Top 10 Alternatives To Fellowship One: Popular Church Management Software

Churches being organizations involve not only spiritual order but organizational management as well. Maintaining these entities require a lot of work, which most of the time take up too much time on the part of pastors and clergy.

Church management software was developed specifically to automate church management, administrative and task reporting. This tool is known for its many functionalities, it streamlines processes, enables collaboration and facilitates communication. This tool has the capability to manage membership, mailings, events and fundraising. It is a very valuable solution as it can remarkably cut costs and monitor congregation growth. More advanced church management software offer greater benefits to congregations. Some are capable of providing multiple user access and come with security features to protect confidential church and member information. Some also have features that store and report attendance data, a key factor in church growth. These solutions are available via cloud deployment or download.

Many churches have started embracing this type of software for its ability to make church tasks easier and faster, precisely the reason for the rapid growth of the church management software business. Although most of these solutions are sold at a price, free open source church management platforms are available for organizations who lack the resources to invest in the technology. 

Now that introductions are over, let us  take an indepth look at leading church management software Fellowship One and see how it compares to the top 10 alternative solutions available in the market today.

What is Fellowship One?

FellowshipOne Go Complete is a church management software that consists of three church solutions–a church management tool, a church accounting software and a church online giving platform. This intuitive suite is designed to manage the administration of growing churches, congregations and religious denominations. It has the capability to streamline churches and congregations’ administrative tasks. This tool is specifically targeted at religious organizations with 1,000 attendees and 10 employees, capable of making room for up to six users.

Boasting powerful tools and a comprehensive database, the platform offers modular church management functions related to memberships, donations, events and program management. It has the ability to manage mass messaging and background checks to boost church communication and security. FellowshipOne’s accounting tool can handle ledger, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and purchasing. An interesting feature of the software is its online giving functionality, which allows for the management of donations and contributions. This enables users to come up with online giving pages and customizable funds, essentially automating the whole process of giving and donation management.

Benefits of FellowshipOne

  1. Integrated church management system
  2. Volunteer management capability
  3. Generation of church financial insights and data
  4. Purchase management functionality
  5. Online giving management capability

Truly, FellowshipOne is one impressive piece of software, earning the top spot at our Top 10 alternatives to FellowshipOne. However, if your organization needs specific features, our top ten list of alternatives to FellowshipOne could help you find the church management solution that is right for you.

1. EasyWorship

Church media software service EasyWorship is designed to help ministers in coming up with creative presentations for sermons, messages and other activities. The solution showcases tools that include fonts, themes and presentation slides, which can take church presentations to new heights. It likewise allows users to have increased control over graphic features such as text outlines, shadows and transparency, among others. With the software’s quick editing feature, last minute changes to media can be made.

The service is user-friendly, enabling pastors and staff to create professional-looking media with minimum training. The interface can be navigated with ease, requiring only a few clicks to reach needed tools at any time. Cooperation among users is also facilitated as data can be shared within a local network. This feature gives relevant staff access to files needed to create media-rich presentations. However, administration control ensures that not all users can readily view and retrieve files under permission control. There are many alternatives to this product that are worth looking at check out EasyWorship alternatives here

2. easyTithe

A powerful and flexible online giving platform, easyTithe makes the process of giving a lot more easier and user-friendly. The software boosts online giving by enabling church members to choose from a variety of payment methods. Recurring giving can be scheduled to avoid repeating the process every time. It is also equipped with tools to encourage congregations to support projects and missions through giving.

What is truly unique about the software is that it is highly flexible and customizable, enabling users to create giving portals to reflect their own brands. This in turn enriches the experience of givers throughout the giving process. Security is ensured as all dealings are done over highly secure servers and connections. The software’s PCI and DSS compliance assures users that it meets all banking industry regulations. Its data centers are likewise well protected ensuring that all data are secure and safeguarded against intrusions.

easyTithe’s scalability also deserves a good look as it enables the system to grow as the congregation does. Its ability to support multiple campuses allows users to group donations and pledges for different projects. Unlimited number of employees, volunteers and even members can be given access to the software. For other software of this type, you can browse easyTithe alternatives here.

3. ChurchTrac Online

ChurchTrac Online is a church management platform designed to help churches grow their ministries and better promote spiritual growth. Its primary goal is to boost communication while organizing church teams and ministries in the process.The software’s key features include membership management, attendance reporting/tracking, donation and pledge and contribution management, among many others.

The solution’s church membership administration capability is limited to a church’s active members. It can record and organize information as it accommodates visitors and prospective members. This capability can group both members and non-members in the form of Smart Lists, which can be both customized or preset. These are configurable and new lists can be added as the need arises.

Meanwhile, the platform’s financial management feature can create, manage and track church finances including payroll, budget and church accounts. It can import transaction details and print W2 reports. With this capability, users can track fund disbursements and be informed where funds are released to.

In addition, ChurchTrac Online can monitor attendance, not only during mass or service but on special events as well. Key dates are also recorded, with the system able to notify members of coming events. Attendance reports can be generated and printed as well, which is very helpful in checking attendance trends. However, there are alternatives to this tool, you can check out ChurchTrac Online alternatives here.

4. Pro Church Tools

An online church management solution, Pro Church Tools gives churches the opportunity to gain new skills through free tools, courses, podcasts and other web content. Using the software, churches can gain new knowledge on how to engage their congregation, specifically the youth. This is accomplished through storytelling techniques using videos, social media, email marketing and other media.

Users can likewise beef up member engagement using the service by providing videos, podcasts and educational materials to educate staff on communication methods. This functionality is especially applicable to the younger generation, which are known for their use of mobile devices and social media. The tool provides insights on how to use these technologies to connect with such members. Pastors can benefit by upgrading their skills by learning to create multimedia communications, which can greatly help in engaging the congregation and catching the eye of prospects. There are a wide array of similar software out there, you can browse Pro Church Tools alternatives here.

5. ACS Church Software

A church management software with accounting capabilities, ACS Church is designed to help improve church operations and accounting tasks. The platform is made up of several tools, which can help manage data on member participation and contributions. The solution’s accounting tools are specifically tailored to track the finances of nonprofit organizations. Such functionalities help churches focus on church growth as workflow processes are streamlined.

The software promotes engagement by keeping leaders and members connected at all times. These results in increased member attendance and also helps in communicating with non-members and prospective recruits. The tool can be customized to meet churches’ needs as its modular nature fits just about any budget and organization goals.

To make the solution even better, the vendor also uses cloud-based technology so that it can be accessible to any user anytime, anywhere. This is particularly useful for members who do missionary work who are always out in the field. In this way, member productivity can get a significant boost. If you want to view similar tools, you can check out ACS Church Software alternatives here.

6. Church Community Builder

Web-based church management solution Church Community Builder is aimed at improving church communication. The software can significantly boost church-community engagement and member assimilation and retention through coaching solutions. A variety of tools and features enable the platform to help leaders in member management and effecting church growth.

Aside from being able to streamline church processes, Church Community Builder can seamlessly integrate with a number of business applications, thereby improving processes such as donation and financial and attendance management. Another notable feature is the software’s church metrics, which can give users real time information on which key decisions can be based to better align them with organization goals.

It has a children’s check-in tool, which effectively manage children’s attendance at Sunday schools. The solution can likewise aid in volunteer organization through its volunteer scheduling functionality. There are more software of its kind out there, you can find Church Community Builder alternatives here.

7. Churchteams

A church management platform, Churchteams is designed to help faith-based organizations in managing operations and key functions, including membership, attendance and donation management. The software can be accessed through mobile devices, giving users absolute control over information at any given time.

Using the software, church leaders can easily organize members into teams, delegate tasks and schedule events. Churchteams’ integrated tools, meanwhile, can help users manage church finances. An Online Giving module can help members in making donations and contributions by sending them through online channels. Such capability has been found to improve offerings by as much as 50%. The same module can likewise serve as a payment portal during event registrations. For similar software, please check out Churchteams alternatives here.


A church giving management application, is designed to inspire congregations to extend their generosity and boost member engagement. With the software, faith-based organizations are provided with their own custom church applications to improve the donation and pledging process, by using digital technology to give gifts. These tools include text messaging, online portals and kiosks.

The solution encourages transparency in churches by generating invoices and statements of accounts. Automatically generated email confirmations are sent to donors following every giving transaction. Donors can track their gift giving using the software as they are given access to their giving history, providing them the opportunity to see how much they have given the organization.

Every transaction is kept secure as cloud transfer facilitates the process. The technology removes the need for account and routing numbers, simplifying the donation process, while ensuring transaction security. For other software options, you can browse alternatives here.

9. Flocknote

Church communication management software Flocknote is designed primarily to improve communication with members. The solution captures member contact information, facilitates contact and helps churches listen to what members have in mind. It essentially keeps members, groups, leaders and other key church people connected in a single loop and able to respond to communication problems.

Flocknote showcases a phletora of features, which include text and email messaging, content sharing and contact importing, among others. What is even better is that it eliminates the need for additional software such as mobile apps and social networking solutions. However, what stands out among the software’s features is its ability to send unlimited text and email messages, enabling users to effectively communicate with members.

Ease-of-use is attained with the software’s easy to locate and navigate buttons, where users can write a note or add a member. The write note button allows users to send email or text messages to all church members at the same time. These emails can be sent with attached files, inserted videos or images or even a poll. Schedules for email delivery can be set, with copies of their drafts saved for future reference.

Using email newsletters, users can come up with free, customizable and visually pleasant content, while establishing connections with church members. Newsletters can be made complete with header images, photos, quotes and other attachments. It also showcases customizable campaign templates, which provide custom branding capability. More software of this type are out in the market, please see Flocknote alternatives here.

10. Elvanto

Cloud-based church management solution Elevanto is designed for faith-based organizations of all sizes. It basically helps in the management of churches’ administrative and pastoral activities, member engagement and the streamlining of financial processes. With the platform, church leaders can even improve worship affairs and other events.

Its ability to assist in church management gives pastors the opportunity to focus on growing their flocks. This feature-rich piece of software allows users to store member contact information, come up with church groups and organize the same for volunteer programs. To enhance church relationship with its members, Elvanto is equipped with tools to enable ministers to effectively connect with members. Church announcements, event invitations and other relevant communications can be sent out through texts or emails.

Church and event attendance and other metrics can be monitored using the platform’s reporting tools, which can be used in coming up with strategies to engage members. For volunteers, a companion app is provided, which enables them to check on activities and respond to volunteering invitations.

Elvanto’s integration with a number of online giving applications simplifies the giving process through digital technology. This enables givers to schedule their donations and contributions. To ensure transparency of the giving process, the software allows givers to track their donations by providing them with statements. Ministers are likewise provided with the ability to categorize gifts, enabling them to accurately account for donations.

So there you have it, the top 10 alternatives to Fellowship One church management software. Each one with its own unique features and functionalities but one is bound to be just the right one for your organization. For similar tools, you can browse Elvanto alternatives here.

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