Top 3 Marketing Software: Comparison of Infusionsoft, HasOffers and Moz

Infusionsoft: No. 1 Marketing App


mktIf you seek to discover the best marketing software for your company, we may have just what you’re looking for. Our experienced teams of SaaS and B2B professionals constantly follow recent market developments and examines new products. To help you with finding the best fit for your business we prepared a list of top 3 marketing software and services you should consider. We evaluated all key features of each solution and selected the most important highlights that may influence your decision to use each service. We realize that marketing services can cover a wide range of different applications from mobile and social media to conversion rate optimization and search marketing. In this article we focused primarily on top marketing software solutions that can be useful to almost any company that aims to increase sales and popularity of its products or services.


  1. Infusionsoft 
  2. HasOffers 
  3. Moz 

1. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is not only the favorite solution of many of our readers, but also one of the leaders of our marketing software category. We thoroughly examined each functionality both users and the vendor tag as ‘important’ and found that the quality and efficiency of services offered by Infusionsoft is indeed excellent.

But let’s start from the beginning: when somebody tells you a product is the leader of its category, you’d expect it to push boundaries and break standards. In the digital marketing world, however, leadership requires discussion. Infusionsoft is a neatly designed lead management asset whose interface promises handy organization, but not that much of the wow-capability you’ve been promised. Or not?

The reason why we praise Infusionsoft so much is that this platform is incredibly simple and incredibly functional at the same time. Infusionsoft maps your marketing strategy from the beginning until the end, and it does so for a price suitable for startups and small businesses. While if offers many unique features we will discuss in more detail later in this article, the revolutionary aspect of Infusionsoft’s is that this comprehensive marketing & productivity suite is available and useful even to small teams, which regardless of their limited size, still often require a platform that can drive customers their way. And that’s exactly what can happene if you give Infusionsoft a chance. 

Infusionsoft is a cloud-based sales & marketing platform which not only drives traffic and generates conversions, but it also makes sure most vital marketing functions will be automated. Managers love it because of the serious dose of responsibility they cease bearing, and agents are impressed by the fact that all customer information is gathered under one roof, without the need to organize it or to import it manually. We ourselves loved how Infusionsoft integrates with many popular eCommerce services, handles bills and collections, and performs post-purchase follow ups. Most probably, this is the only feature that is classified as ‘Marketing & Sales’, and handles both of them in an equally good way.

In terms of features, the Infusionsoft team embraced a very simple rule: the more precise your goal is, the easier it will be to get there. The suite is more than what you would call robust, but still not needlessly packed with decorative elements that serve no practical function. The designers of this tool selected the best technology has to offer, and arranged it into Marketing, CRM, CMS, and E-commerce modules. As you can see, Infusionsoft is a multifunctional package that will not only improve your current work process, but may actually take it over completely.

Here's how Infusionsoft looks in action.

2. HasOffers

HasOffers genuinely has a lot to offer, and our experts chose it for the second position in the list of top marketing software solutions. In fact, our team wouldn’t be that nitpicky comparing the features, and we could probably let HasOffers share the leader position, if it wasn’t for one very specific difference: unlike Infusionsoft, HasOffers is a marketing performance app only, and it doesn’t support almost any sales, CRM, or CMS function.

Some users, however, prefer tools that specialize in a particular category, and would rather choose an exclusive marketing platform instead of one that covers more aspects of their business. At the same time, the choice depends on where you stand in your development projections, and whether you already have a fully-built productivity suite that needs only a small update. In that case, HasOffers can be your ideal partner/customer relationships manager, creative campaign runner, and marketing payout calculator. Customization levels and ad management are fully comparable to the ones of Infusionsoft, assuming that the slightly higher price is not a drawback for your company. At the end of the day, what you’ll pay in both cases depends on the size of your company, which is also a factor in this case because HasOffers is more suitable for large businesses, while Infusionsoft is better for the smaller ones. In terms of reliability, simple setup, and accuracy, the two products are more or less the same.

Here's how HasOffers interface looks like.

Here’s how HasOffers interface looks like.

3. Moz

Moz is another popular name in the marketing software environment, and a product we started featuring from the very first moment it appeared. Being aware of each particular feature, trick, or technical detail, we can confidently say Moz is a ‘fighter’, namely an app that never stopped developing, and never abandoned its top 3 position regardless of the marketing beasts invading the market in the last few years. Moz has an excellent total SmartScore in our test: 9.3/10, and its current user satisfaction rate is 97%. Similarly to Infusionsoft, Moz is small and medium businesses-friendly, and has a plethora of useful marketing features. The main reason why it didn’t make it to a higher position is that it focuses exclusively on search marketing optimization and SEO, meaning that it is far less versatile than Infusionsoft and HasOffers. Still, if you’re specifically looking for a SEO asset to add to your marketing suite, Moz is more than enough.

Moz is a cloud-based platform, which takes only a few minutes to set up and to customize its performance. The best part of it is probably that it tracks, measures, and manages thousands of publishers at once, and can therefore be the most comprehensive source of information your business ever had. Moz also features a comprehensive Q&A database, and organizes seminars on SEO and keyword difficulty. Plus, it will automate most of your search marketing efforts with features such as weekly crawls and rank tracking. An interesting fact here is that Moz has world’s largest SEO community, which makes it also very freelancer-friendly.

Sample look at Moz's interface.

Sample look at Moz’s interface.

Comparison of Marketing Features

Leaving Moz as a SEO app aside, we had Infusionsoft and HasOffers left to compare agains each other in more detail. This, unfortunately, was not an easy task, as both apps proved to be masters of their craft, regardless of the fact that Infusionsoft has some unique modules available too.

After a long examination of the platforms’ operational capacity, we concluded that Infusionsoft comes the closest to what users define as the ‘ideal marketing system’. The decisive criterion was that Infusionsoft is applicable in more industries which promote to sell, as it automates vital lead generation and management processes, unlike HasOffers which even if capable of managing campaigns, leaves most of the tricky customer-related duties in the hands of managers. Besides, Infusionsoft is fully SEO optimized, and has built-in metadata and keywords, and it is sometimes more comparable to Moz than it is to HasOffers. HasOffers, on the other hand, can help you manage your campaigns significantly, but it won’t automate them for you. The only SEO feature to be found in HasOffers is tracking links.

A critical difference is also landing pages management, where the ‘Easy Publisher’ tag would definitely apply mostly to Infusionsoft. This system uses a simplified drag-and-drop mechanism to craft and publish landing pages, while HasOffers is more of a ‘Complete Customizer’, where appearances are completely up to you. Still, HasOffers deserved its name also because of a few unique features to be considered, as for instance Mail Rooms for affiliates and advertisers, Offer Exchange, and unlimited Employee Management.

When it comes to Moz, we already clarified it cannot be considered as a full marketing productivity suite. Still, it is a very smart choice for complementing your suite, as it offers a variety of advanced marketing guides, PRO training webinars, and beta access to new tools. We’d recommend it specifically to startups which still didn’t come up with the perfect marketing strategy for their business.

Comparison of Integrations

Looking at the list of available integrations, we concluded once again that Infusionsoft and HasOffers handled the issue significantly better than Moz. The latter didn’t report any premade integrations so far, and while this is not uncommon for an open API platform, we still believe it’s a bit cumbersome and negative for usability. At the end of the day, why would you analyze compatibility and engage your technical team each time a new app is introduced, instead of relying on an already established, flawless connection?

The difference between Infusionsoft and HasOffers is almost insignificant, excluding the fact that the first offers more diversity compared to the second. Due to its multi-purpose nature, Infusionsoft integrates with many e-commerce, CRM and CMS solutions, Ad networks and email services, while HasOffers has only two direct integrations (Invoca and ScrubKit), and is well connected with few ad networks, tracking and payment systems, and a single CRM (LimeLight CRM). Note that in this case there is even a significant mismatch in the popularity of the apps these platforms integrate with.

Comparison of User Profiles

Theoretically, the leader in this case would be HasOffers, as it is the only platform claiming it can meet the needs of businesses of all scales and industries. To be completely honest, we estimated its capacity as being more enterprise-friendly, and we think it is an unreasonable expense for smaller companies that still don’t have a basic marketing strategy to be upgraded with such a product. Infusionsoft, on the opposite, handles best small and medium companies, and that’s also the case with Moz. Due the fact that Moz has more specific functions, we also believe that this platform is suitable for freelancers.

Comparison of Mobile Optimization

All three platforms offer impeccable usability on mobile devices, and therefore are recommended for decentralized and remote teams.

Our Final Verdict

We examined the current leaders of our marketing software category carefully, taking a close look at their functionalities, and considering customer feedback and satisfaction rating as well. In all of the aspects we tested and compared, we found Infusionsoft to be better than its counterparts, and we believe the reason for it is the powerful balance between its fully optimized and functional modules.

Infusionsoft has a variety of marketing automation functions, which may as well be the core of our decision. We were looking for the tool that can respond to most common market needs, rather than out-of-the-box expectations, and this platform had all we were looking for. It was also a leader in terms of quality integrations and usability, and it is probably one of the most moderately priced products out there that offer a similar set of functionalities.

HasOffers was an extremely good competitor, especially in terms of campaign management and integrations. The fact that it doesn’t automate lead generation and management was the reason why it stayed behind in our ranking. As for Moz, the platform has specialized functionality, and isn’t a complete productivity suite. Still, we believe there is no better solution for marketing trainings and SEO optimization, and we recommend even those readers who look for a more versatile marketing tool to give it a look.

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