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Top 10 Alternatives to PayPal Payments Pro: Comparison of Leading Payment Gateways

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Online sellers’ ability to market products and services online has been around since the Internet first appeared and these businesses have grown since then. However, this capability did not effect the big boom as early Internet marketers initially thought it would. It was not until a technology called payment gateway was invented that online businesses really took off.

Payment gateways come in the form of software or servers whose principal function is to transmit online transaction data to acquiring banks and corresponding responses from issuing banking institutions, basically facilitating communications among banks.

Top 10 Alternatives to PayPal Payments Pro

As payment gateways handle sensitive financial data such as credit card numbers, it is but natural for these entities to protect clients against fraudulent activities. Card associations have drafted the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which must be adhered to by those who have access to card data, payment gateways included. This practice effectively ensures that online credit card transactions are safe and secure, which is achieved through the use of HTTPS protocol. Pricing is often flexible with payment gateways charging online sellers fees on a per transaction basis.

With the increase in the use of payment gateways, global market for the service is expected to grow by as high as 16.43%  from 2018 to 2023. This projected growth is attributed to a potential significant increase in online shopping. Merchants and consumers’ shift to digital channels is also expected to influence the market’s growth with consumer spending on such channels expected to surge.

What is PayPal Payments Pro?

paypal dashboard example

Currently the most popular payment gateway provider, PayPal Payments Pro allows Internet sellers to receive online payments through credit, mobile and retail credit cards. It provides retailers the ability to make and host checkout pages, giving them absolute control over online payment transactions.

To make things even better for users, the software does not require a PayPal account to complete a purchase, while giving them the ability to process credit cards through phone, fax and mail via virtual terminal. PayPal Payments Pro, charges user a flat rate of $2.90 along with a $0.30 per-transaction fee, such pricing model is beneficial for companies with large tickets because the flat fee remains the same whether the cards used are debit, credit, corporate or rewards.

Apart from credit cards, the solution accepts online payments through debit cards, rewards and PayPal credit, providing users with both flexibility and security. PayPal Payments Pro is so flexible that it gives users the option to customize the service as their business require. Merchants can incorporate both layout and colors into a customized checkout to reflect their brands and can integrate the system seamlessly with most popular carts.

The solution is also capable of sending out invoices to customers from virtually any device, making the payment a lot faster. After payment is made, users could either retain the funds in its PayPal Payments Pro account or transfer them directly to a preferred bank account.

Benefits of PayPal Payments Pro

Online sellers can never do without an online payment platform that accepts a variety of payment options. PayPal Payment Pro may just be the solution you are looking for and more.

  1. Accepts alternative payment methods such as debit, mobile and PayPal retail cards.
  2. Does not require a PayPal account
  3. Customized checkout
  4. Integrates with popular shopping carts
  5. Accessible via mobile devices
  6. Generates online invoices

PayPal Payments Pro is indeed a one-size fits all payment gateway solution for just about any online enterprise. Businesses are bound to benefit from its many functionalities and add-on capabilities. In this article, we present the top 10 alternatives to PayPal Payments Pro, where we will compare the tool with other software of its kind. This will certainly help you choose the best payment gateway solution for your business.

Top 10 Alternatives to Paypal Payments Pro

1. Stripe

strip dashboard example

First on our list is Stripe, a powerful payment program that provides you with powerful capabilities so you can grow faster, increase your revenue with payment options built to reach a global audience, optimize checkout conversion, and increase optimization rates with no additional work.

Stripe lets you jumpstart your integration with ecommerce plug-ins that allow you to efficiently integrate payments into your store with a simple and easy setup. It has a service for marketplaces and payments platforms to use in accepting money and paying out to third-party systems.

Stripe offers custom UI toolkit through Stripe Elements, a set of rich, pre-built UI components, so you can design your own custom payment form. Elements are built with the collective experience of Stripe’s front-end, design, and analytics teams to help minimize user error and increase the number of successful payments.

If you need to bill US businesses, use Stripe to send invoices and request payments from your customers. Customize invoices to match your company branding, add payment terms, and accept both cards or ACH payments. However, if you think the provider doesn’t match your needs, you have here plenty of Stripe alternatives to choose from.

2. Amazon Payments

amazon payments dashboard example

Amazon Payments is an online payment solution designed to cater to both Amazon merchants and shoppers. Millions of buyers and sellers in Amazon have been using the system for some time now. The software is comprised of two tools–Pay With Amazon for sellers and Log in And Pay for buyers.

Pay With Amazon is designed for online businesses who want to improve customer experience. This package has built-in functionalities that can attract new clients and make them come back for more. It can streamline the shopping process and boost customer loyalty at the same time by customizing recurring payments.

Login and Pay, on the other hand, allows customers to enjoy speedy checkouts via websites and apps. Seller data is secured and can only be accessed through their websites.

Amazon Payments supports mobile devices to allow users to readily access their data from the merchant’s website. This streamlines the whole purchasing process as it eliminates the need to repeatedly provide information such as name, shipping address and credit card numbers, among others. Information safety is topnotch as the platform uses a very strict security protocol capable of fraud detection. You can find Amazon Payments alternatives here.

3. Adyen

adyen dashboard example

A notable payment gateway provider, Adyen is designed to provide online sellers and consumers easy and streamlined online payment options. With its mobile payment facilities,  the software can cater to online shoppers’ unique needs. Focusing on credit and debit transactions, supported payment options include American Express, UnionPay and ApplePay. This makes online products/services more accessible, enabling users to attract new customers. Transaction time is significantly reduced, ensuring timely arrival of payments.

Ayden has built-in productivity and business solutions that give it capabilities that its competitors do not have. The tool seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Ebizmarts, Navitaire and Cegid, among other platforms. For those who need custom connections, the software has plugins and open API data available.

The service has already established itself as an excellent handler of point-of-sale payments in the United States and Europe, eliminating concerns over checkout queues and lost sales. It has terminals that are NFC-enabled, supporting contactless payments. Ayden also supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

So there you have it, the top 10 alternatives to Paypal Payments Pro. Each software has its own target users, which means that one is bound to meet your business needs. You can browse Adyen alternatives here.

4. PayU

payu dashboard example

PayU is a popular payment gateway provider that is meant to simplify and speed up online payment processes. The solution focuses on matching customer shopping and payment behavior with sellers’ needs. It essentially simplifies, hastens and secures online payments and can be accessed via computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline.

The service is currently present in 16 markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This global presence makes it possible for PayU to cater to local markets and enable international sellers to receive payments from these markets. In addition, the payment gateway has over 250 payment options to choose from and supports multi-currency transactions. It also caters to all kinds of customers even those who do not have credit cards.

PayU’s ability to provide connections to local acquiring banks makes approval rates higher than those of its competitors. More importantly, it has an anti-fraud system that assures customers of the security of their financial information. This is further heightened with its tokenization feature, which makes for safe and quick online payments.

The online payment process is further hastened by a hosted checkout, which enables users to immediately integrate and start receiving local payment methods. Consumers can easily make purchases with a single click of a mouse, which boosts conversion rates. You can find PayU alternatives here.

5. Skrill

skrill dashboard example

A global payment gateway provider, Skrill helps online sellers serve their clients better while preventing late payments. It simplifies the online payment process, requiring customers to just sign up to avail of its services. Payment options include credit cards, cash and email. It supports more than 30 currencies, enabling users to expand into new markets.

The platform clearly places importance on transaction security and transparency by keeping critical information safe and secure. This is achieved through its anti-fraud screening features, which monitor individual transactions. The service can be accessed from any mobile device, enabling customers to transact anytime, anywhere. Another convenient feature is that sellers are given the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs.

The software is seen as ideal for point of sale businesses and online retailers. Using the account, buyers are able to pay for products/services online, making the process a lot simpler. Skrill is indeed an ideal payment gateway that not only focuses on sellers but on buyers as well. Browse Skrill alternatives here.

6. BlueSnap

bluesnap dashboard example

An integrated global payment management and affiliate marketing service, BlueSnap is designed to aid online sellers in managing payments. It gives users the ability to accept and process payments from both local and international customers, an ideal feature for those who want to set up shop in new markets.

Users can greatly benefit from the platform’s international network of acquiring banks, which also ensures high conversion rates and significantly increased revenue. A subscription billing feature enables users to issue invoices, allowing them to reach out to subscribers around the world.

BlueSnap gives online sellers the ability to receive credit card payments, offer mobile wallets to shoppers and quickly furnish reports. It seamlessly integrates with PayPal, ApplePay, VISA and Mastercard, allowing users to receive payment from both local and foreign clients.

Security features are among the best, with a built-in fraud prevention system in place. This feature can reduce fraudulent payment incidence by up to 80%. Find BlueSnap alternatives here.

7. WePay

wepay dashboard example

Online payment platform WePay is designed to provide users with optimal payment experience. It does this by giving users absolute control over the experience through customized sign-up, checkout and email communications. What is unique about the service is that it can cater to the payment needs of individual businesses, complexities and risks notwithstanding.

The solution provides fully integrated payment and risk services by partnering with other platforms. These partnerships allow payments to be simple, fast and secure while reducing transaction costs. Third-party redirects and complicated seller onboarding flows are also prevented to speed up user adoption and payer checkout.

WePay allows users to quickly finish the online payment process by providing merchant accounts without the need to set up a gateway or go through tedious underwriting processes. Every transaction is secured using the latest risk tools available. This safety feature gives the platform the ability to accept online sellers that other providers may have difficulties dealing with. It likewise helps prevent fraud and identity theft, which could adversely impact costs and user experience. Businesses no longer have to worry about overheads as the software manages all matters related to it. Browse WePay alternatives here.

8. Authorize.Net dashboard example

A payment gateway service, Authorize.Net is designed to provide speedy, secure, and dependable online payments. The solution does these and more without the need for software installation and implementation. To date, the service has provided around 370,000 online sellers the ability to receive online payments, while offering scalability and value-added services. These additional offerings aid businesses in management and protects them from fraudulent activities.

Authorize.Net is flexible, enabling users to configure account settings, come up with reports and manage their transactions all from a single platform. Payment options include credit cards and eChecks, funds from which are automatically deposited to users’ bank accounts. It has integrations with third-party applications such as Virtual Point of Sale, which ideal for use by retail locations.

Users can receive mail and phone orders using the service’s virtual terminal, an excellent way to submit transactions manually. Mobile devices are supported through a free mobile app or preferred third-party solutions. A Customer Information Manager allows sellers to tokenize the payment process and store consumer information in its secure servers. With Authorize.Net, security is no longer an issue as its Advanced Fraud Detection Suite can identify, manage and prevent fraudulent transactions. Find Authorize.Net alternatives here.

9. Braintree

braintree dashboard example

Designed to make payments a lot easier for both online sellers and customers, Braintree is a global eCommerce tool that allows users to grow their business around the world. The payment gateway currently serves 40 countries, enabling online sellers to accept, split and accept payments. The software supports over 130 currencies, with partnerships with other notable platforms such as PayPal.

With its global reach, Braintree offers online sellers the opportunity to access the global market. The good thing about the platform is that it does not charge foreign exchange or cross-border fees, which can result in great savings for users. Easy sign up also allows businesses to start accepting payments almost immediately.

The solution lets users customize their checkout flows, while complying with PCI SAQ A. For security, Braintree’s Hosted Fields provides users with absolute control over web checkouts. They can easily input or pull out customer data at anytime. As for critical customer information, the software stores them in a secure system so that it stays PCI-compliant. Browse Braintree alternatives here.

10. Trexle

trexle dashboard example

Trexle is a billing and payment gateway integration solution designed to accelerate and simplify the facilitation of online payments through seamless integrations with major shopping carts, payment gateways, and online banking channels.

This payment platform enables e-commerce businesses and online merchants to accept payments from all over the world, securely store and manage customer data, and is PCI-compliant. The software implements strict data protocols to ensure that customers’ information is not compromised, such as bank details, passwords, and more.

Trexle offers over 100 integrations with the world’s widely used payment gateways, including Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and WorldPay, making it also easy for their customers to settle payments from their end.

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