Smartsheet Competitors: 5 Alternatives to Project Management Software

Wrike: Top Alternative To Smartsheet

What is the top Smartsheet competitor?

The top Smartsheet competitor is Wrike, given the fact that it has numerous features that are designed to help increase the efficiency of all types of project teams. It supports collaboration, which is key to the successful completion and delivery of any project. Users get the flexibility they need to better manage schedules, project tracking, and priorities. The platform is also user-friendly, making it ideal for any user.

As businesses grow not only in size but also in complexity, more effective project management solutions are required to coordinate an entire company’s projects with efficient functionalities for risk analysis, workflow automation, budget allocation, forecasting, as well as resource management.

However, with hundreds of project management providers out there it’s often difficult to pick the right one. One such tool is project management platform Smartsheet. Initially released in 2006, Smartsheet is a web-based project management, team collaboration, and productivity software. It’s not focused on a specific market niche, instead, it has customers from various industries as well as companies of various sizes and types and different business functions. Its clients include tech companies such as Google, Netflix, and Groupon.

In this article, you’ll find an extensive overview of the app and a list of top 5 Smartsheet competitors selected by our B2B experts to help you narrow down your options to a few services that offer high-quality tools. You may also want to read our detailed comparison of best project management software for 2019 to learn more about these products.

What are Smartsheet top competitors?

Overview of Smartsheet

Pricing: Starts at $14 (paid annually)

Smartsheet is an enterprise collaboration tool for businesses, offering companies an innovative approach to collaboration on tasks and projects. Accessible from any device or browser, the tool effectively combines the ease of use of a worksheet with visual timeline management, automated workflow capabilities, and collaborative file sharing and discussions. Smartsheet can handle various types of work including projects, core business operations, and programs. It is likewise integrated with prominent web services such as Box, Salesforce, and Google Apps, further extending its features and functionalities.

The tool changes the way teams discuss and collaborate on tasks and projects such as tracking marketing campaigns, planning events and managing operations. Smartsheet also offers a friendly and easy-to-use interface, along with features like file sharing, work automation features, and Gantt charts. It is used by businesses in over 160 countries and supports a variety of languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and German.

Smartsheet is a solid software, but it’s by no means the best one out there. Our B2B experts reviewed the tool and evaluated its quality, ranking it outside our top 10 project management solutions

smartsheet competitors

1. Wrike

Pricing: Starts at $9.80 per month. A feature-rich free plan is also available.

Without a doubt, Wrike offers the most ideal project management solution in the market today and is the most significant competitor of Smartsheets. It is a top product under our project management software category on the basis of its robust functionalities, easy to use features, and smart capabilities. If you to test all the major features of the software at no cost, you can easily sign up for a free Wrike trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award 2018

Wrike gives companies real-time project insights and the tool can work as a project hub, allowing users to collaborate on projects and ideas quickly, track schedules, and store files securely in the cloud. With Wrike, project teams can organize tasks and projects in a unified workspace. Its users also can easily access uploaded files. while collaborating through group discussions. Schedules can be handled by the system, through interactive Gantt charts, and task assignment. What’s more, Wrike’s built-in analytics features can give you a quick visual update of how your projects are progressing and give the platform the ability to generate reports..

This user-friendly tool also makes you capable of keeping an eye on all pertinent data through its three-pane project view feature, providing you with a clear view of your operations. You get to see all your tasks, subtasks and task details. Using the software is easy as you can learn it in no time at all. It helps you organize all your tasks, without the possibility of duplication. Data can be categorized by projects and tasks and stored in folders. All changes made to your tasks are recorded and can be viewed in their folders so you get to monitor work progress. Teams can be engaged, as members are given the ability to view one another’s activities. And if ever issues arise, specific team members can be called to attention using the product’s @mention functionality. 

2. offers more features than your average project management tool that are sure to benefit your organization. Its checklist functionality can help you better organize all your team’s tasks and still keep an eye on your projects as a whole. User timelines sport a variety of colors, which are not only nice to look at but is highly interactive as well. They can be configured in such a manner that your weekends are displayed, ideal for those who want to get things done even during such times. They can be synced with external calendars such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal, making it really easy to track both work and workdays. The system’s inbox, meanwhile, allows updates to be filtered and closed from a single board so you can keep your inbox clean at all times. Undo buttons are also scattered throughout the app so that you can easily correct errors.

3. ProjectManager

Cloud-deployed project management platform offers collaboration, scheduling and project planning capabilities to change the way you manage your projects. It doesn’t matter if you are handling large or small projects, the solution will provide you with the right tools for the job so that you get to deliver your projects on time, every time. It makes project creation, planning, task scheduling, progress monitoring, and resource allocation a breeze as they can all be accomplished from a singular dashboard. You likewise do not have to worry about team members wandering off as the system supports collaboration, keeping all of them on the same page.

ProjectManager is capable of comparing planned project progress against what’s actually happening on the ground. This way, users get to know if they are staying on the planned path and make the necessary changes to their processes when needed. The product is equipped with a constantly updated dashboard that gives you total visibility into the different areas of your project. It has online Gantt charts that can greatly help you with task scheduling and project planning. This interactive tool also promotes collaboration, making it suitable for use by any team member. The system has powerful reporting capabilities, allowing for report generation using data that are stored online.

4. MeisterTask

Project and task project management tool Meister Task is a cloud-based system that helps project managers take control of every aspect of their projects. It comes with a variety of features such as collaboration and project monitoring, allowing for improved productivity and project acceleration. The system is loaded with powerful tools that are designed to make an easy task of project management. These include automated reporting, Kanban dashboards and seamless integrations with third-party applications like BitBucket, Google Drive and Dropbox, to name a few. It is easy to set up and much easier to use, effortlessly adapting to existing business workflows.

What’s good about Meister Task is that it also serves as a central repository for your data and communication alike. Team members can use the system to download, upload and share files whenever and wherever they need to. It also serves as a place for discussions, from which all tasks and deadlines can be scheduled. The tool’s features and functionalities can receive a boost as it is able to seamlessly integrate with popular business and productivity solutions.

5. Asana

Popular project management solution Asana is known for helping project teams plan and schedule tasks to get your project better organized. Using the software, you can assign tasks, priorities and share information with individual team members. Project monitoring is also made easy, with the system guiding you through every project phase. This gives you an idea of how your project is progressing while keeping all team members on the same page. The solution is feature-rich, providing you with all the needed tools to efficiently manage your projects.

Asana comes with boards that allow users to get a visual image of their work. This enables them to quickly move tasks throughout a project’s stages. You likewise get to meet your deadlines with the tool’s timeline feature, which allows you to plan your project’s structure and keep your work on course despite any change. The system has a wide variety of integrations that enable you to view tickets, files, and emails, to name a few–all in a singular location. What’s even better is that you can make templates for most of your common processes, which can be used by anyone in your team.

And we’re done here. There are a lot more Smartsheet competitors out there but these five are by far the most robust of them. So does this means you’re ready to sign a deal with a vendor? The answer is no as there are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a system. So how do you choose the best project management tool for your business? First, you have to consider your needs. Don’t just go for the one with the most number of features, otherwise, you might end up buying a solution that has absolutely no value to you.

You can also avail of free trials, which most software vendors currently offer. With these, you can take a solution for a spin, explore its features and see if it’s the right one for you. And then there is the matter of knowing what businesses are being targeted by the software. Many are designed for SMBs, which can be scaled according to an organization’s needs. This way, companies don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a system in place. And there are those that are designed for large businesses, which often come with enterprise-grade features. You can also read our article on the 20 best online project management tools to manage your projects to get a better idea of how these products work. top In a nutshell, success in shopping for a project management tool depends largely on you. Take your time and look around. You’re bound to get the right tool that would not only provide you with what you need but give you great value for your money as well.

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