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independentWith so much that is happening on the economic front and its effects on individual lives and families where money and survival are concerned, financial independence has become a hot topic of discussion especially among women. It also seems fitting that men dip into the issue, having central roles in the emergence of the “independent woman” type.

Is money the core essence of a woman who is independent? We have rounded up five of the most insightful online articles that try to define, assess, sort out and peel to the core what it means to be an independent woman today.

Independent Women Want To Be Supported Too

Jamaica Observer

Should a woman, who already has her own home, car and a dependable bank account still ask for financial support from a man? Or should a woman's relationship with a man be measured by what she has or what she earns?

While self-supporting women sought wealth through education and hard work, many thinks that they still need financial support, with some expecting the same support like those given to women that are not as financially independent as them.

The article presents many conflicting views and reasons on this complex situation, and the readers are actually left to ponder the validity of points shared, especially on this burning question: does taking money from a man would mean giving up your independence? Certainly, not all independent women think the same way when it comes to money and relationships.

Financial Independence For Women

Women & Money

This article strives to arrive at a definition of women's financial independence to help gauge if a woman has reached this status or not, given that it is something that have different meanings for so many people.

As a valuable extension to standard personal finance management for women that touches on earning, budgeting, saving, debt management and the like, the article also expounds comprehensively on two important steps in the effort to really take hold of the aspired status:  maintaining earning ability and taking financial ownership.

Do Men Prefer Independent Women or the Damsel in Distress?

The Examiner

In recent times, media has flooded us with lots of attention and praises for the independent woman, from songs to movies and celebrity profiles, leading many to believe that men prefer the strong, independent women “who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.”

Using money (the woman's money, that is), the article presents different claims on the burning question posed, with men quoted in the post claiming that the contrary is true: If they feel like the woman is too independent and she’s being the man in the relationship, then he has no need to be there; that men prefer women who are financially below them to boost their egos.

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While most women (not necessarily independent) may find the male claims doubtful in the least, the article gives hints on the possibility of women taking pride and doing their own independent things while the men and their egos can peacefully relax, but not letting go of the support, including financial, that would complement, not compete, with a woman's wallet.

How to Be a Strong Independent Woman


Being a strong, independent woman doesn't necessarily require that you be a die-hard feminist. This is the clear-cut message that this article opens into. So don’t be misled by the How-To label, as this article imparts profound views and strong messages on women’s financial independence, while the how-to parts are actually more of personal and emotional guides on treading the path to a fulfilled, peaceful and truly happy independent womanhood.

The article divides the steps between two categories. The first relays the steps  in undoing negative social conditioning that touches on “definitions” of independent women that are actually emotional traps, like success as gauged with that of other women’s achievements, and the notion of fulfilment basing only on “relationships.” The second dwells on steps in expressing one's self as a truly independent woman which encompasses taking care of all aspects of one's self – education, beliefs and views, body, finance and enriching the soul.

The Virtuous Woman And Her Money


Statistics support that money problems is the leading cause of divorce and separation, and the unprepared woman, long used to being provided for by the husband, should not be surprised to find herself suddenly alone to fend for herself. Worse happens when the husband turns out to be a no-good father too, and just totally abandons wife, kids and all.

It is in this premise that the article convinces readers on the importance of considering shifts on traditional views about the virtuous woman when it comes to being a good wife and a mother. Aside from the fact that times are changing, there is no security in the “old times,” when a couple was on ideal love state and the woman can feel secure even without her own money, following only in the husband’s financial plan. It emphasizes the mistake that most women fail to realise today: the pressure their finances will face when they create commitment and responsibility.

With all the buzz and hype being heaped on the independent women phenomenon, the time has rightfully come for all, not just women, to pause and think: what does true independence mean when it comes to women? True, money is at the centerstage of the “label,” but it proves not as simple as that. Understanding why a woman needs to have a level of financial independence, and when it should come in handy could prove more important than how to become and how to act like one.

By Louie Andre

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