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Top 10 Volusion Alternatives: Leading eCommerce Software Solutions

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Are you looking for an alternative ecommerce solution to Volusion? There are plenty of ecommerce platforms available to choose from that can help you run your online business and handles its operations behind the scenes.

Shoppers want an improved customer experience from ecommerce businesses. In a survey by Marketing Sherpa, millennials and baby boomers, aside from providing free shipping, think retailers should provide high-quality customer service as voted by 53% of females and 39% of males. This includes an easy return process, fast shipping, real-time tracking of deliveries, and website and emails tailored to their preferences. Getting an ecommerce solution streamlines most of these processes.

How shoppers want ecommerce businesses to improve their processes. (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

There are several factors to consider when choosing an ecommerce programs. First, it is crucial to do a comprehensive evaluation of your processes and requirements. The next thing is to find the e-commerce platform that suits your needs. To know the software better, you may read this in-depth article on what is e-commerce software.

Without the right solution, businesses suffer an average rate of 69.23% on cart abandonment according to Baymard Institute. Some factors that contribute are forced account creation (35%), lack of transparency (24%), website errors (22%), insufficient payment methods (8%), and declined credit card (5%), among others.

Looking at the top 10 alternatives to Volusion is a good place to start. Before we’ll dive on that, we’ll discuss more about Volusion first to make a better comparison between the products.

What is Volusion?

Volusion is a website store builder and shopping cart software. The all-in-one e-commerce solution lets you build an online storefront within minutes without coding required. With built-in features, you no longer have to add other CRM tools, plugins, and themes. For instance, it has a built-in SEO management, CRM system, and newsletter feature to market your business, reach more customers, and increase sales. Main features include secure checkout, social media integrations, payment providers, inventory management, site editing tools, and responsive themes.

The platform is able to execute its functionality due to its core modules that each target a relevant phase of your entire ecommerce operation. Beginners can easily utilize the app’s “create kit” to get started in building the online storefront. This includes a custom-built storefront where you can incorporate personalized and SEO-ready content.

Furthermore, Volusion leverages their offerings with a dedicated assistance and self-generated in-house services. It has an open API platform, partnerships, and integrations with external apps. This ensures all integrations and customizations are seamless with no hiccups from third-party systems.

Benefits of Volusion

  1. Optimized online store. Even if you are not skilled in designing and developing a website, you can easily build a fully-functional and attractive online storefront with its intuitive builder and drag-and-drop features. It also has a theme library with plenty of professionally-designed themes available.
  2. Fully-functional ecommerce solution. Once you’re done designing your online store, you can immediately list your products and add variant prices and rich descriptions. It empowers your store to sell more and get paid directly and securely.
  3. Robust reporting tools. Working hand in hand with Google Analytics, it collects, extracts, and analyzes data for both standard and custom reports. There are also templates for RMAs, abandoned cart summaries, ROI tracking, and product views, among others.
  4. Dedicated success management team. Getting an assistance with Volusion’s team is easy in addition to materials and training guides in the Help Center. Support is available for all their plans where experts can help you with design, implementation, and integrations, for a start.

If its features and inclusions don’t meet your requirements or if you’re interested to look at similar options, there are plenty of Volusion alternatives to choose from listed below.

Top 10 Alternatives to Volusion

1. Wix

Wix is a website builder with built-in eCommerce solutions. It is built for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own website and incorporate an e-commerce component in it. Wix Stores lets you easily sell and manage your products online. With its wide selection of professionally designed themes and built-in drag-and-drop store builder, you can create a beautiful storefront with ease to showcase your products in eye-catching collections. It accepts multiple payment methods and coupons and provides a store manager tool, product pages, and worldwide shipping and tax calculations.

Before choosing a plan, you can start with a free trial offered by Wix to test drive its tools and features. Sign up for Wix free trial here to check out the platform.


This award is given to the best product in our Shopping Cart Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Wix won our Best Shopping Cart Software Award for Q1 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

If Wix doesn’t match what you’re looking for in an ecommerce solution, you may look at these Wix alternatives for more options.

Why choose Wix instead of Volusion?

  1. It has free hosting.
  2. It is mobile-friendly with a dedicated mobile editor to modify your mobile site.
  3. Its popular App Market has advanced options to integrate with external systems.

Why choose Volusion instead of Wix?

  1. It has a “Deal of the Day” feature for shoppers to look out for in their inbox.
  2. It has a comprehensive site builder and responsive themes for designing websites with no coding.
  3. It offers unlimited product options.

2. Shopify

First on the list of top 10 alternatives to Volusion is Shopify—one of the leaders in the e-commerce space. The Shopify platform covers all forms of e-commerce processes from selling online to selling in-store and out of your car’s trunk. You can sell any type of product: digital, physical, and subscriptions, among others.

It is a hosted eCommerce which means it provides you with everything you need in running your business online from end-to-end. It’s both highly customizable and easy to use as you can establish your brand with themes, logos, and colors according to your branding without design skills required. Main features include order management, payment processing, inventory management, advanced report builder, file storage and abandoned cart recovery, among others.

It is best to try out the product first to see if it matches your requirements. Shopify offers a free trial to let you check out its system. You can sign up for a Shopify free trial here.


This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

Shopify won our Great User Experience Award for 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

If you have a unique requirement and feel this app does not suit it, you can check these Shopify alternatives.

Why choose Shopify instead of Volusion?

  1. It is a hosted eCommerce with built-in speed and security for hosting.
  2. It works as a multi-product e-commerce solution.
  3. It does well in supporting your marketing campaign needs.

Why choose Volusion instead of Shopify?

  1. It has an intuitive order system.
  2. It has a store management mobile app.
  3. It offers a drop shipping integration.

3. 3dcart

3dcart is an online store builder and shopping cart software. It is an all-in-one solution that provides you with everything you need in building a complete e-commerce website so you’ll no longer look for additional services and tools. Packed with features, the platform is highly scalable to handle your growing traffic and sales.

When it comes to design, you can build an attractive online storefront with its wide array of free, mobile-ready themes. It also syncs products and orders with major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping, among others. If you need to expand your operations, you can also integrate it with hundreds of apps, shipping carriers, and integrated payments.

3dcart offers a free trial so you can try out its features. You can easily sign up for a 3dcart free trial here. There are also 3dcart alternatives if you’re looking for similar options.

Why choose 3dcart instead of Volusion?

  1. It is a dedicated e-commerce platform complete with tools you need for setting up your online store with no add-ons needed.
  2. It has unlimited 24/7 technical support in various channels such as phone, email, and live chat.
  3. It has more free and premium themes in its theme library.

Why choose Volusion instead of 3dcart?

  1. It has an affordable starting plan for startups and SMBs.
  2. Its built-in tools provide an all-around solution for your online store.
  3. It lets search engines look at your store through sitemap indexing.

4. Yotpo

Yotpo is an e-commerce software is a user-generated content marketing solution that’s useful for your eCommerce business to establish a stronger brand and improve customer experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, it streamlines content generation from photos, reviews, and Q and As. It also curates existing content from social media channels. This lets you cover more types of customers with incentives, reminders, and personalized requests. The software is useful as 81% of customers make a pre-purchase research by referring to social media posts, forums, message boards, and customer reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. To get to know the platform’s features better, you may sign up for Yotpo free demo here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Yotpo won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Our score
User satisfaction

There are also similar options available if it doesn’t suit your requirements. You may read this article of Yotpo alternatives to see other products.

Why choose Yotpo instead of Volusion?

  1. It gathers customer insights for data-driven decision making.
  2. It has Google partnership that integrates product and merchant ratings with both organic search results and ads.
  3. It naturally blends social content into the shopper’s newsfeeds to expand your product’s reach.

Why choose Volusion instead of Yotpo?

  1. It has plenty of certified technology partners for integrations.
  2. It has built-in SEO management, CRM, and newsletter system.
  3. It unifies ecommerce tool, store builder and marketing hub in a single platform.

5. Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart is an e-commerce platform built to increase traffic, conversions, and sales. It is equipped with tools you need to succeed running an online store whether it’s a small business or an enterprise. Create a stunning storefront where you can choose a template or build your own according to your branding as its fully-customizable and easy to use. With its marketing-focused approach, the platform helps in streamlining traffic optimization and revenue increase. Other features include one-page and one-click checkout, real-time shipping with quotes, cart abandonment remarketing, and over 30 payment methods.

You can sign up for Pinnacle Cart free trial here to test drive the platform’s features and functionalities. This can help you choose a plan that works for your needs.

If it doesn’t suit your needs, there are also good Pinnacle Cart alternatives to look into.

Why choose Pinnacle Cart instead of Volusion?

  1. It has the option to provide hosting or host your own server.
  2. Its plans include online, mobile, and Facebook store.
  3. It has an advanced store management system that connects the store with QuickBooks, Avalar, and Shipwire, among others.

Why choose Volusion instead of Pinnacle Cart?

  1. It lets you create your online store without requiring codes.
  2. It has robust integrations with its certified tech partners.
  3. It offers affordable pricing plans.

6. SellerPrime

SellerPrime is an e-commerce solution that provides Amazon sellers with behavioral analytics to gain insights into their online business. The data gathered can be used to optimize sales and generate more sales through selling smarter. It does so with its main features Product Research, Product Ideas, Seller Watch, Product Alerts, Listing Quality, Product Keyword, Keyword Research, PPC Analyzer, Product Source and Product Alerts. It replaces complicated spreadsheets with comprehensive portfolio dashboard. This minimizes the guesswork and business risks for crucial business decisions.

There are also plenty of SellerPrime alternatives to check out with both similarities and different features with the product that you may be looking for.

Why choose SellerPrime instead of Volusion?

  1. It is an ecommerce solution built for Amazon sellers.
  2. It has more customer support channels.
  3. It supports more array of operating systems: web browsers, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux as well as Android and iOS devices.

Why choose Volusion instead of SellerPrime?

  1. It unifies ecommerce, store creation, and marketing.
  2. It has built-in tools for CRM, newsletters, and SEO.
  3. It offers an affordable starting plan for startups and SMBs.

7. Payability

Payability is another e-commerce solution that integrates with digital marketplaces, notably for Amazon vendors. When you sell your products on, you’ll normally have around 2-weeks waiting time to receive your payout. What Payability does is advancing your earnings in the next day by transferring it directly to your bank account or prepaid Payability account. This lets you use and reinvest your cash faster to leverage cash flow. The daily payouts help sellers purchase more inventory and avoid stockouts.

If it does not have all the features you need, you may also check out Payability alternatives for more options.

Why choose Payability instead of Volusion?

  1. It is useful if you are an Amazon seller to receive earnings faster.
  2. It boosts daily earnings and improves cash flow.
  3. It has a simple 2% flat fee that’s calculated from your gross monthly sales.

Why choose Volusion instead of Payability?

  1. It gives you control over your online storefront by selling and receiving payments directly.
  2. It is an end-to-end solution for ecommerce operations.
  3. It provides you a single platform for marketing, building an online store, and handling ecommerce processes.

8. Jazva

Jazva is a simplified e-commerce solution built for online businesses to scale fast. It is an automation software for multi-channel operations so you can manage SKUs on a single platform. This solution is suited for entrepreneurs who want to eradicate repetitive tasks and replace messy spreadsheets as it automates key processes in running your business. For instance, it has a real-time inventory tracking feature using its intelligent forecasting engine where you get full visibility of your stocks from multiple warehouses and channels. Its main solutions are products and listings, inventory and warehousing, order processing, and shipping.

If you are looking for other similar options, you may look at this Jazva alternatives.

Why choose Jazva instead of Volusion?

  1. It is a multi-channel listing platform with a unified solution for multiple channels and locations.
  2. It automates core processes such as reordering and repricers.
  3. It has an iOS app for inventory control to support mobility.

Why choose Volusion instead of Jazva?

  1. It has built-in tools for creating an online store and marketing.
  2. It offers a store management mobile app.
  3. It offers unlimited product options.

9. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular name in the world of e-commerce, especially for Wordpress users. This open-source e-commerce platform lets you transform your Wordpress website into a fully-functional online store simply by installing the plugin. Due to this integration, you get more control over your website to build your online store the way you want. Built by Wordpress, it features an attractive and intuitive content management system that you can customize through coding or using its visual builder. Its modular design enables you to add the tools you want and keep them when you include other Wordpress plugins.

If WooCommerce doesn’t match your requirements, here are WooCommerce alternatives worth checking out for similar products.

Why choose WooCommerce instead of Volusion?

  1. It comes as a free Wordpress plugin.
  2. It has an extensive community via Wordpress despite its limited customer support.
  3. It has numerous free and premium themes on its library.

Why choose Volusion instead of WooCommerce?

  1. It has necessary tools built in, hence, you no longer require other add-ons and extensions.
  2. It includes hosting for your online store.
  3. It has low pricing tiers for starting plans.

10. Bluestone PIM

Bluestone PIM is a product information management platform that centralizes product information on a single platform, allowing trading partners, marketing channels, and various departments of your business to easily access relevant data. The platform comes equipped with a plethora of collaboration features designed to eliminate instances of duplication and ensure product information are as detailed as possible.With Bluestone PIM, you can create an unlimited amount of product categories and subcategories. The platform allows users to benefit from optimal productivity by allowing users to perform bulk actions, such as bulk editing and designating products in a certain category. It also comes equipped with digital asset management functionalities, analytics, APIs, eCommerce integration, and much more. If you’re looking for similar tools and features, make sure to check our Bluestone PIM alternatives.

Why choose Bluestone PIM instead of Volusion?

  1. It allows you and your team to easily access relevant data on a single platform.
  2. It comes equipped with various collaboration tools.
  3. It features digital asset management tools.

Why choose Volusion instead of Bluestone PIM?

  1. It is a fully functional eCommerce solution.
  2. It features a CRM system.
  3. It comes with a built-in SEO management tool.

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