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Pros and Cons of NetFlow Analyzer: Analysis of a Leading Network Management Software

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Is your organization suffering from slow Internet connection? Your Internet service provider has assured you that you are enjoying high Internet speed but you find your workers having to contend with slow page loading times, poor video and audio calls and downloads that take forever to complete. Problems like these can result in decreased productivity and ultimately revenue decline.

Now there are a variety of reasons for slow Internet speeds, the most common of which are viruses and poor cabling. However, network speeds can also be adversely affected by internal factors other than those mentioned. Digital bottlenecks could occur when multiple users try to use a single server. Network design flaws could render servers unable to process the volume of data flowing through the system while users’ tendency to misuse of data packages allotted to them can have similar impact on network traffic. Alternatively, network connection settings could also cause complications for an entire network. However, admins have the means to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, ensuring the smooth flow of network traffic.

This where traffic analysis and monitoring come in. For those who are not familiar with the definition of network monitoring and traffic analysis, these exercises tell IT managers a lot about what’s going on in their networks. Products called traffic analysis software and network monitoring tools are used to carry out these tasks, which are essential to optimizing network performance. These are a form of  digital asset management software, only that they allow administrators to identify applications that use maximum bandwidth, enhance network security, generate usage amount for billing verification and enable networking professionals to add links as needed.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer, a network management tools. Its features, functionalities and benefits will be discussed in detail. By the end of this reading, you should be able to decide for yourself if the tool is right for you.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer: Network Management Software

Traffic analytics software NetFlow Analyzer from developer ManageEngine is designed to provide IT managers total visibility into their network bandwidth performance, offering a complete view of network bandwidth and traffic patterns through bandwidth monitoring. The system is capable of generating reports based on data that the solution itself collects and analyzes. In addition, traffic analysis and network forensics are also carried out by the solution.

The system drills down into the interface level to identify traffic patterns and device performance. It monitors traffic patterns and bandwidth at an interface level and quickly creates reports that offer real time insights into network bandwidths. The platform is also a security tool, aiding in the detection of both internal and external threats. This is accomplished by its use of Continuous Stream Mining Engine technology. And in the unlikely case that a threat gets to pass through the firewall, it can still be tracked by the software.

ManageEngine offers a great free demo of their software that will allow you to see all the key features in action first. You can easily sign up for NetFlow Analyzer free demo here.

NetFlow Analyzer

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The benefits of Netflow Analyzer do not end with those mentioned above. This powerful traffic analysis tool has more to offer your business. Listed below are some of the system’s most notable features:

  1. Network Bandwidth Monitoring
  2. Bandwidth Reports
  3. Network Traffic Monitoring
  4. Faster Network Troubleshooting
  5. Threshold Based Alerting
  6. Capacity Planning Reports
  7. Application Performance Optimization
  8. Application & Protocol Monitoring
  9. Cisco Medianet Reporting
  10. Network Security Reporting
  11. Integrated Network Management
  12. iPhone App

NetFlow Analyzer Pros and Cons

NetFlow Analyzer is popular for its network traffic and monitoring capabilities. However, there are more advantages to be gained from using the software. The following are just some of the benefits that users can enjoy from utilizing the platform:

1. Easy Network Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

First on our list of pros and cons of ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer is the fact that the tool is rich with network traffic and bandwidth monitoring features, NetFlow Analyzer helps users gain a better understanding of the main sources of slow network speed and bandwidth problems and how to effectively resolve them. This is achieved by classifying network traffic using interfaces, applications, hosts and protocols as basis. This way, network admins are able to pinpoint which apps are utilizing the most bandwidth.

2. Threshold-Based Alerts

The platform offers users a threshold-based alerting feature, automatically sending notifications in the event traffic and bandwidth use surpass the pre-defined limits that users themselves set. Usage thresholds can be preset by IP or device groups, providing users control over bandwidth use. Aside from setting bandwidth limits, users also get to define the time when such thresholds are to be imposed. However, there is also the option to allow bandwidth use to surpass limits prior to sending out notifications.

3. Resolve Traffic Spikes

The software can accurately pinpoint and troubleshoot traffic spikes and network issues by quickly identifying their root causes. Traffic spikes are traced to the source, preventing them from impacting app performance and causing network outages. Historical data can likewise be accessed using advanced forensic reports, allowing users to focus on parameters that are of interest, resulting in faster and more efficient troubleshooting.

4. App Performance Optimization

NetFlow Analyzer’s Network Manager uses QoS-related reports to probe app performance issues. This feature is of huge benefit to users as apps and services across networks can directly impact productivity. App issues are easily resolved by tweaking the right service class for specific applications. The system ensures that that right service levels are available for key apps.

5. App/Protocol Monitoring

The solution makes sure that critical apps get priority on a network by monitoring them with the use of application grouping and mapping. It provides IT managers with total visibility into what apps are active and how much bandwidth they are using. Protocol distribution likewise assures that specific apps are prioritized in the network.

6. Capacity Planning

The software has capacity planning features, aiding IT managers in the measurement of bandwidth growth, allowing them to plan in advance so as to be able to adapt to changes in their IT environment. Bandwidth bottlenecks are accurately identified, along with bandwidth waste and usage.

7. Integrated Network Management

NetFlow Analyzer’s OpManager Plus is a network management tool that helps in the management of just about any aspect of any network. These include bandwidth traffic analysis, network performance and configuration, IP address and firewall log and switch port analysis. In addition, this suite offers users a complete view of networks using a singular interface.

8. Medianet Reports

The product comes with an app called Cisco Medianet, which offers a richer user experience. Designed for media traffic, the tool has an ability to optimize networks despite the presence of so much media traffic, which are notoriously known for their high bandwidth consumption. Problems with media rich traffic transmissions are also made simple, with content delivery significantly accelerated.

9. Traffic Monitoring With iPhone App

A mobile app that runs on iPhones accompanies NetFlow Analyzer, allowing for both WAN and LAN traffic monitoring from virtually anywhere, at any given time. Interface traffic information, users, conversations, traffic trends and color-coded alarms can also be accessed through the app.

And we’re done here. After reading this pros and cons of ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer article, you should by now have all you need to know about the software to decide if it will suit your needs. ManageEngine offers a great free demo of their software that will allow you to see all the key features in action first. You can easily sign up for NetFlow Analyzer free demo here.

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