8 Most Expensive Pets In The World: Do Albino Pythons Cost More Than Savannah Cats?

Humans love animals, and whether we’re keeping dogs and cats or looking for new animals to domesticate some people are willing to spend more money than most of us will ever see on their furry creatures. Take a look at some of the world’s most expensive animals see see what I mean!

Chinese Crested dog: $5,000

Dog Breeds

They may be tiny, but Chinese Crested dogs are one of the most expensive breeds that money can buy. These largely hairless animals barely weigh more than 10 pounds, but they’re known for their soft skin and the little hair that they do have around their paws and faces. The world’s most famous Chinese Crested dog is Sam, who ironically (given the high demand for this lovely breed) won the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition from 2003-2005.

Savannah Cats: $4,000-$10,000


If black cats are bad luck, the bright spots and beautiful color of the Savannah Cat has to be a lucky charm. This breed is considered especially social and loyal compared to other breeds of cats. In fact, it’s breed is definitely the most special thing about this feline. Savannah Cats are a crossbreed between a domestic cat and the serval.

The combination of this cat’s loyalty, intelligence and it’s uncanny ability to be trained to do tricks often reminds people of a dog, but in stunning cat form.

De Brazza’s Monkey: $10,000


It’s not a traditional practice to keep a pet monkey, but those who do spend a whole lotta money. The world’s most expensive monkey is the De Brazza’s, a species native to Central Africa. This beautiful Old World Monkey goes on the market for $10,000. Even if you did have enough money to purchase one, most states won’t allow you to keep it in your house legally!

Lavender Albino Ball Python: $40,000


Speaking of animals with unique and beautiful features, the Lavender Albino Ball Python is famous (and expensive) for it’s yellow spots on a lavender backdrop. To complement its stunning natural color palate, it has piercing red eyes. The python is native to Africa and while it’s still too expensive for you to afford, it no longer holds the title of most expensive pet in the world–though it did at one point. Part of the reason why this snake is so rare is due to the fact that its color mutation is a recessive genetic trait, making it an especially coveted collectors’ item.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna: $1.8 million


In a world with declining numbers of tuna, the price that fish-lovers will pay for an exceptionally good Bluefin is extraordinary. In January of 2013 the world’s most expensive fish sold in a a Japanese market for $1.8 million, making it the world’s most expensive fish. The tuna cost $8,000 per kilo.

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The Pacific Bluefin is a huge breed, that can grow up to 550 kilograms, and they cross the entire Pacific ocean for breeding and feeding purposes.

Ponoka Morsan Farm cows: $1.9 million


Some of the world’s most expensive cows come from a little farm in Canada called Morsan farm. These cows eat and live better than most of us do – they’re fed a mixture of barley grain, ground corn, corn gluten meal, Megalac, sodium bicarbonate, corn distillers, beet pulp, cottonseed, soybean meal, alfalfa hay, alfalfa silage, barley silage, minerals and Fermenten. Plus they don’t live in just any old barn, they are housed in a high security and climate controlled building.

So how much are they worth? The most expensive cow ever sold from Morsan was named Missy, and sold for $1.9 million in 2009.

Really fast pigeons: $6 million


Last May a Belgian pigeon breeder sold a flock of 66 racing pigeons for a whopping $6 million. Among them was what is thought to be the world’s fastest racing pigeon–who is appropriately named Bolt after the record-holding Olympian Usain Bolt.

This flock of pigeons was sold by a famous Belgian race pigeon breeder, who was reluctantly forced to sell them after developing a virus from spending too much time in contact with his birds.

Kentucky Derby Bred Horse: $16 million


The world’s most expensive horse was bred for the races. A descendent from two Kentucky Derby winners, the most expensive horse ever sold was just two years old and went for $16 million in 2006. This Forestry colt won the fastest time of the 154 horses that raced for owners at its respective auction that year. The horse now goes by the name The Green Monkey.

The Green Monkey never went on to win any major races, and was therefore retired two years after being purchased in 2008, without ever having raced in the Kentucky Derby.

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