Make Money From Your Hobby – There’s a Job for That!

hobby-2Do you want to make money out of your hobby? There’s a job for that and just about any other hobbies. Working with passion is every employer’s dream and every employee’s aspiration because when you love what you do work becomes a passion. Or is it the other way around? Here are some hobbies that you can turn into money-making machines.

Wag the dog

If you love pets there’s a job for that! You can take advantage of America’s passion for dogs, cats, fishes, horses, and just about any animal that can be petted. A Forbes report said about $55 billion was spent for pet-related products and services. Can you imagine getting a share in that billion dollar industry? Yes, you can provide pet services without pitching in much capital. The higher the skill required for the service, the higher you can charge. Don’t worry if you can’t train dogs; maybe massage them? It is just one of the many services pet lovers are looking for.

Shop while working

If you love wearing fashionable clothing there’s a job for that! Personal shopping for wealthy people can be fun and fulfilling and maybe the only chance you get to wear a range of high-end signature clothing. Of course you need to arm yourself with fashion trends to be a successful in this field. There’s nothing in the world more fulfilling than shopping for clothes using other people’s money. Personal shopping also extends to buying groceries for seniors or buying that perfect gift for corporate clients.

What’s cooking?

If you love cooking but don’t have the stomach working in a busy kitchen like a hotel or restaurant, there’s a job for that! Be a personal cook to a wealthy family  or celebrity and live a privileged life. A personal cook can be a stay-in household member or he is hired during occasions only. The training for a personal cook is not as demanding for chefs working in hotels and restaurants; as long as you have the natural ability to make delicious meals you can make it in this career. On the side, you can also write about your menus and recipes and sell it as an e-book.

Crafts and cash

Yahoo! Voices

If you like making trinkets, ceramics, jewelry, and other small crafts but don’t have the stomach to run a small business, there’s a job for that! A number of websites offer home-based assembly lines, that is, you can create crafts at home and get paid. Some of these works are angel pins, pendants, dollhouse miniatures, and ornamental magnets. The article claims that home-based craft-making can earn you between $400 to $500 per week. Not bad while you enjoy your hobby.

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Hobby as resume plus-points

If you have a passionate hobby you can get a job for that! True, what you put in your resume’s hobby section can get you the job. It’s a long shot but this article points out that employers do read between the lines in what you write for a hobby. One factor is the discipline and focus required in the hobby, such as running a marathon or studying piano lessons. The dedication for these hobbies, employers know, are transferrable traits that you can use to deliver excellent work.

Final note

Here’s a good read about taxation and your hobby should you make money out of it. The Internal Revenue Service does not allow expense deductions if you’re earning from your hobby. It is nice to earn money from your hobby; just be reminded that should your hobby bleeds you cash, the expense is written to your wallet.


At the end of the day, it’s what you love doing that make you happy. If you can transform your passion into a money-making endeavor, you’re on the right track.


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