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Best POS Software for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP

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POS systems come in many operational flavors. Some of them are designed to work specifically with a certain computational operating system in mind, like Windows and its well-known versions—Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP. There are also those that work exclusively on the Mac operating system and the two dominant mobile and tablet platforms—Android and iOS. 

If you are out for POS systems that work on multiple platforms, you can check out our guide on the 20 best POS systems for restaurants.

If you are a longtime user of Windows on the market for a Windows-based point-of-sale (POS) system for your retail or restaurant business, this guide on the best POS software for Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows XP will help you map out that one platform that is the best match for your needs. And with Windows remaining as the dominant operating system—most POS software companies have designed their software to run on Windows—you have a larger number of Windows-based POS offerings to choose from. You are also less likely to have compatibility issues when selecting hardware components for your POS solution.

And if you are looking to hook your Windows-based POS system to the cloud, a de facto route for many businesses these days, you will doubly benefit from less capital footprint while ensuring that you get a robust setup for those moments when an online option is not available for any reason. Windows POS systems provide you with an excellent cover for either online or offline scenarios, especially if the solution is able to deliver the offline capability.

Whether capable of offline or online operations, the best POS systems help businesses increase revenue, tailoring their experiences to meet the customers’ needs and improving operational efficiency. The impact can be quite impressive, with the numbers to prove it.

So what’s the best POS software for Windows 10? What’s the best POS software for Windows 7? And what is the best POS software for Windows XP? The following are the best in the business. Let’s look at some of them:

What are the best POS software for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP?

Best POS Software for Windows

1.  Toast POS

Bannering our list of best POS software for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP is Toast POS, arguably the best-known brand in the POS industry for restaurants in the United States. It simplifies your operations by combining POS, front-of-house, back-of-house, and guest-facing technology on a single platform.

Aside from the core POS function, the platform offers myriad extra functionalities like reporting, credit card processing, CRM, gift and loyalty, online ordering and labor and inventory. For menu management functionalities, it provides time-specific menu pricing such as happy hour menu, customizes menus separately for offline and online audiences, and sets up the entire menu including all groups and sub-groups.

A restaurant ordering feature enables users to split menu items and bills among customers, sends automatic alerts to the server when the order is ready and provides the capability to take orders on the fly. Payments are simplified both for restaurant owners and their clients, with a feature called pay at the table, printing receipts or emailing them and and tipping servers directly from the tablets. Plus, customers can convert payments into loyalty points that they can redeem on subsequent visits. It monitors restaurant sales, labor costs, food costs, and more in real time, at home, and on the go with powerful reporting capabilities.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Toast POS free demo here.

Toast POS

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What makes Toast POS best for your business:

  1. Increase Restaurant Revenue in New, Creative Ways. Open up new revenue streams with integrated online ordering, loyalty, and gift card programs built with your restaurant in mind. Deliver a seamless guest experience and maximize revenue growth with handheld POS systems that fire orders instantly to your KDS and allow guests to pay, sign, and tip at the table.
  2. All-In-One System Built for Restaurants. Toast is a customizable point of sale and management system built for restaurants, which simplifies your business by integrating online ordering, digital and physical gift cards, and built-in tools to manage your staff.
  3. Monitor Your Restaurant in Real-Time, Anytime, Anywhere. With Toast, you have remote access to real-time reports so you can monitor your business from any internet-enabled device. Need to make a menu change? Toast allows quick and easy menu updates across all devices. With enhanced security and end-to-end encryption, you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure.
  4. Improve Operational Efficiency and Guest Experience. Save time and improve the guest experience with the ability to fire orders and process payments directly from the table or from self-serve Toast Kiosks. Toast’s handheld tablets automatically prompt customers with suggested tip options, and guests have the option to receive print, email, or text message receipts, but not before having the option to join your restaurant loyalty program. With Toast Kiosks, customers can place digital orders, enhancing throughout, speed of service, and order accuracy  at your restaurant.
  5. Build a Powerful Guest Database. Toast POS software offers a built-in CRM system, which allows you to collect information about your customers from a variety of sources. Use the data stored in the Toast CRM to send customized messages and promotions to your best customers, and keep them coming back! Loyalty programs are an integrated feature in Toast, making collecting and using rewards points simple and easy.
  6. Inventory Management. With inventory management software integrated into your point of sale, you can see data on food cost percentage, recipe costs, inventory variance, and menu engineering right alongside your restaurant sales reports. That way, you can take a data-based approach to menu development and really build a menu that’s both profitable and popular. Plus, entering inventory through a handheld tablet instead of using a sheet will save so much time.
  7. Digital and Physical Gift Cards. Whether your customers order gift cards in your restaurant or directly from your website, they can enjoy the ease of a simple and transparent gift card program. Our digital gift cards make it easy to track how much money customers have left, and with sales tied directly to your POS system, you can easily track who is buying and using your gift cards and when.
  8. Loyalty Program. Customers can opt into your loyalty program with a simple tap on a tableside tablet or on a countertop terminal. Toast loyalty accounts are tied to customers’ credit cards, emails, and even phone numbers, so they automatically collect rewards points every time they pay. What’s more, your guests can check their accumulated rewards online so they’re incentivized to visit your restaurant more.
  9. Online Ordering, Takeout, and Delivery. Easily implement a new revenue stream built directly into your POS. With our online ordering module, your in-store and online menus sync instantly without having to make the same changes multiple times. Whether your customer calls in an order, comes in, or orders online,  customer data is reflected across each purchase point, giving you a full view of your guest.
  10. Partner with a Knowledgeable and Committed Services Team. Toast offers expert, on-site installation for every customer. Once your order is complete, Toast experts will come to your business and set up the entire system, secure your connection, and train your staff. Updates to the Toast platform are free and automatic, so you’re always running on the most recent version, and you’ll never pay for an update again.  Customer support is U.S.-based and always included.

2.  Vend

POS solution Vend is a beautifully designed, responsive point of sale system that makes it fast and easy to sell to your customers and keep them coming back to your store. It’s one of the best POS software for Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP, iPad, Mac or PC, works online and offline, and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.

Unique Vend POS features make it easy to connect your brick-and-mortar store to the ecommerce you love. You can connect your online store with Vend in minutes, and manage all your inventory and customer profiles from one place. It allows you to sync all your products in a click, fulfills orders easily, and bring all your business operations into Vend, which gives you a global view. 

What makes Vend best for your business:

  1. True cross platform: Web-Based or iPad POS. Vend works on any Windows operating system, iPad, Mac and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform or all three.
  2. Fast Staff Training. Vend is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff in minutes and get them up and selling in no time.
  3. Vend Works Offline. Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.
  4. Discounts and Notes. Add discounts and notes to specific line items or to the entire sale. Notes will appear on your customers’ receipts.
  5. Custom Receipts. Customize receipts with your logo and website. Choose whether to email or print receipts after a sale.
  6. Layaways and On-Account Sales. Allow customers to put items on layaway or make purchases on-account. Easily look up customer balances.
  7. Returns, Refunds and Store Credit. Refund past orders to store credit, gift cards, or back to the customer using the original payment method.
  8. Cash Management. Track all cash movements from cash float to register closure, and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies.
  9. User Accounts. Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do.
  10. Robust Reporting. Create reports that can be customized, giving visibility into stores, product and staff performance. Critical metrics can be viewed from mobile phones while inventory reports provide views of inventory and stock data.

3.  Square POS

Square POS provides businesses with a reliable and fast POS system. It enables you to take payments using your preferred mobile device and can be implemented on the counter or on-the-go. The system comes with a free downloadable software plus a Square magstripe reader, allowing payments via debit and credit cards. It also comes with real-time sales and inventory tracker, as well as item management platform.

Square gives you the ability to manage inventory such as changing price, name, or quantity in real time. It lets you manage employee access to data with employee passcodes and keep an eye out on who sold and refunded what. It enables your employees to clock in and out right at your point of sale. Every transaction is linked to an employee, thereby speeding up reconciling tips and commissions.

You can handle multiple locations from one account, letting you edit your menu, employee timecards, and prices for different locations from anywhere, all through your Square Dashboard. You get reporting functions that can filter reports by employee, location, and POS device, and generate revenue-per-labor-hour reports so that you can see your business’ financial performance.

What makes Square POS best for your business:

  1. POS software built for simplicity. Set up your free Square Point of Sale system with ease. The intuitive order and payment flow makes POS transactions a snap and lets you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business.
  2. Gets you to know your customers. Keep track of customers’ purchase histories automatically, send digital receipts, and collect instant feedback to improve your service.
  3. Do it all in Square Dashboard. Sign in from any device and compare results day over day, or year over year, to see what’s working best.
  4. Make more informed business decisions. Get real-time sales reports by item or tender type, and search refunds, discounts, and comps. Filter reports by employee, location, and POS device.
  5. Keep your inventory in stock. Adjust the stock of all your items and add item descriptions by different modifiers, sizes, and SKUs.
  6. Point-of-sale hardware for every sale. Whether you’re selling in the store or on the go, Square has all the hardware you need to ring up items and accept payments fast.
  7. The first fully integrated point of sale. Get payments, POS software, and hardware together with the new Square Register.
  8. Transform your devices into a point of sale. Turn your iPad into a point-of-sale system with Square Stand, or sell anywhere your customers are with Square Reader.
  9. Take payments from a computer. Virtual Terminal lets you accept payments on your computer with no additional hardware or apps required. Take payments in person or over the phone right from your Square Dashboard.
  10. Keep your cash flowing. See money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Accept payments wherever you are, even when you don’t have an internet connection, and never miss a sale again.

4.  Miva Merchant

Groundbreaking ecommerce platform Miva Merchant powers conversions, integrations, and lower total cost of ownership for a broad range of businesses. With comprehensive solutions for all facets of online selling, Miva delivers modern omnichannel ecommerce for every customer and every industry.

Among other things, it lets you create a fully-customized, richly-immersive user experience for your B2B and B2C customers, beautiful and effective on every device. For integration, it tightly integrates your ecommerce storefronts with the critical management systems that run your business (ERP, CRM, OMS, Fulfillment, and more).

By streamlining your business processes, Miva Merchant lets you steer product discovery, dynamically adapt promotions, manage inventory and fulfillment, generate detailed reports, and offer real-time visibility across channels.

What makes Miva Merchant best for your business:

  1. Powerful cloud platform architecture. A fully customizable and scalable system, Miva Merchant is thoroughly supported and delivered securely through the cloud.
  2. Unparalleled stability. All facets of your ecommerce operations (content, data, etc.) are supported in a unique, PA-DSS certified software instance, complete with fail-safe streaming updates and unparalleled stability.
  3. Superb flexibility. Miva is designed to handle the unique requirements of an enterprise business (complex data sets, large SKU counts, configurable products, pricing and customer groups, etc.) while giving you access to the data you need to run your day-to-day.
  4. Fully integrated solution. Miva’s suite of enterprise tools seamlessly connect front-end shopping experiences with the back-end systems that help manage day-to-day operations.
  5. ReadyThemes. This feature provides gorgeous, fully responsive theme templates pre-designed for aesthetic power and ease of use.
  6. Custom Fields. Add an unlimited number of custom fields to products, customers, categories, orders, or your checkout process.
  7. Custom Quoting. In instances where in-person interaction is required, allow for ‘submit a quote’ (B2B ready).
  8. Unlimited Display. Showcase your products in any manner imaginable. Everything – products, categories, attributes, levels, kits and more.
  9. Visual Library and Image Machine. Select and view a preview of your product images with dimensions. Add and organize images instantly, with unique images for individual attributes.
  10. Resizing Engine. Upload the highest quality image available for automatic resampling to all desired sizes.

5.  Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail provides core POS functionalities anytime and at any given place. It caters to different types of retailers, from apparel, footwear, pet, to home decor sellers. The solution meets your POS needs regardless of the size or nature of your business. It streamlines and keeps your business operations running smoothly.

Among Lightspeed Retail benefits, the solution lets you manage inventory and customers, handle transactions more easily and take a more in-depth look at your businesses’ analytics. It allows you to manage on-site and online inventory, while providing a singular view of customers. It enables you to conduct multi-channel data analysis.

With its multi-store capability, you can keep track of all your inventory across locations, with your staff able to check on them and sell from any of your outlets. You can also come up with serial numbers, which you can track and assign to your products. A matrix system allows you to make product variations, like size, material and color.

What makes Lightspeed Retail best for your business:

  1. Powerful item import. Lightspeed Retail’s Import tool lets you transfer your data from another platform using a CSV or Excel file.
  2. Vast, capable catalog. Order stock directly from the POS. Find products from the biggest vendors in Lightspeed’s pre-loaded catalogs.
  3. Multiple product variants. Add style, size, and color variants to a single product or categorize your items with relevant custom labels.
  4. Vendor purchase orders. Need stock from multiple vendors? Save time (and money) by creating a single purchase order.
  5. Get on top of item types. Attribute serial numbers to your items or categorize them by type like Box or Assembly.
  6. Real-time data. No matter where you go, your data is updated in real time and always accessible so you constantly know how your business is doing.
  7. Insightful retail analytics. Do you have the right inventory? How often do your customers shop at your store? Which items always run out? Get all those answers and more.
  8. Accounting integrations. Have your accounting data automatically posted and avoid costly errors with the Lightspeed Retail’s accounting integrations.
  9. Employee tracking. The integrated time clock and staff reports help you keep track of your employees’ ins and outs and sales.
  10. Cut waiting lines. Bring your POS where shoppers are and clear up the cash register area faster.

6.  FastSpring

FastSpring is a complete ecommerce platform for payments and subscriptions. It provides the tools you need for for revenue growth, global purchases, and information management—all done with leading-edge security, seamlessly integrated with customizable user interfaces, and award winning customer service.

FastSpring’s end-to-end ecommerce solution is agile, transparent, and customizable. The platform expands and grows alongside your business. Whether you’re an experienced developer or building your first online store, the FastSpring solution offers all the functionality you need in one convenient platform. Designed to support a full spectrum of digital products and distribution models, it enables purchases and subscriptions across web, mobile, and in-app experiences. Fastspring pricing is also among the most competitive in the market.

Why FastSpring is best for your business:

  1. Dynamic shopping carts for selling digital products. Whether you’re using a traditional digital shopping cart or need an enterprise-level solution, FastSpring is designed to power your business.
  2. Features to meet your needs. Unleash the full potential of your business with all the features—including dunning management, pricing flexibility, and automated correspondence—you need to handle subscriptions and recurring billing.
  3. Sell and be paid anywhere. Sell anywhere in the world —  U.S. and internationally — and accept global payments with a localized experience.
  4. Modern checkout. FastSpring offers a modern, flexible, and intuitive popup checkout experience that intelligently adapts to your customer’s location, currency, and preferences.
  5. Subscriptions and Recurring Billing. FastSpring ecommerce software offers flexible subscription plan solutions and multiple subscription structures. Integrate changes and new models quickly.
  6. Back Office and Tax Management. Remain secure and compliant by outsourcing your back-office operations and order management through FastSpring’s ecommerce platform – and get back to focusing on what you do best.
  7. Customer Acquisition—Omnichannel distribution enablement: Enjoy all the benefits of selling through many channels (like the app store or an online marketplace) with none of the negatives.
  8. Dynamic Commerce. Create hyper-personalized ecommerce shopping experiences and buying experiences for digital products that will boost your conversions while maintaining control of your online store, the customer experience, and your brand.

7.  Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a cloud-based, mobile device-supported POS system that lets you sell your products at markets, pop ups, and in-store. Order processing and accepting payments are all done from your Android phone, iPad, or iPhone. Among outstanding Shopify POS features, you can search for a customer’s product, accept payments and print or send their receipt by email.

Shopify POS lets you browse your catalog, pick products, and process customer sales by swiping credit cards and either printing or emailing receipts. It syncs your online and offline information automatically—as soon as you start using the cloud based POS software in your retail store, products, customers and orders are synced.

There is no need to keep track of multiple payment systems, inventories or catalogs: Shopify POS integrates everything into a single, straightforward platform.

Why Shopify is best for your business:

  1. Accept credit cards anywhere at any time. The ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means you can sell anywhere your customers are.
  2. Integrate and update. Seamless integration makes it easy to sell your products and accept payments on any device while automatically updating your inventory, orders, and customer data.
  3. Use your own credit or debit terminal. Track credit or debit card payments made using the external card terminal you already own.
  4. Split tenders. You can accept two or more payment types in a single transaction, for example, credit card and cash, or multiple credit cards.
  5. Accept orders while offline. Any orders placed without internet access will automatically sync with Shopify the next time you’re connected.
  6. Partial payments. Accept as much or as little payment as you choose. You have the flexibility to allow deposits or layaways for any order.
  7. Store credit. With Shopify POS, you can offer store credit instead of refunding the payment method used.
  8. Gift cards. Sell gift cards that can be redeemed in-store or online. Gift cards can be emailed to customers or printed by your receipt printer.
  9. Accept orders while offline. Any orders placed without internet access will automatically sync with Shopify the next time you’re connected.
  10. Shipping. Record a customer’s shipping address and contact details for an order, so you can ship orders at a later date.


Focused on small/medium size business, ERPLY brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a handheld device, giving your business that professional feel without the professional cost. All POS transaction data entered into the app will automatically be synchronized in real time with your ERPLY account, leaving all of your books and reports completely accurate, 100% of the time.

ERPLY features show us how far cloud-based POS software can be developed. This full-featured Windows POS client is quick and painless to install, powerful yet easy to use, and has minimal hardware requirements, allowing you to utilize existing hardware. Internet disruptions are no longer a dilemma. ERPLY POS software works both on and offline utilizing its best in breed Cloud Hybrid technology.

How it works: POS registers can function offline, store data locally, and synchronize back to the cloud once Internet connection is re-established. Currently, over 88% of all POS terminals utilize Windows as their main operating system. This is not a step back in technology, but rather providing answer to all retailers considering the cloud’s burning question: “What if my internet goes down?” Enjoy the benefits of web based POS software without the worry of Internet dependency.

Why ERPLY is best for your business:

  1. Faster, Easy Implementation. Installing a new POS system usually means a difficult learning process, installation costs and hours on the phone with customer support. That is no longer the case with ERPLY: As a hosted software, all of the software is supported and maintained by certified engineers. There is virtually no setup on your end and ERPLY provides full training for you and your staff.
  2. Scalability. ERPLY is web-based POS for the serious retailer, serious about growth, innovation, and centralized control. It provides tools with the multi-store retailer in mind such as regional price lists, store specific quick buttons, multi-tax rate support, comparison reports and much more.
  3. Cloud POS with offline mode. One of EPRLY’s key differentiators is 100% true offline functionality at POS. ERPLY uses best in breed technology to allow retailers to enjoy the many benefits of the cloud, without the downfall of internet dependency. Register run completely independently, with synchronization against back-end as often as every minute.
  4. Open API for easy integrations. ERPLY provides to the public its own set of APIs (via This powerful tool allows users to integrate with virtually any other program necessary. From ecommerce to accounting, to payroll services, all integrations are possible. Aiming to achieve what all business owners seek centralized management of all operations.
  5. Comparison Reports. ERPLY provides a wide array of reports but it does not stop there. Now apply comparison filters for clear analysis between time periods, locations, employees and more. All of which easily printed, emailed, or exported to excel. A powerful tool for the multi-store retailer.
  6. Minimum Hardware Requirements. Save money and keep your current hardware: ERPLY is compatible with most hardware, allowing you to reduce unnecessary costs of replacing your current system. It works with traditional touch-screen terminals, desktops/laptops and even tablets like the iPad!
  7. Sales promotions. Built in sales promotions module allows users to create custom sales campaigns based on predefined rules. A plethora of options from BOGO to % discounts, easy to create and implement. Define a time period, location, or customer group as parameters. Equipped with different promotional types from automatic application, to printing coupon for redemption on next purchase to encourage repeat buying.
  8. Coupons. Built in Coupon generation, redemption, and tracking. Ability to create custom coupons and apply them to specific promotions, gives the freedom to establish professional campaigns in minutes. Multiple ways to get to customers from print, email or SMS, and all coupons scan in at POS for easy redemption.
  9. Employee features. Manage your staff in the same system that you manage your sales. Employee commissions can be set up as % or dollar amount with multiple layers to award for achieving goals. View your top performers and pay out commissions via one report. Employee time clock and scheduling full equipped with clear reports to match.
  10. Mobile Access. On the move? Take ERPLY with you—since the software is cloud-based, ERPLY POS allows you to access company information from any device/location with internet access. You can access your sales data, update pricing or make internal changes virtually anywhere and anytime.

9.  Poster POS

Poster is a point of sale and inventory management for cafes, restaurants, and stores. The all-in-one cloud POS system software combines solutions for front-office, inventory, finances, analytics, CRM. 

It is a simple, intuitive, and straightforward application that doesn’t demand extensive personnel training. Once the software is installed and running, your waiters and staff can quickly learn the system in just minutes, allowing them to sell and serve customers almost out of the box. Being a cloud-based system, you can manage your business even if you are miles away from the office via any browser from any device.

Why Poster POS is best for your business:

  1. POS station that works on your PC, iPad, Android and even laptop. You can launch the front office application on iPad, Android tablets, any laptop or PC. Receipts are printed on Epson, Star or any other Esc/pos receipt printer.
  2. Quick order taking. The application thoroughly achieves the minimum time needed to take an order. The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require any time for staff training. Waiters start selling in a minute.
  3. Reliable online and offline. Temporary losses of Internet connection won’t stop your venue from work: you can continue taking orders and printing receipts. All offline orders will be synced to the cloud and will show up in the management console after the connection is restored.
  4. Defeat theft: all resources will work for your business. You can set a password protection for actions that require advanced security, e.g. removal of order items after printing a receipt, applying a discount, etc.
  5. Flexible payment methods. Your guest can split the payment into parts: with cash, credit card or gift card.
  6. Tickets for kitchen. Print tickets for your bar, pantry, grill or any other station.
  7. Split the orders. You can easily split an order among a company of guests.
  8. Counter service mode. You can turn the floor plan off if you have a counter service cafe or a store.
  9. Floor plan. Waiters easily navigate open orders on the floor plan. You can add a table, resize or move it with a visual editor in the management console.
  10. Branded receipts. You can place your logo and address on every receipt.
  11. Predictions. Say some pleasant words to your every customer. Just add some lines and Poster will print a random one on receipts.
  12. Wi-Fi. Print your Wi-Fi spot name and password at the bottom of a receipt.

10. WooPOS

woopos dashboard example

WooPOS is a feature-packed cloud-based POS with store management capabilities. Built specifically for WooCommerce, it streamlines the way you manage individual or multiple WooCommerce digital stores and brick-and-mortal shops. It comes equipped with advanced tools for managing one’s customers, sales and employees under a comprehensive package without the need for any costly licenses and hardware.

WooPOS offers a great user experience overall. Minimal training is needed to familiarize employees with its full capabilities. Moreover, all important information is synchronized in real-time, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. While WooPOS is mainly a cloud-based software, it can be used offline. Once you reconnect to the internet, the software will automatically synch all key data to the system.

Why WooPOS is best for your business:

  1. Cloud-based software. You don’t have to worry about expensive hardware and servers to use the software.
  2. Quick and simple transition. Due to its cloud-based nature, you won’t have to spend a fortune to fully transition to this platform.
  3. Designed for WooCommerce. Simplify checkout as well as management of products and orders on WooCommerce.
  4. Comprehensive inventory management. Take advantage of its robust inventory management capabilities to neatly organize your products and stay on top of inventory levels to the tee.
  5. CRM capabilities. Track all your customers and encourage repeat purchases through loyalty tracking, tracking of custom client attributes, and others.
  6. Multi-store management. Keep track of the inventory and stock levels of all your retail and online stores in real-time.
  7. Real-time synching. Display accurate stock levels at all times.
  8. User-friendly. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve and allows employees to easily adapt to the platform.
  9. Offline capability. You can work even while offline. Once you connect to the internet again, it will automatically synch your data across all your stores.
  10. Employee management. Keep an eye on employee performance and effectively track employee work hours for payroll.

By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software. She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.

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