Funny Money and Frugal Living Cartoons That Hit Home


So much has been said and done in the name of frugality.  Some with effective results, others with forgettable failures.  The term itself invites curiosity, awe and sometimes disbelief.

What do we really think about when confronted by frugality, either as a lifestyle, a choice yet to be made, or a sacrifice dictated by circumstances?  We scoured the online world to get to the bottom of how people really feel about frugal living, and we found out that nobody says it as witty, as honest and as direct as a cartoon.  Let us show it to you.

First, let us simply compare how the word “frugal” is defined using our trusted Merriam- Webster Learner’s Dictionary and a cartoon definition.

The dictionary definition goes like this:

fru·gal    /ˈfru:gəl/ adjective
careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to : using money or supplies in a very careful way
▪ He’s a frugal shopper. — often + with ▪ She’s very frugal with her money.

And here’s how a cartoon defines frugal. The men’s legs have become so thin due to frugal living their pants came down because the belt, meant to be “tightened” even more,  just don’t have anything to hang on to.

It can be hilarious yet surprisingly accurate.  But definitely without that scary feeling when you read between the lines of what our old friend the dictionary says.

Another thought that cross the mind is how frugal living affects our personal relationships.  For instance, how does frugal living affect your romance points?  See how frugality lends comic situation when extended to the dating game in this cartoon.  You feel sorry for the lady but admires the moneysmarts of her date.

Frugal-themed cartoons can really set the mood for ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) moments when it comes to illustrating tightwad attitudes.  Check out why you don’t really have to buy a headstone – and more in this cartoon by Jantoo on frugal theme. The laughter is anything but frugal.

Finally, here’s how a frugal lifestyle can be depicted in today’s modern consumer world.  Indeed, the frugal ones are still very much in with today’s spend many money now-type of marketing leads.  Many (online social savvy) people actually think this cartoon is so funny!

With these witty frugal cartoons, we see that even if there are various opinions about frugality, it can’t be denied that it is a source practical wisdom, priceless experience, and much-needed humor to add spice to our daily life.  Whether you call it frugal, tightwad, cheapskate or moneywise, it’s how you see it with broadmindedness and how you practice it with moderation that it truly becomes a source of pride and joy.

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Got a pun or two, a smart frugal quote, or simply another funny frugal cartoon to share?  Let’s look at them – and have some not so frugal laugh together!  Share now!

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