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Top Features of Unomy: An Award-winning Sales & Marketing Intelligence Software

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unomyAs disputable as you think this issue is, sales quota no longer hides in unique ideas – it stretches to numbers and inches. You do your research homework, target metrics that matter to your business, and lean back to see the same practices that worked for your competitors work for you too. Will they? One can never know that!

Opposed to the general conception of following trends, and feeling confident about our knowledge of the small enterprise world, we once committed to the idea of revealing important business hints and dissolving misconceptions. The one of today goes as follows: skipping dirty work and ‘detail drill’ won’t bring the desired revenue.  As usual, that’s where the devil hides, details.

Our personal deep drilling consisted in locating sales intelligence technology that can actually behave as S&M intelligence solutions. We ‘stumbled’ upon trendy analysts and confident forecasters, and for what we know, you’re not running a structured business while you only lay hands on incomplete and inaccurate data. Unfortunately, that’s what most of today’s software solutions have to offer.

Difficult doesn’t stand for impossible, though. Being able to combine your market strategy with software that can track (and capture) information of relevance for you is exactly how you grow revenue via minimum intervention. Sales space can be, to say the least, a perilous environment for growing businesses, which is why we are always going to support a gloomier outlook on real-time data.

That being said, we turn towards the rising tide of intelligence solutions, and we admit that certain programs took us by surprise. Basking in their recent importance, they were competing harshly, and for a long time we could not bring ourselves to push only one program ahead on the list. A summa summarum analysis in the end, however, convinced us to tell you about Unomy.

We were once asked by one of our users to explain a tech-savvy user what Unomy does in a single sentence. We said to him: ‘Saves time and money’. And he’s been using it ever since. You can find more information about Unomy features in a detailed review on our site or just read on to find a full analysis of their capabilities.


Sales intelligence tool that goes beyond expectations

One can’t take a tour around Unomy’s capacity and not think of himself as a business person that would benefit from it. The thing that this tool did for us (as software reviewers) is to produce ideas, and we rarely get that within our work. In fact, most of the time we look for the ideas and expectations users have already suggested to us. It was probably then that we asked ourselves: Is there really something more to expect from an effective sales intelligence tool?

Our review team prepared a thorough analysis of all popular sales and market intelligence solutions currently available on the market. In the end, we found Unomy to be the best service of this type that you can get for your company. In addition to great and useful features, Unomy also has a very affordable pricing plan that is reasonable regardless of the size of business you run. What’s more, you can always try out Unomy for free first, because a great free trial plan is also available. You can easily sign up for Unomy free trial here.

Our Unomy reviews shows that it is an S&M Intelligence app that helps online-based businesses of all sizes and branches gather, analyze, and process relevant data. Compared to its competitors, Unomy has a reputation of being the quickest improver of B2B deals, due to its sourcing, organizing, and prioritizing capacity. While using it, you’re only one step away from detailed company/employee profiles, focusing on real-time performance that can help you compare them, rather than just stare at plain contact information. Besides, Unomy has a couple of unique features that your competitors may not even know about.

The first thing that captures interest when talking about Unomy is that the tool has been on the market for only 4 years. While this wouldn’t be odd in the relatively new concept of online business, we were impressed by the fact that Unomy ranks much better than its older, proven competitors. It is probably because of the fact that when users lay hands on Unomy to find something, they actually find that.

Simple and intuitive, Unomy turns access to 6 million companies and 60 million employees into a piece of cake. At the same time, it allows users to structure and list information the way you want them to see it. We believe that the main power of the tool consists of the fact that it works with Chrome extensions, meaning that there are two ideal benefits for every curious user: to open the tool’s database and to filter names out; or to turn to it for detail drill once information is already on the table. We will explain how this works later in the article.

We are really impressed with Unomy as it’s a tool that saves your time by means of prioritization and specification, one where you can import contacts and look for their credentials, or where you can use outstanding categorization to narrow search down to only few relevant companies. Statistics show (the same as our elaboration on particular features) that you ‘chew’ 20 minutes of work in 2 minutes, or, to be more precise, you get to contact 90 companies for the time you’d normally spend contacting only 50 of them. Consequently, your work becomes more success-orientated and ROI-effective. Isn’t this the dream of every devoted Sales and Marketing team?

Unomy Pricing Details

One doesn’t get high quality performance on a decent expense every day. Unomy sells on a single affordable price, where searches, personal lists, and access to information are unlimited, and hidden expenses don’t exist. The price for Unomy is $99 per user/month, calculated on the annual subscription basis. Each month, the user grabs 200 contacts to work with, but the option to add credit and to buy additional contact for $0.50 is always available if you need more flexibility. You can find more info about Unomy pricing on our review page.

What’s more, before you pay for the solution you can benefit from their great free trial plan that allows you to see the software in action for yourself. That way you can learn more about its features and find out if it’s a solution that actually fits your company profile. You can easily request Unomy free trial here.

3 Unique Scenarios In The Discovery Cycle

Unomy’s data management capacities are really impressive. The complex process of matching algorithms, processing, and summarizing information for B2B teams comes down to three simple, user-orientated cases, which show that Unomy dev team really considered all potential outcomes of users testing their program. Hare are these three scenarios discussed in detail with examples of how Unomy works in each case:

Scenario 1: Lead generation


Unomy’s unique web crawler is designed to match algorithms and fragment pieces into dynamic company profiles, providing all sorts of company information, from history to social activity. The software uses advanced APIs and CRM integration to access data, and works in partnership with leading companies from all sizes and profiles.

Once data is collected and processed, it is summarized in a robust database enabling businesses to create their own lists of lead-potential customers and investors, or to improve the ones they already have. The bonus in this case is that lists are automatically transferred to Salesforce, and all need for manual data entry is eliminated.

Unomy’s dashboard is probably one of the simplest, yet nicely wrapped analytic platforms you’ve ever worked on. The homepage is in fact your list-nurturing database, where the five basic options are displayed as creative icons on top of the lists table. You have the option to search for new leads, browse a particular company, enrich inbound leads, import URLs, or look for similar content.

For the purpose of lead generation, you need to use the ‘Search for new leads’ option, as clicking on the icon will reveal the basic filters for locating information. You can browse companies using their geographic location, employees, finances, websites, or social media activity; and by clicking on any of these you’ll access a list of subcategories to make your research more precise (if finance, for instance, you’ll be able to research companies based on their estimated revenue, funding rounds, total funding, and so on). Being aware that this may not be precise enough, the dev team included a list of thousand industries and sectors to look at (left hand side), and a search filter where you can mention exactly the branch that you need (instead of scrolling down to find it).

What next? Once you’ve entered data, click on the ‘View Companies’ button on the right, and you will see the exact number of matches organized in a generic list from the leader to the later. For any potential investor in your business, you have a variety of information to work with. A single click will reveal a page full of information, with separate tabs and columns for particular categories. For instance, you can use:

  • Overview to familiarize with the company and its activities
  • People (sorted by management level, sectors, and job functions) to find the credentials of the specific official you are supposed to contact (or even salary information!)
  • Finance to check on their funding, revenue, or overall calculable performance
  • Social to have a glance on their social activities, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers
  • Website to estimate their global popularity, together with a powerful GEO section that helps you understand where most of their visitors are coming from
  • Similar to access a list of its activity-related counterparts.

All that is left to do is to select the companies you want, and to save them in a list for further usage. Note that the list can be assigned to other users, extracted in a CSV format, or shared with colleagues and collaborators.

Scenario 2: Lead Enrichment


Unomy thought of users that already have leads on disposal, but at the same time needed additional information to generate conversions. The software can be used to enlarge datasets on inbound contacts, such as list of companies, conference participants, former subscribers, people who downloaded e-books, etc. All it takes is to export lists from your mailchimp, campaign monitors, or any similar system, and to upload them to Unomy. Additionally, the software uses filters to tighten large lists to top notch prospects, and generates pages with similar/related leads.

By clicking on the third icon in the row of basic options, namely Lead Enrichment, you get access to one of the coolest options Unomy can provide. A small window for importing emails will appear on the screen, and you can either drag contacts inside, or copy-paste them. Once information is inserted, the system analyzes it, and notifies you how many of the companies you’re looking for are available in the database. At the same time, it gives you the option to save those companies in an existing list, or to create a new one especially for them. Once again, you can use the system’s filtering categories to select the most relevant between them. Information will be once again at your fingertips.

Note that creating and editing lists is possible wherever you are in the system, there is no need to navigate back in order to do it.

Scenario 3: Lead research ‘on the fly’

As a sales/marketing person, you value time as your most precious resource, and you are always interested to find as many leads as possible wasting minimal hours. Besides, the key to a successful strategy is most often hidden in attracting ‘that client’ instead of attracting a client. And that’s when Unomy becomes indispensible.

Unomy’s discovery engine is empowered with a unique Chrome extension that generates information ad hoc, as soon as you’ve located the name of a company or an URL to their site. For the sake of clarity, imagine that you’re browsing a particular list of companies on Google. Once you’ve opened the page, a small Unomy icon appears on the screen, and by clicking on a particular URL you can get all company info displayed in a separate bar on the right side of the screen. Another amazing possibility is to study all companies on that list at once, by clicking on the Unomy icon, and choosing ‘Links’. Long story short, you are able to research any company at any time, wherever on the web you happen to be. Powerful, isn’t it?


This is definitely one of the most powerful functions, and one you should definitely check before you think of investing in some other S&M intelligence platform that cannot perform it. By clicking on ‘Import URLs’ you can paste hyperlinks to companies’ websites from any location (which is pretty awesome). It highlights the fact that Unomy team wanted to turn their tool into a faithful assistant that follows you around, carrying valuable information that can be accessed on the spot.

And that’s how the magic occurred. Once downloaded, the Unomy extension will amplify your browsing experience, and will appear in your Chrome browser in the form of a cute add-on which either transmits all links to your Unomy account, or opens an instant information bar when used for a particular company from the list. There are no restrictions as to where Unomy can be used: wherever a company is mentioned and backed up with an URL, you will be able to explore it. As simple as that!

Final considerations

Unomy is the shining example of fast and efficient S&M software which focuses on the right names of your industry in the right time. Translated to business terms, this means laying hands on a discovery mechanism that does deep diving into the unknown, but at the same time makes the most of the information you already have. Basically, it is a win-win solution. Satisfied users often share their fascination with its simple structure, not being able to understand how such a data beast can be humbled in just five basic options. At the end of the day, your task as a marketing/sales person is not to care how things are done behind the curtain, but to enjoy your on-spot insight on leads that will make difference to your business (and your capacity to distinguish them from ones that won’t).

Packed with information, detailed, and specific, Unomy knows everything a conscious marketing team should know to push revenue into accelerated growth. Most of the time it is the best incentive a company can give to its agents to explore the market, and to go a step ahead of their competitors. We’re confident that Unomy will help you realize your business goals before even defining them.  

Awards Won By Unomy

Best Lead Management Award for 2016

lead2016Our team carried out a thorough analysis of all popular lead management software solutions that are currently available on the market. We compared and contrasted all crucial elements of each software, including their features, integrations, mobile support as well as customer support quality. In this test Unomy always got the best possible results and really impressed our reviewers with its quality and usability. It’s definitely a leader in its category and a solution that will guarantee you better lead and customer data management and optimized sales results.

2016 Supreme Software Award

supremeUnomy is the winned of one of the most prestigeous awards that you can get from our review team. Our Supreme Software Award is a definite proof that Unomy offers the best possible level of service and one can expect from a B2B and SaaS solution. It also highlights the fact that Unomy is a company with significant knowledge and experience of the sales and marketing intelligence industry which allows them to prepare optimized solutions that can solve actual problems of their users.

2016 Experts’ Choice Award

expert2016This award reveals that Unomy is a solution that holds a really high position in the eyes of SaaS and B2B professionals. Our team of experts prepared a deep analysis of all the advanced features provided by Unomy and evaluated how well it performs in a wide range of typical business scenarios. We were really impressed with the final results of that test. Our team was especially happy with how Unomy integrates with Chrome and allows you to capture and research leads on the fly.

Great User Experience Award

userexperienceThis award shows that Unomy developement team is aware of how important good and clear design is. They also visibly use that knowledge to develop a service that is really intuitive and easy to use. Our team commited a lot of time to testing Unomy functionalities and we were really impressed how simple it is to start working with the software and intuitive all its advanced features are. We also appreciated the overall comfort of working with Unomy and the way it’s designed to facilitate all typical work processes.

Samepage SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have prepared full Unomy reviews analyzing its features, user feedback, customer service, and other crucial elements. Using our SmartScore system we evaluated Unomy with a very high score of 9.6/10, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at an almost perfect 100%. If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.

By Nestor Gilbert

Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors. He has compiled years of experience editing book titles and writing for popular marketing and technical publications.

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