Top 3 Feedback & Review Management Solutions: Comparison of Yotpo, Qualtrics Customer Experience and xSellco

Qualtrics: No. 1 In Feedback Management


For those of you who have been seeking to improve customer conversions, have you ever thought of using customer experience management software? These solutions have been proven to help generate upsells, cross-sells and most especially repeat sales. In this article, we’ll tackle the leading feedback and review management solutions you can explore to leverage your customer experience.

It’s important to know what your customers think – especially since numerous brands aren’t meeting customer expectations according to Acquia’s survey: Closing the CX Gap: Customer Experience Trends 2019. There’s a clear disconnect between what marketers and customers think. Based on 87% of marketers, they delivered engaging customer experience. On the other hand, two-thirds of consumers can’t recall a time when a brand has exceeded their expectations.

Meanwhile, 61% of customers have been found to read user reviews prior to coming up with a purchase decision, a study by Econsultancy on ecommerce consumer behavior has revealed. This fact only reinforces the importance of customer reviews. User reviews are also known to be more trusted than vendor promises and claims and even testimonials from supposed product users.

Companies find customer experience as an exciting opportunity for 2019. (Source: Econsultancy)

But user review management is not a cake walk as one may think. In fact, it can be a difficult undertaking and quite confusing at times. This is due to the fact that customer posts come by the thousands every day. So what you require is an application that has the ability to consolidate, automate and analyze reviews. These and more make up reasons for investing in feedback and review management software.

Here, we take a look at the top 3 feedback and review management solutions currently in the market. Their key functionalities, benefits, value propositions and target businesses will be discussed in detail so that you may decide for yourself if any of them is suited to your organization.

What are the top 3 feedback and review management solutions?

Top 3 feedback & review management solutions

We used ease-of-use, features, support and integrations available as basis for assessing our software and we found Yotpo to be the top performer among the three. The tool focuses on enriching customer experience by gathering client feedback and subjecting the same to its analytics engine.

1. Yotpo

Feedback and review management platform Yotpo got the highest marks in our top 3 feedback and review management solutions. It is known for its powerful features, sleek dashboard and strategic pricing. Equally important is its ease-of-use, allowing even novices to immediately exploit the solution’s functionalities. Yotpo, in fact, tops our list of 15 customer experience management software.

It comes with a plug-and-play application for social review and e-commerce, allowing for the verification of user reviews. The software can also link all customer engagement activities to organic traffic improvement efforts, which is known to improve paid ads. The vendor has a comprehensive test-drive offer if you want to check the features first. You can sign up for a Yotpo free demo here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
Yotpo won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Of all of Yotpo’s features, two caught our eye. One is its curation app that allows users to identify and capture customer product-related content on social media platform Instagram. It improves photo discover, rights management, shoppable feeds, moderation and rights management and helps drive traffic from the platform to businesses’ product pages.

Another key feature is the solution’s analytics suite, which is one of the strongest of tools of its kind. This functionality can aggregate information on content, conversion and optimization processes, aiding users in interpreting, boosting and handling user reviews. 

Yotpo is available in three pricing plans, which can cater to any type and size of organization. It also has a free version, which is ideal for freelancers.

2. Qualtrics Customer Experienc

Essentially a customer experience management software that is designed to collect client feedback, Qualtrics Customer Experience is meant to drive companies’ customer experience with the use of a proprietary predictive intelligence engine called iQ. The engine is capable of automatically gathering key insights that could determine what drives an organization’s customer experience.

The vendor offers a great free trial that allows you to try out all the key features. You can easily sign up for Qualtrics free trial here.

Using transactional and pulse surveys, to name a few, the software allows users to collect client data, which can be used to come up with insights on how to improve customer experience. Aside from this, Qualtrics Customer Experience also comes with Net Promoter Score, which is commonly used in the measurement of customer experience.

The system, which is made up of four distinct modules, is quite effective in improving client acquisition and customer retention and loyalty. Customer feedback is easily integrated into business strategies as monitoring and addressing of all areas of the customer journey are simplified. It can measure both customer satisfaction and loyalty while being able to evaluate employee performance.

Qualtrics Customer Experience is without question one of the most agile tools of its kind, allowing for the monitoring of key performance indicators all throughout the customer journey. Pricing comes on a quote basis and is a bit steep, making it less ideal for small business but highly-suitable for medium to large enterprises.

3. xSellco Feedback

xSellco Feedback is a popular feedback and review management software and is the best tool to integrate feedback requests with platforms such as Trustpilot, eBay and Amazon. These integrations provide users with total control over management of customer messages. Feedback can also be solicited automatically, resulting in better outcomes as it is done through calculated timing. Collected data can then be used to come up with great testimonials that can contribute to improvement of user trust rating and social proof.

xSellco Feedback supports more than 50 languages and can integrate seamlessly with the xSellco sales productivity bundle. It is priced on a subscription basis, starting at $49.

The vendor offers a great free trial that lets you try out all key features. You can easily sign up for xSellco Feedback free trial here.

Comparison of Key Features

Here, we present a comparison of our top three feedback and review management software to present a clearer picture of their strengths and weaknesses. We have come up with three specific comparison categories–core functionalities, ease of use and integrations–to better outline our comparison.

Core Functionalities

Although the functionalities of feedback and review management software may vary, it is imperative that key features be incorporated into such tools. These include survey builders, automated request and posting and post-purchase builders and analytics.

Yotpo, has emerged as our top tool in terms of core functionalities, with its focus on the use of user reviews to boost sales, along with tons of features that can make review management a very simple task, which eventually leads to improved sales. An example of this is its ability to integrate cross-sell or upsell pitches with email. Recommended coupons or products can be showcased every time a review is completed by a customer.

For in-depth reviews, you can even use Q and A format to highlight important messages. Standard Google specs can be used to optimize user reviews for searches. Searchable star ratings can be utilized while seller reviews can be posted on Google Shopping and Adwords. Other notable capabilities include commenting, community Q&A, coupons, dedicated support, customizations, robust analytics, support for more than 15 eCommerce platforms, moderation tools, SEO tools and support for more than 25 languages.

Qualtrics Customer Experience, on the other hand, has capabilities that are very useful in managing feedback. As it is designed primarily to collect client feedback, the tool has the ability to gather key insights and forecasts on what drives a business’ customer experience the most using a native predictive intelligence engine. Customer information is collected through pulse and transactional surveys, among others. These and more make Qualtrics Customer Experience a good customer experience management software in its own right.

Key functionalities include advanced research, analytics, ad testing, market research and a centralized platform with a view of all your channels. Its custom dashboard is intuitive, providing visibility into your most important metrics. Other features such as ticketing, technology-backed workflows and automation of respondent management, to name a few, are also present.

xSellco Feedback, meanwhile, seems to lag behind the two when it comes to features available. What it does, however, is focus on useful integrations, which include Trustpilot, eBay and Amazon. For businesses utilizing these platforms, the solution may very well fit you.

Aside from this, feedback requests can be categorized by location, product type, SKU, on-time delivery, to name a few, allowing users to focus on promoting low-selling products. The software makes use of an algorithm that is designed to send out messages at times when customers are most active. However, the product offers reporting and search capabilities that are quite limited.

Takeaway: Of the three, Yotpo is deemed as the most feature-rich, leveraging user reviews to increase customer conversions and sales. Qualtrics Customer Experience comes in second while xSellco Feedback has platform integrations as its key functionality.

Ease of use

It is very important for a solution to showcase ease-of-use if it is to reach the top of the heap. Yes, simplicity is a good quality to have but intuitive tools and system design must also be present for users to be able to quickly learn to use the product.

xSellco Feedback can send hundreds of emails for review requests but the system setup can be a tad difficult. Also, locating the solution’s can be a bit tricky WYSISWYG editor once template rules are created.

As for interface, Yotpo and Qualtrics Customer Experience are the clear winners. Both are sleek and come with readily accessible tools. Yotpo makes the submission of reviews by customers possible right from their inboxes, promoting more customer reviews and response rates. Qualtrics Customer Experience’s tools, on the other hand, can be used in survey creation, allowing users to generate questionnaires with great speed, saving precious time so that you get to attend to more pertinent areas of your surveys. 

Takeaway: Yotpo is the easiest to use among the three due to its intuitive interface and ease of navigation, followed by Qualtrics Customer Experience.

Integration capabilities

For businesses using Amazon, eBay or Trustpilot, xSellco Feedback is an excellent choice. It integrates seamlessly with these platforms and is able to add an unlimited number of reviews without additional fees. It also offers integrations with 60 third-party applications.

Yotpo, on the other hand,  can easily work with Woocommerce, Shoppify and Bigcommerce. Through these integrations, the solution makes it pretty simple to hand out incentives to solicit reviews through the said platforms. The outcome is an uptick in repeat business, possibly from consumers, no doubt, swayed by user reviews.

Meanwhile, Qualtrics Customer Experience also has a number of useful integrations. It comes with an API for use in integrating the system with CRM solutions. It likewise seamlessly integrates with Tableau, Marketo and Salesforce.

Takeaway: Clearly Yotpo has the edge over the other two applications when it comes to integrations. It is better equipped for a wide-range of third-party integrations compared to Qualtrics Customer Experience, which can only run with CRM tools. xSellco, meanwhile, has fallen short in this area, offering focused but limited integration capabilities. You can sign up for a Yotpo free demo here.

So there you have it our our top 3 feedback and review management solutions as determined by our experts. Despite the rankings, do not make the mistake of thinking that one is better than the other. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to decide which one can better cater to your needs.

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