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Benefits of Email Marketing Software: Examples of Top Solutions Explained

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What are the benefits of email marketing software?
The benefits of email marketing software include powering the most effective lead nurturing and personalization strategies around, allowing companies to convert more sales and increase ROI. Modern online stores and ecommerce establishments rely on email marketing software as the first line of defense against abandoned carts, more so with versatile marketers. It also figures among the top choice of marketers to deliver timely and personalized contents to prospects and customers.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, businesses have developed a strong online presence. With online marketing expanding worldwide, it’s important to know what method works. One of the most important marketing methods is known as email marketing. By developing newsletters and email-based content, you can efficiently build your brand online. No wonder that email remains the most potent among marketing tools in the age of intense automation and AI.

Email marketing software is useful for both attracting potential buyers and for business expansion. With the right strategy, you stand to increase both leads and loyal customers. Quicksprout says that email subscribers are more likely to share content on social media, which is a key factor in succeeding in marketing today.

In this article, we define what email marketing is and how it works. We then list types and key features of email marketing solutions. Finally, we will explain the benefits of this powerful solution. We will also provide you with leading examples of potential solutions and a comprehensive description for each of those examples.

email marketing software

The relentless march of technology spearheaded by AI means that marketers, among the hundreds of professions, have more tools to learn about their market and tailor their campaigns based on real, privileged information. For years this kind of information has been available only to select experts who are adept at manipulating vast data to extract valuable patterns and behavior insights about their potential customers. Of course, this valuable information comes at a price.

The arrival of business intelligence tools changed all that and ordinary users suddenly gained the power to probe deeper into their waiting customers in the form of leads. But using a specialist tool while running a number of other applications have spawned entrepreneurs who saw the market as ripe for generalist software, perhaps not as capable as the individual specialist programs themselves but powerful enough to give their users substantial traction while getting more productive at a fraction of the time.

Thus, came software offerings that cross categories to include the functionalities of CRM solutions, sales and marketing systems, project and task management platforms, collaboration applications and the much-needed business intelligence tools to direct their business decisions and actions.

In the context of email marketing solutions working in tandem with business intelligence capabilities, marketers acquire the capacity to effectively personalize their campaigns. Among other things, they could now better segment their leads, deliver more customized messages, and send out behavior-triggered emails on the spot. These are simply capabilities that previous generations of marketers could only dream of.

Definition of Email Marketing Software

First, here’s email marketing software explained. This type of software is used by businesses to send out promotional emails to their customers. As an effective method for raising brand awareness, it allows you to send various types of content such as approvals and alerts, promotional emails for specific events, newsletters, and ads. These can encourage your potential buyers to move up the sales funnel, provided you show them the right content.

Email marketing solutions let you reach out to a larger number of prospects and customers than were possible with manual marketing engagement processes. A constantly improving automation feature lets you dispose of repetitive tasks so you can focus on creating content that resonates personally with your target audience. At the end of the day, this class of application lets you delve into the performance of your campaigns using accurate metrics. This kind of insight informs your next actions based on real data rather than on pure hunch.

HubSpot dashboard example

HubSpot email performance reports let you see what is resonating with your audience and optimize your strategy accordingly.

Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing provides several benefits that can help grow your brand. That’s why this software is incredibly useful. It can do several things that achieve the purpose of email marketing software. Better yet, it can do this more efficiently than a regular marketing department.

Automated Sending

Whereas other industries require manual labor and exhaustive work to create brand awareness, email marketing software automates the process. You can quickly encourage customer loyalty and all you need to do is write the message.

Inexpensive Marketing

Most companies look for extensive marketing methods and pay the price as a result. However, both small and large businesses can enjoy email marketing. It generally costs less than other forms of online marketing and has the capacity to reach more people. Whether you concentrate on a specific contact list or message several people at once, this class of software can do it quickly and efficiently.

Higher Customer Interaction

Much like social media marketing, there are several examples of email marketing software to help you interact with your audience. You can receive reply emails from your customers and respond in kind. It is faster than other mediums and can reach international users without costing too much. The content you send also helps customers feel like they are more directly involved than other forms of marketing. You can also use the autoresponders to act based on trigger keywords.

Easy Personalization

Content made for the emails can come from multiple templates and can be sent to multiple users at once. What makes this tool more special is that you can personalize each one with the visual editor. This means you can set the emails to send personalized birthday greetings or personalized updates. This is easily done by adding swappable data in the email, such as usernames.

Detailed Marketing Preferences

Whereas other online marketing software may be vague or general in their audience, email marketing software is incredibly precise. Based on the preferences of your customers, you can make contact categories by using data analysis. You can create targeted profiles based on age, location, or past purchases. This makes it easier to make more focused marketing campaigns and encourage customer loyalty by tapping into select demographics.

Measurable Results

Other marketing software can be more generalized in terms of results. Email marketing stands out because the data is more precise. The software class has developed accurate metric analysis components that can help you mine customer data and present said data using simplified reports and illustrations.

Shareable Content

Special deals and modern links to social media have made email marketing shareable. This can make it easier to add more subscribers to your mailing list. It also is easier because emails can be forwarded and sent by customers to their own contacts. With incentives like promo deals for likes or shares, you can turn your customers into strong brand advocates.

Wide Reach

Email marketing software has grown alongside cutting-edge technologies. That’s why mobile-friendly emails exist. This helps you reach your audience even if they are on the go and away from their desktops.

Reduction in Workload

While you develop the content and the contact list, email marketing software makes your job easier. With faster, automated brand marketing, you can take it easy since it cuts out the need for large marketing groups, making it useful for businesses of all sizes.

ActiveTrail dashboard example

Start your email marketing right with ActiveTrail’s templates.

Examples of Email Marketing Software

The following are examples of email marketing solutions. From all-in-one marketing platforms to email-specific marketing software, here’s what you should know about each one:

  1. HubSpot Marketing. HubSpot Marketing is a multi-marketing platform with an easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop functionality that makes it both in-depth and user-friendly. Designed for companies that want to personalize marketing for their own brand, the app offers a simplified interface and outstanding features that include a 24/7 customer support, social media capabilities, optimized customer targeting, and comprehensive analysis program. They offer plans that start at $0, with a choice between a managed or unmanaged private server and a thirty-day money-back guarantee. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here.
  2. Wix ShoutOut. Wix ShoutOut is an intuitive marketing platform designed for companies focused on email marketing and newsletters, with in-depth builders and editors for both. Streamlined to help you develop your audience and effect conversions, it emphasizes personalization and simplified email marketing for those inexperienced in the field. Key features of the software include customizable emails for personalization, subscriber-based buildup to help services develop, contact categorization for easier segmentation, social media capabilities and data analysis features. They offer service tiers that have different features based on the number of emails made, contacts, users, and level of support.
  3. ActiveTrail. ActiveTrail is a comprehensive email and SMS marketing automation solution. With it, businesses can plan, create, and deploy campaigns across multiple channels. An easy-to-use dashboard allows marketing people to be on top of their campaigns at any time. It features an A/B testing module and advanced automation capabilities to make designing marketing campaigns smarter and more tailored to the needs of customers.
  4. vCita. vCita is a cloud-based complete customer service and business management software designed for service providers. Among its standout features, its email marketing gives users one of the most effective ways to engage customers and prospects. It’s excellent at prompting clients to take immediate action such as booking your service, proceeding with payment, or registering to an event. It lets you compose and send your email campaigns and track results for more successful campaigns.
  5. Marketo. Marketo is an online marketing platform designed for companies looking to use email marketing and personnel trained with extensive social marketing capabilities. It provides email templates, design, automation, and lead generating functions to help those who need to grow their mailing list. Key features in the software include an easy-to-use interface, layout editor, automated responses, email testing for campaign experiments, feedback forms, and syncing capabilities for content updating. They offer service bundles based on different priorities, from lead management to email management.

Types of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software can help a company target its prospects better, distribute content, and reduce marketing costs. It uses several key features to attract leads and develop your business online. In order to understand how these software work, you must understand the various types of email marketing software. This can help you discover what the purpose of email marketing software is.

Engagement Emails

Keeping clients engaged is important for any business. With a reliable and engaging relationship, customers can stay invested in the development of your brand. These emails are more about content rather than actual profit or service. However, they can encourage your followers to convert into buyers and can redirect online traffic from your email to your website. Examples of this type of email include greeting emails like birthdays or holidays, survey emails for data, and tutorial emails.

Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails inform customers about the latest updates from the company. With this, you can show them your current promotions and sales. While it is more about advertising, newsletters also contain other types of information. They can include stories and comparison articles. This type of email typically includes a product catalog.

Transactional Emails

More direct in terms of updates and content, transactional emails respond to the transactions chosen by active customers. They keep your customers updated on the progress or results of their purchase. These are easier to set up because one can be triggered upon the completion of certain actions.

Ultimately, transactional emails can make or break the profits you make. Examples included here are cart abandonment reminders, receipts, promotional updates, sales follow up, and review requests.

Autoresponder Emails

Helped by “if-then” programming, autoresponder emails are a type of marketing tool that generates automated–hence the name–preformatted emails based on a trigger. The most common application of autoresponders are vacation autoresponders. Email marketing software can generate automated emails triggered by contact requests to completion of a survey. For example, autoresponders can be used to send welcome and thank-you messages to new members of an e-commerce site.

vCita dashboard example

Win more business with vCita’s automated email campaigns.

Features of Email Marketing Software

Now that we have email marketing software explained, it’s important to know what helps the software target its prospects better. It uses several key features to help you develop your business by attracting possible customers.

Visual Editor

Modifying the content and templates makes it easier for you to look professional. With the visual editor, you can change the content of your mass emails. You can even add in your company’s logo.

Marketo dashboard example

Speed up email marketing with Marketo’s email editor and templates library

Automated Responses

A common feature of emails, the autoresponse feature lets you connect with your clients if a certain action occurs. Autoresponder data can also be used to track the information of what your clients buy and what purchases they cancel. Automation is getting wider acceptance today, led by some of the most popular automation platforms in the market.

CRM Integration

Most email marketing software can integrate with popular CRM solutions. This can help you keep connected with your potential buyer. The CRM data can provide context to your mailing list. This includes details about demographics such as age, purchase history and geographical location, but also their transaction and any communication data.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Multiple devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, all use email. With a wide reach, you can hit several users at once. Sending an email will alert your leads, regardless of where they’re reading your emails.

Data Analysis

Most email marketing solutions can analyze and translate data into comprehensive reports. You can learn more about your followers and check on the latest trends and bestsellers. You can also use this to develop your content to keep your customers interested in your business.

Contact Categorization

With the help of the data analysis feature, you can segment different contacts to separate mailing lists. You can use this to promote specific products for specific campaigns. For example, you can send out local holiday promos for users in different states.

Improve sales and ROI with powerful email campaigns

In simple terms, email marketing software helps you market your company online. With features like automated responses and visual editing, you can entice your customers to build brand loyalty. These solutions are more affordable and provide faster results than other marketing methods. It also gives you direct access to data and feedback.

With the right platform, you can grow your company by using extensive features of email marketing software for in-depth personalization, audience targeting, and feedback forms. Whether it is small or large, your business can grow and expand without the hustle and bustle of a large lead generation team. Our top pick for this category of solutions, HubSpot Marketing, gives you all these and more. Better yet, you may test drive the application when you sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here.

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