your pledges towards actual projects.
  2. Intuitive interface. All functionalities look and function the same way across the board. With its highly navigable interface, you and your team can effortlessly find the right set of tools for your tasks.
  3. Quick and easy setup. Being a cloud-based solution, you can quickly start managing donations without installing any hardware and software.
  4. Fast and reliable data transfers. The platform integrates with a large library of third-party applications, enabling you to seamlessly transfer data to other software products with minimal chances of encountering errors.
  5. Effortless donor management. Keela comes equipped with all the tools needed for managing your operations. With this cloud-based platform, you can easily keep in touch with donors through the platform’s CRM, engage supporters through compelling campaigns, keep track of your team’s responsibilities, and much more.
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One Comment »

  • Avatar Amanda Jenkins says:


    Thank you for a great list. I’m in the process of searching and selecting a donor management system and appreciate this feedback. I do want to make a note that QGiv is not a a donor management system. They are have some amazing tools, and I got so excited about the possibility of using them because they were on so many donor CRM lists out there, and I was so disappointed that they aren’t actually a CRM.

    I hope to use them in the future once we have a CRM in place, but wanted to make this note in case anyone gets their hopes up like I did only to be disappointed.

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