Top 5 Richest Celebrity Chefs Today: Food, Fame and Money Made In The Kitchen

Food is a basic human need, a necessity we address almost on a daily basis with consistency and regularity. Thus, it is no wonder why a number of people and establishments have found significant success in the food industry. And for a numbered few, working with food became their ticket to becoming famous and rich, including the 5 richest celebrity chefs listed in this article.

The food business is now saturated with chefs from all over the globe. So what makes these chefs special that people flock to partake whatever they conjure? Is it their approach to dining? Their creative experimentations with ingredients? Or is it how they project themselves? There is no fixed formula to success, but if you want to learn how these celebrity chefs made their marks and earned their millions, then you better read on.

Who are the top 5 richest celebrity chefs today?

  1. Alan Wong
  2. Jamie Oliver
  3. Paul Bocuse
  4. Gordon Ramsay
  5. Wolfgang Puck

1. Alan Wong – Net Worth: $1.1 Billion


Alan Wong stamped himself as one of the founding leaders of island fusion cuisine, a movement that took the dine and wine industry by storm and earned him more than a billion bucks. The Tokyo native Wong co-founded the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine with the aim to fuse the distinctive flavors of the eight Hawaiian Islands using the freshest local ingredients. Once island fusion gained traction, everything went big for Wong, including many appearances, writing cookbooks, hosting cook shows, and even cooking for President Barack Obama.

2. Jamie Oliver – Net Worth: $235 Million

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver grew up knowing the ins and outs of the food service, as his parents operated a popular pub in England. The experience equipped him with the basics of food service and business management. By the time he was 16, he attended a culinary school to further hone his skills and learn new things. But his ticket to fame was the famous River Café in London. The restaurant was featured in a documentary in which Jamie appeared too. Shortly after, he was offered a cooking show by BBC. Things started going for Jamie and soon he reached celebrity status. Today, Jamie is an advocate of healthy eating in schools and has been participating in campaigns focused on eradicating junk food from school cafeterias.

3. Paul Bocuse – Net Worth: $185 Million


Coming from a family that is basically culinary royalty, French celebrity chef Paul Bocuse showed early promise in the kitchen. Born in 1911, Bocuse soon took over his father’s restaurant, L’Auberge du Pont de Collognes, which was at that time already a successful establishment. His father managed to nab three stars from the Michelin Guide and Bocuse maintained such prestigious rating until today. In fact, it is the only restaurant to have garnered and kept three stars for so long. In 1990, Bocuse founded the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France. However, many say that Bocuse’s legacy will be his contribution to the study of French culture through food and wine.

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4. Gordon Ramsay – Net Worth: $118 Million

Gordon Ramsay

Just when you thought William Shakespeare is the only famous resident of Stratford-upon-Avon in England, Gordon Ramsay adds himself to that prestigious list. In his younger days cooking was initially the farthest thing from his mind as Ramsay planned to build a career in football. A career-ending injury in 1984 veered Ramsay to a different career path – cooking. His early training is something many chefs would die for – several sessions with celebrity chefs Marco Pierre White from London, Albert Roux also a Londoner and Guy Savoy from France. In 1998, Ramsay opened his first restaurant in London, named after himself. After his establishment received three stars from the Michelin Guide, his success snowballed from there. Now, Ramsay has over a dozen restaurants overseas, penned 21 cookbooks, and appeared in cooking shows such as Hell’s Kitchen (2004-present), Kitchen Nightmares (2004-present) and Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (2012-present).

5. Wolfgang Puck – Net Worth: $75 Million


Austrian-born Wolfgang Puck moved from his native land to Los Angeles, California when he was 24. With his pastry chef mother being a big influence, Wolfgang was inspired to become a chef himself at a very young age. Shortly after relocating, Wolfgang opened his own joint,  Ma Maison. After that, he wrote cookbooks, opened more restaurants, and eventually enjoyed huge success as a chef. He now heads the Wolfgang Puck Group of Companies, which is comprised of three companies. His empire stretches to twenty fine dining restaurants, numerous catering companies and more than 80 Wolfgang Puck express retail stores. He has appeared in several TV shows, including the hit cooking reality show Iron Chef.

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  • Daniel Sun says:

    I don’t get how Jamie Oliver is more wealthier than Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay has 3 Michelin stars, which Jamie does not have. Jamie only has 3 restaurants while Gordon I believe has 21! 20 of them having 2 michelin stars, and the other with 1. They have similar amounts of TV shows as well and Gordon is the judge of Hells Kitchen and Masterchef.

    • Myself says:

      Maybe Ramsay’s wife’s father has a part in why he doesn’t have more money than he should?

    • Chris says:

      Jamie has 64 restaurants with about 40 of them on this country

    • Chef Steve says:

      Hey Daniel,

      I didn’t want to bash your comment here. But Jamie Oliver owns more restaurants than Gordon. Gordon owes a little over 30 places, while Jamie owns over 50, since 2017.

      Some might say Jamie Oliver is a fraud because he doesn’t own 3 Michelin stars or even one to his name, but at the same time… Some chefs don’t believe it to be worth giving up time with their family for work.

      Also, both Jamie AND Gordon are authors. Gordon publishing right around 20 books last time I checked and Jamie publishing about 30. However, Jamie Oliver marketed himself like a genius and figured his target demographic and sold 40,000,000 million copies of his books! While, Gordon only sold 3 million.

      This article is accurate when it comes to Jamie and Gordon as well as Paul Bocuse and Wolfgang Puck. I’m not too sure about Alan Wong though though…

      Cheers Mate!

  • Sadie Parfitt says:

    Simple, advertising pays big money ,Jamie was the face of Sainsbury for years , as well as all the other programs he has been in , touring Italy USA , etc that wouldn’t do his bank balance any harm.

  • George Blanc says:

    Gorden Ramsay not a true chef and a one trick pony like his best friend DB. Jamie has the passion and the love of food as GR has for money and the shallow gory of fame. Must be hard for GR to know JO has more money

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