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Key mHelpDesk Integrations & Features You Should Know

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What are the features of mHelpDesk?
The features of mHelpDesk include job management, scheduling and lead management tools. It also supports online booking, is capable of GPS-tracking and comes with a robust mobile app. It offers a transparent and low-cost payment solution as well. Moreover, it supports seamless integration with key payment gateways, business and productivity tools.

Field service companies might take the idea of using software for their dispatch and other tasks a luxury just a few years back. Today, it’s a must-have tool if you want to stay competitive. This is where Field Service Management Software – FSM comes into play. mHelpDesk features, for instance, can help you reduce overhead costs, increase workflow efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

But aside from features, another worth noting is this: mHelpDesk integration. How is this important? If this software cannot communicate with your other essential apps, problems may arise. So, to help you figure out how mHelpDesk fits your requirements, we have prepared this detailed guide.

We’ll show you why its mobile app helps you go beyond a simple communication tool. How you can leverage its AI-based functions for auto-response and auto-schedule. And finally, how it integrates GPS technology to monitor and engage field workers. You’ll learn more about its capabilities in this article.


FSM programs are becoming more aggressive in their initiative to integrate useful technologies into their features. Be it mobility, AI, or GPS, there’s always a place for innovation in this game. And at this rate, they’re actually required if the businesses using them would like to stay in the competition.

Looking at the first-ever record of customer complaint, we can be reminded of the three universal truths in FSM. They basically go like these: make your end of the bargain, be respectful to clients, and poor performance risks of losing customers. It’s tempting to think that the solution is simply to have your field service personnel do their job well.

But it’s a lot more than that. The company itself must be organized, focused, and efficient in its entire operation. The right person must be assigned to a task and the office and field must always be connected. Field technicians must be empowered to be able to their jobs more efficiently.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software


In light of all that, the creation of field service management software can be considered a great boon. In fact, one of the major steps in achieving success in servitization model is using this type of program. But it doesn’t stop there. The system must give mobility to field technicians and each aspect of the operation must be matched with an integrated feature.

This means that there has to be an efficient way of making schedules, communicating with field personnel, connecting with clients, etc. A function for tracking job progress must be present. The dispatched workforce should be monitored. And the list goes on. We’ll be focusing on a software that got them all covered: mHelpDesk.

What is mHelpDesk?

mhelpdesk dashboard example

mHelpDesk is a comprehensive field service solution that turbocharges your workflow through the automation of many tedious and repetitive tasks. This includes various aspects of scheduling, leads management, billing, communications, and more. Thus, you’ll be able to focus on more important matters at hand.

The platform is filled with powerful online and mobile tools packaged inside an affordable solution. There’s no big and crippling upfront investment to be made. It also boasts an intuitive interface for maximum operating efficiency. From leads generation to workload scheduling and dispatch all the way to billing, it got all your bases covered.

mHelpDesk integrates with a variety of popular third-party apps for complementary functions. It supports QuickBooks integration for accounting, Google Calendar for scheduling and more. When combined with others, mHelpDesk either becomes a 360-degree business solution or an integral part of the software ecosystem you employ.


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Below, we’ve discussed in detail some of the major features and integration support that mHelpDesk provides. This solution is so packed, however, that it’s impossible to talk about all of them in a single article. Learn more from its vendor website or better yet, give it a go.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for mHelpDesk free trial here.

mHelpDesk Integrations and Features

Job Management Features

mHelpDesk is equipped with a set of powerful tools that eases job management. Be on top of everything by tracking every job’s status and progress. Send updated details about a job to field workers and remind them if needed. They, on the other hand, can capture photos and add notes or information while on site. You can also send notifications and messages to keep everyone informed and in return, receive updates from the field. Recurring jobs can be assigned automatically to particular personnel or teams. Just set a series of rules and when those are met, the system would automatically assign the job to your worker of choice. Payment can be done on-site as well.

Streamlined Scheduling

mhelpdesk scheduling

While it does offer scheduling function like others, mHelpDesk’s is built for field service management. It’s easy to determine the availability of your teams and the progress of current tasks through the color-coded single display. Contract works or jobs that are often rendered by your company can be assigned automatically when it matched certain rules. There’s a dashboard too that’s specifically created for dispatching workers. It’s visual and allows easy assignment of load without the risk of double booking. If you’re using Google Calendar, syncing the details from that to mHelpDesk is simple and quick.

Cost-efficient Payment Processing

Industry-low rates plus no hidden fee; that’s what mHelpDesk payment is. The same 2.89% +.30 cents rate is applied regardless of the method or card used in paying. Its transparency and ease of setup saves you time and money as well as improve customer experience. Furthermore, mHelpDesk payment does not require any swiping device. The app also supports the use of some of the best payment gateway systems, namely PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.NET.

Leads Management

You certainly want more leads and a higher conversion rate; mHelpDesk can help you with that. Inside the platform resides a built-in leads marketplace as well as other CRM tools. With this, you are able to monitor and manage each lead that comes in your way, in a more efficient manner. Potential clients won’t be driven away by unresponsiveness since you’ll be notified the instant they come. There’s even an auto-reply feature that allows you to set communication to autopilot for less-convertible clients. Thanks to that, you can focus on working on hot leads. Client information can be shared by sales and service teams which can help in both their jobs. Aside from those, you’re also able to provide a quicker estimate to customers. A measurable increase in win-rate is guaranteed through all those.

Mobile Apps

mHelpDesk mobile apps

Mobile app for working on the go

It’s stated in a compilation of 2019 FSM statistics that mobile apps are required for increasing efficiency. In this area, mHelpDesk delivers. Its mobile app is a one-stop tool for your field service needs on-the-go. Aside from providing a communication medium for admins and field technicians, the mobile app does a lot more. It connects the office to the field as updates from the former are relayed to the field personnel and vice versa.

The app is also equipped with tools needed for creating estimates through the templates available. It even provides the option of sending it through email or printing it outright to show it to the client. The mHelpDesk Payments feature is available on mobile too. Moreover, going to areas with poor connectivity isn’t a major problem because it’s capable of functioning offline. Then the app would automatically sync all the data with the database after the internet becomes available.

Google Calendar Support

Google Calendar is a good scheduling and time management tool. Businesses, however, can only do so much with it alone. Enter mHelpDesk. It fully supports integration with the calendar tool so you can use it to your workflow. This FSM software can sync with multiple calendars as each user can utilize their own. Then you can use mHelpDesk’s scheduler to manage the availabilities. It’s 2-way sync too so Google Calendar updates mHelpDesk and vice versa. This ensures consistency and up-to-date availability for all users. And as a bonus, it’s really easy to set up so no need to call the IT for this.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software. Combine that with a powerful field service management tool and you have yourself a 360-degree business solution. The field service program works with both the desktop and the online version of QuickBooks. Thus, you don’t have to switch to another version to accommodate mHelpDesk. No need to reconfigure anything either since, with just a click of a button, all your QuickBooks settings are reflected in mHelpDesk.

The main benefit of this integration is that you can use the data collected in the field to quickly make estimates, invoices, and payments. No more waiting around for the field service technician with his messy paperwork to start the process. This also eliminates the need for double entry which is both time-consuming and error-prone. And finally, synchronization works in both ways and you can choose which transaction to send to QuickBooks. After all, you wouldn’t want to add an incomplete or erroneous deal to your accounting program.

GPS Monitoring

mHelpDesk GPS interface

mHelpDesk has GPS tracking ability to monitor your employees on the field.

As a business operating in the field service industry, you don’t want your field technicians to go invisible to you. You’d want to able to track their location and mHelpDesk can do more than just that. It uses GPS technology to enable real-time tracking of your workforce. You’ll know exactly where they are at any given time. They can even clock-in and clock-out right there on the field and the system would automatically stamp its time and location. This is perfect for audit trails, analytics, reports, and emergency cases. The best part about this feature is that it does not involve new and expensive hardware or apps. It’s an integrated function that could be activated through any iOS and Android devices. You can even integrate it with Google Maps and the real-time location is available directly from the system.

Online Booking

Many potential customers can be found online, so make it easier for them to get in business with you. After all, online booking software has its benefits. Thus, it’s a good idea to provide them an option to book an appointment straight from your website. After checking your services as well as the available date and time, they can automatically schedule an appointment. MHelpDesk is capable of that. You can customize the design and various fields of the form. It’s also easy to embed to your website. And to ensure you don’t miss any of them, appointment reminders are always in place. This should increase your online bookings.

HomeAdvisor Integration

If you’re a HomeAdvisor user, you’ll certainly appreciate what mHelpDesk can bring to your table. First, it’ll provide you with tools to manage your leads in order to benefit from them to the fullest. Instant professional estimates, real-time notifications, and automation of customer contact are few of the said tools. Leads would automatically sync between the two apps. Booking alerts are sent in real-time so you never miss an opportunity. The numbers from your HomeAdvisor call tracking program would be transferred to mHelpDesk as well. All these aids in obtaining more leads, getting lead credits easier and increasing win rates.

Features Summary and mHelpDesk Pricing

It is apparent that mHelpDesk is a feature-packed solution that’s created from the ground up for field service management. It’s got all the bases covered, from taking a lead to assigning the workload and all the way to receiving the payment. There is a neat and visual scheduler, GPS tracker, and it accommodates online bookings. It also features powerful job management and dispatching tools.

Its integration support is no slouch either. For accounting assistance, it’s compatible with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. And while it does have its own particular built-in functions, it still supports third-party integration. Take Google Calendar for scheduler and PayPal for payment as examples. You’re a HomeAdvisor customer? Perfect! It integrates with that, too.

We’ve also got a list of other FSM software for small businesses. Try it if you find that mHelpDesk isn’t a perfect match for you.

As for mHelpDesk pricing plans, the only available package is quote-based. Get in touch with the vendor for a price tailored specifically to your needs. Start streamlining your business operation, as well as saving time and resources through affordable software. You can check the solution closely when you sign up for mHelpDesk free trial here.

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