Wrike Pros & Cons: Analysis of a Top Project Management Tool

Wrike: No. 1 Project Management Tool


Wrike is an award-winning online project management and collaboration platform used worldwide by over 17,000 companies – from startups to large corporations. Noted brands like Airbnb, TGI Fridays, Tiffany, Hootsuite and many others utilize Wrike to track, monitor, and manage projects down to the smallest details. In this article, we’ll examine the tools and capabilities of Wrike that make it such a popular project management solution, and identify a few areas that could make it even better.

Pros & cons of Wrike

Timely and successful completion of projects is instrumental to a company’s progress and profitability. You finish projects on time, on budget, and with no major issues and you get paid, as well as get noticed by peers and competitors. The positive impact on company bottom line and reputation is guaranteed when you wrap up projects efficiently and effectively.

Many of today’s modern teams rely on project management solutions to ensure project delivery. Project management software comes with tools and best practices intended to help you plan, execute, and manage tasks, processes, and resources so you can meet project goals. The lack of clear goals account for 37% of project failures, and 44% of project managers do not use any kind of project management software at all even when PM software is found to increase project performance and satisfaction. A good PM software puts efficiency into managing projects. It’s important, so you don’t become part of the unfavorable statistics below:

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Projects have many different components that need to be in sync to reach a goal. These include the right people, a cohesive team, and management support as well as budget, communication, schedule, quality check, documentation, administration, among others. Project management solutions like Wrike help you keep all aspects and parts of the project progressing together, while providing you clear visibility of tasks, activities, and updates across the team and organization.

What makes a good project management solution? It must give you the following features and capabilities:

  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Simplicity
  • Help and support

For a deeper understanding of what this solution is all about and what it can do for you, head over to our comprehensive analysis of project management software. In the Wrike pros and cons below you’ll see why, in our project management software reviews, this solution stands out in the niche.

Wrike: All-in-One PM Solution

Wrike serves as your singular, centralized hub for all your project management activities. It ensures you have one responsive and powerful platform to keep everything organized, simplified and automated so as to increase efficiency and productivity, and keep deliverables on schedule and within budget.

It is best to try its features to fully appreciate the software’s capabilities. You can do so at no cost and commitment once you sign up for a Wrike free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award 2018

Key Features

Wrike is equipped with robust tools and features including the following:

  1. Task management
  2. Interactive timeline (Gantt chart)
  3. Real-time newsfeed
  4. Request forms & automation
  5. Live editing & file management
  6. Document collaboration
  7. Discussions in tasks
  8. Task prioritization
  9. Customized reports
  10. Project & team reporting
  11. Status & workflows
  12. Custom fields
  13. User groups
  14. Dashboards
  15. Workload management
  1. Resource management
  2. Time & budget tracking
  3. Automation
  4. Templates
  5. Communication
  6. Calendars
  7. Proofing & approval
  8. Mobile (native Android & iOS apps)
  9. Apps integration
  10. Email integration
  11. Authentication
  12. Role-based access control
  13. Data protection
  14. Customer support

There are more but the above gives you an idea of how feature-packed Wrike is. You may say you don’t need all those features. No problem because you can choose from several affordably priced packages that come with only the features you need, and easily upgrade to other plans with more tools when your situation calls for it.

Wrike Pros & Cons

One work hub to complete your projects

Wrike lets you organize everything you need to complete your project in one spot. No more using different systems or opening various apps on various platforms. All your large building blocks of work can be broken down into manageable pieces where you can attach files and set due dates.

You can add any task into multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures – projects, folders, tasks, subtasks – to keep everything neatly organized, visible and easy to find. You also have dynamic request forms and automation to make things even easier and enable you to speed up delivery and scale project volume.

Tools to deliver results and manage resources 

You get an array of intuitive and powerful tools with Wrike to help you deliver your projects. It offers a visual timeline that lets you view your project schedule and set dependencies in real time with easy adjustments to keep your team on track. It has resource management tools to balance resources and track performance via a workload view. An open view of team workloads makes it easy to recalibrate when necessary.

Meanwhile, its time and budget tracker allows you to keep track of how time is being spent by project or by team member for accurate planning and budget management. It also provides ready-made templates so that if you’re working on a monthly newsletter or planning a recurring meeting, there’s no need to start from scratch again. Furthermore, you get to work faster the next time by recreating the same type of project with a handy duplicating feature.

Automate and simplify processes

The power of automation is harnessed to the hilt by Wrike to assist you in accelerating workflows, simplifying processes, and using a consistent approach to work. Scaling your work with automation is made possible like, for instance, when handling increasing or more varied requests. You can easily scale by automatically creating a project from a template wherein the right template is selected to match the customer’s need, aligning the entire project with the customer’s preferred start or finish date.

You can configure your workspace with your preferred project templates, automatically creating initial dashboards and reports for you. All these facilitate faster assignment and scheduling. Of course, the aforementioned is just one example. You can automate and accelerate several other processes – workflows, reviews, proofing and approvals, request forms, saving tasks in custom fields, schedules and notifications, and tasking, to mention some. 

Collaborate across distributed teams 

Today’s modern office has drastically changed, with your employees and teams no longer confined within four walls. The internet has spawned a connected world, allowing you to manage your project management team from across the globe. Wrike allows efficient communication and collaboration among teams and members wherever they are for increased productivity and faster execution of projects.

You get lots of features to keep your team connected and on the same page including @MENTION the teammates you need to get the job done and they’ll instantly see your message right in their workspace; calendars with scheduled tasks where you can plan, view, and share up-to-date work and information; simplified proofing, feedback, and approval cycles with full context; live activity stream with real time feed of updates on all project activity; mobile capability for projects on the go with native Android and iOS apps; and email and calendar synchronization for tasks and milestones, and to practically any calendar including Google, Outlook, and iCalendar.

In future updates, Wrike could do well to have a built-in live chat/messaging function to further beef up its array of communication and collaboration tools. As of now, this function is handled through integration with Slack and HipChat.

Real-time project and team reporting

Wrike gives you instant insight into projects with its report templates where you can easily edit or build a report from the ground up or, if you prefer, take advantage of the software’s easy to use report wizard. You can share on a regular basis real-time, interactive reports, and schedule notifications for report updates.

Wrike’s powerful analytics helps you generate Global Reports that show the tasks from all your folders as well as project data in eight categories. Its Performance Chart offers a visual look at how your project tasks doing against their deadline over a time graph that estimates individual and team work pace as well as project completion date. Meanwhile, the Folder Statistics on the shows important task metrics like status and due date, on a weekly basis.

Enterprise-class security and IT controls

Any project undertaking will entail generating and storing important data that need to be secured, and processes that need to be safeguarded. Wrike offers enterprise level security and controls to give you peace of mind. These include strong authentication that leverages corporate identity directory and security policies, centralizes control of user access in Wrike, and establishes an easy to use and yet secure way to log into the Wrike cloud application. You are also provided security features like SSO, 2FA, password policies, integrations with Google and Microsoft cloud apps, and integration with Active Directory.

In addition, you get role-based access control to data with flexible sharing and granular permissions based on the business needs to know basis, and protection for sensitive data from accidental or malicious loss of integrity. While restricted or private access may pose as a hassle to some, requiring permission first from the project owner or administrator is a necessary security layer to root out unwanted or unauthorized access. Besides, once you’re granted access to data on a need to know basis, it stays unless lifted.

Also, all your file content, file storage, and app communication are encrypted in transit and at rest. Moreover, Wrike’s data center security, which is the foundation for secure and reliable data storage and access, implement stringent processes and industry standards such as SOC1 certifications, SSAE 16 Type II audits, Safe Harbor compliance, and 99% uptime.

Integrate with apps you already use 

Modern projects are completed through the three “P” – people, processes, and products – with the last one referring to your tools, systems and resources. While Wrike provides you all the tools you need for project management, you may also require other systems and apps for support. The good thing is you can integrate all these apps in Wrike and make it your project control center.

All these multiple tools and applications can be connected with Wrike so you have what you require right at your fingertips whether it’s forwarding emails, accessing files in the cloud, working with documents and images, and integrating with other systems. You can easily have all your project information in one place and automate cross-platform workflow, and through its API you can essentially connect any tool to Wrike.

Quality support and expert consulting service 

Nowadays, any software will rise and fall on the basis of customer support. This is critical for the vendor and more so for its users. Wrike doesn’t neglect this area, offering an award-winning customer support system that brings you 24/7 phone, email, and chat, and full support for seven languages. It has a comprehensive help desk center where you can get guides, video tutorials, trainings, knowledge base, developer portal and more, as well as a user community with answers to most common questions. To ensure that your team is set up for success, you can avail of Wrike’s expert support and consulting services that come in additional packages for dedicated support or help with deployment.

Lots of plans to fit your budget and needs

Regardless if you need a simple solution for sharing tasks, a comprehensive platform with sophisticated security and controls, or anything in between, Wrike got you covered with its wide assortment of packages. These include the following plans:

  • Free – a zero cost option for small teams of up to five users needing simple capabilities for sharing tasks.
  • Professional – up to 15 users requiring full project planning and collaboration; priced at $9.80/user/month.
  • Business – up to 200 users needing tools for robust work management with customization and executive reporting; priced at $24.80/user/month.
  • Marketers – tailor-made solution for marketing and creative teams; priced at $34.60/user/month.
  • Enterprise – custom priced solution that includes everything you need for enterprise-level projects.

Bottom Line

There are dozens of project management solutions in the market today that will promise you anything and everything. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and be carried away. However, choosing a PM software is not like picking what looks good in a restaurant’s food menu. With project management software, you have to carefully study its features and capabilities and preferably test drive one if there’s a free trial offered.

Wrike leads the pack among the PM platforms we’ve examined not only because of its powerful features but also because it is easy to use, fully functional, highly customizable, can put processes on auto-pilot with its automation capability, can easily integrate with external apps and systems, available in packages that fit projects and budget and, overall, generally does what it promises and performs what its meant to do. Over 17,000 companies worldwide can attest to these.

You can start using its premium features at no cost when you sign up for a Wrike free trial here.

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