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zohonimbleBusinesses have such a big number of CRM software tools to choose from today that selecting the best product for your business is often confusing.

Zoho CRM and Nimble are one of the most well-known products out there. Both offer all the key CRM functionalities. They also have their own share of fans who attest to their preferred tool’s strengths, as well as a number of disillusioned businesses that are not satisfied with their features.

As its name implies, Nimble is all about helping companies find a smart and simple method to track and nurture contacts with their current and prospective customers. Similar to other tools, Nimble provides all the key functionalities your company needs to manage information and business relationships across different touch points. Its system quickly identifies social media profiles of your company’s contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, so you do not have to manually go and search for them. With a focus on social CRM (SCRM), the tool delivers a feature-rich business experience at an afforfable price. Nimble uses a social-media-style business interface that integrates with the top social media accounts to give you a unified stream of CRM information available in the social sphere. You can learn more about it frome our detailed review of Nimble.

Nimble’s feature set includes activity management with calendar import and sync, sales and marketing tools, a “social listening” functionality that allows users to create search parameters for key terms that appear in the Facebook and Twitter streams, as well as add-ons for extended features such as lead capture and analytics. Nimble also offers a tight Gmail integration, an extremely useful feature for many small and medium businesses that are using Google Apps for their email correspondence. Nimble integrates your CRM, sales deals, contacts, and social media connections all in a single, user-friendly application.

Nimble’s focus is to “simplify” your CRM management. The tool approaches this by making the CRM application focus mainly on putting all customer data in a single place, thus making customer relationship management easier and simpler for users.

Nimble is intuitive, visual, and fun. Its snapshot of “today” can help you manage your time and make sure that your important leads and marketing tasks will not be neglected or forgotten.

Since the tool’s focus is really on social, the businesses that will get the best value out of Nimble are companies with a good deal of customer business interaction via social media. In addition, companies that have relatively fragmented customer interactions (meaning they communicate with their customers via many various channels) will also get a good value out of Nimble.

Zoho is used by over six million users who work online. The CRM software solution is a pretty straightforward CRM management service with capabilities such as reporting, internal wikis, calendar management, and document sharing. With Zoho, businesses can also create their own apps, which is a big advantage for users who are more technically inclined. Our team has also prepared a detailed review of Zoho CRM that you should read.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

As a CRM solution which may be beneficial for freelancers and small businesses, Zoho CRM gives companies all the key tools and resources they need to capture sales leads from their websites, conduct email marketing strategies, and access critical customer information without the need to scroll or search. Whether you are looking for ways to automate processes, connect with customers, or monitor sales activities, Zoho can help you build and implement solid, online-based social CRM tools. Zoho’s tools include forms, e-mail, calendars, and invoices.

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What is more, Zoho offers a drag and drop customization feature. This means you can quickly make changes, a huge benefit for companies that do not have a dedicated in-house IT person or if you are a freelancer and you are not that tech savvy. Zoho CRM works with Google Docs, Contacts, Calendar as well as Tasks, and Gmail.

With a rich feature set and good pricing options (which include a free plan for up to three users), Zoho CRM is a good choice for small business. Zoho’s free version comes with the following tools: reports and dashboards, social CRM integration, as well as lead and contact management. Paid packages include features such as marketing and workflow automation, sales forecasting, and advanced CRM analytics.

Which solution is better in the contest Zoho vs Nimble? Here is a detailed analysis of both solutions including their advantages and disadvantages, features, efficiency for different types of businesses, pricing and other crucial factors.

Advantages and Disadvantages

In terms of design, Nimble is getting more raves than Zoho. Zoho has a clunky design that may turn off some potential businesses.

Zoho, however, is a more established company than Nimble. Although CRM is Zoho’s essential functionality, the app also offers various business functionalities, from help desk services and invoicing, to email marketing. For some businesses, Zoho may therefore be an ideal solution as it allows them to do various tasks within a single solution.

Compared with Zoho (which can be described as a traditional CRM company), Nimble is more interesting and innovative. The focus of the tool seems to be on getting social data, and making sure that you have detailed contact information wherever you are to contact your clinets.

Social CRM, in general, is not new, so one cannot say that Nimble is a trailblazer in the social CRM market. However, few do it very well— and Nimble is definitely a service that does it great.

Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM

With its social listening tool, Nimble pulls in the relevant social data from your sales prospects’ Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. If you feel your company wants to build better customer relationships in social media, then Nimble may be the right tool for you.

Zoho needs a little more setup as well as training to use, but you get more features that you would not find in Nimble, for example email marketing, customer service case management, custom reportin or invoicing.

Zoho is a customizable CRM solution that allows you to quickly adjust the layout, modify data fields and add or even remove features according to your liking. In addition, you can quickly build entirely customized pages from your admin panel, or integrate other apps with Zoho with a single click. This will let you use tools such as project management, website visitor tracking or accounting software.

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Head to Head Matchup

Zoho CRMnimble small thumbnail

$ 12/user/month (billed annually) or $15 month-to-month



Automate Salesforce, handle opportunities, make forecast sales, efficiently manage contacts, among others

Combine your contacts, social account details, email, activities, as well as lead follow-ups all in one place.

Customer types

Small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses Freelancers

Small businesses, large enterprises, medium businesses

Two-way email integration      



Bulk email sending



Calendar management



Calls automatically tracked



Contacts, leads, and opportunities



Customer portal



Ecommerce integration



Email templates



Interaction tracking



Task management



Track email link clicks



Track email opens



Unique features

Web forms for capturing sales leads; comprehensive reporting; email marketing; and scalable add-on functionalities that grow along your business

Combines social media accounts into a unified and user-friendly contact book and inbox. It follows your sales interactions and analyzes your social media accounts for more opportunities to engage

Integration with other systems

Zoho products, such as project management, customer service, and email. It integrates as well with Mailchimp, Google Apps, and Quickbooks

Google Contacts, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, and about 50 other products.


Phone and email support during office weekdays, user guide, videos, web conference demo, webinars, forums, and blogs

Weekly demos, user forums, support tickets, FAQs, and solution partners (surcharge)


iOS & Android

iOS & Android

Both Zoho CRM and Nimble are good choices for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to large companies. However, Zoho CRM has a slight advantage: it is also an effective and cheap tool for freelancers.

Zoho provides you with the ability to create web forms that can quickly be turned into leads. Actions such as assigning tasks, emailing, and updating fields can also be set to execute automatically when their set conditions are met. Some processes, including sending out emails, can likewise be automated according to the set criteria.

While Zoho in general offers a fairly decent support, there have been issues of poor customer support when complex problems arose.

Nimble allows businesses to manage email and social networks easily within a single user-friendly tool. The tool recommends potential leads and even reminds you of your follow-ups. However, if your company (at present) has zero to minimal social network management needs, then Nimble may not be the ideal solution for you.


The ideal tool for your business will be based on your unique needs and the type of your business. Our analysis of Zoho vs Nimble shows that if you are a freelancer who wants a CRM tool that offers basic features and is not very expensive you should consider Zoho. If your business is in need of social network management and wants to have a great user experience, then you should try Nimble.

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