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Pros & Cons of JustCall: Analysis of a Top Call Center Software

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What are the pros and cons of JustCall?
The pros and cons of JustCall can be best observed in its extensive multi-location number availability. JustCall’s integration feature also makes it an effective all-in-one customer support team management software. While being a new player in the field means there remain aspects to improve, JustCall’s dedicated support response and assistance more than make up for these isolated mishaps.

When it comes to choosing a call center software, price should be the last thing you’d put into consideration. And if you think that call quality and quantity are all there is to consider, think again. There’s so much more beyond how clear you can hear the other person on the line. 

A call center app is not a mere communication tool. It can also significantly affect your company’s revenue and relationships with customers. Most of today’s call center software are also designed to help make customer service team management easier in various ways. Through integration with other systems you use for sales and team management, syncing across departments becomes more efficient.

These are just a few of the things that you should consider when looking for a call center program to subscribe to. And to help you see whether a program is right for your needs, you should take time to dissect its pros and cons.

In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of JustCall. By discussing what it has to offer, you can better gauge how it can benefit your business.

justcall pros and cons

Every company that offers a product or service needs an effective customer support system. Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report 2018 gave us a picture of the impact of customer service on brands: more than 50% of customers say that the quality of customer service greatly affects their decision to continue to doing business with a brand. Meanwhile, at least 70% of customers worldwide see brands that proactively reach out to provide customer service notifications as more favorable.

In this day and age, if you want to meet the consumers’ demand for great customer support, having a landline phone simply won’t cut it. You need programs that not only provide you with efficient inbound and outbound call capabilities commonly found in the best business phone systems but also help you improve and streamline your entire business operation. This is where a feature-packed call center software like JustCall comes in.

Source: Calabrio

Furthermore, when looking for a call center software, you should not only think about your customers’ welfare, but your own team’s as well. Why? Because it’s your customer support team who will use the program. The software you choose must-have features that will allow your people to do their job well and more effectively. This is particularly important as at least 60% of customer support agents say that the lack of customer support tools or technology limits their ability to handle some challenges that came with their jobs, according to research by Calabrio.

Call center software must be able to facilitate clear and high-quality calls anytime, anywhere, making multiple device compatibility a must-have. Ideally, it should also allow managers to monitor calls in real-time so they can lend their reps assistance when handling a complicated customer concern. 

Now, can JustCall help you meet these customer-centric and internal team requirements? Does it offer the benefits of call center software that you are expecting from one? Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of JustCall and what it brings to the table.

What is JustCall?

justcall dashboard

JustCall is an all-in-one cloud-based phone system designed to meet every business’ call center software needs and more. It aims to help business owners and managers create and lead more productive teams that effectively function toward providing value to customers. 

With multi-device compatibility and deployment capabilities, JustCall allows you to unify call center and customer support efforts regardless of your team members’ location. Likewise, it also gives you the benefits characteristic of a global call center system even if your entire team is based in just one location.

JustCall lets you use local numbers from 58 countries to date. When you use a local number for your customer support activities, it gives customers a sense of familiarity and eliminates worries regarding extra call charges. This feature is great for businesses that need to support customers located in other countries without having to set up a local office in every country they serve.

Furthermore, possibly one of JustCall’s most notable features is how it can be integrated with various CRM and helpdesk tools. This makes for the efficient consolidation of customer relations and support activities.

Detailed JustCall Review

JustCall provides you with the following key features:

  • Access to local numbers from 50+ countries
  • Browser and app auto-dialer
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Call forwarding, tracking, and recording
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Barging and whispering
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Bulk SMS messaging and auto-reply
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) system
  • Campaign and workflow automation
  • Integration with CRMs, helpdesks, and other marketing tools
  • Automated reports and analytics
  • 24/7 tech support

JustCall Advantages and Disadvantages

Get and Use Local Numbers From 58 Countries

Does your business cater to customers outside your own country? One of JustCall’s main features is it lets you purchase local phone numbers from 58 countries. By using a unique local number, you can easily establish a local presence and encourage customer confidence.
In JustCall, you simply have to choose a country, then purchase a number that you like with just a few clicks. You can also purchase toll-free numbers and create new custom numbers. But if you also wish to use your existing number, you can choose to port it to JustCall.

justcall dialer interface

JustCall has a straightforward auto-dialer and easy-to-use interface.

Seamless Integration with Various CRM and Helpdesk Software

JustCall easily integrates with some of the top CRM tools, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Freshsales. It can also be integrated with helpdesk tools, including Zendesk and Help Scout.

When you integrate JustCall with your CRM or helpdesk program, you can make and receive calls right there and then. You can also keep a log of all calls, recordings, voicemails, and messages on the CRM or helpdesk for easier client and accounts management.

Reliable Call Forwarding System

With JustCall’s forwarding and routing feature, you can forward calls to any number used by your team. The calls can be forwarded to any landline or mobile phone. 

With this feature, you can receive calls practically anywhere. You can distribute calls across the entire team or in a sequence. You can also change distribution rules in just a few clicks.

JustCall call forwarding

JustCall lets you forward calls to any device, phone number, or team member.

Team Collaboration and Management

JustCall lets teams work more effectively as one. You can invite multiple team members and assign each one of them with a phone number. Team members can be tagged in scheduled calls. 

Furthermore, managers can also monitor the team’s calls in real-time, so they can evaluate, coach, and assist their staff better. This is made possible by call whispering and barging capabilities.

Call whispering allows you to talk to your agent during a call without the caller hearing you. Meanwhile, call barging allows you to barge in on an ongoing call to talk directly to the customer.

Multi-device and Operating System Compatibility

JustCall comes with Windows and Mac desktop apps, as well as iOS and Android apps. This means that you can make and receive calls across different devices. You can also access the auto-dialer right from your browser using the Google Chrome plugin. This plugin also lets you access the auto-dialer while using any of your integrated CRMs or helpdesk apps.

As calls can be forwarded and synced to any device, you can continue or pick up calls even when you’re on-the-go. Users can also choose which device they are more comfortable to use for taking and making calls. 

With the JustCall mobile apps, you can turn any mobile device into a business line. You might experience bad reception every once in a while, though, particularly when you’re connected through mobile data.

JustCall auto-dialer

JustCall allows you to make calls right from your integrated CRM or helpdesk software.

Supports various SMS functions

Sometimes, the ability to call and receive calls may not be enough. Fortunately, JustCall does more than just call. It lets you send and receive SMS regardless of where you are in the world. 

The ability to send SMS lets you send updates to customers and teammates during a critical time, such as when there’s a crucial issue that’s waiting to be resolved. When you send customers text messages regarding their concerns, it shows them that you’re on top of things and that you’re doing your best to resolve the issue. 

JustCall also supports bulk SMS sending, which can help you drive promotional campaigns. There’s also the auto-reply feature that you can set up to make sure customers get a quick response every time.

Accurate and Clear Call Logs and Recordings

With instant access to call logs and recordings, you won’t have to nag your team about call activity reports. You can get call details in an instant to give you more info about the calls and callers. Note that you can apply advanced filters to easily sort call logs and recordings so you won’t have to waste time browsing through thousands of calls. 

Meanwhile, call recordings let you replay important conversations. This feature can also help you evaluate your team’s performance.

Comprehensive Analytics Reports

When you log into your JustCall dashboard, you’ll be welcomed by multiple analytic sections. With these reports, you can instantly track calls and assess your team’s performance. 

Although JustCall could use better report views, these dashboard analytics effectively sum up your customer support team’s activities. This can help you plan and implement workflow and assistance improvements.

JustCall dashboard and analytics

JustCall gives you a quick view of call and team analytics on the dashboard.

Swift Customer Service Response

JustCall is a relatively new player in the field compared to top call center solutions that have been around longer. As with any other programs in their infancy, users can expect to experience occasional bugs and issues while using the program. However, JustCall’s round-the-clock and efficient customer service support more than makes up for those shortcomings.

JustCall Does More Than “Just Call”

It’s a given that the best call center software solutions must provide high-quality call and call management capabilities. However, JustCall is out to prove that it can better even its own name. This feature-packed program certainly does more than “just call.” 

If you are looking for a program that will help you save time and effort through effective integration with your CRM and helpdesk tools, then JustCall is worth your attention. It may also suit you if reaching more customers and converting more leads sound good to you.

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