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CloudCherry Competitors: Comparison with Qualtrics, Medallia, and Satmetrics

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Customer experience management is an important aspect of running any business, and a study by ADP Lightspeed last 2011 showed that proper usage of CEM tools can lead to customer retention of up to 20% more than the usual.

But what makes (or breaks) a CEM? The products out in the market all bring similar solutions to the table, but each one focuses on different aspects of the service. Some providers are tailored towards a more specific user, while the others are more concerned about overall usability.

The service that you pick will depend on exactly what you need. We’ve tested plenty of CEM solutions, and we’ve come up with four of the services in the market that stood out in our reviews.. We’ll be comparing each of their common features, so that you can properly choose which of the four will benefit you the most.

The solutions we’ll be comparing are the following:

  • CloudCherry
  • Qualtrics
  • Medallia
  • Satmetrix

What is CloudCherry?

CloudCherry has amassed over one million unique customer responses, which makes it invaluable considering that this adds to the data that is used by its Net Promoter Score measurement. This means that the evaluation provided by the NPS tool is accurately backed up by plenty of user data.

CloudCherry also has an efficient dashboard that lets you track the progress of all your open cases across seventeen communication channels. You won’t have to be chasing after each and every customer feedback because you can have them all in just one dashboard. And it also makes it easier for you and your team to collaborate on problematic cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about CloudCherry pros and cons, you can give their free trial a shot. You can easily sign up for CloudCherry free trial here.

Other key features that might interest you include:

  • Ticket conversion for every customer query
  • Includes email, social media, chatbots, email embed, text messages
  • App for mobile
  • Progress tracking and customer metrics
  • Net promoter score


Qualtrics is a CEM that is tailored to tackle the needs of a business of virtually any size. It’s also designed to serve as an efficient employee management tool that not only gives you insight on your market, but also on your customer support staff as well.

This software focuses on providing a good set of tools that can help you keep track of your market as it shifts through the years. Its market analysis tools and a web-based feedback hub for returning customers gives great insight into your customers’ needs and issues.

You can also evaluate your staff with the vendor’s employee evaluation and analysis tools. This means that you can help your staff improve in the way they deal with your customers, which can be a big help in improving your client retention rate even more.

Other features that might be of note:

  • Variety of data collection options
  • Market research function
  • Open API
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, and Tableau
  • Net promoter score feature
  • Mobile tools


Medallia is the third CEM on the list, and this one shifts its focus to a complete customer experience. It’s a fairly powerful solution that tracks information from a wide variety of sources, and lets you focus on the online reputation management of your company.

Medallia uses a variety of non-traditional channels as a source for customer feedback, including in-app surveys, and even two-way SMS. The wide variety of channels lets you cover a wide ground. That way, you can be sure that you can keep track of your customers no matter what channel they use.

And it goes a little bit further than that. Medallia also lets you manage your customers efficiently and individually. As an example: you can quarantine your problematic clients, so that you can dedicate more resources towards addressing that concern.

There’s also an interesting analytics function that lets you compare case studies of customers. This lets you segment the user experience, and find out what worked for one customer, and see if you can apply this to future customers.

Other functions that may be of note:

  • Employee management
  • Personalized dashboard and workflows for every employee
  • Integrations with Salesforce
  • Better market insight thanks to built-in analytics


Satmetrix is the last solution on this list, and it focuses on the delivery of realtime data. The GUI of the app basically delivers user analytics and data to your dashboard as it happens, so you will be sure that you are consistently up to date on the recent developments regarding your customers’ concerns.

They also did a pretty good job of creating a neat interface that keeps the data easy to read. Satmetrix’s dashboard presents customer data with the end user in mind, so despite the realtime influx of data, it isn’t difficult to make sense of what you have on screen.

Other features that are worth noting here:

  • Improved customer experience due to text analytics
  • Extensive reports
  • Action management process management and monitoring

Comparison of CEM Features

The three apps that we previously discussed all share three very specific features. This includes the net promoter score, a variety of data channels, and user experience, whether we’re talking about client user or employee user. We also look at the collaboration features, and finally, the metrics of each solution.

  1. Net Promoter Score
  2. Channels
  3. User Experience
  4. Collaboration
  5. Metrics

Net Promoter Score

It looks like, despite the CloudCherry pros and cons, they are, by far, the one with the best NPS feature. Thanks to their large database of canonical responses culled from a variety of sources, CloudCherry is able to accurately rate NPS scores. This means that you’ll spend less time trying to check if the NPS is accurate, and more time trying to address the more problematic cases.

Medallia can also be quite a contender for the NPS, since it also boasts a variety of user channels. This means that its database could also be pretty extensive, although it can be pretty hard to beat CloudCherry’s million count.


Again, the contenders here are CloudCherry and Medallia. Both of these two products boast a lot of channels, and while Qualtrics is no slouch in this department, it just doesn’t have the variety that Medallia has.

CloudCherry’s selection also isn’t as varied as Medallia’s, which means that Medallia might give you a wider coverage over any of the other options in this list. It is, however, a pretty close race between the two.

User Experience

This is where Qualtrics gets its time in the spotlight. The app is designed for use by both your clients and your staff. It gives you a great overview of client trends, and lets you zero in on how your customers have been interacting with your business over a lengthy period of time.

It also lets you check on your employees, and find out how they are interacting with your clients. It helps you keep a bead on strategies used by your staff, and also gives you an idea on how you can help them improve the way they interact with customers—especially problematic ones.

Satmetrix’s on-the-minute updates and user-friendly GUI also makes it a good contender for the top spot in the UX.

This isn’t to say that CloudCherry and Medallia don’t provide a great UX for users. CloudCherry, for example, lets you convert customer queries into tickets, and helps you ensure that all queries are addressed. And Medallia lets you focus on problematic cases. But Qualtrics gives a more complete answer to the problem of user experience.


As far as collaboration is concerned, each solution offers a unique approach to collaboration and teamwork. As mentioned earlier, CloudCherry provides users with a way of ensuring that all issues are tracked and converted into tickets. This helps the staff in ensuring that there are no issues left unchecked. This makes the job of tracking easier for the entire team.

Qualtrics, on the other hand, provides you with a way of helping your team improve their strategies. This is also important, since a team that learns from the documentation of prior incidents is more capable of handling similar cases in the future.

And Medallia’s employee management feature gives your managers the tools to properly oversee the day-to-day activities of your staff. This makes the dissemination of tasks, and their completion, easier to track from start to finish.


Right from the get go, CloudCherry provides its clients with a robust way of measuring the NPS of their customers. This is, once again, thanks to its large database of user responses; this gives the AI a more accurate view of all incoming user responses.

And while Medallia’s built-in analytics and Qualtrics market research function may be great in themselves, it’s pretty hard to beat CloudCherry’s massive database for consumer metrics.

CloudCherry might not be the best solution for users that need a solution that simplifies collaboration, but it definitely is the top choice for users who need an application that can give them an accurate overview of their customers. It also doesn’t hurt that it has a lot of source channels—not the most original feature, granted, but it adds to the value. Medallia gives a good secondary option for the same market. Qualtrics is a more complete solution that might be more helpful for mid-sized and large businesses. And if you’re interested in realtime reporting, then nothing beats what Satmetrics has to offer.

By Jenny Chang

Senior writer at FinancesOnline who writes about a wide range of SaaS and B2B products, including trends and issues on e-commerce, accounting and customer service software. She’s also covered a wide range of topics in business, science, and technology for websites in the U.S., Australia and Singapore, keeping tabs on edge tech like 3D printed health monitoring tattoos and SpaceX’s exploration plans.

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