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Hotjar Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost and Which Plan Is Best For You?

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Hotjar is one of the most reputable providers of conversion rate optimization solutions, so it is not surprising that plenty of professionals, agencies, and businesses rely on it to improve their websites. If you’re wondering if this application is worth its price or if it is a good fit for your operations, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be providing you with a detailed rundown of the different Hotjar pricing plans as well as their uses for different types of businesses.  

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We will help you get a better idea of how much Hotjar costs by discussing the following:

Marketers, business owners, and other professionals have plenty of tricks up their sleeves in order to increase conversions and boost the traffic on their websites. As you can see on the table provided, B2B marketers utilize a variety of methods to target and learn more about their audiences, find effective ways to approach them, and turn them into paying customers.

These may seem complicated and time-consuming to pull off but if you have a conversion rate optimization program in your arsenal of business systems, these tasks will surely become less daunting. By having this application at your disposal, you can simplify a huge chunk of the tasks related to boosting conversions. In fact, it has been reported that CRO tools can increase your ROI by  223%

Credits: Content Marketing Institute

One such program that stands out from the others in the industry is Hotjar. Using this tool, you can boost the navigation speed of your website as well as improve your content according to what your website visitors want. Hotjar features a comprehensive set of robust and intuitive CRO functionalities at reasonable rates. Whether you need visitor targeting, conversion funnel monitoring, heatmap creation, form analysis, NPS, or one-on-one testing, you can expect this platform to deliver the services you need at a cost that won’t break the bank. 

Before we proceed with discussing the different pricing plans that Hotjar provides, it is best that you have a deeper understanding what this type of application can offer. Take a look at our article on the features and benefits of conversion rate optimization software, so you know exactly what to expect upon investing in this type of software.

How Much Does Hotjar Cost?

Not all users of CRO platforms have the same requirements. To accommodate the specific needs of different professionals and businesses, Hotjar offers different plans depending on what you intend to use it for, the number of pageviews you want to collect data from, as well as the amount of reports you need the system to produce for you on a monthly basis. This lets you make sure that you aren’t paying for features that you don’t need or won’t have a use for at all. To help you get a clearer understanding of how their subscription packages work, we will be breaking each plan down for you.

1. Personal Plans

If you are curating a personal blog or setting up a website for your startup company, the Hotjar personal plans will be a boon for you. Created specifically for personal projects and online sites with low traffic, these allow you to utilize all the basic features that the Hotjar application has to offer without the hefty price tag. Currently, the vendor is offering two packages under this category: Basic and Plus.

The Basic plan is a limited package that can be used completely for free. This can collect data from 2000 pageviews per day, accommodate an unlimited number of users, and store data for 365 days. It is specifically designed for students and enthusiasts who are looking to use it for certain projects. With this, users can get access to functionalities such as visitor recordings, visitor targeting, conversion funnels, heatmaps, and other CRO tools. However, they can only get limited reports from the system.

On the other hand, the Plus plan is a paid package for small startup companies and owners of newly created websites. For $29 per month, users can collect data from 10,000 pageviews per day, accommodate an unlimited number of users, get unlimited reports, as well as store data for a year. This also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 15-day free trial.

2. Business Plans

Businesses, institutions, and organizations have different needs when it comes to monitoring website traffic and converting visitors into customers. This is why Hotjar offers different business plans to cater to their needs. These subscription packages can accommodate unlimited users and unlimited reports and can store data for 365 days. Moreover, it has more advanced features that are specialized for different industries. These also allow users to remove the Hotjar branding and replace it with their own so that it looks more professional.

As for pricing, these plans can range anywhere between $89/month for those who need to collect data from 20,000 pageviews per day and $989/month for those who need to process 800,000 pageviews per day. For businesses who want to analyze more than 2,000,000 pageviews a day, you may also ask for a quote from the vendor. To help you get a more accurate pricing for your needs, Hotjar has a price calculator available on their website. This way, you know exactly how much the plan will cost depending on your requirements.

For your convenience, all business plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 15-day free trial.

3. Agency Plans

For agencies and professional consultants who are in the business of managing and improving websites for clients, Hotjar offers flexible Agency plans. These can support unlimited client sites using one central account and allows users to invite client users to see and manage their data. Similar to the business plans, the agency plans offer a system interface that can be rebranded according to the aesthetic of your company.

On top of that, this has a discount volume pricing scheme that lets you benefit from a 10% discount when you choose to add 2 or more sites on business plans. These plans also come with an extended 30-day free trial in order to help users better gauge whether or not Hotjar is suitable for their operations.

Hotjar offers a wide range of flexible pricing plans depending on the users’ needs.

Why Should You Invest in Hotjar?

Hotjar may offer competitive subscription rates but as an entrepreneur, you know better than to judge the value of a product based solely on its price. This is why we have compiled some of the major reasons why you should invest in this application. With this, you will get a better perspective as to how this software solution is different from its competitors.

1. Cost-Effective Data Collection Approach

More often than not, the problem with CRO software providers is that they automatically collect information from every single pageview that you get. This can drive up the cost of your subscription and keep you from getting more balanced and comprehensive monthly reports. To resolve this, Hotjar has a more cost-effective approach to data collection. They make sure to collect data in batches throughout each day and month, evenly spreading out the number of data points inclusive in your subscription plan. This way, you won’t incur any unforeseen charges when your bill comes at the end of the month or year–or worse, get insubstantial and inaccurate reports because the program stopped collecting information as soon as you’re out of data points..

2. Multiple Sites, One Account

Sometimes, it is inevitable for businesses to have more than one website for their company so they rely on multiple CRO systems to monitor each site. This is even more challenging for consultants who manage multiple websites from different companies on a daily basis. In order to address this concern, Hotjar was created to support an unlimited number of sites using only one account. With this application, all you have to do is categorize different sites as “organizations” within your software so that you can get a glimpse of multiple sites without having to jump from one platform to another. On top of that, this will prevent users from spending extra money on multiple accounts or programs.

3. Flexible Pricing Plans

Scalability is an important factor when it comes to business systems, especially for growing companies with increasingly expanding online following. In order to make sure that users are able to get the features and system capacity they need without hassle, Hotjar has flexible pricing plans that may be upgraded or downgraded at any time. This way, you can address the changing needs of your business as quickly as possible.

4. Convenient Payment Processing

Another great thing about Hotjar is that the services they offer are geared to making things more convenient for you. From ensuring that your data points are used efficiently to giving you a single platform to manage multiple accounts, it is evident that this software solution exists to simplify the way you handle your websites. To top it all off, they also offer convenient payment options for their clients so that they won’t have to create new bank accounts or sign up for new online payment processing portals. For monthly payments, the vendor accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal. Should you opt for yearly payments, you may also choose to pay them via wire transfer.

5. Discounts for Nonprofit Organizations

Do you run a charitable institution, a cooperative, a public benefit corporation, or any other nonprofit organization? If so, you can enjoy discounts when you invest in Hotjar. This way, you can use the money you receive from members and supporters to fund your cause rather than to pay for business systems. For more information, be sure to contact the vendor.

Hotjar is an affordable yet comprehensive application offering intuitive features such as this conversion funnel tool.

How Can You Choose the Ideal Hotjar Plan for Your Business?

If by now, you think that Hotjar is a good CRO tool for your operations, then, you find yourself thinking about how to proceed with investing in the platform. The vendor offers quite a lot of possible subscription plans so it can get overwhelming to figure out which one will work out for you. To help you choose the ideal Hotjar plan for your business, here are some pointers that you should consider:

1. Determine What the CRO Application Will Be Used For

As mentioned previously, the Hotjar subscription plans are tailored specifically for different purposes. So, before diving head first in buying the software, you should ask yourself what you will be using it for. If you are using it to boost the online presence of your company, opt for their Business plans. On the other hand, if you want to increase the traffic of your blog, you can choose their Personal plans instead. In case you are a consulting firm looking to help businesses with their website conversions, you should consider their Agency plans which are tailored specifically for B2B businesses. This way, you will be able to get specialized plans that target your concerns and keep you from having to spend on features that your operations won’t even require you to use.

2. Zero in on How Much Data You Want to Process

Hotjar plans are priced based on data points. This means, you are being charged for the amount of information that you need the program to collect and analyze on a monthly basis.
This is why it is important that you calculate exactly how much pageviews you need to process in order to get accurate heatmaps, reports, and in-depth insights about your website’s traffic as well as browsing behavior of your visitors

3. Test Out the Application

Vendors offer free trials for a reason. Take advantage of these in order to get a better feel of what the product has to offer and get to know exactly what you will be paying for. In the case of Hotjar, they have 14-day and 30-day free trial options, depending on the subscription package that you’re interested in. With these, you can gauge the functions of the software and test out how well it will reinforce your operations.


With its stellar reputation in the industry, Hotjar surely is a great conversion rate optimization application for all sorts of businesses. However, like any other SaaS, its worth to a company relies heavily on whether it can meet the requirements of the operations, fall within the budget of the user, and be adaptable enough to change according to the demands of the market.

Hopefully, with our explanation of the different Hotjar pricing plans and the perks of investing in this software, you were able to determine if this software is suitable to your company as well as if they have a plan that accommodates your needs. Once you decide to invest in this system or any other CRO system, be sure to check out our article on website conversion best practices. This should give you a more in-depth explanation on how to make the most out of your investment.  

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